Square Floor Pillows


Get one and have a nice seat for your floor. Get a bunch and have somewhere to lay or wrestle. Get a whole gaggle, and you are set up for a fun time. These square floor pillows come in so many colors and upholstery styles, you could make your floor look like a giant quilt if the mood struck. Great for slumber parties. See collection for all the options.

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Floor pillow ikea

Beautiful square floor pillows that come in heavy plum padding and several different colors to choose from. The cushions also have a carrying handle fitted on one side for easy portability. They make for great comfortable temporary seating spaces.

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Floor cushion ikea

Everyone loves big, soft pillows to sit on. Whether you use them for reading books, watching TV or just taking a nap, you are bound to love these huge pillows! Perfect for any occasions and filled with recyclable beads.

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Family Room

Family Room

Cool thick square reversible floor cushions filled with recycled polyester fibres. Their covers are of durable colorful fabrics with various patterns and feature wide piping, button tufted top surfaces and ribbed sides. It can be spot cleaned.

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Omaha Amigo Floor Pillow

Omaha Amigo Floor Pillow

Comfy square reversible pillow filled with fibre and covered in soft plush dark blue microfibre which is stain resistant and has to be spot-cleaned. A pillow has 1 decorative tufted button in the centre and a side handle.

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Extra large floor pillows

This living room set, inspired by Moroccan style embodies comfort and style. Square floor pillows constitute an ingenuine way to enhance your living room with an exotic character. Besides, they can encourage you to sit straightly, therefore playing a beneficial role for your back.

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Bubble knit pouf

Bubble knit pouf

These unique, pretty and comfortable poufs are high quality elements with the size of 24"sq x 13"h. They are made of hand-knit wool in 100% and they are filled with recycled polystyrene. They provide the maximum comfort.

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Modern bean bags 4

Bring comfort and modern elegance into your gaming or living room with this comfy bean bag chair. Made from comfortable microfibers, the piece is perfectly suited for kids. It’s also compact so it should be easy to store away when not in use.

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Ikea floor cushion

Plum floor pillows with a beautiful square shape and available in several different colors and sizes. The pillows are woven from strong strands and should be great for leisurely sitting in large open spaces. You can also use them as accent pillows in modern sofas.

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Square floor cushions 3

Square floor cushion with ash color. It’s durable and resistant to spills. It has flared edges which give it a softer look and also warmer. It’s not too big or small but just the right size. It’s more padded and softer than your regular cushion and can be placed anywhere you feel like.

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Large outdoor floor pillows

This set of square floor pillows effectively lightens up every space. Bringing much joy and liveliness, will enhance your indoors and outdoors with the characteristic, bohemian vibe.

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Floor pillow couch

Photo imagen_detalle_trenzas_1.jpg

Kantha floor cushion hand stitched front from vintage saris

kantha floor cushion hand stitched front from vintage saris

Square textured floor cushion

square textured floor cushion

Square floor pillows

A collection of square cushions that you can put directly on the floor instead of traditional ottomans or bean bags. They are upholstered with materials that feature slightly dated, but cool patterns in warm and vivid colors.

Outdoor floor cushion

If you have some sewing ability you can make old couch cushions into some really cool floor pillows.

Decorative floor pillow decorative floor cushion

Decorative Floor Pillow | | Decorative Floor Cushion

Chamois floor pillow

Elegant square floor pillows available in neat floral fabrics and heavy-duty plum foam padding. The cushions are very comfortable and should last for years. You can choose between a wide range of colors too based on your décor and preferred color patterns.

Floor cushion couch

Ever wanted to have more floor pillows, custom made and exactly according your needs and taste? Here are some instructions provided. Square poufs are not hard to make. Be sure you have foam filler and soft fabric at your disposal.

Square floor pillows 1

Giant crochet floor mat/pillow. I want to figure out how to make these. They kind of look like granny squares.

Square floor pillows 2

Square Pouf | The Company Store

I see a meditation room in my near future

I see a meditation room in my near future.

Floor pillows ikea

crochet floor pillow: a reason to actually try and master granny squares - I could CROCHET my floor pillow!!

Square floor pillows

Floor Cushions by ~DeannaMaree~ on Flickr

Square floor cushion

Giant Granny Squares, love them! I've been longing to make a crochet rug with super bulky yarn and a huge crochet hook...