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A leading brand in the recliner industry, Lane recliners are known for being comfortable, attractive, and high quality. Although styles and features differ from recliner to recliner, the main aim of a Lane recliner is relaxation, with all of the home comforts you need. Designed to be affordable without compromising on quality, we’ve picked out a few of the best recliners made by Lane and reviewed them thoroughly below.

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Updated 22/02/2022
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Lane Leather Recliner with Massager
Artemis 35.5'' Wide Standard Recliner with Massager
Artemis 35.5'' Wide Standard Recliner with Massager
Artemis 35.5'' Wide Standard Recliner with Massager
Artemis 35.5'' Wide Standard Recliner with Massager

Lane Leather Recliner with Massager

Lane Furniture

What we like: Not too big

What we don’t like: Not all color options are real leather

Not so great for: Bolder décor schemes

Perfect for: Relieving any aches or pains

With a generous weight capacity of 401-500lbs, this Lane leather recliner has a range of great features. We recommend it as a first-choice option if you’re looking for an all-rounder recliner that is still relatively affordable.

Including a USB port, a massage feature, and radius arm cushions, the stunning classic design is a bonus. Plus, the width of just over thirty-five inches won’t take up a huge amount of space in your living room. A downside of this recliner is that only two out of the five color options are genuine leather, which could be frustrating if you prefer the other three. Another issue is the lack of brighter colors available. 

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Lane Leather Chair with Heated Cushion
Alsache 38'' Wide Leather Match Standard Recliner with Heated Cushion
Alsache 38'' Wide Leather Match Standard Recliner with Heated Cushion
Alsache 38'' Wide Leather Match Standard Recliner with Heated Cushion

Lane Leather Chair with Heated Cushion

Lane Furniture

What we like: Heated cushion will offer support and comfort

What we don’t like: Lower weight capacity

Not so great for: If you don’t like feeling too warm

Perfect for: Unwinding after a long day

Designed to offer style and support in one, this Lane leather chair is an excellent option if you’re looking to sink into comfort after work. Measuring thirty-eight inches wide, it is available in seven color options, all neutrals or darks. Once again, only two out of the seven shades are made with genuine leather.

Stuffed with foam and synthetic fiber, the plush appearance of this chair is achieved by numerous individually wrapped coils in the seat cushion. However, the lower weight capacity of 201-300lbs does limit its functionality, especially as this chair is the type to keep around for a long time. 

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Classic Lane Recliner
Solow 36'' Wide Manual Standard Recliner
Solow 36'' Wide Manual Standard Recliner

Classic Lane Recliner

Lane Furniture

What we like: Classic design

What we don’t like: No heat

Not so great for: If you want a recliner with lots of features

Perfect for: If you want a no-frills recliner

A brilliant choice if you hate all the fuss of a power recliner, this Lane recliner features a classic manual design. Unlike others, it looks more like a regular armchair. You can choose from four colors – slate, mink, pewter, and wine – all of which are upholstered in 100% polyester.

We love the charming country vibe of this recliner, helped by the tweed chenille polyester with a corduroy effect. Equipped with Lane’s famous springs in the cushion so you can sit back in comfort for hours, we think it would look great in a farmhouse-style home. It has a lower weight capacity of 201-300lbs, a possible issue. 

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Plush Lane Stressless Chair
Great Falls 41'' Wide Standard Recliner

Plush Lane Stressless Chair

Lane Furniture

What we like: Cozy look and design

What we don’t like: Not many color choices

Not so great for: Smaller living spaces or corners

Perfect for: If you need a lot of support

Crafted from 100% polyester, this Lane stressless chair has a subtle chenille diamond grid design. We recommend it if you are looking for an affordable recliner that still has a few upmarket features. You can relax after a tough day with the built-in heat and massage functions.

Also including a USB port so you can stay in the loop, this recliner will reduce stress and take the pressure off your body. Pick from wine, mink, pheasant, and chocolate for colors, all of which would match well with a light or dark décor scheme. However, the limited color choices may be an issue for some. 

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Lane Recliner with Storage
49'' Wide Power Lift Assist Standard Recliner
49'' Wide Power Lift Assist Standard Recliner
49'' Wide Power Lift Assist Standard Recliner
49'' Wide Power Lift Assist Standard Recliner
49'' Wide Power Lift Assist Standard Recliner

Lane Recliner with Storage

Lane Furniture

What we like: Includes heat and massage function

What we don’t like: Takes up a lot of space

Not so great for: Narrow spaces

Perfect for: Larger spaces

If you’re looking for a Lane recliner that has it all, this is the one for you. More expensive than the others on this list, this recliner is one to invest in if you spend a lot of time at home. Available in six colors, it is upholstered in soft-to-the-touch polyester. Some color options also include a small percentage of nylon.

Additionally, you can stay up-to-date with this recliner - one arm has room for a phone and remote, whereas the other has a power plate with ports. The only downside of this recliner is the price, but it offers a lot and is guaranteed high quality for what you pay. 

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Lane Recliners

Buying Guide

Lane leather recliners are the best-made leather recliners. Why? Lane Furniture uses time-tested furniture making techniques to ensure that their leather recliners stand the test of time and are really comfortable to use on a daily basis. With high levels of both craftsmanship and quality, Lane leather recliners are a good investment in the value of your environment as well as your enjoyment and own personal comfort. These types of leather recliners often come with ottomans, too, so you can very easily complete the look.

