Swivel Rocker Cushion

Swivel rockers are very comfortable, and with the option to add a cushion, they are even better. You won't want to get out of these chairs. They are made of extra strong wicker, and the options in cushion styles will give your swivel rocker a new look. Check out this collection and pick out some cushions for your swivel rocker. You'll be glad you did.

Best Products

Blazing needles premium swivel rocker cushion

Blazing needles premium swivel rocker cushion
Comfortable rocker cushion with swivel and rocker functions. It is tufted for better level of aesthetics. Its durable frame is made of materials that protect from wear and damage caused by negative factors.

Swivel rocker cushion free shipping great fabric range

Swivel rocker cushion free shipping great fabric range
A comfy cushion intended for swivel recliners having deep semi-oval seats and quite tall backrests. It has compression resistant filling and is covered in quality tufted fabric with a white, orange, brown and black stripes design. It has 4 ties.

Pair of vintage rattan swivel rockers

Pair of vintage rattan swivel rockers
This pair of rockers are excellent in my small cozy nook for reading and conversation. They feature the vintage design, rattan construction, padded seats and swivel mechanism, for enhanced comfort of use.

Vintage rattan rocker bohemian chic

Vintage rattan rocker bohemian chic
The beautiful rattan design of this stylish rocker chair impresses with its detail. Beautiful vintage design and swivel seat create a unique composition in every living room. Unusual decorations of the cushion enchant.

Blazing Needles Premium Swivel Rocker Cushion

Blazing Needles Premium Swivel Rocker Cushion
Swivel rocker arm chair for watching TV, reading books and more. Base is made of wood. Seat and back is covered with fabric and finished with decorative quilting. Ideal as additional seating or place for relaxation.

Blazing Needles Premium Swivel Rocker Cushion

Blazing Needles Premium Swivel Rocker Cushion
Amazingly stylish and amazingly comfortable - swivel rocker cushion in the colour of burgundy, its frame is brown and also beautiful. Such swivel rocker will be ideal for your balcony or living room.

Blazing Needles 48x24 Inch Microsuede Swivel Rocker Cushion

Blazing Needles 48x24 Inch Microsuede Swivel Rocker Cushion
This swivel rocker cushion distinguishes itself with vivid ultramarine color and inimitable design. High-quality microsuede fabric, blown polyester ensure solidness and sustainability of this project. 24 inches wide x 48 inches long x 5 inches thick.

Our advice Buying Guide

Swivel chairs have made their way from the office room to the patio and to even inside the house. And why not? They are often clubbed with glider rockers and the combination is not just perfect for relaxation, it’s functional as well.

You can recline and rock when you seek some leisure time or for a quick afternoon siesta. The swivel function allows you to reach out for things or turn 360 degrees without ever getting up from the chair. The only thing that you need to make it more comfortable, are cushions.

Swivel rocker cushions ensure that reading time doesn’t result in sore back muscles. They provide your back (and the tush) with the much needed support. At the same time, it needs to be a practical and aesthetic choice depending on how and where you intend to use the chair.

Here’s some tips to help you select the right swivel rocker cushion.

How do you intend to use your swivel rocker?

  • Why and where will you be using the swivel rocker chair?
  • Will it be indoors? Will it be on the patio?
  • Will it be a multifunctional chair that will largely be confined to a cozy nook indoors, but may occasionally be moved outside when you host a party? For the outdoors, you need to select a fabric and a fill material that’s resistant to the elements.
  • Will the kids be using it? Then it’s imperative that you choose a material that’s easy to clean.

What are the best fabrics for swivel rocker cushions?

The fabric is hands down one of the most important factors to consider. For outdoor use or for indoor use in a high traffic household, sunbrella awning fabric is one of your best bets. These acrylic fabrics are water, mold, mildew and fade resistant. They are breathable and incredibly easy to clean. The brand has been around for over five decades and they have fabrics in hundreds of colors and textures.

