Birds On A Wire Stained Glass

The perfect gift to treat yourself or another bird lover in your life. Stained glass offers exquiset craftsmanship and delightful beauty all at once. Hang one of these from a window and let the sunlight pour in and bathe your room in the colors of nature. This collection wil have you bird watching all year round.

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Birds on a Wire Glass Art

Birds on a wire stained glass 1

Tiffany stained glass window panel composition incorporated to a rectangular metal frame: colorful birds sit in row on a thin wire. There's a bold red cardinal among them. For unique stylish accent at your home.

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The beautiful combination of wirework with stunning stained glass makes this awesome wall decor with bird motifs enchanting. The whole is captivating with its geometry and attention to detail, making the interior a new dimension.

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Stained Glass Bird on A Wire 2 Suncatcher Real Glass | eBay

Favorite backyard birds canadian bird

Favorite Backyard Birds Canadian Bird
Invite to your home a singing group of birds, resting on a branch in the form of stained glass. Hand-made of glass, red tribeads, copper foil, solder, flux and wire.
These are some some of the most recognized birds, now also in your house.

Birds on a wire stained glass 6

Fireplace screen based on a wire stained glass construction. This glass decoration shows multi-color birds that look attractive in any interior stylization. This decorative screen is also very solid and long-lasting.

River Of Goods Birds On A Wire Stained Glass Window Panel

River Of Goods Birds On A Wire Stained Glass Window Panel
Beautiful stained glass panel featuring gorgeous avian inspired motif depicting various birds sporting vividly colored feathers while sitting on a bar. This decorative item comes with iron chain to enable easier set-up.

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Stained glass has been in existence since the 4th century. Skilled artisans hand-cut and arrange colored or painted glass with came sections that are derived from brass, zinc, brass or copper. Once the artwork is in place, soldered metal solidifies the piece.

Birds on a wire is an example of the extraordinary detailed stained glass work that offers a similar appearance to the beautiful stained glass windows of ancient churches.  Hung in open windows, the delightful pane exhibits a play with sunlight and offers a unique decorating statement that is creative and beautiful.

What styles and colors are there to choose from?

Tiffany glass is flexible when it comes to decor. Any type of style is accepting to accent that stained glass can offer. Kitchens, dens, bedrooms are favorite spots for an uplifting sun catcher. 

  • Tiffany Glass - Using a Tiffany style, there are different textures and patterns within the array of colors used. Opalescent glass, Favrile glass and Fracture glass are among the materials used in discerning Tiffany from other stained glass panes.
  • Color -  The assorted colors of the rainbow are strategically placed for an aesthetic appearance and sense of joy. Numerous shades of blue, green, yellow, red and green are presented in hundreds of tiny slots that are professionally cut and placed by seasoned artists.

What types of glass are used in birds on a wire stained glass?

There are two types of glass that are used in birds on a wire stained glass sun catchers. Cathedral glass is clear for outlining the work for a boxed-in effect and using as fillers. Opalescent glass provides the color and texture that is seen in every detail of the work. The exquisite finished product takes much time to make colors, textures and hues work together.

A quality pendant chain is used for hanging your stained glass piece from a curtain rod or well-supported hooks that have been placed into the framework.

What are the recommended dimensions and weight for birds on a wire glass piece?

Stained glass is heavy. The size of the piece will merit the weight. A small window can use a 14.5" wide string of 4 birds with the weight only being 2 pounds. Larger windows where a grouping of 10 birds is displayed measures 19" x 11". The weight of a larger piece is nearly 3 pounds.  The chain will correspond with the size of the panel, anywhere from 30" to 33" in length.

How to clean stained glass sun catchers?

Care must be taken when cleaning stained glass. Minimal dusting is recommended. If the piece requires further care, use distilled water in a spray bottle to loosen any dirt and wipe with a lint free towel. Keep away from areas where grease can build up on the stained glass for best results. 

How to store birds on a wire stained glass?

Use bubble wrap or newspapers to provide a soft and non-shifting environment for stained glass panels. Pack in a dry carton or other container and store in an area where it stays above freezing. 



15" X 20" Watercut Painted Glass Birds on a Wire By Joan Baker

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Birds on a wire pattern

Birds on a wire pattern

Stained Glass Tropical Birds Window Panel

Stained Glass Tropical Birds Window Panel

Birds on a wire stained glass 12

FAIRY ON A PINK FLAMINGO | 14 5 inch Pink Flamingo Stained Glass Suncatcher Close Out Sale | eBay

Stained glass patterns birds

Phenomenal window glass panel mounted on metal frame. It is covered with colorful glass and finished with bird theme. Tasteful addition for each room.

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NEW design for 2015! Chickadee stained glass suncatcher , bird on a 3 dimentional wire branch with green glass leaves .Realistic Bird

12 5 h stained glass birds on a wire framed

12.5" H Stained Glass Birds on a Wire Framed Window Panel | River of Goods

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Add this sublime stained glass and driftwood structured sculpture to your garden and enjoy a fine and visible boost of charm and appeal that it has to offer with its design packed with colors and charm.

