High Leg Recliners

Most recliners are very low to the ground which makes it difficult for some people to get out of them when they need to get up and go do things. So, if you have a recliner that's hard to get out of, perhaps a high leg recliner is what you need. These are very attractive and absolutely comfortable, well made and very sturdy. And we have plenty of this extensive collection.

Best Products

Pana High Leg Recliner

Pana High Leg Recliner
It is extremely comfortable and very practical chair. It is visually very original, and its design makes it very convenient and comfortable. It has low legs and small armrests and a very soft seat and backrest.

Lazy boy high leg recliners

This high leg recliner distinguishes itself with cool upholstery, the universal character of which fits well into modern and traditional interiors. Grey linen features variously shaded mosaics.

High leg recliners 3

Another comfortable recliner with high legs and padded seat. The leather upholstery is available in many color and pattern options to choose. Find your favorite, and add extra comfort to the home.

High leg recliners

The beautiful floral upholstery of this high leg recliner is a great decorative element for any interior. Solid wood construction is durable, and the soft cushion of the seat with armrests and high backrest guarantees perfect rest.

High Leg Recliner in Pasiley Pattern by Ashley

This recliner has got a traditional and casual design, paisley finish, cotton with polyester upholstery and legs with faux wood finish. It adds comfort, style, beauty and elegance to any home.

High leg recliners 1

Glamor, wealth, the presence of light, subdued colors, characteristic furniture, accessories, and fabrics have since then been referred to as the French style. Here we meet a bright, visually upholstered beige-colored wing-back high leg recliner on beech legs.

Hampton Hide-a-Chaise High-Leg Recliner

Adorable traditional style of this reclining armchair definitely does not detract from its updated comfort! Stately appearance was accomplished with Queen Anne style legs and wingback design. Legrest extend offers a comfort of a modern recliner.

Our advice Buying Guide

High leg recliners are armchairs or recliners which have higher legs than regular sofas. Rather than short legs around 2-3 inches in height, high leg recliners have legs that are roughly 6 inches in height. This extra height often means that the armchair itself is also higher, making it suitable for people with back problems or those who benefit from a higher chair rather than sinking into a lower one. These recliners are a great way to relax in the comfort of your home, and the reclining feature enables you to sit back and enjoy the moment. As these items can be costly, let's consider some important factors before buying any furniture.

What are the most common materials used for high leg recliners?

Although the style is mostly the same, the materials used to make these items vary. Let's take a look at some of the most common.

  • Leather: This creates a vintage look which is ideal if you have a home library or a living room which already has dark or vintage furniture. Leather is normally dark brown or black, so it is not recommended for rooms which have a lot of light furniture. The leather upholstery is normally very well padded, enabling you to experience ultimate relaxation.
  • Fabric: Ideal if you want to be flexible on patterns, fabric is a popular and cost-effective material for most furniture. A lot of suppliers will be able to tailor the fabric pattern to your requirements, and the most flexible and friendly of suppliers may even be able to work with a unique design of your own.
  • French style fabric: This is similar to regular fabric, although is it slightly more cushioned and warm. This fabric comes at a higher cost, but is a great way to increase the comfort of your furniture if you have the budget.

What are the most popular patterns on high leg recliners?

There are many variations you can choose from, ranging from light and subtle patterns and shades to dark and bold designs. The most popular include:

  • Paisley pattern: A busy yet subtle pattern, the best way to decrease the contrast of this pattern is to mix two or three similar colors and shades. This helps to balance the pattern a little, while still adding lots of interest.
  • Floral pattern: Most suitable for a room such as a conservatory or bedroom, a floral pattern is a lovely way to brighten up your day. Some have just one color theme running through them, such as a rose pattern which is mainly red, while others are made from a fabric that contains an array of different colors and flowers.
  • Diamonds: There are two colors used to create this pattern, with one of them normally being white. Geometric diamonds cross over each other to create a neat yet beautiful design, ideal for modern homes and versatile enough to match many different items of furniture.

