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Are you looking to find something beautiful that will cover a large section of that boring plain white wall? Do you want something that will catch the eye as soon as your guest walk into your home? Then, what you need is some wall art, but large wall art is expensive. Instead, why not some cheap oversized wall art to enhance your home with light and color and in artistic flair.

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Updated 20/12/2022
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Square extra large wall art

Square extra large wall art

Mercury Row®

Add some flare to your interior with this cheap wall art. The canvas is of the highest quality, and its square shape is very pleasing to the eye. This artwork showcases a splash of bright colors on a white background.

$42.99 $109.99

Designer Advice:

This unique abstract artwork is unlike any other painting you'll find out there. Its bold look can spice up any boring interior. We recommend putting this painting on a solid white wall, making the colors pop even more. Try to match them with your décor by adding a red vase or a yellow ottoman to your space.

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Vertical wall art 

Vertical wall art 

Beachcrest Home™

This minimal print is an ink reproduction of an acrylic painting. The wrapped canvas adds to its elegant look. This large inexpensive wall art depicts a close-up of a tropical fern leaf. It has very subtle shades of white and beige.

$26.99 $40

Designer Advice:

This simple canvas can blend easily with all decor styles. However, it will look best in coastal and boho-styled interiors or any minimalist space full of light colors. Keep the organic theme going by filling your room with various potted plants. Put throw pillows with tropical leaves on your couch, or add other items with similar patterns. 

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Affordable large wall art

Affordable large wall art

Hashtag Home

Make a subtle statement on your wall with this beautiful painting. It depicts a calming arrangement of irregular shapes in pastel hues like orange, green, and blue. This piece is printed on a high-quality hand-stretched canvas.

$26.99 $99.99

Designer Advice:

Cheap big artwork is the way to go if you're trying to effortlessly fill an empty wall space. This painting is available in a black, silver, or gold frame. Make sure the one you pick complements your space. Alternatively, choose the one without a frame. Don't worry about the installation of this painting, as it comes with wall mounting hardware.

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Set of 2 cheap large paintings

Set of 2 cheap large paintings

Wade Logan®

This abstract wall art is created on two separate canvasses. They showcase a wide range of blue hues that resemble the waves of an ocean. This piece is printed on a matte canvas wrapped around a durable solid wood frame.

$59.99 $389.84

Designer Advice:

When you put these paintings close to each other, you can see a beautiful clean transition between the canvasses. That is why we recommend putting them up just a few inches apart. Before purchasing, make sure that the colors of your walls and furniture are mostly neutral and won't clash with the bright tones of this wall art.

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Oversized wall art metal

Oversized wall art metal

Wrought Studio™

If you're bored of traditional paintings and want to add a unique decorative piece to your space, this wall art is for you. It's handmade from iron in a black finish and is constructed with several overlapping circles of different diameters.

$34.99 $33.99

Designer Advice:

Thanks to its horizontal design, this wall art is perfect for putting over a sofa or in your bedroom above the headboard. It has a striking but simple look that will become a focal point of your room without overpowering it. Place it against a wall in a contrasting color and add other black accents for a cohesive interior design.

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Cheap Oversized Wall Art

Buying Guide

The size of art to place above a sofa should be somewhere between ⅔ to ¾ the width of the sofa itself.  For example, if you have a 6’ sofa, multiply 6 by 0.66 and 0.75, which gives you a maximum length of 4.5’ for your artwork.

The key to designing with art above your sofa is to consider proportion and balance. The sofa is most often the largest piece of furniture in a room, creating visual weight. To balance this, your artwork needs to be slightly smaller.

Consider adding one large piece of art, such as cheap oversized wall art, or two to three same-sized or different-sized pieces of artwork. As long as you fill up space equal to approximately 75%  of your sofa’s width, you’ll keep the balance and create the best look for the room.

