Extra Large Decorative Plates

A step outside the usual home decorating ideal, these lovely extra large decorative plates are quite fetching when used as a conversation piece in your home decor scheme. Not really intended for food service or meals, but solely for an eye-catching wall or shelf piece, these are available in many styles, sizes, but all are quite large and made of high grade materials.

Best Products

Iris Decorative Plate with Stand

Iris Decorative Plate with Stand
Extra large decorative plate with stand. Cover with the layer of gold and incrusted with cubic zirconias. The base and the stand has been made of the wrought steel. It will look well in the African style interior.

Moroccan large plate hand painted yellow

Moroccan large plate hand painted yellow
A rustic, hand-made ceramic yellow extra large decorative clay plate. To create it, was used sub-enamel, a transparent, clear gloss glaze and a special technique to achieve this delicate effect. That created a flowered top with a beautiful lace.


A clever storage spot for one's large platters and plates. Rather than storing them in some high, hard to reach cupboard, they are placed at a narrow, wall-mounted shelf, matching an average person's height.

Casa Cortes Hand-Painted Artisan Glass Decorative Plate

Casa Cortes Hand-Painted Artisan Glass Decorative Plate
Beautiful, hand-painted glass plate with geometrical leaves pattern in jade green and gold. Use it to accessorize your favorite display space, whether it is a table or a shelf. It is easy, as the plate comes with useful display stand.

Casa Cortes Hand-Painted Pearl Artisan Glass Decorative Plate

Casa Cortes Hand-Painted Pearl Artisan Glass Decorative Plate
Large plate made of glass, painted by artist hand with jade green and gold tones that create a symmetric pattern comprised of green pearls on golden background in various tones. A display stand for this piece is provided.

Spa Large Crate Basket

Spa Large Crate Basket
Pretty contemporary basket for bathrooms. Its large rectangular body is manufactured of water resistant white plastic. It has openwork walls with a grid design, wide edges and 2 cutout handles in shorter sides.

Scape dinnerware set cocoa

Scape dinnerware set cocoa
A posh dinnerware set in an unusual black color, which makes it look elegant. The set consists of plates in two sizes, a soup bowl and a mug. It features a universal character which is suitable for everyday use or special occasions.

Our advice Buying Guide

Extra large decorative plates can make a bold statement when they are arranged on a wall. They can be round, rectangular or square in shape. Their patterns can be geometric, abstract, floral, or pictorial. Colors for these plates can be monochromatic, contrasty or of similar tones. By mixing shapes, colors, and patterns, your decorating style is set. The materials these extra large decorative plates are made from include glass, iron, porcelain, and earthenware.

Where to display extra large decorative plates?

Walls are not the only places large decorative plates can be displayed. Also put them in kitchen cabinets, dining room or in smaller cabinets with glass fronts. Extra large decorative plates are small items that can mean big decorative dividends in your home.

How to arrange extra large decorative plates?

  • Arrange plates of the same color in three horizontal rows and three vertical rows on a wall above a tabletop. Place a bowl that’s the same color as the plates on the table. Flank the bowl with two vases in a similar tone on either side.
  • Using plates in an abstract design in blue and white, for example, place one rectangular plate vertically on either side and place two slightly smaller plates hung horizontally in the middle.
  • Place white or cream-colored plates on a wall in a contrasting color such as dark blue.
  • Allow the edges of colorful plates to overlap each other slightly.
  • Hang plates of the same color in a semi-circle over one side of a tabletop. On the tabletop sits a lamp that has a shade that’s the same color as the plates.
  • Arrange the plates in a free form pattern.

How to make a template for hanging extra large decorative plates?

If you’re going to hang a lot of plates, make a template first. Use a measuring tape to get the height and width of the wall area you will be working with. Then put a piece of brown paper (craft paper or paper for protecting floors) on a flat surface.

Arrange the plates on the paper, using a marker to trace around each one. Give each plate a number and write it and the plate’s color on the brown paper. Also, transfer the number and color to a piece of tape for each plate. Put the identifying tape on the back of each plate. With the paper still on the floor, use scissors to cut out the silhouettes.

Tape the template to the wall. Hold each plate where you want it. Measure the distance from the plate’s top to the nail of the plate hanger. Mark with a pencil and hammer in the nail. Once the nails for all plates are in place, attach the plate hangers and secure the plates. When finished, remove the template and enjoy your extra large decorative plates arrangement.


Flower garden an instant collection of

Flower garden an instant collection of
Adorned with beautiful floral patterns, this set of decorative plates can be used for special occasions or treated as a decorative display. Each of the items is hand-finished, therefore there no two same objects.

Extra large decorative plates 1

Large salad bowl in neutral white color that looks good in kitchen and dining indoors. This bowl is extra large, so it provides space for serving large amounts of salads for big families or groups of people.

Large decorative plates for display

The gorgeously designed and very impressive large decorative plate for display is an excellent way to get a unique interior design. Beautiful finishes and enchanting decorations create a unique atmosphere in the interior design.

Large decorative plates for display

No idea how to decorate your kitchen? Check out these plates! They are great at enhancing the design of your kitchen with a modern yet subtle twist. Available in plenty of different colours and shapes!

Antique Gold Charger

Antique Gold Charger

Decorative Plate Luminous Lace Collection Silver Tray Extra Large

Crafted from 100% iron with a silver finish, offering a stylish blend of modern and romantic, this 20" diameter serving tray will be a great modern accent to your decor. An ideal way to serve appetizers, cupcakes, and savory bites.

