Metal Wall Flowers

Something different for interior, and outdoor, decorations, this extensive collection of metal wall flowers will accent any room or wall with an eclectic take on your favorite blooms. Get a couple, a few, or display a garden on your walls. The sky's the limit. Make your home a place where flowers are celebrated, even when cast out of metal.

Best Ideas

Cape Craftsmen Bohemian Rhapsody Metal Flower Wall Decor

Cape Craftsmen Bohemian Rhapsody Metal Flower Wall Decor
Flowers are the symbol of life, it is also in some way our family - it is worth sharing with them your home space - for example, hanging on the wall a metal flower decorative. that spreads in the colors of bronze, fuchsia and turquoise.

Repurposed Wood Flower Rustic Wall Decor

Repurposed Wood Flower Rustic Wall Decor
Rustic project for a repurposed decorative piece to place in the garden and stick in the ground. The piece is made out of reclaimed wood and resembles a large sunflower, with a rotating metal element in the middle.

Cape Craftsmen Bohemian Rhapsody Metal Flower Wall Decor

Cape Craftsmen Bohemian Rhapsody Metal Flower Wall Decor
This beautiful metal flower will help you decorate your walls, enlivening them with a cool bohemian spirit. Beautifully reflecting the light, the construction delights with a magical colour pallet.

Metal Flower Wall Décor

Metal Flower Wall Décor
This metal flower wall decor is the most stunning choice for any contemporary style apartments, allowing you to upgrade the look of your home, while the metallic green color brightens up the room instantly.

Rustic western rusty barbed wire

Rustic western rusty barbed wire
A unique, hand-made decoration that you can hang on the wall. It's a beautiful flower made of rusty barbed wire. It will look great on the wall when accompanied by more flowers of this kind. It's a nice alternative to a traditional flower.

Metal Wall Decor

Metal Wall Decor
This beautiful wall decor can be a fantastic decoration for living rooms, bedrooms and offices. Designed only of quality materials, this wall decor features a lovely design that accentuates contemporary interiors with leafy and floral accents.

Metal Hydrangea Flower Wall Décor

Metal Hydrangea Flower Wall Décor
Charming rustic style hanging wall decor hand-crafted of metal. It has a form of beautiful intertwined green twigs with leaves and fine vibrant colourful flowers. This decor matches most kitchen and hall interiors.

Flower Girl

Flower Girl
This metal wall decoration depicts a girl's face made of flowers. A beautiful handmade decor, made of a wire and canvas, which will enhance both indoor and outdoor space. It has the frame size of: 25 х 35 cm (10 х 14 Inch).

Metal wall flowers 2

Finished in different colours, this set of metal wall flowers can be a smooth embellishment of your living room or bedroom decor. The installation represents smoothly the modern approach to design and home decor.

Metal wall art metal wall art red poppy flower head

... Metal Wall Art ›› Metal Wall Art Red Poppy Flower Head

Metal wall flowers 9

With its open design, this 3D metal poppy wall art makes the colour and texture of your wall a part of the artwork, It depicts a colourful bouquet of metallic blooms, including paprika, sage and goldened hues.

Outdoor metal coneflower wall plaques set of 3 flowers yard

Outdoor Metal Coneflower Wall Plaques Set of 3 Flowers Yard Garden NEW

Metal wall flowers 1

Metal Wall Art - Green Spring Flower Bunch

Brilliant wall art modern metal sculpture teal poppy flower head

Brilliant Wall Art Modern Metal Sculpture Teal Poppy Flower Head Jewel ...

Floral sampler metal wall hanging

Floral Sampler Metal Wall Hanging

Set of 2 Metal Wall Plaques (Multi Color) (30"H x 14"W x 1"D)

Metal wall flowers 2

Learn how to make these up-cycled flowers

Rustic metal flowers

If you're looking for a graceful wall decoration, then you shall consider this wall sculpture. Metal construction adds charm and guarantees sustainability. Flower, Dandelion motive brings charm and warmth.

Metal wall flowers 3

What an idea! This totally rocking flower window is made from of... plastic spoons! Wrapped together, these turquoise plastic tools create incredible designers piece of modern art. Tiny mirron is placed right in the middle.

