Scandinavian Recliners

Scandinavian interior design is characterized by minimalist, clean, and inviting decor, making it a great choice for a modern home. Danish or Swedish style furniture, such as a Scandinavian recliner, is chic, modern, and trendy, but also highly versatile, so it is perfect for styling and adding personal touches. 

Scandinavian recliners are popular in living rooms due to their ergonomic design, comfort, and sophisticated look. If you’re in the market for the best Scandinavian recliner for your modern home, here are ten stylish models to help you create a statement look in your living room, office, or bedroom. 

A Wood and Leather Swedish Chair and Ottoman

A Wood and Leather Swedish Chair and Ottoman

Scandinavian style often relies on creating contrast between interior decor items. Look for Swedish leather recliner chairs with a matching ottoman that features a bold combination of polished rosewood and genuine full-grain leather in a dark shade, like black or chocolate. This type of recliner offers the perfect contrast of textures and colors to create a visually appealing aesthetic in your modern home. 

Ergonomic Scandinavian recliners are one of the most comfortable furniture pieces for work, reading, or enjoying your morning coffee, but you can soften your modern space with additional contrasting accessories and furniture items. Consider adding a glass coffee table or a tall metallic floor lamp to create eye-catching textural contrast. 

A Danish Recliner With Swivel Function

A Danish Recliner With Swivel Function

Top-grain leather 360° swiveling Danish recliner chairs are perfect seating options for a contemporary style reading corner. For optimal comfort, choose a recliner with memory foam cushions and a robust steel frame. The recliner should have several adjustable positions, so you can curl up with a book or stretch out and take a nap. 

While a floor or table lamp providing directional task lighting is the best option for reading to minimize eye strain, a string of fairy lights or a scented candle can offer additional ambiance in your modern living space.

Minimalist Manual Scandinavian Recliner

Minimalist Manual Scandinavian Recliner

A wide manual recliner with tapered solid mahogany legs is a popular seating option in a modern Scandinavian-style living room. Choose a model with soft poly-cotton twill upholstery for easy maintenance and plush foam cushions or button-tufting for maximum comfort.

The minimal design offers you the opportunity to style the piece to suit your decor aesthetic. Create warmth and comfort by placing a luxurious rug underneath your recliner. To maintain the Scandinavian aesthetic, opt for neutral colors and natural materials like sheepskin, jute, or wool.

$394.99 $489.99

Classic Cantilever Base Recliner

Classic Cantilever Base Recliner

One of the best Scandinavian recliners for a modern, minimal home, a classic cantilever-style chair offers a comfortable place to kick back, without disrupting the clean lines of your living space. 

The bentwood solid beech frame offers two different reclining positions, one at 90° and another at 45°, activated via manual push-back release. The foam-filled seat cushions are covered in faux leather that is easy to clean and care for, and the added head cushion provides additional support while reading, working, or watching TV. 

Fully Adjustable High Back Recliner

Fully Adjustable High Back Recliner

An ultra-plush high back recliner is ideal for a modern home office, guest room, or bedroom. With a matching ottoman and a backrest that reclines to a fully prone position, you can use the chair for afternoon naps or even as a guest sleeping arrangement. Side pockets allow you to store reading materials and remote controls.

Choose a high-backed recliner in a plush upholstery fabric like velvet or pure linen to add a touch of luxury to the space. Place your chair near a glass door and decorate the area with potted flowers and plants to incorporate the nature-based Scandinavian design aesthetic. 

Swedish Chair and Ottoman with Wooden Accents

Swedish Chair and Ottoman with Wooden Accents

Scandinavian style recliners with wooden accents are popular for offices and libraries, providing a modern yet charming aesthetic. Complete with a matching ottoman, the faux leather recliner is suitable for commercial use or your home office, ensuring comfort when sitting for long periods. 

The seat, back, and arms of the recliner are heavily padded with thick, high-quality sponge filling to promote relaxation. 

Enhance the coziness of the recliner by adding nearby Scandinavian-style lamp lighting and a house plant or nature-inspired painting. 

