Small Swivel Rocker Recliners

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They're small. They swivel. They rock. They recline. What more do you need? Thee small, swivel rocker recliners are a great addition to a home that has limited room for a bigger, more stuffed recliner. But don't let that make you think they aren't comfortable. On the contrary. This collection is crowded with wall to wall super comfy recliners. Pick you one today.

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Updated 16/03/2023
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Best Compact Armchair
Small Rocker Recliner

Small Rocker Recliner

Ebern Designs

What We Like: Sturdy construction

Perfect For: Children and people of small stature

This small manual rocker recliner is stylish and incredibly comfortable, with extra plush cushions and a lightly tufted seat backing. The rocking function adds a layer of comfort, while the reclining mechanism allows you to easily adjust to your preferred position. With a weight capacity of 300 lbs. and a seat height of 18.75”, this rocker recliner is the perfect fit for those who want a comfortable yet compact seating option.


Designer Advice:

If you have a small living room, pair this small rocker recliner with a loveseat to create a cozy seating area. If you have a larger space, consider getting two recliners and arranging them facing each other, with a coffee table in between, to create a cozy conversation nook.

What Users Say:

This recliner is exactly what I was looking for! Its not oversized at all, and it fits me perfectly. The fabric is nice! I’m loving the glider mechanism, its so smooth! The recline feature is also good, it lays almost flat when fully extended.

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Best Leather Armchair
Swivel Rocker Recliner Chair

Swivel Rocker Recliner Chair

Red Barrel Studio®

What We Like: Genuine leather upholstery

Perfect For: Multi-purpose usage

The compact size and three reclining positions make this swivel rocker recliner chair a versatile choice for any room. It features genuine leather upholstery and sturdy manufactured wood construction with built-in S-spring support for comfort and a mid-century modern appeal with its nailhead trim detailing. The chair also features a manual reclining function, allowing you to adjust it to your desired angle of relaxation.

$679.99 $1099

Designer Advice:

Pair it with a cable throw blanket and a bolster or lumbar pillow in a complementary shade, and position it near your TV for the ultimate movie-watching experience. A floor lamp with raw wood base and a linen shade can provide additional lighting while creating a cozy ambiance. 

What Users Say:

The color is gorgeous! So easy to put together- no tools required! It’s comfortable to sit in - and leans back easily with the manual lever. I love how it swivels around for conversations and that it rocks - great purchase!

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Best Value for Money
Swivel Rocker Recliner for Small Spaces

Swivel Rocker Recliner for Small Spaces

Viv + Rae™

What We Like: Smooth gliding motion

Perfect For: Small living spaces and apartments

The enclosed ball-bearing mechanism of this swivel rocker recliner allows for both a rotating swivel function and a smooth gliding motion, providing a full range of movement without taking up too much floor space, making it ideal for small spaces. Its angular silhouette and track arm design offer a sleek and modern look, while the supportive spring core foam-filled seat ensures comfort and durability. The easy-pull mechanism allows for effortless leg rest and full recline adjustment.

$284.99 $951

Designer Advice:

To add more texture and warmth, lay a soft knit throw blanket on the recliner and place a plush navy rug underneath. You can also style the recliner with decorative pillows that complement your decor. Opt for Chevron patterned pillows in coordinating colors to add visual interest.

What Users Say:

This chair met my expectations, super comfortable, cute, color is just what I wanted, affordable and it super easy to assemble.

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Apolonia Swivel Rocker Recliner with Metal Base

Apolonia Swivel Rocker Recliner with Metal Base

What we like: Floral and geometric patterns add flair to any room

What we don’t: More expensive than other models with similar features

If you want a more ostentatious look, consider this small swivel recliner, available in eye-catching floral or geometric patterns. The upholstery is 100% polyester fabric, so it won’t stain or fade.

The foam-filled frame and cushioned backrest combine to increase your comfort, regardless of whether you’re sitting upright or fully reclined. The frame is durably constructed, made from solid and manufactured wood, sitting atop a metal swivel base.

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Lyle Swivel Chair with Metal Base

Lyle Swivel Chair with Metal Base

What we like: Recline without levers or buttons

What we don’t: Users report that the push-back mechanism can be a little stiff

Modern and fashionable, this swivel chair with a metal base also rocks, glides, and reclines for your convenience. Available in camel, turquoise, brown, navy, or grey, this small swivel rocker recliner has a 100% polyester upholstery designed to resemble leather. 