Yes, Lane leather recliners are extremely good quality. After all, we wouldn’t expect anything less from a company that’s been in business for over a hundred years: they clearly must be doing something right!

Lane Furniture is especially known for its focus on durability without compromising on style, and its leather recliners are no exception.

For optimum comfort and to minimize wall damage, Lane leather recliners should typically have at least 1’ of space in front of the wall to open up and recline completely. You can leave a little more space between the wall and the lane leather recliner if you want to give the headrest more room to be in a fully reclined position.

Before buying a Lane leather recliner, check the manufacturer’s specs or measure the chair in the fully reclined position. This length gives you the minimum amount of space you need for the chair. Add another 1’ to the full length to allow for foot traffic and in case the recliner shifts. This ensures that the chair doesn’t hit and scratch the wall.

Best Ideas

Lane leather recliners

If you need more comfort in your life, you have to choose the recliner and ottoman set. This one features the leather upholstery with the beige color and swivel mechanism, for enhanced comfort of use.

Lane leather recliners 1

Gorgeous workmanship and stylish design are elements that make this ottoman recliner look beautiful. The soft leather upholstery, well-made base, and functionality make it a unique solution for rest.

Leather Rocker Recliner

Leather Rocker Recliner

It is a rocker recliner that has got a leather upholstery in two color options to choose: black and brown. It is a comfortable and elegant addition to your living room, family room and nursery.

Lane leather recliners 50

Lane Leather Recliners

Top Grain Leather Swivel, Recliner with Ottoman Espresso

It is an elegant recliner with ottoman that has got a sand top grain leather upholstery, swivel function and solid construction. You will be impressed how amazing and comfortable this recliner is.

Ottoman lane leather essentials impulse leather recliner ottoman

... Ottoman > Lane Leather Essentials Impulse Leather Recliner & Ottoman

Lane furniture recliners

Reclining chair with a matching ottoman that can be used as a footrest. Recliner mechanism provides support to many comfortable postures. Soft sitting space finished in neutral white color looks nice in any interior design. Durable wooden frame includes a round, stable base.

Lane leather recliners 8

Finished in dark brown leather, this beautiful recliner with a footrest constitutes a perfect proposition for all, who look for solid and comfortable furniture. It will provide the space a cosy and elegant ambiance.

Leather chair ottoman stress less recliners recliners art van

Leather Chair & Ottoman | Stress Less Recliners | Recliners | Art Van ...

Hanson Leather Recliner

Hanson Leather Recliner

This Contemporary Recliner in Brown Finish is embellished by beautiful nail-head trim and visible stitching. The frame is made of hardwood, upholstered in genuine leather, with reversible cushions.

Lane recliners reviews

Lane Timeless Wallsaver Recliner

Montana Hi-Leg Recliner by Lane - Warm Oak Finish (2769)

Designed with a dash of mission style, sporting clean wood frame in warm oak finish and brown leather upholstery, this reclining arm chair is a centerpiece in a living room. Its straightforward design is just adorable.

Savannah High-Leg Wing Back Recliner

This piece of furniture is a recliner chair that has got supportive arms and a comfortable backrest. It is equipped with a soft seat and backrest cushion. Its nailhead trim finish looks very attractive and improves its aesthetic value.

Lane impulse 18540 leather swivel recliner with ottoman

Lane Impulse 18540 Leather Swivel Recliner with Ottoman

Lane furniture recliners 22

An elegant comfortable traditional reclining armchair with a woody frame and a lever-operated mechanism. Its frame, thickly-padded deep seat, low rolled out arms, quite tall wide across split backrest are upholstered in leather in mid browns.

Lane furniture recliners 34

Dark brown finish embodies style and elegance associated with the traditional interiors. This unique recliner will engage you for long hours, offering inimitable softness and comfort.

Mac Motion Saddle Top Grain Leather Swivel Recliner with Ottoman

It is a swivel recliner with ottoman that has got a top grain leather upholstery, sand color, adjustable headrest and swivel function for enhanced comfort of use. You need to have it.

Revive Leather Rocker Recliner with Power Recline

It is a rocker recliner that has got a burgundy leather upholstery, extraordinary look and comfortable seat. It is perfect for your living room, family room and office space. You need to have it.

Home living room chair ottoman lane express impulse quick ship

Home > Living Room > Chair & Ottoman > Lane Express Impulse Quick Ship ...

Lane leather couch

This lane leather recliner sets up new standards in a comfortable leisure furniture. Thanks to its well-profiled silhouette and the best-quality materials, it can quickly become your favourite relax companion./

Lane leather essentials ciao leather recliner ottoman 18523 hennenfurniture

Lane #Leather Essentials Ciao Leather #Recliner & Ottoman - 18523 #HennenFurniture

Lane Lucas Wallsaver Recliner - You Choose the Fabric

Kick back and relax using this wallsaver recliner that is generously padded, and upholstered in a durable brown material. The recliner provides multiple lounging positions, ensured by a smoothly operating recline mechanism - supporting your neck, legs, and back.

Mac Motion Chairs Model 2-Piece Recliner with Matching Ottoman Cobblestone Leather with Walnut Frame

Comfy modern set with wooden frames finished in warm brown. A rectangular angled ottoman and a handle-operated swivel recliner have flat round feet and C-shaped supports. They have memory over dense foam padding and upholstery of creamy leather.

Marti Leather Recliner -

This recliner is perfect for your everyday relax. It has got a bright leather upholstery and very comfortable seat and back. If you looking for a perfect recliner, you need to choose this one.