Brass Wall Art

Feel free to browse through all these designs, colours and other details, after which you will surely have an idea about the available choice. There are a lot of customers who have bought something here and they are satisfied. The main question that arises is what will you decide on, in the end?

Brass wall art

Travel Directory - Bibigo Angel - London, UK | Wallpaper* Magazine

Brass artwork

The modern art is sometimes beyond reason of Mr Average. But Apollo Wall Medallions in many sizes brings the human back to the ancient times. It looks perfectly on the smooth, dark wall as a main part of interior composition.

Brass wall art 3

hand-painted silver and gold-leafed cherry blossom mural by Peter Costello

Brass wall art 13


Brass discs materials interiordesign jpwarreninteriors

Brass discs #materials #interiordesign #jpwarreninteriors

Bronze sunburst mirror 1

Beautiful traditional stylish round wall-mounted mirrors featuring decorative frames composed of numerous length-varied pointy rods so mirrors resemble suns with sunbeams. Frames are made of metal finished in bronze, golden or silvery shades.

Susan connor ny brass wall hanging 2

Susan Connor NY | Brass Wall Hanging #2

Brass wall art 7

copper • ˚ ˚ ˛ ˚ ˛ ★ 。* 。 ° 。 ° ˛˚˛ * *。*˚ ˚ ˛ •˛•˚ *。˚ ˚

Brass wall art

If you find yourself a wall art enthusiast, then this gold framed composition shall appeal to you. A great example of DIY project, which may become an inspiration for your bedroom or living room.

Copper table lamps 14

Gold light, credenza bench, white wall art, contrast.

Large brass abstract himmeli no 1 wall 1

Large Brass Abstract Himmeli No 1 Wall
Such a beautiful, very modern setup for a corner in a contemporary, mid-century living room. The brass wall decoration gives the room a nice touch, and the smooth, white side table is a great finishing touch.

Chic textures for your walls gold scoppio wall decor 14

Chic textures for your walls. Gold Scoppio Wall Decor, $14.95 - $24.95 #ZGallerie

Brass wall art

An interesting and unique contemporary wall art composed of small roundish diameter-varied laser cut mirror tiles attached to similar shape wooden rounds threaded on wires which are fixed to a horizontal hanger of a curved wooden stick.

Brass wall art 4

DIY Patina Cow’s Head Sculpture | 12 Ridiculously Amazing Patina Projects | DIY Patina crafts |

Brass wall art 1

gallery wall made with plumbers chain, cafe curtain brackets and copper tube from hardware store!

Silver pendulum wall clock

If you have no idea what to do with the old cutlery, the silverware starburst mirror is a good choice. Using the silverware for decoration looks great in a modern kitchen, where such an eclectic addition is more visible and stand out the simplicity.

Deco wine bottle rack 2

Deco Wine Bottle Rack
This rack is a high quality product created for people who love tasting wines. It is able to accommodate up to six bottles without any problems. Its brass finish makes it very attractive in any type of interior design.

Brass wall art

How to age brass hardware quickly shift ctrl art com. Full picture tutorial and an awesome gif!

Brass wall art 1

This brass stair railing is a piece of art unto itself. Compliments the C. Jere sculpture on the wall and the white and grey color palate.

Brinley Wall Décor (Set of 3)

Brinley Wall Décor (Set of 3)
A set of three pieces to beautifully accentuate your decor with their innovative and charming design. They will look amazing in any contemporary or traditional setting with the sleek and glossy accents.

Brass wall art

love the grey walls for our bedroom with a pop of yellow - amazing!

Wall mounted decor

Powder room with black and white Art Deco wallpaper

Brass wall art

Wall art mounted on the string. Frame is made of brass and covered with glass. Sophisticated decoration for living room, bedroom and more.

Neon wall lights

Damage-Free Ways to Decorate Your Walls: Most rental agreements include stipulations about major aesthetic changes to the unit, with painting almost always topping the list of outlawed alterations.

Brass wall art

I really want a gigantic frame in my room to display my favorite quote of all time...I really love quotes, they are so inspiring.


