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Nothing beats kicking back after a long day in an ergonomic recliner. The best ergonomic recliners support your back, they are comfortable to sit in for a long time, and they are lush and stylish. You might automatically think of leather when you think of ergonomically designed chairs, but they come in all kinds of upholstery finishes and designs. Whether you want a reclining ergonomic chair, a Lazy Boy, one with a footrest or one that is more style than support, we’ve got you covered. Keep reading for our favorite recliners for support and big-time relaxation!

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Updated 22/12/2022
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Affordable Faux Leather Recliner Perfect For Home or Office

Affordable Faux Leather Recliner Perfect For Home or Office

What we like: Attached footrest, rich leather finish

What we don’t like: Full swivel

Don't settle for just any seat, lounge into comfort! Built with style-conscious people in mind, you’ll be relaxing in this recliner for hours with its extendable footrest, adjustable back and overstuffed cushions for maximum support. It is a semi-manual recliner, where you push back to recline, but there is a knob that controls how much force you need to use.

Depending on your needs, you may not like the full swivel of the chair and will need to opt for something with minimal movement. We love this chair for its classic design, rich leather finish, and affordable price tag!

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Curved Ergonomic Recliner

Curved Ergonomic Recliner

Winston Porter

What we like: Faux leather is easy to maintain

What we don’t like: Narrower width will limit who can use it

Not so great for: Taller people

Perfect for: Smaller rooms or home offices

If you’re looking for a chair to upgrade your home office with, this recliner is an excellent option. Despite only coming in one color, a chic matte black in a faux leather finish, its traditional look will add charm to its surroundings. We also love that the faux leather finish will be easy to maintain and keep looking its best.

The swivel base and extendable reclining leg and foot rest will prevent any aches and pains during the work day. Plus, the overstuffed plush padding will mean you’re never sore even when you’ve been sitting for a long time. 

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Modern Faux Leather Recliner with Ottoman for Comfort and Class

Modern Faux Leather Recliner with Ottoman for Comfort and Class

What we like: Classy, faux-leather

What we don’t like: Low to the ground

This modern recliner is very comfortable and provides a stylish and clean-cut look. With easy to clean and waterproof upholstery, it is functional as well as comfortable. We love the matching ottoman and sophisticated combination of leather and wood.

It is relatively low to the ground so unsuitable for people who have trouble getting up off chairs. For an ergonomic recliner that would be just as comfortable in a high-rise office as a family home, this is one of our top picks! 

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Ergonomic Recliner with Ottoman

Ergonomic Recliner with Ottoman

Andover Mills™

What we like: Ottoman will offer extra comfort

What we don’t like: Not real leather all way through

Not so great for: Ultra-modern spaces

Perfect for: A refined addition to a living room

The perfect piece to create a cozy ambiance in your living room, this recliner has a matching ottoman included. However, the exposed base does give it a more industrial look, meaning it would look best in a contemporary space that isn’t too modern. Covered in leather match fabric, it is available in four colors.

This recliner is able to be locked, meaning you can get comfortable and relax in the ideal spot. Manually controlled, the swivel base also gives you ease of motion. Moreover, the softly padded seat invites you to sink in after a long day – the leather match fabric used will remain plush over time. 

$670.34 $1545

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Brown Faux Leather Manual Glider Recliner

Brown Faux Leather Manual Glider Recliner

Lark Manor™

Beautiful brown faux leather, studded with decorative nails, make this manual recliner something special. Add decorative stitching and a glider platform, and you have a rocker that can scarcely be distinguished from a regular rocker until you use the lever to extrude the footstool. It is the perfect chair to be the focal point of a study or den. Some assembly is required and a second person is needed for the process.

$429.99 $489.99

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Reclining Massage Chair

Reclining Massage Chair

With an upper weight limit of 330 pounds, this chair, with its wide design and broad arms is welcoming for the big or tall person on your gift-giving list. It heats up, and it massages, for end of day relaxation. The headrest and footrest are both adjustable for the best comfort. It has a remote control, and there is an automatic shutoff so you don’t need to worry about falling asleep under the luxurious ministration of this supremely comforting chair.

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Ergonomic leather recliner with ottoman and plush seating perfect for a home theatre

Ergonomic leather recliner with ottoman and plush seating perfect for a home theatre

Corrigan Studio®

What we like: Easy to clean, plush leather, dark wood base, multiple colors

What we don’t like: Need to put the ottoman in the right position, doesn’t recline all the way back

Can’t you just picture this in an office or home theatre room? The durable leather and thick, comfortable cushions will be supporting you for years to come. This is a timeless ergonomic recliner design, made to suit your style even as it changes over the years.