Unlike other recliners, you don’t need to manipulate levers, buttons, or latches to activate the reclining mechanism. Simply lean back in your seat, and the chair will recline automatically.

This chair is also a rocker and, as is the standard for the industry, is built on a frame made from solid and manufactured wood. 

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Edyn 26 5” Wide Manual Recliner

Edyn 26 5” Wide Manual Recliner

Latitude Run®

What we like: Low-profile 26.5” design is compact 

What we don’t: Some may find the footrest difficult to fold

If you’re looking for small rocker recliners, this is one of the most compact models at only 26.5” in width. As a result, this recliner rocker is perfect for confined living spaces, your child’s nursery, or a guest room. You can choose from three available colors — camel, red, and teal — allowing you to adapt your furniture to your interior styling. 

The design is luxurious and professional, the smooth fabric contributing to your comfort. The upholstery affords excellent wear resistance, and the fabric is breathable and soft, while the foam cushions are highly resilient, remaining plush.

The swivel base can rotate 360°, giving you a full field of view to enjoy your favorite TV show.

$364.99 $699

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Gruver 31” Wide Chenille Manual Standard Recliner

Gruver 31” Wide Chenille Manual Standard Recliner

Birch Lane™

What we like: Available in your choice of three colors; 9” thick seat cushion

What we don’t: Some customers report inconsistent color grading

Available in your choice of beige, blue, or gray, this manual swivel glider and recliner features brushed upholstery with corded edges as the accent. The seat cushion is 9” thick and combines with the padded arms for increased comfort and support.

The reclining mechanism is smooth and easy to operate, using a latch on the side of the chair.

The frame is a combination of solid hardwood and manufactured plywood, while the internal mechanism is metal. The chair also uses a swivel base, so you can conveniently change the focus of your attention. 

$529.99 $972.5

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33 5” Wide Manual Rocker Standard Recliner

33 5” Wide Manual Rocker Standard Recliner

Wade Logan®

What we like: Simple slide and click assembly

What we don’t: The lumbar cushion does not have a zipper for access to the filler

This manual, three-position rocker recliner is 33.5” in width and fits neatly into compact spaces. Featuring a modern style, this rocker recliner is fully adaptable to your home’s décor. The side handles are easy to reach for reclining, and the chaise pad between the leg rest and the recliner provides leg support.

Assembly is quick and easy — no tools are required, and the product includes detailed instructions. All you have to do is slide and click so you can lie back and relax within 15 minutes of its arrival. 

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Nawrocki 32” Wide Manual Standard Recliner

Nawrocki 32” Wide Manual Standard Recliner

Mercury Row®

What we like: 90-150° reclining action; partially assembled for convenience

What we don’t: The headrest is not adjustable

A modern three-position recliner with a combination metal and engineered wood frame, this chair features coil-spring construction for added support. Foam padding and pillow top arms complement the neutral-gray faux leather upholstery, which is resistant to moisture and won’t fade from regular use.

The faux leather repels water and stains, making it a great low-maintenance choice for homes with pets or small children.

While you can adjust the recliner from 90-150°, the chair also comes with a rocker with a swivel base, so you can reposition your reading or TV viewing angle at your convenience. 

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Dunkle 30 7” Wide Manual Standard Recliner

Dunkle 30 7” Wide Manual Standard Recliner

Ebern Designs

What we like: Classic and elegant style is suitable for your home or office

What we don’t: Full assembly required

This swivel rocker recliner for small spaces is elegantly crafted and features a classic style that suits a home decorated with traditional or country decor. The upholstery is fire-retardant polyester linen, padded with high-density sponge material. 

Featuring the ability to recline and swivel 360­°, this chair provides support and versatility, allowing you to relax, watch TV, nap, or work. It’s also a rocker and can glide, so you’re able to use it to soothe your child or fall asleep yourself.

At 30.7”, this small rocker is perfect for a bedroom or living area where space is at a premium. 

$314.99 $445.99

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Fame 28” Wide Standard Recliner

Fame 28” Wide Standard Recliner

Southern Motion

What we like: Genuine leather upholstery

What we don’t: One of the most expensive recliner rockers you’ll find

This small rocking recliner differs from many others because it is upholstered in genuine leather rather than the faux variety. The heavily padded hourglass arms, track, and wings combine comfort and traditional styling, making this a welcome addition to any home and décor choice.

The poly-foam bucket seating and pad-over-chaise cushion design make this recliner rocker ideal for afternoon naps or relaxing after a hard day’s work.