Two Tone Swivel Scandinavian Recliner

Two Tone Swivel Scandinavian Recliner

Two-tone Scandinavian style recliners can add a little personality to a modern, minimal space. Look for a piece with clean lines and contrast stitching or piping along the seams of the chair. 

In addition to offering stylish seating, you also need the piece to be comfortable. The spring core foam-filled seat can support up to 225 lbs., while the easy-pull manual reclining lever elevates the footrest to care for tired legs. The enclosed ball bearing mechanism provides a smooth gliding action and swivel function, making this type of Scandi recliner ideal for a nursery or kids’ room. 

$359.99 $809

Luxurious Contemporary Oversized Recliner

Luxurious Contemporary Oversized Recliner

Oversized recliners are statement pieces for your living room and this luxurious chair is the perfect place to relax after a long day. The power recliner features two positions to choose from, with a no-motion base. The seat cushion is removable for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Take full advantage of the modern luxury of this oversized Scandinavian recliner chair by using the integrated USB port to charge your devices while seated. Complete the statement by placing a tweed rug on the floor of the space and draping a fleece blanket with a chevron pattern over the arm of the chair. 

$2299.99 $2499.99

Bold Manual Glider and Recliner Combo

Bold Manual Glider and Recliner Combo

A key element of modern design is taking risks, and a sleek recliner in a bold hue is the perfect way to add flair to the otherwise subtle Scandinavian style. The manual, ergonomic Swedish chair and ottoman features three different positions for reclining, supporting a capacity of up to 200 lbs. 

The frame of the chair and its contemporary black legs are made of durable, solid wood, while the leather cushions contain soft foam padding to support your back, arms, and neck while seated. Match your recliner’s bright orange upholstery with a similar shade mat, pillow, or art piece. 

$263.99 $353.99

Mid Century Modern Recliner

Mid Century Modern Recliner

The mid-century modern tufted Scandinavian recliner chair with a straight back and retro silhouette provides the perfect mix of style and comfort. The dark espresso finish birch wood legs create a beautiful contrast against the light, waffle stitch upholstery. The cushions are semi-firm, and reclining is made simple with the no-frills, push-back design, and footrest.

A great way to style modern tufted recliners is to incorporate floating shelves above or around them. Floating shelves are neat, linear, and evoke calm, promoting the Scandinavian minimalist design principle. 

Our advice Buying Guide

Scandinavian recliners offer a comfortable way to relax while you watch TV, read a book, or even take a nap. The thing is, making the decision on whether or not you want to buy a recliner is the easy part. Now that it’s time to choose which one you want, it’s only normal that you run into a few difficulties. While buying a recliner can be a simple as picking one and buying it, most prefer to put a bit of thought into their decision on something they’re going to use over the course of several years (and in some cases, decades).

In order to choose the perfect Scandinavian recliner for your home, you’ll need to consider several things. These are things like what material it’s made of, what type (traditional, push back, or rocking), how big it is, and additional features. To help you out, we’ve gathered up the best tips for picking out the best recliner for your needs.

What are the best upholstery materials for Scandinavian recliners?

Scandinavian recliners come in all types of materials. Cotton, microfiber, synthetic, and leather are the most common options, with leather being the most expensive.

  • A microfiber material is a great option if you’re into the suede look. Not to mention many microfiber recliners are liquid resistant - a big plus!
  • While leather is the most expensive, it’s very durable and offers a desirable look. It might not be the best option if you have small children that can potentially scratch the material.
  • If your budget allows, try to avoid vinyl materials. It’s worth waiting while you save up more money to avoid cracking on the recliner’s surface, which can really be an eyesore.

What types of recliners are there to choose from?

Recliners come in three main types: traditional, rocking, and push back. Wall saver recliners are relatively new but can save some space.