Because the footrest comes as an ottoman rather than an attached footrest you will need to manually arrange it in the most comfortable position. It doesn’t recline all the way back so it will be more of a reading and watching movies chair rather than a napping chair! For an easy to clean and easy to love recliner, this is the one for you. 

$439.99 $449.99

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Velour Upholstered Recliner

Velour Upholstered Recliner

Lark Manor™

What is better than a rocking chair or a recliner? A reclining rocking chair, of course. Upholstered in soft velour, dry clean only, the resilient springs are covered with layers of foam, adding an additional layer of luxury. The recline allowance needed at the back is only 14 inches, a tidy savings on the space often needed by recliners. A manual handle is used to initiate the recline, making the change from rocking chair to recliner.

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Tufted Ergonomic Recliner

Tufted Ergonomic Recliner

Charlton Home®

What we like: Classic and elegant design

What we don’t like: Foam is more firm than soft

Not so great for: If you like more room to stretch out

Perfect for: If you don’t like the typical look of an ergonomic recliner

Water-resistant, making it an excellent option if you often have spillages in your home, this recliner has an elegant design. The classic button tufting at the back will feel comfortable against your back, whereas the subtle nailhead trim adds a charming accent touch. Additionally, the removable cushions will make washing day a breeze.

You can choose from gray or cream, both of which are made from a polyester blend. Your recliner will stay plump and fresh over time due to the high-density foam. Moreover, the dual-function aspect of this recliner mean you can elevate your feet and recline at the same time.

$409.99 $359.99

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Dreamy Genuine Leather Recliner That Reclines With The Push of a Button

Dreamy Genuine Leather Recliner That Reclines With The Push of a Button

What we like: Genuine leather, Button controlled, High Seat, USB Charger

What we don’t like: Relatively expensive

When you combine classic with modern like with this recliner, you get something pretty special. The classic, genuine leather has a dreamy finish that would suit any modern home. However, underneath the surface are all the features you need for comfort and relaxation. The recliner is controlled with the push of a button, has a high seat for support, and includes a USB charging port for your phone, iPad or eReader.

The nailhead trim, real leather and superior manufacturing put this armchair recliner on the expensive side, but it will be an investment that provides comfort for years to come. 

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Sophisticated Ergonomic Recliner

Sophisticated Ergonomic Recliner

Three Posts™

What we like: Stain-resistant

What we don’t like: Slightly overpriced 

Not so great for: If you prefer a range of motion

Perfect for: Bringing a touch of luxe to your home

Crafted from genuine leather that also happens to be stain-resistant, this recliner combines sophisticated style with functionality. We think it would be a good choice if you have pets, as the stain-resistant leather will prevent any permanent damage. The short, tapered wood legs give it a mid-century modern look that brings the past and present together. Moreover, the color options of navy, brown, and gray, will match almost any décor scheme.

This recliner can be adjusted in two positions, making it less versatile than others on this list. However, the foam-filled pocket springs, rolled arms, and cushioned back mean you’ll feel more than comfortable once your chair is set up. 

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Ultimate Relaxation: Stylish and Modern Ergonomic Chaise Lounge With Massage Functions

Ultimate Relaxation: Stylish and Modern Ergonomic Chaise Lounge With Massage Functions

Wrought Studio™

What we like: Heat and massage functions, stylish chaise lounge design

What we don’t like: Low to the ground

With this recliner, you’ll feel like you’re at a spa in your own home. The modern shape and ergonomic design are designed specifically for relaxation. Not only does the chaise lounge style give you a comfortable arch for your spine, it also has heating and massage functions to soothe your muscles and increase circulation right there in your living room.

This will not suit someone who struggles to get up and down as it is relatively low to the ground, and doesn’t have supporting armrests. However, if you are looking for a way to treat yourself every single day, this ergonomic recliner can’t be beat. 

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Heated Leather Massage Armrest With Ergonomic Back for Comfort and Style

Heated Leather Massage Armrest With Ergonomic Back for Comfort and Style

What we like: Handle for reclining, massage and heat function

What we don’t like: Not suitable for smaller spaces

Kick back in this luxuriously cushioned leather armchair, built for comfort and timeless style. Once you are settled in the deliciously large seat, get ready for even more comfort as you turn on the massage functions! Using the handle on the side, the back and footrest will extend to 150 degrees, perfect for napping, reading and relaxing.