The power-operated reclining mechanism is incredibly convenient to operate — you can recline with the push of a button, and you have numerous positions to choose from for the perfect angle.

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29 3” Wide Velvet Manual Standard Recliner with Massager

29 3” Wide Velvet Manual Standard Recliner with Massager

Red Barrel Studio®

What we like: Beautifully upholstered

What we don’t: Pocket springs may offer uneven support

A manual small rocking recliner, this model is only 29.3” wide but provides a unique seating option to enhance the style of your living space. Featuring a velvet-like polyester blend, the upholstering has a luxurious feel to it. White buttons and piping add to the aesthetic, giving it a classically elegant look. 

The swivel base offers 360° of rotation and uses ball bearings, ensuring smooth, quiet movement. The metal frame is durable and strong, providing a high degree of stability.

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ACME Waterlily Swivel Rocker Recliner with Massage

ACME Waterlily Swivel Rocker Recliner with Massage

What we like: Massage function with multiple modes

What we don’t: PU faux leather is prone to brittleness

Upholstered in black bonded faux leather, this rocker recliner is soft to the touch for the ultimate in comfort. The traditional leather style and unique stitching are compatible with various home décor choices, adding personality to any room.

Unlike many other rocker recliner models, this model features a massage function activated by a remote control stored in a pocket on the side of the recliner. Choose from pulse, press, wave, auto, and normal modes; high or low intensities; and heated or unheated options. The headrest is adjustable and oversized for your comfort, and there are beverage holders for football games or movie nights. 

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Small Swivel Rocker Recliners

Buying Guide

Recliners these days are a far cry from the expansive leatherette versions of yore, that gulped up precious square footage in your homes. For one, they have become more compact and functional. It is completely possible to find one that can fit into a tiny corner of the living room. Kick back, relax, lounge, rock your little one to sleep, it serves many purposes.

And along with reclining smoothly and bringing up the footrest at the touch of a button, it can also swivel 360 degrees. Forgot to grab your favorite book? Just swivel and reach out for the bookshelf. If you are considering adding one of these protean seating options to your home, then here are some tips to help you with your shopping.

Measure the length with the footrest fully expanded and the backrest fully reclined. Now measure the width. You need at least one to three square feet of space from the wall to the backrest to be able to recline completely. Despite the word ‘small’ being the highlight in the description, you must always measure the recliner and compare it with the available space in the room.

Another important factor to take into consideration is the size of the user. What good is a small swivel rocker recliner if it cannot accommodate you comfortably? Try and sit in the recliner. If you are ordering it online, check the dimensions to get an idea of how comfortable you will be when you sit on it. Your feet should ideally touch the ground without the footrest extended and your head should be resting comfortably on the headrest.

For a long time, metal frames were considered the gold standard in recliners and sofas. But now, frames made of solid wood are considered equally durable and can easily last for years.

Apart from the frame, check the quality of the hardware used to reinforce the frame. The screws, the motor, dowels, joinery, the swivel base, everything matters, especially in a high usage household. Think of it like a set of different objects that will be subject to constant rocking and swiveling motion. If the hardware quality is substandard, then it will begin to squeak in a few weeks.

From the classic three position recliner to high leg recliners with a push back mechanism, to contemporary ones with curved armrests, you’d be surprised to know that small swivel rockers are available in a bevy of styles and designs. It all boils down to the décor that you are trying to pair it with.

If the room has a classic décor theme, then a standard recliner in muted shades or leather will fit it perfectly. On the other hand, if you are remodeling the room from scratch, then you have ample scope for experimenting with the look of your swivel chair.

The fabric on your small swivel rocker recliner should offer the right balance of aesthetics and functionality. Have pets or kids at home? Avoid fabrics like velvet which can get stained, chenille which gets torn and frayed with claws and tweed which can be a hair magnet. Opt for synthetic fabrics or leather. Natural fabrics like cotton might also be a good choice. But it’s difficult to get a tightly woven fit with cotton.

Best Ideas

Small rocker recliner

This small swivel rocker recliner constitutes a glamorous accent to any decor. It delights with its sleek, velvet pink upholstery. Button-tufted backrest, it emphasizes the refined character of the item.

Small recliner

The Harbor Town recliner offers plenty of soothing swivel, glide and reclining motion. It distinguishes itself with a channel-stitched back, softly shirred fabric, and padded bentwood arms. Measures 72.39 cm W x 101.6 cm H x 88.9 cm D.

