Outdoor Santa Claus Decorations


Tis the season for decorations, and for your Christmas scene, there are a few staple characters, the most common being good ol' Saint Nick. With his snow-white beard, his plush red suit and his bowl full of jelly, Santa brings your Christmas scene together with ease and adds a joyful face to even the coldest winter night. We are bound to have a Santa Claus for your home in this collection.

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Our Picks

Santa claus sitting with beard

Santa Claus Sitting With Beard

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1940s large life size santa clause christmas decoration display

1940s large life size santa clause christmas decoration display

During Christmas original decorations are very important! This life size Santa Claus' mock-up made of cardboard will give your home more holiday atmosphere! It is stylised on vintage, so it will be fit even to old-fashioned interior.

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Large wooden santa

Handmade and hand-painted, this tall Christmas decoration can be a nice way to embellish your outdoor area. Made of durable wood, the Santa Claus rests on a stable, square base, while holding a beautiful garland with shining lights.

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A Visit from Santa Claus Holiday Statue

A Visit from Santa Claus Holiday Statue

A magnificent Santa Claus statue that will complement any interior during cold evenings. The statue is multi-coloured and hand-painted. It is mainly crafted of high-quality resin. It is also a perfect addition for Christmas.

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Outdoor santa

Place this Santa Claus decoration in front of your house or in your garden, and your Christmas spirit will light up in no time. The decoration is hand painted, relatively heavy to withstand windy conditions, and large enough for all to see it.

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Large life sized sitting santa claus outdoor christmas decorations

Large Life Sized Sitting Santa Claus Outdoor Christmas Decorations.

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Santa claus door decoration

Transform the front of your house with those lovely Christmas decorations for outdoors. The set is handmade, hand-painted with attention to detail, and consisted of 3 soldiers with 2 horns and 1 drum.

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Santa's Claus Bench Figurine

Santa's Claus Bench Figurine

A wonderful Santa's Claus bench figurine which is an ideal addition for Christmas enthusiasts and decorating extremists. It has a red ribbon design on top and two adorable reindeer standing on either end.

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Led Shooting Star Light Set Christmas Holiday Outdoor Yard Art Decoration New

Led Shooting Star Light Set Christmas Holiday Outdoor Yard Art Decoration New

A swell Christmas enhancement for outdoor areas, which is made of long strings with bunch of small shining stars and few large ones. The set uses LED lighting, giving you an efficient and attractive way to welcome a Christmas season.

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Set of two 44 christmas decor lighted santa claus and

Set of Two 44" Christmas Decor Lighted Santa Claus and Nutcracker Toy Soldier Holiday Wall Mount or Ground Stake Outdoor Yard Decoration

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Outdoor Santa Claus Decorations

Buying Guide

The best outdoor Santa Claus decorations are those that are made to last you for many Christmases (with a strong build and a weather-proof coating if they’ll be exposed to the elements) and that represent what this holiday means to you.

Whether you’re hoping for a nostalgic, sophisticated, cartoonish or funny vibe, you should look for an outdoor Santa Clause decoration that amplifies it.

Good news: you’re in the right place! You can find the best outdoor Santa Clause decorations on Foter, where we’ve gathered the top Wayfair and Amazon products and organized them through an intuitive picture-based display.

Outdoor Santa Clause Decorations are made from various materials designed to last for longer. However, the most common materials due to durability and ability to withstand the elements are wood and resin.

Wooden decorations are treated for rot ensuring it lasts for longer, while resin statues are hand-painted to provide visual appeal.

However, the resin is also a flexible material that retains the aesthetics of metal and stone but contains only a small percentage of the actual weight of these other two materials. This makes them the preferred choice for Christmas decorations.

When you put up your Santa Claus decorations and when you take them down again is a personal choice, but it’s one that can be influenced by many factors.

For example, in many communities, it’s acceptable to start decorating for Christmas as early as late October, while others prefer to wait until mid-December. A good rule of thumb is to wait until the week after Thanksgiving.

You have slightly more leeway after Christmas. Some communities consider the season of Christmas to extend well into January. You’ll find, however, that most people will have removed their decorations shortly after the New Year.

Best Ideas

Lighted special delivery santa indoor outdoor sculpture

Lighted Special Delivery Santa Indoor Outdoor Sculpture

Outdoor santa claus figures

Those wooden decorations of Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus are going to be one of the most beautiful outdoor decorations during Christmas season. Each character is made of durable wood and hand-painted in slightest details.

Plastic blowmold 40 christmas santa claus outdoor yard decor light

... Plastic Blowmold 40" Christmas Santa Claus Outdoor Yard Decor Light Up

Santa wood patterns

Christmas decorations, Here Comes Santa Claus! Right Down Santa Claus ...

H5nm0 outdoor santa figure horchow

H5NM0 Outdoor Santa Figure - Horchow

Christmas Inflatable Santa Claus Decoration

Christmas Inflatable Santa Claus Decoration

This is a very nice, cheerful and extremely charming Santa Claus. Decoration is inflatable, by it giving the impression of a lightness and delicacy, despite the fact that Santa Claus is quite substantial belly. It is an excellent decorative element.

Vintage blow mold smiling jolly santa claus lighted head outdoor

Vintage Blow Mold SMILING JOLLY SANTA CLAUS Lighted Head Outdoor Christmas Decor

Santa claus decorations

A funny contemporary Christmas decoration for outdoor use. It has a form of a quite large figurine of Father Christmas. It's made of weatherproof colourful nylon, is inflatable, lightweight and can be hung e.g. on a veranda.

Santa claus with beard standing with bell 1

Santa Claus With Beard Standing With Bell

Santa claus standing with sack

Santa Claus Standing With Sack

Outdoor santa claus decorations 1

Season decoration with Christmas theme. Dedicated to outdoor use. It is made of metal. Suitable for residential and commercial use. Great for garden, porch and more.

Santa claus sitting with bell

Santa Claus Sitting With Bell

Santa claus outdoor decorations

A fine Christmas decoration for spicing up the front of your cottage. This hand-carved and hand-painted wooden Santa Claus can be used indoors as well as outdoors. It's very stable and quite durable, able to withstand weather conditions.

36 santa claus lighted outdoor christmas yard decoration 3 feet

... 36" SANTA CLAUS Lighted OUTDOOR Christmas Yard Decoration 3 feet tall