Due to its generous size, this recliner won’t suit small spaces, but will be perfect for someone who is committed to comfort. We are giving you a fair warning that you may never want to leave this chair, and with the ergonomic design you will be supported the whole time you’re in it. 

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The perfect accent piece: Ergonomic armchair sofa bed with luxe velvet upholstery

The perfect accent piece: Ergonomic armchair sofa bed with luxe velvet upholstery


What we like: Multifunctional, turns into a bed, luxe velvet, ergonomic cushions

What we don’t like: Manual recline

Not only does this armchair recline for comfort and support, it reclines all the way into a sofa bed. We love multifunctional furniture pieces, and this one will quickly be the centre of attention. The European-style will instantly inspire a fresh look to your space!

It will require some assembly, but the luxe velvet tufted cushions and smooth seating will be worth it. With manual recline, it will suit someone who needs support but is able to manoeuver the backrest easily. 

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Super plush reclining armchair with assisted lift and Posturepedic™ technology

Super plush reclining armchair with assisted lift and Posturepedic™ technology

Sealy Sofa Convertibles

What we like: Plush cushioning, electric assisted lift

What we don’t like: Wide so will need a lot of space

If you are looking for an ergonomic recliner for someone with limited mobility, this plush armchair has it all. With patented Posturepedic™ technology, this recliner from Sealy® gives support to the heaviest parts of your body, providing top of the line back support and ultimate relaxation. You can watch TV and read for extended periods of time knowing that your spine is in a neutral position.

As well as back support, the chair lifts up to help you stand up without injuries or strain. We don’t recommend this for a small or cramped space as it is quite wide with all the cushioning. Whether you are sitting up comfortably or reclining all the way back with the footrest up, you’ll never want to leave this chair!

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Polyester Upholstered Recliner

Polyester Upholstered Recliner

Lark Manor™

Gliders have an advantage over regular rockers when it comes to converting to a recliner. Since they are already on a platform, there is no concern about tipping the seat to take advantage of the rocking motion. Not only does this chair recline, it has two cup holders for the seated person’s convenience. The recline function is initiated with a manual lever on the side of the chair. The polyester upholstery is backed by foam for extra comfort.

$429.99 $409.99

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Affordable Ergonomic Leather Recliner for A Touch of Luxury

Affordable Ergonomic Leather Recliner for A Touch of Luxury

Orren Ellis

What we like: Easy to clean, Matching ottoman

What we don’t like: Full Swivel

Leather-look without the price tag! There is something about an ergonomic leather recliner that really makes you feel luxurious. These Orren Ellis leather recliners with matching footrest would be at home in an office as much as your living room, and will instantly add a touch of class while supporting your spine.

You may not like the full 360 degree swivel if you are looking for stability, however it would be perfect for the office. This recliner is affordable, easy to clean, and easy to adjust. What more do you need! 

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Classy Upholstered Recliner

Classy Upholstered Recliner

Red Barrel Studio®

Comfortable polyester upholstery, soft foam covering state-of-the-art springs, a manual recliner lever and a choice of muted designer colors add up to a remarkably comfortable puffy rocker/recliner. Made in the USA, it is built to accommodate people’s weight up to 250 pounds. The chair reclines into three different positions to accommodate different activities. All this adds up to a comfortable, classy chair. Spot clean the fabric with mild soap and water.

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Compact but Comfortable Manual Recliner with Classic Brass Nail Detailing

Compact but Comfortable Manual Recliner with Classic Brass Nail Detailing

Charlton Home®

What we like: Compact, Footrest attached, Neutral colors, brass nail details

What we don’t like: No handle to push chair back

Get the style of a luxe armchair with the comfort of a recliner! Ready to fit into any room, this ergonomic recliner is compact enough to fit in a corner but enough of a statement piece to stand on its own. The brass nail detailing gives it a faux-vintage feel, and the generous cushioning means that it will stay comfortable for years to come.

This is probably not suitable for someone with limited mobility as the recliner and footrest are extended manually. We think this would be perfect for resting and reading in the corner of a bedroom or nursery! 

$409.99 $339.99

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Best Ergonomic Recliners

Buying Guide

Recliners can range from a comfortable place to relax to a utility furnishing that can assist with a physical disability. Purchasing one should take into consideration several important factors.