Driftwood wall art in a sunburst stylization. This solid and attractive element increases aesthetic value of indoors. Wall mounted construction provides good stability and support for the whole decoration.

Sunburst metal wall decor

After the Christmas period always comes the time, when you have to throw away the Christmas tree. But that’s such a waste! Just look at this wonderful DIY project – a wall decoration made entirely out of Christmas tree wood!

Diy mirror wall art

Wall decoration that represents an attractive sunburst stylization. Its round wooden frame is finished in dark brown color. The central area includes a round mirror, so this decoration is also practical.

Sunburst wall

Round mirror with sunburst theme. Designed for mounting on the wall. Frame is made of metal. Sophisticated decoration for each room according to taste.

Silver starburst wall art

If you need a sun in your room, art and a mirror in the same time - you can use your immagination and skils and create a sunbrust wall art from the slim, long wooden sticks painted in black and little round mirror panel, on the middle.

Sunburst wall art 1

Wall mirror with a durable sunburst frame. This frame is made of rectangular wooden slats finished in dark color, so they look nice in any type of indoors. Round central part of this mirror is practical and decorative.

Brass wall art

Black & White Stripe Upholstery | Brass Nailhead Trim | Gone with the Wind Poster

Sunburst artwork

Wall art with a very functional and attractive mirror. This sunburst theme includes a round mirror space and a durable metal frame finished in gold color. It is able to improve aesthetics of many different indoors.

Starburst mirror large

Being a great material for such project, plastic will let create very unusual shapes of the mirror, apart from being a cheap material as well. It will add brightness and a contemporary appeal to any kind of space.

Wooden sunburst mirror

Round mirror mounted in wooden frame with sun theme. Designed for mounting on the wall. Adds freshness and elegance to all kinds of interiors.

Threshold tm starburst mirror set 3 pieces idea for livingroom

These products look very attractive and they are able to update any decor. These are three small, framed mirrors that can be located on the wall. The frame of each mirror is made of plastic that is durable and not very heavy.

Brass wall decor indian craft 04

Brass Wall Decor.Indian Craft.04

Brass wall decor indian craft 01

Brass Wall Decor.Indian Craft.01

Sunburst Mirror

Sunburst Mirror
Beautiful framed bathroom vanity mirror. Round plastic frame with sun-like rays, finished in antique silver. Smooth mirror surface. Great for bathroom but also a perfect statement piece in any room.

Brass wall art

Family Wall Art Clock ~ Various colors of vinyl, High torque quartz movement & brass movement mounting hardware kit available

Brass Saxophone Painting on Canvas

Brass Saxophone Painting on Canvas
Beautiful unique contemporary wall art hand-painted on quality canvas stretched on a wooden frame with golden studs along outer edges. It’s showing a saxophone in reds and oranges against a creamy background. It’s large and must be hung vertically.

Cosmopolitian Tree & Leaves Wall Décor

Cosmopolitian Tree & Leaves Wall Décor
This is a unique designed, contemporary styled wall decor piece in a tree shape. It has a lot of colorful leaves and was crafted from a highest quality materials with paying attention to details. Can be mounted easily.

A Mother's Love Mare & Foal Wall Art

Brass wall art 14


Porcelain birds brass wall art

Porcelain Birds & Brass Wall Art

Brass wall art

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"Brass Knuckle" Painting Prints on Canvas

"Brass Knuckle" Painting Prints on Canvas
This amazing picture on canvas is an interesting decorative detail for each type of decor. Interesting combination of colors is crisp and beautifully highlights unique style. The whole ideally suited to a modern home or office.

Grouping artwork around flatscreen for appropriate scale on a large

Grouping Artwork Around Flatscreen for Appropriate Scale on a Large Wall (Good Blog on Decorating Mistakes and Example of Fixes) via

Lyfa lamp so modern but simultaneously art deco it would

// Lyfa Lamp- so modern but simultaneously art deco. it would be SO COOL if the thing folded in on itself, or folded completely open, so you can get different light levels

Black vanities for bedrooms

Artwork for wall, black with natural floors, white upholstered headboard, animal coverlet