  • Traditional recliners can be used in two positions; sitting up or reclined. In order to activate the reclining feature, you have to either pull on a lever or press a button.
  • Rocking recliners have the ability to rock like a rocking chair. An alternative to a rocker is a glider which allows you to rock forward and back, rather than the traditional rocking chair movement.
  • Push back recliners don’t require the pull of a lever or push of a button to recline. Instead, the functionality is activated with your bodyweight. Keep in mind that these types tend to have a shorter life since the mechanism wears out easier.
  • Wall savers are great if you have a limited amount of space in your home. You can place these recliners as close as 6 inches to the wall.

What additional features to look for in Scandinavian recliners?

If you’re looking for the most extravagant of Scandinavian recliners, then make sure you get all of these additional features!

  • Cup-holders
  • Massagers
  • Heaters
  • USB charger connections
  • Built in fridge/cooler (yes, really)
  • Motor operated reclining
  • Swivel base
  • Separate footrest

Scandinavian recliners come in all shapes, sizes, and can even come with a refrigerator! Of course, what it all comes down to is your budget. Don’t fret, though. There are tons of stylish recliners out there at very affordable prices. When you’re finally relaxing in your recliner, your new problem might be when you’re finally going to get out of it!


Genuine Leather Manual Swivel Recliner With Embedded Ottoman

Genuine Leather Manual Swivel Recliner With Embedded Ottoman
The contemporary design of this reclining armchair with a manual recliner mechanism is sure to be a great fit in any living room, providing a modern vibe to the house. Place it in a conversational spot in the middle, arranged around a coffee table in front of the TV, and you've got yourself a fashionable spot to house your guests. The recliner has a frame constructed out of fine solid wood and comes with an attached ottoman, making it even comfier to relax in.

Old Fashioned Manual Glider Recliner Chair

Old Fashioned Manual Glider Recliner Chair
If you’re struggling with back problems, you may want to look at this beautiful armchair. This one combines the functions of an old-fashioned glider with the comfort of a recliner, all made in a futuristic style that will provide a one of a kind vibe in your living room. The manual recline of the chair uses your bodyweight to adjust its angle, making it easy to control, and the zero-gravity ergonomics provides perfect support for your spine.

Solid Rubberwood Mid Century Manual No Motion Recliner

Solid Rubberwood Mid Century Manual No Motion Recliner
If you’re looking for something more compact, that will fit even in a small living room without obstructing anything, you might be interested in this mid-century style manual recliner armchair. The recliner requires only about thirty inches of space from the wall to recline fully and has the size of a simple, regular-sized chair when folded. The frame of the recliner is made out of solid rubberwood with a medium walnut finish, which adds a little elegance.

Solid Oak Wood Manual Swivel Recliner With Ottoman

Solid Oak Wood Manual Swivel Recliner With Ottoman
Add some luxury and comfort to your living room with this manual recliner armchair, which even comes with its own matching ottoman to place your feet and unwind after a hard day. The recliner has a firm frame made out of solid oak wood, which provides a stable base for you to sit on and ensures it won’t give in under weight. The frame itself has a brown finish, which nicely matches all of the color options for the upholstery.

Faux Leather Manual Swivel Recliner With Ottoman

Faux Leather Manual Swivel Recliner With Ottoman
An elegant centerpiece for your contemporary living room – this swivel recliner, upholstered in faux leather in a variety of colors, provides a sophisticated touch to any house. The recliner has an adjustable height, controlled by a simple knob underneath the seat, and has a swiveling base which allows for a range of movement while seating, making it even more comfortable. It also comes with a matching ottoman to place your feet on.

Vintage ekornes leather lounge chair ottoman

Vintage ekornes leather lounge chair ottoman
A Scandinavian recliner is always a great addition, whether to the office, or living room. This time, the upholstery in the shade of honey camel leather joined with a contoured chair on a chrome-plated metal base and an analogous separate footrest.

Restored Scandinavian Teak Recliner Grey Linen

Restored Scandinavian Teak Recliner Grey Linen
Comfortable and simple chair with a nice Scandinavian design. This piece of furniture features a very solid wooden frame and a soft sitting space covered with material in gray color. Backrest with button tufting is stylish and supportive.