Metal wall flowers 18

These cheerful blooms thrive wherever they’re planted. In the garden, on a wall, in a bedroom, in a bathroom, anywhere that calls for color and a smile. They’re made of recycled wood and metal, hand-painted and one of a kind. Made in the USA. Set of 5

Pastel flowers metal hanging wall decor

Pastel Flowers Metal Hanging Wall Decor

Metal wall flowers 10

Old machinery parts as metal yard art

Wrought iron wall decor flower 287x300 wrought iron wall decor

wrought iron wall decor flower 287x300 Wrought Iron wall decor flower

Gifts & Decor Ruby Blossom Tealight Candle Holder Wall Sconce Decor

This beautiful lamp on the wall is a combination of iron, glass and acrylic. The whole looks very stylish and perfectly highlights the unique style of each interior. Lovely combination of colors.

Metal wall flowers

Mystic Jewels Wall Art Multi Metallic

Metal wall flowers 5

Wall art in the form of flower. It is completely made of metal. Designed for mounting on any flat surface. Adds freshness and modernity to each room.

Blooming Flowers Metal Wall Art

Decorative wall art for your home prev next back to

decorative wall art for your home prev next back to decorative wall ...

Contemporary metal wall art line of flowers tree scene

Contemporary Metal Wall Art "Line Of Flowers Tree Scene"

Metal flower head wall art flower heads set of 3

metal flower head wall art | flower heads set of 3 wall hanging ...

Shop home home decor wall art metal flower wall art

shop home home decor wall art metal flower wall art $ 105 freemans com ...

Metal wall flowers 8

Reclaimed Wood Flower Rustic Wall Decor Rusty Metal Folk Art Garden ...

Metal wall flowers

A wonderful DIY wall decoration that is one of a kind. It is a type of a wire sculpture made of old wires that are transformed into charming flowers. The idea proves that sometimes the simplest solutions are the most inspirational ones.

Metal wall flowers 28

Garden Edging: 5 Ways to Edge Your Landscape with Recycled Materials

Metal wall flowers 17

create star with reclaimed wood stakes, grape vine wreath, metal star, raffia bow

Price 44 95 ea on sale 34 00 ea

Price - $44.95/ea. - ON SALE $34.00/EA.

Metal wall flowers 2

Very precise selection of details and accessories in this house, was crowned with rustic, simple shelf - a custom form of shelves inside with crossed form at the back. It consists of metal pipes and wooden trim.

Large metal garden flowers

A fall metal flower just to decor your wall. Flower petals are made of metal and the center is made from black beads. Simple decoration, which can be used on the big wall just to make your room more cosy and light.

Flowers made out of metal

Such a great choice for real home deco lovers! This partly transparent round, metal metal magnetic tins let you create your own decoration - with gravel, charcoal, air plants, cactus or succulents and the use of spray paint.

Gifts & Decor Dawn Lily Candle Holder Home Accent Decor Wall Sconce

This stylish wall lamp is a beautiful color and decorative accent for your interior. Beautifully made from a combination of iron, acrylic and glass is unique. Floral motif is very charming.

Metal wall flowers 4

A wonderful and imaginative wall decoration. It features a simple wooden plank with test tubes attached to it. The tubes act here as miniature vases. You can fill them with water and put there some fresh or artificial flowers.

Metal wall flowers 27

Flower planter storage Thanks to a simple coat of pink paint, Lolly Jane turned metal flower planters into cute wall-hung storage bins for dollies and books. Get the instructions at Lolly Jane.

Contemporary metal wall art green flower leaf stem

Contemporary Metal Wall Art "Green Flower Leaf Stem"

Large wall flower by birdfromawire could duplicate this look with

Large wall flower by birdfromawire could duplicate this look with grapevine

Metal wall flowers 13

Quilling Made Easy # How to make Beautiful Quilling Paper design -Paper Art

Garden home wall art dimensional metal flower head wall art

Garden & Home Wall Art > Dimensional Metal Flower Head Wall Art in ...

Metal wall art jewel flowers in vase

Metal Wall Art - Jewel Flowers In Vase

Contemporary metal wall art three coloured flowers in frame

Contemporary Metal Wall Art "Three Coloured Flowers In Frame"

The Flowering Tree Wall Décor

The Flowering Tree Wall Décor

Metal wall art shabby chic flower panel

Metal Wall Art - Shabby Chic Flower Panel