Cheap oversized wall art is one of the best ways to decorate a large bare wall with minimal effort—and you have a world of options before you. Some examples include large pieces of modern or impressionistic art, e.g., painted, stroke-heavy pieces or pieces that are simple and geometry-based. These are excellent choices because they go with a variety of styles and are easy yet impactful focal pieces.

Another common type of wall art is a map, either of the world or a specific area. Whether you choose a photorealistic color map, a black and white one, or even a vintage one, maps can add a sense of interest to any surface.

Finally, you’ll want to consider the benefits of getting a tryptich or a trifold piece of art—which just means a large wall hanging that comes in three smaller coordinating canvases. This can be easier to store and move around, making this last choice a versatile option.

It is quite possible for wall art to look cluttered and chaotic if too many pieces on the wall are not similar. This is why as a rule of thumb, you need pieces with some type of similarity grouped together. It could be an era or color link, or subjects such as oil-painted ocean scenes, or watercolor flowers, etc.

Like-colored frames are another way to make all of the pieces come together, whether the frames are in gold, black, or white. Cheap oversized wall art should also be hung at eye level and work outward to create a gallery effect.

Art ultimately is personal; however, the way you hang it does involve a few concrete rules. As long as you keep the theme and color of each piece of wall art consistent, you'll create an effect that is pleasing to the eye.

Best Ideas

Oversized framed art

Large, rectangular wall art with black frame. Its original, artistic theme features universal black and white colors, so this product is able to decorate different walls in different types and stylizations of rooms.

Oversized framed art 11

Avant-garde design for a corridor leading to a living room in a mid-century, contemporary home with a little rustic twist. The oversized framed arty provides an elegant view, which nicely contrasts with the distressed accent table.

Hand-painted Oil 'Abstract' Large Linen Canvas Art Wood Framed (Set of 3)- Oversize: 72 In.w X 36in.h

Affordable large piece of wall art with a stunning combination of vibrant colors and artful elegance. The piece also comes with its own mounting tools and its large and domineering demeanor makes it a great choice as the ultimate focal point in your home.

Oversized framed wall art

Transform your apartment walls with this cheap oversized piece of art. Designed with beautiful combinations of dark and bright tones, the piece is going to be the ideal focal point in your home. It’s great for high ceiling homes and comes with the mounting tools you need to set it up.

Diy cheap large wall art

DIY Cheap Large Wall Art

Unitary™ Modern Stretched 100% Hand-painted Floral Oversized Oil Painting 5 Pieces on Canvas Wall Art Deco Home Decoration

5 piece oil painting wall art decorated with floral theme. It is mounted on wooden strip and covered with canvas. Sophisticated decoration for the living room and others interiors according to taste.

Cheap oversized wall art 4

Oversized piece of wall art designed to transform your boring bare walls into an artful gallery masterpiece. The art features some beautiful tones too and is made from high-quality and safe materials. It’s also easy to hang and won’t leave any damage on the wall when it’s removed.

Line of Descent Oversized Original Painting on Wrapped Canvas

Line of Descent Oversized Original Painting on Wrapped Canvas

The Art Clouded City on the River Canvas Wall Art 5pcs Set-combined Dimensions: 62w X 36h In. Unframed

Artistic Pouring Red Wine Right Painting Print on Canvas

Artistic Pouring Red Wine Right Painting Print on Canvas

Attractive contemporary canvas print showing pink wine poured from a bottle into a large goblet against a pink and beige background. Its rectangular frame is of brown-finished wood. It has to be hung vertically.

"Sea Picture VI 2008" by Alan Byrne Painting Print on Wrapped Canvas

"Sea Picture VI 2008" by Alan Byrne Painting Print on Wrapped Canvas

It is a fantastic "Sea Picture VI 2008" by Alan Byrne painting print on wrapped canvas. It can be used as a gift for your friends and family, or as a beautiful decoration for your home.

Cheap oversized wall art 5

Just framed marbled paper..looks fab!

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