Large Decorative Plates For The Wall

Which one of these decorative plates do you find most interesting? In case you think that these models would fit into your house well, try to discover all these shapes, sizes and designs that are shown on this site. You can take all the time you need to do it.

Glass Decorative Plate

Glass Decorative Plate
This is a decorative glass plate. It has a circular shape. It is made in red, although it is not a solid color. Plate is a bit like a shield. It has a special stand that allows it to be effective placement.

Large red decorative plate

Round wall art decorated with sophisticated ornamentation. Includes screw holes for easy assembly. Elegant decoration for each place. Suitable for residential and commercial premises.

Decorative metal disc wall art

Decorative Metal Disc Wall Art
Such an amazing look for a traditional, very elegant living room. The soft, cream sofa is a nice centrepiece of the room, and the wooden coffee table gives it a pretty finish. Notice the beautiful disc on the wall!

Large decorative plates for the wall

Interesting wall decorative plates. These elements are large and finished in many different colors and patterns. They are made of wear-resistant materials, so these decorations will last for a long time.

Large decorative plates for the wall 19

An extravagant and funny wall decoration. It's a collection of plates which look like large buttons. They come in a variety of soft colors and the will be an interesting alternative to a traditional painting.

Large decorative plates display

A traditional decorative display in a living room, situated above a wooden end table crafted out of walnut. The display is made out of painted bowls and plates with floral patterns, placed on a metal hanger.

Large decorative plates for the wall

Modern wall decorative plates with attractive patterns. These bowls and baskets are wear resistant and their neutral colors match any interior design. They feature simple and attractive shapes based on clean lines.

Magnolia Large Platter Wall Décor

Magnolia Large Platter Wall Décor
Beautiful floral wall decor featuring large magnolia-like platters. It is perfect for lightening your interior decor with elegant style. Crafted of solid ceramic, it comes with a hole in the back to accommodate wire for hanging.

Flower deer in secret cove cake stand or

Flower Deer In Secret Cove Cake Stand Or
Decorated with beautiful, colourful plates, this wall constitutes a lovely proposition for all, who look for inexpensive solutions how to embellish their living room or bedroom decors.

Large decorative plates for the wall 3

This set of large decorative plates for the wall constitutes a perfect solution for all, who want to create a charming, refined appeal. Finished in graphite, black or gold, they will enliven any wall decor.

Large decorative plates for the wall 28

For what it's worth: If I owned a restaurant or a bar...I think I would do this on a large wall or in the bathroom.

Decorative Plate Luminous Lace Collection Silver Tray Extra Large

Crafted from 100% iron with a silver finish, offering a stylish blend of modern and romantic, this 20" diameter serving tray will be a great modern accent to your decor. An ideal way to serve appetizers, cupcakes, and savory bites.

The product is decorated with art carving and mosaic made

The product is decorated with art carving and mosaic made of shell of Easter eggs. Decorative plate is an excellent gift idea for Easter. You can decorate any room with it.

Kelly wilson antique monogram plate diy a monogram on an

Kelly Wilson Antique Monogram a monogram on an old plate for the plate wall

Large decorative plates for the wall 2

I'm leaning toward a plate arrangement for the large wall in the kitchen.

Joy Wall Décor

Joy Wall Décor
This wall decor has a truly unique form, perfect for anyone who is fed up with casual items. The ceramic body of this piece makes it delicate - but don't worry, it is also very durable. It is shaped in a form of a lily leaf.

Large decorative plates for the wall 4

Be Still and Grow Flower Printables at Tatertots and Jello | We're in love with these Shutterfly personalized pillows and plates for the living space. These floral patterns and inspirational quotes are great for guests. #ShutterflyDecor Follow Jen on Pint

Large decorative plates for the wall 5

love the random plates and the glass table. Need that...for my large bread bowl, too!

Large decorative plates for the wall 15

Oh, to have a bathroom large enough to fit a dresser. Points deducted for having the actual Rorschach prints on the wall though :(

Large decorative plates for the wall 6

Old license plates cut up and made into a clock. I just want my dad to have a purpose for all those old dusty license plates in the basement...

Large decorative plate

Transitional Living Room Home Decor--beautiful fireplace and mirror focal point with neutral color scheme

Large decorative plates for the wall 8

Love the island, but I'd need a warm colored countertop, the black granite is too much for me.

Large decorative plates

Love these personalized plates on the wall.

Large decorative plates for the wall 5

The House Of Smiths Designs — Love Birds (Small & Large)

Decorative wall clocks for kitchen 31

This sunflower wall clock shall be a proposition for all, who enjoy sunny home decor. Bring in a positive vibe into your kitchen, it faithfully resembles the real meadow embellishment.

Large decorative plates for the wall 1

simple, clean, modern furniture, geometric accents and a little bit of kitsch: elements of a beautiful home

Fat chef clock

Wall clock with sunflower theme. Includes quartz movement and Arabic numeral. Shield is made of wood with antique finish. Received a lot of top ratings from customers for elegant design and high quality.

