Ikea Floor Cushions

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Ikea floor cushions are the perfect finishing touch to a child’s bedroom or fun living room. A great option for studio apartments or small spaces, they will offer another seat without the extra bulk of a chair. Ikea products are also known for being affordable yet still high quality, meaning you won’t have to worry about your purchase falling apart. We’ve picked out a couple of our favorite floor cushions below so you can find the best match.

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Updated 23/06/2022
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Colorful Floor Cushion

Colorful Floor Cushion

What we like: Bold color scheme

What we don’t like: Limited in what it will match with

Not so good for: If you prefer neutral colors

Perfect for: Brightening up a room

Measuring 18 inches in length and width, this floor cushion features a bold and playful design. It is four inches thick, meaning it will be immensely comfortable to sit on even if you have wooden floor. Moreover, the filling weight is 26 ounces and the overall weight 39 ounces, making this cushion plush yet still lightweight to move around. A handle is also included for easy carrying.

The color scheme includes several bright colors, including tangerine orange, aqua blue, baby pink, and sunshine yellow. This cushion will brighten up any room and would look especially good in a neutral room so the colors really pop.

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Zigzag Floor Cushion

Zigzag Floor Cushion

What we like: Retro geometric design

What we don’t like: Slightly less padded

Not so good for: Wooden floor

Perfect for: Carpeted floor

This floor cushion is slightly less padded, with a filling weight of 25 ounces and a total weight of 35 ounces. Because of this, we recommend it for a carpeted room rather than one with wooden floor to ensure maximum comfort. Still, its thickness level is four inches, and it has a built-in fabric handle so you can move it around simply. The length and width measurements are both 18 inches.

As for the pattern, the chic and sophisticated zig-zag design will add cool geometric flair to any space. Plus, the more muted color scheme made of up green, blue, gray, and cream includes red as well so it doesn't look too dull.

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Floor cushion ikea

Everyone loves big, soft pillows to sit on. Whether you use them for reading books, watching TV or just taking a nap, you are bound to love these huge pillows! Perfect for any occasions and filled with recyclable beads.

Ikea floor cushion

Plum floor pillows with a beautiful square shape and available in several different colors and sizes. The pillows are woven from strong strands and should be great for leisurely sitting in large open spaces. You can also use them as accent pillows in modern sofas.

Modern bean bags 4

Bring comfort and modern elegance into your gaming or living room with this comfy bean bag chair. Made from comfortable microfibers, the piece is perfectly suited for kids. It’s also compact so it should be easy to store away when not in use.

Family Room

Family Room

Cool thick square reversible floor cushions filled with recycled polyester fibres. Their covers are of durable colorful fabrics with various patterns and feature wide piping, button tufted top surfaces and ribbed sides. It can be spot cleaned.

Kantha floor cushion hand stitched front from vintage saris

kantha floor cushion hand stitched front from vintage saris

Omaha Amigo Floor Pillow

Omaha Amigo Floor Pillow

Comfy square reversible pillow filled with fibre and covered in soft plush dark blue microfibre which is stain resistant and has to be spot-cleaned. A pillow has 1 decorative tufted button in the centre and a side handle.

Large outdoor floor pillows

This set of square floor pillows effectively lightens up every space. Bringing much joy and liveliness, will enhance your indoors and outdoors with the characteristic, bohemian vibe.

Square floor pillows

A collection of square cushions that you can put directly on the floor instead of traditional ottomans or bean bags. They are upholstered with materials that feature slightly dated, but cool patterns in warm and vivid colors.

Square floor cushions 3

Square floor cushion with ash color. It’s durable and resistant to spills. It has flared edges which give it a softer look and also warmer. It’s not too big or small but just the right size. It’s more padded and softer than your regular cushion and can be placed anywhere you feel like.

Square floor pillows 2

Square Pouf | The Company Store

Square floor cushion

Giant Granny Squares, love them! I've been longing to make a crochet rug with super bulky yarn and a huge crochet hook...

Cushions embroidered suzani square floor cushion yellow 1

... › Cushions › Embroidered Suzani Square Floor Cushion - Yellow

How to make a floor couch

DIY project for a homemade storage spot for cushions and pillows, made out of chromed aluminum with a shiny, reflective finish. The storage also serves as an additional stool when filled to the brim with throw pillows.

Square floor pillows

Floor Cushions by ~DeannaMaree~ on Flickr

Outdoor / Indoor Square Floor Pillow

Outdoor / Indoor Square Floor Pillow

Blazing needles 25 inch square corded floor pillow with button

Blazing Needles 25-inch Square Corded Floor Pillow with Button Tufts ...

Large square floor cushions

Floor pillow pattern. I could use this to make a dog bed for Zoubi now that she's about ready to graduate from the crate.

Ikea floor pillow

Floor Cushions Craft a few of these cushions to give to family or friends living in tight quarters. They'll appreciate the extra seating the floor cushions will add to their cozy spaces. Match fabrics to their decor or favorite colors.

Square textured floor cushion

square textured floor cushion

Outdoor floor cushion

If you have some sewing ability you can make old couch cushions into some really cool floor pillows.

Square floor pillows 1

Giant crochet floor mat/pillow. I want to figure out how to make these. They kind of look like granny squares.

Floor pillows ikea

crochet floor pillow: a reason to actually try and master granny squares - I could CROCHET my floor pillow!!

Ikea floor pillows

How to make bean bag cubes - easy and would be great for a playroom, or anywhere really!

Quilted floor cushion tutorial english version would be great to

Quilted floor cushion tutorial (english version) Would be GREAT to enlarge this for oversized cushions. Great for our poochies too!