Laurel Swivel Glider Recliner

Laurel Swivel Glider Recliner
Comfortable recliner mounted on a solid, swivel frame made of wood and metal. It is filled with foam and upholstered fixed polyester and polyurethane. It is highly evaluated for aesthetic appearance and convenience.

Scandinavian recliners 1

One of my favorite types of seats: the Scandinavian reclining lounge chair. It adds a fantastic comfort for your body. It features the gray fabric upholstery, footrest and wooden frame.

Fjords Manjana Leather Recliner DR Frame Norwegian Ergonomic Scandinavian Lounge Reclining Chair Furniture Soft Line Genuine Leather

It is an ergonomic lounge reclining chair with ottoman that has got a leather upholstery and walnut wood finish and construction. You can choose one of six elegant color options.

Fjords 855 Loen Large Leather Recliner Norwegian Ergonomic Scandinavian Lounge Reclining Chair Furniture Nordic Line Genuine Cappuccino Leather Cherry Wood

This large recliner has got a leather upholstery, solid wood construction and ergonomic design. You can choose one of many fantastic color options. It is a great addition to your home.

Fjords Contura 2010 Zero Gravity Recliner Chair in Premium Astro Line Black Leather Manual Black Base by Hjellegjerde - Standard Ground Curbside Delivery

It is a zero gravity recliner chair that an elegant black leather upholstery, black wood base and standard pillow. It adds maximum of comfort to your office space, family room and living room area.

Butacas reclinables modernas y decorativas

Butacas reclinables modernas y decorativas

Fjords Contura 2080 Zero Gravity Recliner Chair in Premium Astro Line Black Leather Manual Aluminum Base by Hjellegjerde - Standard Ground Curbside Delivery

Opt for maximum comfort by choosing this zero gravity recliner chair. It sports the black leather upholstery and will be useful for when you want to relax and even take a nap after a long day at work.

Scandinavian recliners furniture

If you are fan of Scandinavian, minimalistic, but cozy style, this unique set will be fit to your interior. It is composed of folding chair and footstool - both elements has oak wooden frame and comfortable top covered with canvas.

Leather Norwegian Ergonomic Scandinavian Lounge Reclining Chair Fjords 215 Muldal Large Recliner Furniture Nordic Line Genuine Black Leather Cherry Wood

This reclining chair & matching ottoman set features genuine Fjords leather upholstery, laminated wood bases, and the Fjords Active Release System. The seat, back, arms and ottoman are filled with cast molded cold cure foam.

Classic power recliner

Classic Power Recliner

Danish recliner


Fjords Scandic Leather Recliner and Ottoman - R Frame Norwegian Ergonomic Scandinavian Reclining Chair in Soft Line Genuine Leather

It is a comfortable recliner with ottoman that has got a cacao genuine leather upholstery, large cherry wood frame and ergonomic shape. You will be impressed how fantastic this recliner is.

Fjords Lobster Lounge Chair Walnut Wood Frame and Steel Base by Hjellegjerde of Norway Passion Black Leather Norwegian Scandinavian Modern Design Furniture

It is an amazing lobster lounge chair with ottoman that is available in two color options to choose: black with brown and brown. It has got a solid steel base, walnut wood frame and leather upholstery.

Scandinavian recliner

scandinavian furniture | ... com 20th century design; retro / vintage furniture and decorative arts

Fjords Atlantis Swing Relaxer Zero Gravity Recliner Norwegian Ergonomic Scandinavian Lounge Anti-Gravity Reclining Chair Furniture Premium Astro Line Cacao Genuine Leather by Hjellegjerde

It is a zero gravity reclining chair that has got an ergonomic shape, leather upholstery and five color options to choose. You will be impressed how comfortable and fantastic this recliner is.

Swedish leather recliners

Modern recliner and ottoman upholstered with high quality leather and finished with solid seams. It is mounted on wooden base. Perfect as additional seating or place for relaxation in all kinds of interiors.

Ulstein ergonomic swing recliner chair norwegian scandinavian lounger

... Ulstein Ergonomic Swing Recliner Chair Norwegian Scandinavian Lounger