Stained Glass Wall Art


This collections features all kinds of styles and patterns of stained glass for every aesthetic. Consider where you're putting it, will it be able to catch the light, which will brighten the colors and make them stand out bold, or will it be in a darker area where the colors will be rich and deep? Use that as a guide to choosing the one for you.

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Our Picks

Glass mosaic wall art

Three long rectangles, in all colors of the world - and all made of stained glass. They resemble a bamboo tree. This is a very modern style of decorating your walls. The color of fuchsia at the bottom, green at the top.

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Stained glass wall decor

A great mosaic inspiration for all who enjoy mosaics and sea glass. It will truly embellish any living room or corridor, adding an alluring appeal from the very first seconds in the room.

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Stained glass hangings

Stained glass used to create wall art? Yes, please! Look at this interesting, stimulating installation right here. Plenty of different colours and shapes will keep your brain stimulated and active, even in your garden!

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Stained glass window hanging

A lovely decoration for modern rooms, that bursts with positive energy and captivating design. The whole mosaic is made of tiny shards of stained glass, forming a gorgeous mix of green, blue and black hues.

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Stained glass quilted wall hanging

Stained glass quilted wall hanging

If you are looking for an original way of adding some colour to your interior then this stained glass wall art will ensure a significant boost of style for your home, since it sports various patterns and colors.

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Madonna and child stained glass quilted

Madonna and child stained glass quilted

Depicting a Madonna and Child, this stained glass quilted wall hanging constitutes a perfect wall art for one's bedroom. It enchants with its high-quality, handmade, detailed crafting.

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Stained Glass Window Hanging

Stained Glass Window Hanging

Beautiful beveled stained glass window. This piece has a small crack in blue border glass and has brass made of clear glass. It is decorated of little crystal. It can be used as little window in front entryway door or wall adornment.

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Makenier Vintage Tiffany Style Stained Art Glass Dragonfly Window Panel Wall Hanging

An extraordinary solution for the usability of Tiffany-style stained glass. The same technique is being used all the time, but in this case it is a flat round panel hung on a chain, which is a decorative element after the prot, made of hand-cut stained glass.

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Stained glass hanging panels for windows

Add beauty and style to your home and decor your wall with glass wall art in wooden distressed white finish. They are excellent as a gift for birthday and other special occasions.

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Stained glass waves

I don't have an outdoor space and garden with flowers or trees, so I've got the bright floral mosaic, which looks so adorable on my wall. My guests are always delighted how beautiful this product is.

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Stained Glass Wall Art

Buying Guide

From ornate church windows to modern whimsical fare, stained glass has changed many times over the years and today is increasingly displayed in contemporary design. Modern pieces now take on everyday themes, from bringing the garden indoors with a stained-glass wall art bouquet, to abstract architectural designs that play with color and give depth and complexity and create engaging works of art for everyone to enjoy. Nowadays, you're sure to find a unique piece for that favorite bare wall or sad corner of the room that needs a bit of brightening. Whatever your design whimsy, there are some things you must consider when choosing and installing stained glass wall art.

At prices ranging from $50-$200 per square foot, stained glass can be an affordable design choice. Custom-made stained glass can be had for $100 to $300 per square foot, but some may claim rates of $500 to $1,000 per square foot, depending on variables such as complexity and geographical location. Commissioned pieces are pricier still. Whether as a one-off purchase or a sizable design statement, there are two factors to consider when investing in stained glass wall art.

Stained glass wall art can be heavy and each piece must be supported by secure mountings or brackets. Mass-produced pieces may come with pre-drilled brackets and mounts, but when doing it yourself, if you don't understand the difference between a hanging cable or a cable hook, then it might be time to consider professional installation. While there is no shortage of instructional YouTube tutorials on how to hang wall art if you're dealing with a heavier or more costly piece, then hiring a professional installer will be a worthwhile choice. The cost of professional installation ranges from $314 to $901, from $150 on the low end to $1,500 at the high end.

Know when your project is DIY or requires a professional. Whether you're hanging a single sun catcher or an ornate stained glass panel, particular pieces require different installation methods. For example, a vertical piece may require a heavy chain mounted to the wall with two hooks affixed to adjacent sides of the piece, for a secure fitting that distributes the weight equally, whereas installation of a horizontal piece would naturally require more hooks attached along the top of the piece, for even weight distribution. Custom pieces might require an entirely different method, depending on the mechanics and physics of a particular room's construction.

Of course, you could always opt to bypass installation considerations altogether by simply propping a lone stained glass panel against a sunny windowpane and enjoying the resulting natural play on light, but in order to make a design statement that is more permanent, the above considerations must be factored into your decisions on not only design but the mechanics of construction.

Best Ideas

Hanging glass what are wafers hang your glass mynewsletterbuilder

HANGING GLASS What are wafers? :: Hang Your Glass | MyNewsletterBuilder

Cool stained glass designs

MOSAIC KOI TILES outdoor glass wall art set by ParadiseMosaics

Coloured glass wall

Love it! Notice the subtle use of the silver ball chain to create definition and texture. Fantastic!

Glass window art

Stained glass window painted in different colors will be great way to add some artistic touch to your child's room. It's perfect solution for teenage room - the door provides privacy, but you can still look what is happening in their room.

Dragonfly stained glass wall art

Dragonfly Stained Glass Wall Art

Stained glass window art 19

In the old days, Macaque was offered Demeter as a symbol of regenerating earth - today we find poppy flowers hand painted on glass - tingling beautiful picture, surrounded by wooden, natural white frame, used from the old window.

Stained glass window art

Original stained glass window with tree theme. It is mounted on metal frame and covered with colorful glass. Suitable for residential and commercial premises. Adds elegance to each place.

Decorative glass wall art

WOW - Amazing stained glass artist - I am so inspired looking at these!

Flower wall art decor

Mosaic Wall Art Handmade Ceramic Tile "Humming Birds and Flowers"

Hand crafted mosaic stained glass wall decor by spoiled rockin

Hand Crafted Mosaic Stained Glass Wall Decor by Spoiled Rockin

Cool stained glass windows

A panel made of stained glass is always a wonderful idea for an impressive decoration. You can place this stunning, flowery image instead of a typical window glass or you can put it in your garden so that it will beautifully reflect the sunlight.

Custom mosaic stained glass wall decor by sol sister 1

Custom Mosaic Stained Glass Wall Decor by Sol Sister ...

Glow decor cardinals stained glass illuminated wall art

Glow Decor Cardinals Stained Glass Illuminated Wall Art # ...

Two piece stained glass printed framed wall art set

Two-Piece Stained Glass Printed Framed Wall Art Set ...