Birds on a wire stained glass


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More birds on a wire at amazon

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Birds On a Wire Stained Glass Fireplace Screen

A 3d bird made of 5 kinds of stained glass

A 3D bird made of 5 kinds of stained glass and copper wire. The bird stands sturdily on its own. It has a front (facing left) and a back, but

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Nuthatch window corner bottom right

Birds on a wire stained glass 20

stained glass birds on a wire

Bird stained glass

A fantabulous decoration of "Tropical Birds on a Wire" for indoors, that will spice up your home with colorful hues and exotic themes. This 24'' window panel includes a metal frame with tiny pieces of stained glass attached to it. The whole is suspended from a strong chain.

Under the lily pad 3d stained glass

Under The Lily Pad 3d Stained Glass
Wow, this is pretty! A 3D stained glass table centerpiece with meticulously crafted lily flower on a whirl base. Its petals are navy and yellow; glass inserts surrounding it are blue or transparent. Handmade item!

Stained glass birds on a branch

Charming decorative birds on the wall made of wire and stained glass are a subtle and very stylish way of decor. Beautiful colors and lovely birds will showcase beautifully on the living room, bedroom or kitchen walls.

Birds On a Wire Large Oval Painted Glass Suncatcher

Stained glass christmas robin

Stained Glass Christmas Robin
A beautiful robin that works perfectly as a Christmas decoration for both indoors and outdoors. The bird is made of three pieces of stained glass (pink, red, blue) embedded in a black-painted metal frame.

Birds on a wire stained glass 3

Artistic stained glass tray with an interesting pattern that shows birds on a wire. These multi-color birds play important aesthetic roles. Tempered, beveled glass is not only attractive, but also very solid.

Gathering Birds Window Panel

Gathering Birds Window Panel
Charming novelty decor for hanging in windows thanks to an included chain. It is handmade of stained colourful glass plates framed in black-coated metal. This decor has a form of 10 lovely birds sitting on a branch. It should be dry-wiped.

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Cute 3-Dimentional favorite backyard bird frontal view stained glass suncatcher chicadee on Etsy, $29.95

Large leaf birds cardinal stained glass suncatchers

Large Leaf Birds - Cardinal Stained Glass Suncatchers

Birds on a wire stained glass 4

142 pieces of art glass and 14 cabochons (dome-shaped glass) Joined with copper foil technique (adhesive copper tape and solder) Handmade Hanging chain included 24" x 9¼" Santa bring this to me!

Birds on a wire stained glass 1

Chickadee Stained Glass and Wire Circle Suncatcher

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Elegant adornment made of stained glass. It can be used as a unique windshield or independent as a original wall decoration. It is composed of blue and green glass and has natural ornaments with animals and plants.

Joan Baker Designs SSC1039 Birds on a Wire Art Glass Suncatcher

Bird suncatchers

If you are a fan of Tiffany style, this birds on a wire window panel, are your must have! The decoration is made of colorful stained glass, and has the metal chain, which supports all construction.

Joan Baker Designs MO281R Birds on a Wire Suncatcher, 5.25 by 7-Inch

Home home office decorative art glass stained glass window 6

Home Home & Office Decorative Art Glass Stained Glass Window - 6 x 36

River of goods birds on a wire stained glass window

River Of Goods Birds On A Wire Stained Glass Window Panel
Make a grand impression with this river of goods birds on a wire stained glass window panel. They are colorful and adorable. And will be great in bedroom, kids room and living room.

Birds on a wire one of my favorite joan baker

Birds on a Wire one of my favorite Joan Baker suncatcher designs!!

Buying stained glass 3

Even something as simple as a fireplace screen glass can look gorgeous if designed with care! Just look at this one, with a beautiful, old-fashioned design and a winged style. Bound to bring a fresh look to your living room!

Birds on a Wire But As for Me and My House We Will Serve the Lord Stained Glass Suncatcher (MC305R)

Stained glass suncatcher white dove

Stained Glass Suncatcher White Dove
Stained glass suncatcher that looks like an olive branch. This durable element of design is suitable for window applications. It not only protects from sun, but it also decorates indoors thanks to its natural appearance based on white and green color.

Birds on a wire stained glass 3

Cedar Waxwing Stained Glass and Wire Circle Suncatcher

Birds on a wire stained glass 8

stained glass birds on a wire

Bird stained glass panel

Birds On A Wire Stained Glass Window Panel

Tiffany Featuring Birds Cage Window Panel

Tiffany Featuring Birds Cage Window Panel
A beautiful window panel representing colourful birds in a cage. It is made from tiffany-styled copper foiled glass and metal, this piece is sturdy and durable. It is also made from 139 glass pieces and eight cabochons.

Joan Baker Designs GX4029 Birds on a Wire Art Glass Cross Tealight Holder, 6.75-Inch by 12.5-Inch by 7-Inch

Charles is best known for his unique bird sun catchers

Charles is best known for his unique bird sun catchers. These are stained glass birds perched on a tree branch made from copper wire. His extensive

Stained glass bird suncatcher iridescent

Stained Glass Bird Suncatcher Iridescent
If you value unique decorative details, this stylish bird on a wire stained glass captures the details and beautifully presents itself in the decor of the door. The whole is visually stunning, and the captivating colors and silver steels blend perfectly.