If you already have furniture in the room you intend to put your new recliner, you'll need to think about the color combinations and what might not work. This is often very subjective, and you should consider your individual furniture items and your home décor specifically to decide what's best.


Hogan Recliner Color: Tan

This piece of furniture is a high quality recliner chair that offers a comfortable posture to its user. What is more it is covered with a top grain leather in a tan color. It stands on solid and attractive wooden legs.

Hi leg canterbury high leg recliner with tufted back

Hi-Leg Canterbury High Leg Recliner with Tufted Back

Charlotte high leg recliner

This classic style, full of graphics, cannot be bored. Timeless accents are found here in several colors, green, blue or yellow. The shape of presented here high leg recliner resembles a real comfortable antique armchair, with wooden legs.

Savannah High-Leg Wing Back Recliner

This piece of furniture is a recliner chair that has got supportive arms and a comfortable backrest. It is equipped with a soft seat and backrest cushion. Its nailhead trim finish looks very attractive and improves its aesthetic value.

Hi leg recliner

Stunning recliner designed for comfort and longevity. The chair features a strong metal frame and a raised design. It’s also heavily padded with plum cushioning also included around the seat. You will enjoy the vibrant multicolor fabric upholstery.

High leg recliners

A fashionable solution for contemporary homes that lack a proper lazy boy. With this functional recliner, you are getting a wooden frame with curved legs, medallion-patterned upholstery and a beautiful silhouette.

Traditional style upholstery features top grain leather plush rolled

Traditional Style Upholstery features top-grain leather Plush rolled ...

Recliner high leg

Such a high leg armchair with delicate white-and-blue stripes on its subtle upholstery - would be suitable even for the royal family. The classic style of Charlotte can be seen in comfortably rounded armrests and a strong cushion on the seat.

Lazy boy charlotte recliner

With beautifully tapered legs, sophisticated curves and classic style, this high leg recliner has its own following of loyal admirers. Available in various finishes, the Charlotte model will fit smoothly into almost any decor.

Charlotte high leg recliner by la z boy 6

Charlotte High Leg Recliner by La-Z-Boy

High Leg Recliner - Chocolate

The seat area is made of natural materials is not only a piece of furniture ideal for resting, but also a way to very elegant furnishings showroom. This chair will give you rest in perfect conditions. The seat is made of wood and leather, which makes it very durable.

High leg recliner chairs

This high leg recliner constitutes a living room classic. Standing on solid, wooden legs, it creates a stable appeal. Creamy grey finish and nailhead trimming emphasize the elegant character of the item.

High leg recliner part of the recliners collection by la

... high leg recliner part of the recliners collection by la z boy

High leg recliners greenbrier high leg reclining chair 2

High Leg Recliners Greenbrier High Leg Reclining Chair

Savannah high leg recliner lane recliners

Savannah High Leg Recliner Lane | Recliners

Mertage linen hi leg recliner b1 136r

Mertage Linen Hi Leg Recliner B1-136R

High leg recliner chair

A stunning reclining chair that offers a design simply perfect to provide you with relaxation that you need, while the cream finish of the microfiber upholstery will make for a perfect way of brightening up your interior.

Bromwich - Chocolate High Leg Recliner by Ashley

It is a high leg recliner that has got a chocolate tone fabric upholstery and traditional design that fits perfectly to any style and décor. You will be impressed how cool this recliner is.

Marquis high leg reclining chair cl700 10 in james river

Marquis High Leg Reclining Chair CL700-10 in James River Edgewood ...

Recliner Lane Furniture Heathgate High-Leg Recliner in Goldenrod

Adorable high-leg recliner (front legs are in fact Queen Anne style legs) padded with romantic, a bit old-fashioned fabric in aged gold hue with floral pattern, yet this details enhances the design with a quaint feel.

Riley high leg recliner 2

Catching the attention with its characteristic high leg silhouette and gorgeous upholstery, this Kimberly High recliner will be a great addition to any classic living rooms or offices. Wooden, curved legs emphasize its refined character.