Your buying guide for recliners begins with assessing the size, age, and physical fitness of the person who will be using the recliner. If it is too large, the contours will not match the frame of the seated person, if too small or not sufficiently supported, the contours will not only not match, but the weight of the seated person can damage the chair. Style, material and floorplan footprint are also considerations.

User Size

Recliners are available in sizes that range from those for small children to seats designed for the big and tall crowd. The height of the person is a primary consideration because most recliners have built-in headrests.

A person who is too short for the recliner will find that their head is resting in the space normally reserved for spinal support, whereas a person who is too tall might find that the headrest becomes a neck brace. Width is also important, especially for larger adults.

It is not very relaxing to be wedged between two armrests, unable to shift legs apart from each other or to be able to redistribute weight.

Available Floor Space

Recliners tend to take up more room than your ordinary armchair. Not only are they often an overstuffed furnishing, but some models require room behind the chair so that it can be reclined.

Wall-hugging models can help solve some of this, as can recliners that are designed for small apartments. This design of recliner sits on a track, so the chair moves forward as you recline. But if you are considering the chair for a large-sized adult, the need for width can limit your ability to downsize as a space-saver. Some compromise might need to be reached between chair size and space available.

Anyway, a standard recliner typically requires approximately 1 ft of travel space to open completely. When fully reclined, the headrest and footrest of your recliner should remain no closer than five inches from the surrounding furniture or the wall. A standard recliner would also need between 40 and 50 inches in terms of width, depending on the size of the user and the chair.

User mobility

Nearly everyone has sat down on a recliner or easy chair and discovered that the soft cushions and comfortable upholstery, although great while you are seated, can make getting back out of that chair difficult.

For people who have a disability, however temporary, or the elderly, that human-eating chair can prove a real difficulty. Recliners, due to their tendency toward a lower area toward the back and a higher front, can prove especially challenging.

That's where power-lift assist chairs come into play. Power-lift assistance means that the chair can be gently tipped forward removing the need to balance on the front edge of the seat before getting up. They can allow the seated person the ability to slide out of the chair, rather than heave themselves up out of it.

This is especially nice for someone who is using a walker or crutches, or who needs to transfer from the chair to a wheelchair. It is even helpful to someone who is a little bit short for the chair.

Depth of the Recline

Recliners are not all created equal. Some have various stages of reclining, others have only one. Some recline to a gently recumbent position, while others will go all the way back and can be used as a spare bed.

It is good to know whether your recliner can become a flat, horizontal surface or whether it will simply lean back enough to be a good place from which to watch TV. The depth of the recline will also affect the amount of floor space that the chair will require to function.

If you have a small apartment or are living in a tiny house, the space your chair will need to fully recline is an important calculation.

Reclining for One, Two or More

Reclining is no longer just for one chair. Want to snuggle with your sweety? A reclining loveseat is perfect for watching movies with your dearest, while both of you are leaned back in the same seat.

Sectional couches sometimes have one or more parts that recline. They can recline at the same angle or individually. Being comfortable no longer means that you must each sit in your own chair and reach across an end table that is loaded with drinks, snacks or stacks of books and papers.

Size/Body Measurements

When you're purchasing a new recliner, you want to ensure your body fits the recliner comfortably. This is especially relevant when you're buying your new recliner chair online.

  • To discern whether the recline position will be comfortable for your body, measure yourself, and then match these measurements against the chair's specifications. Measure from your knee to your heel and record the measurement. Do the same for the length between your heel and your tailbone.
  • These measurements, compared with the measurements of the chair, will let you know if you will fit in the chair comfortably or if your feet will hang off the end when it's in the recline position.
  • To make sure your recliner will be a comfortable fit for your torso, decide if you want a shorter back, in which case your head will overshoot the top of the chair or a full back.
  • You also need to ensure that your new recliner will be wide enough. For most people, the widest part of their body is their hips. Take a measurement across your hips and compare to the width of the seat or how far apart the recliner's arms are. For some, their shoulders are also broad, so make sure the recliner can accommodate them, as well.

Electric vs. Manual Reclining

The main difference between electric and manual reclining chairs is that one has an electrical mechanism that adjusts the recline of the chair, and the other reclines with a traditional lever-pull.

Four elements can influence your decision as to whether you want an electrical or manual recliner.

