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No recliner needs to be huge or fixed in place. A small recliner still does the job, and giving it the option to swivel is even better. For a smaller home, an apartment, or just a person who doesn't need a huge chair, these comfortable small recliners might be the next chair you have been searching for. And they come in plenty of fabric colors and upholstery types.

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Tan Bone Leatherette Recliner Captains Chair Seat Swivel Rv Boat Use Motor Home

Tan Bone Leatherette Recliner Captains Chair Seat Swivel Rv Boat Use Motor Home

You can have fun on this chair because it is rotatable. It also has many positions, and the ability to adjust the footrest. The cover is made of light leatherette which is an upholstery vinyl. The swivel base is black.

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Sutton Swivel & Glider Recliner

Sutton Swivel & Glider Recliner

Swivel chair with classic look. It is filled with foam and upholstered with polyester. Fold footrest for added comfort. Neutral and comfortable accent to any interior.

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Lafuma reflexology chair recliner chair rsx padded

Lafuma reflexology chair recliner chair rsx padded

Defeat gravity together with this exceptionally comfortable sun lounger - used both internally and externally. Use its soft material in dark green, and with armrests. Lafuma recliner has a fabric providing a windproof barrier, and a stable construction.

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Small wall hugger recliners sale

Don't get deceived by its small size. This swivel recliner can actually do pretty lot awesome things. All packed in a smooth, light gray, linen upholstery. Its regulated backrests and footrests will help you ideally relax after the whole day.

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Small swivel recliner

Small swivel recliner

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Small recliner 1

Lacking a cozy relaxing spot in your small apartment? Make sure a recliner you choose is small-scaled, but comfy. This beige one for sure is, as its back is generously cushioned and tufted, and there's an expanding footrest too.

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Small recliner

Modern style recliner with high-density foam cusions, which provide maximum comfort and support. You can adjust it to recline position. The swivel base allows you to move it easliy from place to place.

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Small leather recliners 2

Small Leather Recliners

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Small leather swivel recliner

This Euro recliner may be smaller than the typical American ones, however, its ergonomic design allows to save space, which is important in small homes, or when you want to relax in a camper.

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Recliners raana small manual swivel recliner clearance 2

... » Recliners » Raana Small Manual Swivel Recliner Clearance

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Small Swivel Recliner

Buying Guide

A small swivel recliner is an excellent choice of seating for a small living room or even a small waiting room. The small recliner has a minimal footprint but delivers well when it comes to comfort. Their small size allows them to fit well with larger furnishings. Many of these small recliners are zero wall clearance, allowing them to be placed closer to the wall than normal recliners – those which need enough room for the back to lie down.

What are the best upholstery choices for a small swivel recliner?

Small recliners come in all sorts of colors and textures. Your options include standard upholstery fabric, faux leather, and leather. This makes it easy to select a solid color or a print that will go with your living room or office décor. Select scotch-guarded fabric for a less formal effect, or choose faux or real leather for a more formal appearance. Accent print chairs with solid colored throw pillows, or solid colors with print throw pillows.

What different designs of swivel recliners are there?

You might think of recliners as being those puffy, overstuffed chairs from La-z-boy, that were covered with a faux leather stuff called Naugahyde. When they recline, the chair goes back and a footstool automatically lifts to support the feet. But not all recliners are made on that design. You can also get ergonomic recliners with shaped footrests, or even more elegant recliners with separate footrests. Some recliners rock and some do not. There are also the therapeutic recliners that have remote controls that can adjust the chair – including positioning the chair to help the user stand up or sit down.

What are the benefits of a massage recliner?

Could there be a lovelier way to end your day than to relax in a massaging recliner? Not only do some luxuriant models have a vibrator in the seat and back, but they also have cushions that embrace your feet and legs in gentle vibrations as well. A remote control allows the sitter to adjust the intensity of the massage, or to shut it off completely if it is not wanted.

What are the benefits of wing back recliners?

Wing backs on a chair allow the seated person to rest their head on one side or the other, making it easier to relax without falling out of the chair. Wing backs on a recliner create a cushioned headspace, and help hold the seated person correctly positioned, and can help keep track of those elusive pillows.

Regardless of the style of the small swivel recliner that you select, you can save space and still enjoy comfort. The variety of styles makes it easy to select a small recliner for your apartment or small house. One of these is an excellent choice for small statured people, or for a child. If you are a medium to large size person, be sure to check the height and weight requirements before purchasing. Buying a recliner that is too small for your height and weight will only lead to a disappointment.

Best Ideas

Small leather recliners chairs

Classic recliner. Compact in size, fitting for small spaces. A great finding if your family room doesn't have much free space left. The armchair reclines and offers a swivel and rocking function. Upholstered neutral beige fabric.

Small swivel recliners

Legend tells that the silk fiber discovered the empress,still in ancient China. Apparently, the silkworm cocoon fell into her cup with tea.Today, with a touch of silk was made a light upholstery of these swivel small recliner armchairs on a wooden walnut base.

Rv rocker recliners

This small swivel recliner constitutes a fabulous proposition for one's living room or home office. Its dark grey leather upholstery stands for elegance and quality. Ideal for classic and classy interiors.

Swivel rocker chair 2

Swivel Rocker Chair

Small glider recliner

The small swivel recliner with the additional table to comfort your legs. Covered with the delicate brown material, soft and nice in touch. The well profiled backrest allow you to sit in the very high comfort.

Small rocker recliners sale

Irvington Custom Swivel Recliner - Phillips Furniture Store - Life. Meet Style.

American leather cardinal cardinal recliner item number cdr rec st

American Leather Cardinal Cardinal Recliner - Item Number: CDR-REC-ST

Enchanted recliner swivel glider choose your color

Enchanted - Recliner, Swivel Glider, Choose Your Color

Small scale recliner

This recliner comes with the amazing swivel mechanism and will ensure a significant boost of comfort. It is padded with the softest material and sports the burgundy finish of the sleek upholstery, letting you bask in its elegance.

Small swivel recliner 1

Small-sized, space saving design of this recliner chair with a rocker function suits different indoors regardless of their color thanks to its neutral white and gray pattern. This chair provides comfort thanks to its soft seat, back and arms.

Recliners raana small manual swivel recliner clearance

... » Recliners » Raana Small Manual Swivel Recliner Clearance

Small recliner lam 100 2

Small Recliner, LAM-100

Small recliners for rv

A sublime swivel glider recliner that sports the elaborate and charming pattern on its upholstery and will just make for the best solution for when you simply need the place that will allow you to completely relax.

Small recliners for rvs

Recliners Ferdinand Recliner by Klaussner