Decorative wall clocks for kitchen 28

Double wall clock. There is one, big clock made of metal and covered with turquoise paint. Second clock looks like classic kitchen clock and it is built-in bigger clock. It will play its role perfectly outdoor, especially in public places.

Decorative wall clocks for kitchen

Wall clock decorated with cup cake theme. Shield is made of plastic and finished with pastel colors. It is powered with batteries and fitted with quartz movement. Adds freshness and modernity to each place.

Decorative wall clocks for kitchen 3

One of the most enchanting DIY projects - this pineapple wall clock owes its lovely character to the vintage wallpaper as a display back, surrounded by natural wood, black or white frames. This 10" diameter clock sits 1.75" deep and requires 1 AA battery.

Coffee time cappuccino latte espresso

Coffee Time Cappuccino Latte Espresso
Adorable design for a decorative wall clock, meant for kitchens but also sure to look nicely in any other room. The wall clock has a metal frame on the edges with the insides made to look like a coffee cup filled with coffee.

Cotton rugs for kitchen

If you are looking for cotton rugs for your kitchen or bathroom, this set of colorful masterpieces shall appeal to you. They will add so much warmth and liveliness to the space, distinguishing your house from the others.

Cotton rugs for kitchen

A lovely, crocheted rug that features a white and blue pattern and a fringed edge. The rug like this will give your bathroom, kitchen, or entry hall a warm and homely character. It will suit traditional or cottage-like interiors.

Cotton rugs for kitchen 1

Add a finishing touch to your dining setting: crochet projects make their impressive comeback. Here a lacy crocheted placemat in romantic light blue dresses up a table, but a kitchen rug is another application of this handmade beauty.

Cotton rugs for kitchen 27

An aesthetic contemporary rug for children's rooms. It's rectangular and crafted of quality white cotton and seagrass blend with a zigzag pattern. It has rather narrow edges and should be spot cleaned.

Cotton rugs for kitchen 11

Rounded rug made from nice touch cotton and finished with openwork pattern. Adds freshness and elegance to each room. Classic form and functionality.

Fun ideas for your foyer the foyer is a great

FUN IDEAS FOR YOUR FOYER | The foyer is a great place to show off your collectibles or art pieces. If you have hanging artwork, cluster it on one wall as you walk in, or hang one large, important piece. For display items, install several decorative shelve

Large decorative plates for the wall 25

Want this Vintage License Plates Clock for the basement/rec room.

Precious Silver Rug

Precious Silver Rug
It is very comfortable, soft and elegant rug. It has a silver color. It is excellent in both in terms of its implementation, trim and use. It's comfortable, it's nice to walk on. For this, it is very nice.

Large Faux Taxidermy Antler Rack Wall Décor

Large Faux Taxidermy Antler Rack Wall Décor

Large decorative plates for the wall 13

Tired of basic paintings or art prints above the couch? Look for artists, such as Piero Fornasetti, who use ceramics as their medium.

Large decorative plates for the wall 30

Note holder on the wall- great way to use skinny vertical space and for organizing whatevers!

India Green Area Rug

India Green Area Rug
Pretty-looking traditional rug intended for boys' rooms. It's rectangular and not very large. It's hand-crafted of nice to the eye green woven cotton with a solid pattern. It should be cleaned professionally.

Cotton Sunflowers Rug

Cotton Sunflowers Rug
Very pretty contemporary rug machine-braided of durable cotton-poly blend in shades of blue, yellow and white with a concentric rectangles geometric design. It's rectangular, reversible and easy to clean.

Large decorative plates for the wall 18

A gray-toned damask creates an elegant enclosure for the master bed. Walls and duvet in Travers linen. Custom bed. Floor lamps, Luceplan. Tray table (left of bed), VW Home.

Toscana Six Assorted Plates Wall Décor

Toscana Six Assorted Plates Wall Décor

Cotton rugs for kitchen 20

If you can’t decide what to put on the floor of your bathroom – whether a rug or a bathmat, why not make yourself a cotton crochet mat? It’s not that hard to do, and goes smoothly after you get the hang of it.

Large decorative plates for the wall 14

I get the whole open cabinets/shelves idea in small kitchens because it opens up the space but I know my dishes, plates and cups don't match and since storage is at a premium, I need doors that allow me to shut away whatever is stowed inside them!

Gypsy Stripe Woven Cotton Area Rug

Gypsy Stripe Woven Cotton Area Rug
Pretty-looking traditional rug hand-woven of colourful cotton. It's rectangular, has reinforced shorter edges and features an across striped design in prevailing gold, red and pink tones. It can be vacuumed.

Large decorative plates for the wall 22

This vignette is a wonderful jumping off place for a man's den. It is rustic and yet has flair enough for the sophisticated tastes of an urban dweller in any large city.