  • The cost of an electrical recliner will be more than a manual one, mainly because the manual chair does not include electrical components.
  • In terms of maintenance, a manual recliner has fewer parts that are prone to damage than a power recliner. Without as many electrical components, the manual recliner, if taken care of, will need less maintenance than a power recliner.
  • One of the major reasons that power recliners are popular is that they have a variety of options and settings. Manual recliners only have two positions: reclined and sitting. However, you need to place your power recliner close to an electrical outlet to benefit from all its positions.
  • Longevity is the last consideration for anyone considering a recliner. Although power recliners are more expensive and may require more maintenance, they also endure less wear and tear due to their mechanized motion, so they may last longer than a manual recliner.

Back when recliners first entered the market, they came in one general over-stuffed style. Color choices were minimal, and the upholstery was usually faux leather. They have come a long way since those days!

You can now obtain recliners in a wide range of styles, from the original moderately overstuffed Naugahyde monster to dainty occasional chairs, gravity loungers (for outdoor use), love seats, sectionals, rocking chairs, recliners with built-in footstools, recliners with separate footstools, and more. The upholstery materials range from varying grades of faux leather to buttery-soft luxury leathers.

  • Faux leather recliners probably lead when it comes to durability. The synthetic material is tough and easy to clean.
  • Real leather is also highly durable, but a little harder to clean, especially split leather, but will go nicely with Victorian or Edwardian formal decor.
  • Fabric, in print or plaid, will easily blend with country, shabby chic or even some modern styles, depending on the color. It tends to have a shorter wear life than leather or faux leather, but can be easily reupholstered when necessary.

Some recliners are set up as rockers or gliders. These have the added benefit of the same soothing motion we experienced as unborn infants. This can be comforting at the end of a long day.

Speaking of comforting, there are also recliners that have a vibrate mode and/or heater. These are great for relaxing sore, tired muscles at the end of a long workday. No need to go to the spa or hire a masseuse. Just come home and let gentle heat, vibra-massage and a chair that fits you ease the stresses, tired muscles and general fatigue of your working day.

When looking at cost, leather is usually the most expensive, followed by fabric, then finally faux leather. Units for multiple persons are likely to cost more than those for individuals, but not always. The very least expensive recliner is the gravity balance lawn-chair/lounger, which is usually made from plastic mesh or canvas on a metal tube frame. Gravity recliners are great for the patio or for camping, but can also be used at home if you need an inexpensive seating or even extra sleeper solution.

With so many styles and designs of recliners available, you can absolutely have your recliner designed your way. Whether your home or office is decorated in formal Victorian or Edwardian styles, clean-lined modern, comfortable country, or delightful shabby chic, you are likely to be able to find the perfect recliner style for you and for your interior décor.

When your body's fully rested and relaxed, you will be able to work with vigor and enthusiasm as your level of energy is at its peak. An ergonomic recliner is famous for strengthening leg and back muscles, improving blood circulation, relieving body fatigue, and reducing shoulder and neck stress. Consequently, you'll be able to get more work done within a period of time.

When you're looking for an ergonomic recliner, you would know it is the best one for you if you like the way the material/s feel. For optimal relaxation and comfort, make sure that your ergonomic recliner is soft when it touches your skin. It should also encourage the best body position and allow you to feel as if you are in a luxurious bed when reclining.

Also, with an ergonomic recliner, you need to ensure that the chair does not make you feel fatigued and stiff. As a matter of fact, there are myriads of people who get relief from back pressure, muscle pain, tiresome leg issues, and shoulder and neck tightness with an ergonomic recliner.

Most ergonomic recliners offer several levels of heat intensity and multiple massage adjustments to match the user's specific needs and wants. Get the ergonomic recliner that's been designed to offer maximum safety and efficiency.

For ergonomic recliners, the price range is from $100 to $300. Does the chair offer a good value? In other words, does it feel as though you're getting a good ROI to your investment? If you answered yes and you're thinking about a specific chair that's currently for sale, then you can go ahead and get that model. You should only spend money on the best ergonomic recliner for you; otherwise, you'll just be resentful and a bit tense when you're using the chair.

To be completely ergonomic, a recliner should adapt to your personal taste, body type, and budget. It must let you feel emotionally pleased and relaxed when you're using the chair.

Best Ideas

Best ergonomic recliner

This stylish, modern office chair combines functionality, ergonomic design. The whole looks modernist and impressive, allowing for comfortable work. The wheels make it mobile, and the height adjustment allows it to accommodate it.

Orthopedic recliner

A comfy modern recliner with a dark metal frame, splayed legs, wide arms with raised edges. An ergonomic seat features a high arched back, foam padding, blue fabric upholstery. A table and a grip for a monitor are on adjustable swivel arms.