Recliners lyndon reclina glider r swivel rocker recliner

Recliners Lyndon Reclina-Glider® Swivel Rocker Recliner

Furniture rocker recliner aiden aiden 100 leather sm swivel

... Furniture > Rocker Recliner > Aiden Aiden 100% Leather SM Swivel

Small recliner chairs

This swivel rocker recliner sports the perfect design when it comes to both style and convenience, since you can simply sink in and enjoy hours on end of utmost comfort, while the leather upholstery of the highest quality ensures a perfect addition to your decor.

Small swivel rocker recliner

Kick back with this comfortable recliner that works as a charm, allowing you to easily adjust positions thanks to its wood lever mounted on the right side. Upholstered in nice-to-touch material, the chair also has a button-tufted back, a deep seat and rolled arms.

Small swivel rocker recliner

Ladies+Swivel+Rocker+Recliners | Crockett Furniture Recliner Selections

Rocking recliners 9

You can talk a lot about the possibilities of small swivel rocker recliner chairs. Here you can also pay attention to wooden handrails and padded armrests as well as bright, noble upholstery in a shade of beige.

Ladies recliner

This small swivel rocker recliner distinguishes itself with its light green upholstery and classic design. It can quickly become your favourite afternoon companion, offering a smooth relax after the whole day.

Best small recliners 1

Small sized recliner chair with a soft, comfortable seat and relaxing backrest that is button tufted for additional level of aesthetics. Its reclining mechanism provides many different postures for enhanced relaxation.

Sand key swivel rocker recliner 792 9112 1

sand key swivel rocker recliner 792-9112

Evansville Swivel Glider Recliner

Evansville Swivel Glider Recliner

Swivel glider recliner with polyester blend upholstery. Additionally, it features very comfortable seat and strong frame. Thanks to classic design and finish it's a perfect addition to almost any living room.

Small swivel rocker

Finished in stylish, white, button-tufted upholstery, this Klaussner rocking recliner constitutes a perfect proposition for one's living room or nursery. Various height and tilt adjustments with adapt fully to your needs and preferences.

Sutton Swivel & Glider Recliner

Sutton Swivel & Glider Recliner

Swivel chair with classic look. It is filled with foam and upholstered with polyester. Fold footrest for added comfort. Neutral and comfortable accent to any interior.

Conrad Swivel Glider Recliner Color: Black

This comfortable recliner not only reclines but also swivels 360 degrees and provides sweet rocking motions. The chair includes a durable frame with metal ring base, and 100% bonded black leather upholstery.

Best small recliners

An attractive comfortable modern recliner with a compact metal frame and a lever operated mechanism. It has a deep seat, flat flip up arms, a tall wingback. It's upholstered in patternless pale beige pleather with geometric stitching.

Soho Bonded Leather Rocker Recliner

Soho Bonded Leather Rocker Recliner

Elegant compact modern rocking and reclining armchair with a wooden frame and a handle-operated metal hardware. It has thick-cushioned both a seat, a back and pillow-top arms. Its upholstery is made of dark brown vinyl and leather.

Global Furniture USA U2128 Printed Microfiber Reclining Rocker, Brown

This reclining & rocking armchair is definitely what I need after a busy day. Its construction allows for stretching your legs to their full length, the seat is wide, and the cushioning is conveniently puffy.

Palermo Ottana Zerostrain Recliner

Palermo Ottana Zerostrain Recliner

Reclining chair in a contemporary style. In no unfolded position of the chair can be used as office chair. It is equipped with comfortable and quiet folding mechanism. Featuring stylish leather upholstery, it is guaranteed to provide your terrific levels of comfort.

2015 wall hugger recliners 1

2015 Wall Hugger Recliners

Ivory bonded leather swivel rocker recliner

Ivory Bonded Leather Swivel Rocker Recliner

Contemporary Microfiber Recliner and Ottoman

Contemporary Microfiber Recliner and Ottoman

Fantastic recliner offering solid and adjustable swivel frame with easy to use reclining mechanism, beautiful mahogany finish, comfortable seat and back with ample padding in durable microfiber upholstery, and eye-catching design.

The contemporary modern chloe comfort recliner with wood legs or

The Contemporary Modern Chloe Comfort Recliner with Wood Legs or a ...

Chaise Recliner Color: Dark Brown

Multifunctional recliner padded with dark brown bonded leather. For comfort, the armrests and headrest are cushioned with an extra amount of filling. The piece is designed to swivel, to rock and to recline.