Fleur De Lis Decorative Round Glass Accent Plate with Metal Stand, 19-inch, Red Gold

Extra large decorative plates 5

Extra large plate inspired by traditional African art. Is made of ceramic and covered with red enamel. Beautiful floral ornament makes this element more unique. It will play its role very well both as a plate and a wall decoration.

Vases decorative plates wall decor mediterranean decorative plates

Vases/Decorative Plates/Wall Decor mediterranean-decorative-plates

MAJOLICA: Extra large wall plate ''CORNUCOPIA:'' design with crest (28D.) [#PT/08/927/70]

Oxblood Red Collectible Plate 20"

Extra large decorative plates 3

Extra Large coral and white octopus round ceramic platter by Jessica Howard Ceramics

Large Palomar Plate

Large Palomar Plate

Large decorative plates for display 11

The wooden pallets were discovered for several years and the answer to everything was found in them - for example as a porcelain shelf. Raw wood and a simple square - great as a large decorative display for interesting greenish plates.

Extra Large Marble Bowl

Extra Large Marble Bowl

Extra large decorative plates 30

hand-drawn placemats: use large sheets of paper in any color & draw shapes in charcoal or crayon to add colour. Go the extra step & write your guests’ name above or on the plate if you want everyone to sit in a certain place.

Large plates for display

Unique vintage plates that are created in ready to hang state. They play roles of attractive wall decorations. Their stylish patterns and attractive shapes look very nice on neutral walls in white color.

Large decorative plates for display

A functional and space-saving piece of elegant plate rack, that will ensure that your plates are secured and properly displayed. It's wall-mount and it offers four narrow open shelves that will keep your plates pressed against the wall.

Decorative display plates

These large decorative plates look exquisite on my wall in dining room. They are made of porcelain with lovely gold accents. Everyone of my guests is impressed how fab they are.

Extra large decorative plates 32

4 Decorative Plates by Gordon Companies, Inc. $67.50. This product may be prohibited inbound shipment to your destination.. Picture may wrongfully represent. Please read title and description thoroughly.. Brand Name: Gordon Companies, Inc Mfg#: 30675687.

Large decorative platters

Beautiful white interior, where the wood reigns. Maintained in a shabby chick.The star of the interior is a wall shelf designed for white porcelain.Made of wood, fences with delicate beams, additional spaces for decorative dishes.

Extra large decorative plates 4

Incorporate a bit of the true, vintage NY style into your interiors. This big wall-mounted round clock constitutes a perfect proposition for all those who feel the urban vibe and want to be part of this culture.

Amber decor bottle vase extra large

Amber Decor Bottle/Vase (Extra Large)

Extra large decorative plates 26

extra large fish platter | jonathan adler

Extra large plates

Whether you're propping up your feet while relaxing in your favorite chair or providing extra space for party guests to set plates, this large ottoman adds fun and functionality to your room. The distressed leather surface pairs well with classic decor.

Large decorative plates display

The beautiful old decorative plates on the wall are a sensational way of antique style in the decor. Large and smaller plates allow you to create an exceptionally pleasing composition in the interior.

Large decorative plates for display 17

10.00 SALE PRICE! For that extra touch at a rustic outdoor event, use a tree slice in your decorating. Each one of these natural wood slabs are kiln dried an...

Ceramic Bowl

Ceramic Bowl

Large decorative plates for display

If you are looking for decorative ceramic platters for your kitchen and want to display them nicely this beautiful white and large set is for you. It will bring a lot of attention and always give you pleasurable atmosphere.

Extra large decorative plates 24

Large fruit bowl / decorative plate, sporting unique design that artfully combines shiny glazes and matte surfaces. The color scheme (varied hues of green with a drop of amber accents) was inspired by the African landscape.

Large decorative plates for display 1

Large and very stylish decorative drapes are an excellent way to create an attractive interior design. The beautiful vintage cabinet trim beautifully emphasizes the subtle and delicate motifs on the plates.

Extra large decorative plates

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Extra large decorative plates 2

Extra Large License Plate Map of the United by designturnpike, $1999.00

Astier de villatte alexander extra large dinner plate at maison

Astier de Villatte - Alexander Extra Large Dinner Plate at Maison K ...

Decorative plates for wall display

With this gorgeous set of large plates, you can now decorate your kitchen with floral patterns and quality porcelain. Each plate is made with attention to details, giving you a beautiful and easy to clean adornment.

Extra large decorative plates 28

Black and White Square Tables at Wedding Reception

Large decorative plates for display 15

Designed for decoration purposes, these large plates for display will help you create a warm and elegant shabby chic or cottage ambiance. Ideal for one's kitchen or dining room.

Extra large decorative plates 31

Extra large pottery ceramic plate customised personalised wedding signature DIY decorate.

Large decorative plates for display 4

A stunning piece that will let your display your decorative plates with more ease and charm - this cabinet comes with the special compartment for putting each and every single plate separately and will fit thirteen large and small pieces.

MAJOLICA DELFINO: Extra large wall plate (28D.) [#0710-DLF]

Decor by category home decor accents decorative wall plates 4

decor by category home decor accents decorative wall plates ...

Large decorative plate 3

Decorative plate with sea theme.It is made of high quality ceramics. Sophisticated decoration for each place.