Cotton canvas is another heavy duty fabric that ticks all the boxes that we just spoke about. So do vinyl and textilene. If the chair will only be used indoors, then your choice isn’t limited to these. You can choose from leather, canvas, linen, cotton, silk or wool.

What type of cushion fill should you choose?

The fill in the cushion will determine the comfort and also the longevity. You ideally want a blend of the two, that’s neither too soft nor uncomfortable.

At the same time, you want something that’s durable enough to withstand the wear and tear that comes with everyday use. Check the density and compression ratings of all foam types before you decide on which one to buy. Here are some of the options you have.

  • Medium Density Polyurethane. This is one of the most commonly used foam fills for swivel chair cushions. It is medium firm, mold and mildew resistant. But it’s not waterproof.
  • Open Cell foam. This is usually used for outdoor seating applications and is paired with a waterproof fabric to create a cushion that is almost zero maintenance.
  • High-density polyurethane. This is a higher density version of normal polyurethane and is best used for high traffic seating applications. High-density polyurethane is available in medium and firm varieties.
  • Polyester fiberfill. Hypoallergenic, mildew resistant and incredibly soft, polyester fiberfill or shreds of polyester fiber are commonly used in pillows. If you seek an extremely plush and soft fill for your cushions, then this is one of the best options.


Papasan swivel rocker cushions

Conservatory Replacement Swivel Rocker CUSHIONS ONLY Wicker Rattan Furniture Gilda® (Poppy Peach) by Cane Furniture Cushions by Gilda®,

Papasan swivel rocker chair cushion

Cushions For Rattan Swivel Rocker Chairs Chair Pads And

Swivel rocker cushion 2

The swivel rocker cushion chair is an excellent choice for the living room or patio area, which guarantees an interesting style and coziness in every place. Robust wicker construction and soft cushion seat make for an excellent tandem.

Rattan swivel chair cushion

Jacquard and Chenille Swivel Rocker Cushion

Swivel rocker cushion

Papasan Swivel Rocker Cushion Micro Suede

Papasan swivel chair cushion

Micro Suede High Back Swivel Rocker Cushion

Papasan swivel rocker cushion micro suede

Papasan Swivel Rocker Cushion Micro Suede

Blazing needles solid microsuede tufted swivel rocker cushion 1

Blazing Needles Solid Microsuede Tufted Swivel Rocker Cushion

Rattan swivel rocker cushion

Rattan Swivel Rocker Cushion

Swivel rocker cushion 2

Our replacement cushions for swivel rocker chairs are generic and in ...

Cushion for rattan swivel rocker

A little swivel rocker cushion in sand shades. The geometrical lines of the backrest. The industrial base made by the bronze wires in companion of comfortable plush sitting creates the completeness done with style.

Swivel chair cushions

The dark rattan swivel chair. Even if the rattan sounds not like an incarnation of comfort this chair breaks the rule. Extremely comfortable because of additional pillows on, allows to have a rest in 5 star conditions.

Wicker swivel rocker cushions

Swivel rocker CUSHION - tufted style

Home all products swivel rocker cushion solid fabric cushion only

Home All Products Swivel Rocker Cushion, Solid Fabric (Cushion Only)

Java Swivel Rocking Chair Colonial with Cushion Handmade Natural Wicker Rattan Furniture

Delightfully exotic rocking chair in colonial style. It is handmade from durable, natural wicker and comes with highly comfortable cushion, as well as swivel mechanism. It's eco-friendly and integrates easily into any space.

Swivel rocker cushion 3

Blazing-Needles-Patterned-Indoor-Outdoor-Swivel-Rocker-Cushion ...

Swivel rocker cushion jacquard chenille fabric cushion only

... Swivel Rocker Cushion, Jacquard Chenille Fabric (Cushion Only

Jumbo rocking chair cushions glider rocker replacement cushions from i

Jumbo Rocking Chair Cushions | Glider Rocker Replacement Cushions from I want to find this set of cushions , can anyone tell me how to get them in this color.

