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Some of the most comfortable recliners you will ever sit in, these Berkline recliners are an amazingly comfortable sitting space to melt the worries of the day away. They are so comfy in fact, you might have trouble getting out of them when the need arises. Take naps, or be an armchair quarterback, but do it all in your brand new Berkline recliner. See collection for options.

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Our Picks

Berkline leather reclining sofa

This Berkline recliner delights with its soft appeal and high-quality finishing. Cleverly designed, it offers various backrest and footrest regulations, adjusting fully to your needs and preferences.

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Berkline com 1

A seemingly ordinary chair - although the comfort offered by its foam strong structure and wide armrests is nothing ordinary. Light brown color of upholstery, highlights the light gloss of velor. Berkline recliner has a fold-out footrest that adds uniqueness.

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Berkline massage recliner

Thanks to this padded seat, you will experience the best feeling of comfort. the brown leather upholstery is very elegant, and suitable with the classic style and decor. Stop searching, now you found the most comfortable recliner ever.

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Renew Chaise Recliner

Renew Chaise Recliner

Amazing recliner chair designed to provide ultimate comfort and support. Features solid frame made of wood and steel, generously padded seat and back in durable leather fabric, and easy to use reclining mechanism.

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A very nice recliner chair that supports different, comfortable postures. Its mechanism works in a very reliable way. The seat assures softness and it is supported by a comfortable, relaxing backrest and solid arms.

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Berkline couch

We know that Queen Elizabeth has her favorite armchair. We do not know if it's this one, but this berkline wallaway recliner was definitely inspired by Buckingham Palace. Cherry high quality leather upholstery, feels strong and comfortable shapes.

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The berkline 154 recliner offers so many options

The Berkline 154 Recliner Offers So Many Options!

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Berkline comfort rest recliner

Berkline Comfort Rest Recliner

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Berkline sectional sofa


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Berkline sectional

A cozy snuggler for contemporary interiors, that will keep you comfy, while kicking back with your favorite book. It comes with a deep seat, a tufted back, chenille upholstery, and a lever on the side for easy position adjustment.

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Berkline Recliners

Buying Guide

Buying new furniture is never an easy process because there are so many things you will need to take into consideration. Do I have enough space? Will it match the current décor in my home? How much can I afford to spend? And a host of other questions. When looking for a Berkline recliner knowing where to start can be challenging, with that being said, here is a buyer's guide to get you on the right track.

There is no one size fits all when it comes to Berkline recliners, there are different widths, heights, and depths and you will need to choose the one that fits you best. You will also need to consider who is going to use the recliner, will it be you alone or other people in your household. If so, their size is also something you will need to consider. It’s also important that there is enough space in the room where you will put your recliner, so make sure that you measure the area. If you plan on doing a lot of moving around, you might also want to consider the weight of the chair, because some models are heavier than others.

Recliners are either electric, which involves you pushing a button, and the chair automatically moves backward or forwards, or manual, meaning there is a leaver at the side of the chair giving you full control.

When you have found the chair that you think will be best for you, add to your comfort level by considering the following options:

  • The anti-crush feature prevents accidents when children or pets end up underneath the mechanism.
  • While you recline, would you prefer the seat and the back to stay in a fixed position? This prevents the chair from rubbing against your skin.
  • How many hours per day will you spend in your seat? If you are going to spend several hours reclining and sleeping in your chair, you might want to consider purchasing a cascading cushion; it eliminates pressure points by spreading body weight.
  • Would you prefer the leg rest to rise at the same time as you recline automatically? Or is this something you would like to control yourself.
  • Consider what you are going to need and what you won’t. Some recliners come with heaters, massagers, built in phones and much more. It’s important to keep in mind that there are some features that you won’t need.

Take away

Before parting with your hard-earned cash, make sure you have done your research and taken all the points mentioned into consideration. This will ensure that the buying process is smooth sailing, and everyone is happy!

Best Ideas

Papasan recliner

This set of Berkline living room furniture comprises three soft, off-white items, including a sofa, a love seat and a classic recliner. All with characteristic padded arms and a soft, tufted backrest.

Berkline rocker recliner

Available in various colours, this Berkline recliner provides continuous, head-to-toe support when reclined. It fully reclines inches from the wall, allowing greater decorating flexibility and more efficient use of space.

Berkline sofa

Two recliners from Berkline. Wrapped in soft chocolate brown leather, equipped with puffy cushioning and rocker mode, they offer high end comfort while sitting for long hours, providing a cozy relax spot for two.

Berkline home theater seating berkline recliners berkline

Berkline Home Theater Seating, Berkline Recliners, Berkline

Berkline chair

Providing a continuous head-to-toe support when reclined, this Berkline recliner features an exclusive mechanism that can easily recline or rock. It is finished with a dark, soft-in-touch upholstery.

Berkline millard leather rocking recliner

Berkline Millard Leather Rocking Recliner

Berkline sofas sams club

Berkline Sofas Sam's Club

Lift recliner berkline whisper massage swivel glider recliner berkline

lift recliner berkline whisper massage swivel glider recliner berkline ...

Berkline reclining sofas

The expansive shape of this berkline recliner chair will bring you hours of comfortable relaxation. It has a gentle tilt function, a multi-purpose base and a full back with a rocker system. Brown upholstery will last for years without losing color.

Berkline power recliner

If you prize relaxing in elegant area, this old-fashioned recliner armchair is dedicated special for you! This spacious armchair is covered of dark, elegant leather and has built-in take-down foot stool.

Berkline leather furniture

Berkline Sofas and Sectionals > 40085 Berkline Sofas

Berkline falkville recliner

Berkline Falkville Recliner

Berkline recliners 1

If you love bliss, this recliner will be perfect. Beautiful construction with solid base, stylish and very impressive leather upholstery, comfortable seat with backrest and armrests and adjustable footrest make this a unique unit.

Berkline furniture

With such a comfortable snuggler you can now watch your favorite movie flicks while kicking back in style. The power recliner works as a charm, offerin black leather upholstery, an oversized back with a comfy headrest, and lift-up arms with compartments and built-in cup holders.