Pc 510 classic power zero gravity recliner

PC-510 Classic Power Zero-Gravity Recliner

Ergonomic recliner chair reviews

Office chair fitted with side table. Metal base is mounted on wheels for easy movement. Carefully contoured back provides support for the spine. Perfect solution for the office, teenager's room and more.

Carter Recliner and Ottoman

Carter Recliner and Ottoman

A whole elegant set that consists of one recliner and an ottoman.They both have the same sturdy base constructed of wood which provides stability. The recliner is adjustable for more convenience.

Best ergonomic recliner

This uniquely original yet functional piece of furniture is an ideal way to relax. Robust bent wood construction, soft seat, backrest, and footrest give you exceptional comfort. Modern design delights.

Kiri Recliner Chair Lafer Recliner Chairs Ergonomic Recliner

It is a recliner that has got an ergonomic design, yellow leather upholstery and solid construction. This product is high quality and nicely finished. You will be impressed how great this recliner is.

Ergonomic recliner

Looking awesome and being highly comfortable - these are the main features of zero gravity lounge chairs. This astonishing wooden recliner with black padding embellishes its surrounding area and provides ergonomical seating.

Electric recline 551 vinyl zero gravity recliner chair with massage

... Electric Recline 551 Vinyl Zero Gravity Recliner Chair with Massage

Windsor brown leather recliner and ottoman set

Windsor brown leather recliner and ottoman set

This set includes high quality pieces of furniture designed for providing comfort. It is a recliner chair with an ottoman that serves as a foot rest. The birch wood construction is durable and resistant to damage.

Trendy recliners

Designed by Kai Stainia, this contemporary and universal-purpose recliner enchants with its original shape and characteristic, yellow colour. Its backrest, as well as the seat and footrest can be variously adjusted, adapting to your current needs.

Ergonomic leather recliners

$495.00 - The futuristic Ingall is ahead of its time. This modern recliner combines big style with big comfort in a smaller, tighter package. It comes in seven different base options including the Power Space Saver® and Power Rocker options that allow

Best lounge chair for back

Kick back with style, thanks to this modern recliner with streamlined design and genuine safari leather upholstery. Both seat and ottoman rests on a sturdy wood frame that is finished in espresso. Plus, the reclining mechanism works as a charm.

Dawn Ergonomic Recliner and Ottoman

Dawn Ergonomic Recliner and Ottoman

Ergonomic lounge furniture

Ergonomic, stylish and affordable recliners here at Best Priced Furniture. Choose from a comfortable fabric, leather and microfiber recliners to best suit your taste and comfort and could match the interior of your living room. Check our other equally erg

Ergonomic reclining chair

Having enough of your unhandy office chair? Choose one of those two beauties, instead, and you will rapidly feel the difference. This ergonomic recliner includes a 5-star base with caster wheels, a steel frame with a chrome finish, a streamlined mesh back, raised up arms, and a profiled seat.

Ergonomic Recliner Chair Thor Lafer Recliner Chair

Ergonomic, stylish and comfortable chair with a reclining mechanism. This chair assures good support to many different postures. It features a very solid wooden swivel construction with a round base that provides stability.

Iseat_recliner_j9l5v jpg


Rissanti Campbell Ergonomic Recliner 30450 Chocolate

Rissanti Campbell Ergonomic Recliner 30450 Chocolate

Enjoy the perfect comfort with this amazing recliner! You will fall in love with the functionality and high quality brought to your flat. Moreover, those features come together with very stylish design.

Viva office high back bonded leather executive recliner office chair

Viva office high back bonded leather executive recliner office chair

This recliner chair is suitable for an office use. It provides an ergonomic posture for its user and it also allows for relaxing and taking a rest thanks to its reclining mechanism. The frame is made of metal. This recliner features a padded footrest and headrest.

Best furniture for bad backs

BEST PRICE Oracle ll

Ergonomic recliner chairs

//Natuzzi Revive Blue Leather Recliner// Natuzzi is the best in the business and expect no less from Natuzzi Revive recliners. State of the art technology and ergonomic design relaxes the body with ease.

X Rocker II  Video Gaming Chair , Wireless , Black

Are you dreaming of an incredible comfort and functionality in your house? Then, this amazing and stylish gaming chair is gonna bring you not only the perfect entertainment, but also an awesome design!

Best recliner back support

Best Rocker Recliner Chair Can Cure Knee Pain