Papasan rocker chair cushion

Blazing Needles 48x24-inch Twill Swivel Rocker Cushion | Shopping - The Best Deals on Chair Pads

Swivel rocker cushion rattan

Premium Fabric Swivel Rocker Cushion

Homecrest holly hill cushion swivel rocker high back

Homecrest Holly Hill Cushion Swivel Rocker- High Back

Home home decor cushions

Home > Home Decor > Cushions >

Swivel rocker cushion 1

With this fine piece of furniture, you are getting a durable chair that rocks and swivels for extra comfort. It has a sturdy rattan frame with a deep seat, a circular base, and curved arms. The cushion is tufted, softly-padded, and upholstered in a white fabric with stylish pattern.

Swivel rocker cushion 4

Boca Rattan 150015 Bali Swivel Rocker in Coffee Bean with Cushion

Fuzzy swivel rocker cushion

Fuzzy Swivel Rocker Cushion

Papasan rocking chair cushion

Soft cushion covered with easy to clean material will be perfect to use outdoor and fancy design refers to magical summer nights. Soft foam inside gives the perfect support for your back. Dimensions: 48 inches length and 24 inches wide.

Bali Rattan Papasan Swivel Rocker with Cushion - Print Outdoor Fabric, Tufted, Dual Stain Finish

Rattan swivel rocker chair cushions

Blazing Needles 48x24-inch Microsuede Swivel Rocker Cushion

Bali Rattan Papasan Swivel Rocker with Cushion - Tapestry Fabric, Autumn Harvest

Replacement cushion for papasan chair

Papasan Swivel Rocker Cushion Micro Suede

Rattan swivel chair cushions

Blazing Needles Twill Swivel Rocker Cushion - Add a touch of comfort and style to your indoor home furnishings with this swivel rocker cushion with ties. This solid twill cushion features eight beautiful variations that ensure the utmost in q

Swivel_rocker_cushion_3348 jpg


Bamboo swivel chair cushions

Papasan Swivel Rocker Cushions Duck Fabric

Swivel rocker cushion

Swivel Rocker Cushion

Rattan swivel rocker replacement cushion

An eye-catching swivel armchair. The structure of the piece is made of a solid, dark wood. The bottom of it is round, which makes it look unusual. It's upholstered in a tufted cushion made of a solid microsuede.

Bali Rattan Papasan Swivel Rocker with Cushion - Solid Microsuede Fabric, Indigo

Papasan rocking chair with swivel rattan base. The cover is sewn of camel brown microsuede. The chair is handcrafted from durabble rattan wood and enriched with long-lasting dual stain finish. It needs some simple assembly.

Rattan swivel rocker cushion

Constructed of durable rattan in distressed finish, the arm chair comes with stylishly curved arms, a basket-like seat, and a thick round base that allows you to swivel and rock for extra comfort. The seat is accommodated with a softly-padded cushion with stylish tufting and cappuccino upholstery.

Standard swivel rocker micro suede cushion by blazing needles

Standard Swivel Rocker Micro Suede Cushion by Blazing Needles

Blazing Needles Standard Swivel Rocker Micro Suede Cushion - Black

This Cozy & Stylish Standard Swivel Rocker Cushion in Light Red is designed for indoor and outdoor use. Opulent padding, button-tufted seat and back, and durable material – make this cushion long-lasting and extremely comfortable.

Double papasan cushion replacement

Rattan Swivel Rocker - Cushion in Micro Suede

Blazing needles tapestry swivel rocker cushion

Blazing Needles Tapestry Swivel Rocker Cushion

Swivel rocker cushion in tapestry fabric

Swivel Rocker - Cushion in Tapestry Fabric

18-Inch Bali Rattan Papasan Footstool with Cushion - Print Outdoor Fabric, Alenia Pompeii