Stahlworth Script High Leg Recliner

Designed in the traditional style, this high leg recliner is finished with a cool, vintage fabric, reflecting the old newspaper. It measures 33 W x 35 D x 39 H. Some assembly may be required.

High leg recliners sale

The Stahlworth Recliner from Ashley Furniture HomeStore (AFHS.com). The “Stahlworth-Script” high leg recliner features the classic traditional look of stylishly shaped arms and plush button tufted back cushion supported by deeply finish and turned leg

Charlotte high leg recliner by la z boy 8

Charlotte High Leg Recliner by La-Z-Boy

Leather high leg recliner

Riley High Leg Recliner by La-Z-Boy. Same chair but also love this fabric

High leg recliners mahogany high leg reclining chair 6

High Leg Recliners Mahogany High Leg Reclining Chair

Simmons Upholstery Meritage Hi Leg Recliner, Meritage Cocoa

Recliner featuring sturdy wooden construction, beautifully crafted legs and cocoa fabric upholstery. Additionally, it has appealing classic design, which makes it a perfect addition to all stylish interiors.

Riley high leg recliner by la z over type fabric

Handsome accent armchair like this is always welcome in a cozy family room. Geometric diamonds pattern in pewter (gray tones) adds movement to the design, and so to the outwardly bent legs in cherry wood.

Madison Park Archdale Vegas Push Back Recliner - 29x37x39"

It is a push back recliner that has got a retro design, microfiber upholstery, print pattern and comfortable seat. It is perfect for your everyday relax in living room, family room and other.

Coaster 900335 Vinyl Accent Chair, Red

This simple and elegant chair is gonna perfectly match every kind of space, no matter if you prefer traditional or modern solutions. Check it out now and enjoy an extraordinary design and comfort in your house!

High Leg Recliner

A very interesting proposition for people who want to decorate their indoors and to provide themselves with comfort and relaxation. This recliner chair features a manual reclining motion and it assures a very comfortable and ergonomic posture.

Recliners jennings high leg recliner 1

Recliners Jennings High Leg Recliner

Traditional Tobacco Fabric Tufted Hi-Leg Recliner

It is a casual hi-leg recliner with tufted back and seat and fabric upholstery. It is a perfect addition for your living room, family room, nursery and other. It is a very good choice.

Haven high leg recliner by la z boy 7

Haven High Leg Recliner by La-Z-Boy

Lazy boy high leg recliner

The high leg oldschool recliner. Base, made of the high-quality mahogany, has been covered with lacquer. It is very stable and provides a perfect support for the leather elements, which finish this amazing piece of furniture.

High Leg Recliner

It is a high leg recliner that has got a garnet finish, cushioned seat and casual design. It fits perfectly to any style and décor. If you looking for a perfect recliner, you need to choose this one.

angelo:HOME Home Sutton Paisley Park Chair, Antique Block Leg

It is an arm chair that has got an antique block leg, sturdy hardwood frame construction, light cream and ebony black paisley upholstery. It adds comfort, beauty and elegance to your living room.

La z boy riley recliner

Kimberly High Leg Recliner by La-Z-Boy

High leg leather recliner

Buchanan High Leg Recliner by La-Z-Boy

ProLounger Wall Hugger Renu Recliner, Black

It is a classic, elegant and comfortable recliner that has got a leather upholstery and solid construction. You can choose one of two color options: black and brown. This is a very good choice.

High leg recliner

A piece of timeless classic, this push back recliner works as a charm, giving you all the comfort you need. It's upholstered in distressed brown leather, has rolled arms, a well-padded seat and back, and rests on two turned and two flared legs.

If i have to put the tv in the living

If I have to put the TV in the living room and my husband wants a recliner, this strikes me as a good compromise. By Lay-Z Boy

High leg recliners delilah high leg recliner 7

High Leg Recliners Delilah High Leg Recliner