Angel Tree Toppers


No Christmas tree is complete without a tree topper. And for your tree, have you ever topped it with an angel? Because if not, we have tons of lovely and crafty angels that will complete your tree with dignity and grace. Get a modern, simple style, or something elaborate. We have all the angel toppers to fit anyone's unique tree character. See collection for more.

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Angel tree toppers 3

Angel tree topper

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How to make an angel christmas tree topper

sheila landry Heavenly Angel Tree Topper

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Angel tree toppers 5

Beautiful Angel Tree Topper

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Angel tree toppers 6

16" Red and Gold Angel Tree Topper

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X617 crochet pattern only heirloom angel

X617 Crochet PATTERN ONLY Heirloom Angel

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How to make a angel tree topper

Tall angel figurine that doubles as Christmas tree topper. The golden-haired angel wears long, white gown characterized by simple, modest design. Her wings are adorned with golden glitter. Have you already got your Angel tree topper?

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Angel tree toppers

If you find yourself a fan of Christmas decor, then this one shall definitely appeal to you. A lovely angel tree topper, trimmed with a full pineapple skirt, matching wings and capelet trimmed with pearls.

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Fiber Optic Ivory and Animated Angel Tree Topper

Fiber Optic Ivory and Animated Angel Tree Topper

Beautiful tree topper in a shape of a serene angel wearing white and gold gown with lots of details, such as ribbon and lace. Such a topper is just what you need to complete the festive look of your inner decor!

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Beautiful angel christmas tree topper perfect for keeping an eye

Beautiful Angel Christmas Tree Topper - perfect for keeping an eye on you and your family over the holidays :)

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Angel tree toppers 1

Heavenly Pineapple Angel I -Grace your home with this beautiful 3-foot-tall crocheted angel. Crocheted with size 10 crochet cotton and a size 5 steel crochet hook, and embellished with silk roses, satin ribbon and tassels, her majestic stature and timeles

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Angel Tree Toppers

Buying Guide

If the angel tree topper comes with a conical base, all you have to do is bend the main branch at the top of the tree and steadily place the cone over it. If the base is wobbly and needs more support, you can simply adjust the other branches around it. However, if there is no branch nearby, you may want to grab a thin wire, preferably green, and fasten the angel to the top of the tree.

Deciding whether a wooden tree topper or a porcelain angel is best for your home depends on what look you want for your tree and your home’s holiday apparel.

Porcelain angel tree toppers are lovely. These angels have a smooth surface and detailed features and clothing, making them perfect for homes with Victorian Christmas themes. Wooden angels offer a more natural look with simple lines for your Christmas tree. These angels work great on trees that embrace rustic decor.

Porcelain angels are fragile, so choose this type of tree topper if you can keep it secured and away from lots of movement near your tree. Wooden toppers are durable and work well in a house with small children and rambunctious pets.

Yes! While angel tree toppers are very traditional, if you have more of a modern aesthetic there are certainly options for you.

Some of the modern angel tree toppers we’ve seen have combined glam, geometric, or minimalist elements to create tree toppers that can mix with any style. Consider also angel tree toppers made out of alternative materials, such as clear glass, wood, iron, or even paper.

Best Ideas


Angel tree topper craft

Here is the guard of the festive atmosphere. An exceptionally lovely statue of a standing angel with a bouquet of flowers in his hands. An angel tree toppers is dressed in a beautiful long dress with decorative embroidery.

Freechristmas chrochet free christmas crochet patterns

freechristmas chrochet | Free Christmas Crochet Patterns

Wire angel tree topper

Snowflake Angel Tree I like this one

Angel tree toppers 17

photo inspiration. similar to this, but not quite the same-changing the skirt above the pineapples. for a tree topper. Pineapple Angel

Angel tree toppers 2

Handmade angel tree topper, crocheted from white and golden floss. Beautiful! Can serve as table centerpiece or a Christmas mantel decoration. Not so hard to make - you only need to know the basic techniques of crocheting.

Angel tree toppers 21

Ultimate Pineapple Christmas Tree Crochet Patterns - Angel Tree Topper

15.5" Gold/Ivory Lighted Fiber Optic Angel Christmas Tree Topper - Clear Lights

Beautiful angel Christmas tree topper with clear lights: the angel wears long white dress with dark gold detailing, lace and bows; the figurine has long hair and white feather-like wings. The dress glitters and flickers when the lights are on.

Rustic star tree topper

Christmas tree topper in the shape of angel. It is made of plastic with antique finish. Sophisticated decoration for each home.

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Vickerman Angel Fiber Optic Wings, 18-Inch, White/Gold

When your Christmas decor is almost complete, a flickering angel figurine makes the rest. White and gold mix of colors stands in line with Christmas time decor, and what you need is to simply set this piece out in a room that needs a final seasonal touch.

Kurt Adler CUL Fiber Optic LED Angel Christmas Treetop Figurine, 12-Inch, Ivory and Gold

This beautiful angel treetop is going to give your Christmas Tree a whole new, refreshed look. The angel wears an ivory and gold gown, purple feather wings, and a bouquet of red flowers in the right hand. Also includes LED lights.

Kurt Adler UL 10-Light African American Angel Christmas Treetop Figurine, 13-Inch, Gold

This Christmas figurine is a nice idea to accentuate a window during festive time or just to add some glisten to your winter decor. This beautiful angel figurine will add some light wherever you need it when it's cold and dark outside.

Christmas decorations 14 gold and ivory animated fiber

Christmas Decorations - 14" Gold and Ivory Animated Fiber ...