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If you are a gamer, and you have a game room, then you need to take a look and pick up some of this awesome game room wall decor. Put your favorite classic and modern game icons, items, and otherwise, on your walls and decorate in a way that says how much you love to game. And not just video games, but all types, from board games to billiards.

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Game room wall decor 2

Now that’s something that definitely everyone needs in their home. A huge, wall-mounted Scrabble board, bound to bring a lot of fun to family gatherings! Also great to put up in your kids’ bedroom for them to play with their friends.

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How to decorate game room

If you really love playing Scrabble, this limited edition is dedicated special for you! Admittedly, this giant, wall-mounted version of Scrabble stake a lot of a place, but it is not only game but incredible decoration too!

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Nintendo controller evolution framed

Nintendo controller evolution framed

A fantastic decoration of an entertainment room, a game room, or a perfect gift for a fan of games. It's a wooden case that includes a display of four, classic game controllers. They are nicely highlighted on a dark brown background.

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Pool room wall decor

Ideal decor for game rooms, family rooms, dens and kids rooms. This could easily be a DIY project.

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Game Room Rules Wall Décor

Game Room Rules Wall Décor

A very fashionable wall decoration: a wooden board with script (this one is about game room rules). Black and cream coloring, distressed lettering. Ready to hang. Perfect final touch to your game room!

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Baseball wall decal never let the fear

Baseball wall decal never let the fear

An imaginative wall decoration, which all the fans of baseball will love. It features three transparent containers filled with baseballs and a wooden bat. There is also a wall clock, which will remind you about the next game.

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Game room wall decor 3

Like honeycombs - the felt elements on the wall form together an interesting mosaic game room wall decor, for lovers of honey color palette. Hence here we will find yellow, honey and orange shades. Interesting replacement for wallpaper at home.

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Game room wall ideas

This vertical chess set constitutes not only an original wall decoration, but also actually an ingenuine way to entertain your guests for a while, when i.e. they wait for the bathroom.

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Board game decor

A unique decorative piece to place in a game room inside of the refurbished garage – a cork backboard for a dart board, which not only provides a decorative touch but also protects the walls from damage during the game.

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Game room wall decor 1

Wall decoration that includes tiles with letters. The whole stylization looks like a large Scrabble game. This wall decoration includes square tiles made of wood, so they are durable and finished in natural wooden colors.

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Game Room Wall Decor

Buying Guide

You can decorate a game room in several ways depending upon available space and your preferred style. First, consider what type of games you and your family play. Is it a video gaming space, or will there also be board games or a pool table?

One option is to choose a theme for the room. Examples of this can be an overall old-school arcade design, or you can focus on one particular game or game character. Choose colors that most represent this theme for the game room wall decor, furniture, throw pillows, and rugs.

Another option is to create a versatile room for all game playing. In one area, add gaming chairs and screens for playing video games. In a corner nook, add a table for board games. You may also want to consider creating a theater-type space with comfortable chairs and mounted screens.

Your style or selected theme can help determine the color of the walls and other room features, such as light fixtures. Storage is also a vital consideration; ensure you include shelves, cabinets, or use a closet to store games, spare linens, and controls.

Game room wall decor goes great on the walls of the game room in your home. Game room decor comes in all types, from quirky game-related pieces to stylish, metal art. What you choose to hang on your walls depends on your style and the games you have in your game room.

A unique concept for digital gamers is to hang up framed controllers from various gaming systems, which brings a vintage feel to your space. If you’re a physical gamer, fill glass vases with pool balls, baseballs, or tennis balls to use as decorative pieces on a wall-mounted shelf. Poster-sized images of playing cards are another fun wall art piece for a classic board game room.

Consider mounting a fun game-related saying on a plaque above the playing area for a feature that makes the space more personal. Alternatively, hang a metal abstract art piece to modernize the room.

Yes! Your game room wall decor can look good and serve a practical purpose, as well. We’ve seen shelves that are painted to look like retro Nintendo game levels, board games used as wall art, and even vertical chess games. A cabinet can be painted over with a scene from a favorite game, or you can simply place aesthetic game elements on regular shelving to store and decorate at the same time.

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