Small Wall Hugger Recliners

For the comfort and charm of a recliner, without taking up a tremendous amount of space, take a look at these small wall-hugger recliners. Designed to sit flush to a wall, curling away as the chair reclines, it is a great blend of space economy and individuality. With many styles to choose from, the small wall-hugger recliner will give you a soft place to relax, without all the extra fluff.

Best Products

Wall hugger recliners

Small-sized hugging recliner is a product that provides good level of comfort and relaxation. Its solid wooden frame resists the weight of an adult user. Sitting space is thickly padded and supported by a backrest with arms.

Wall recliner

Small and simple looking recliner chairs with reliable mechanisms that provide relaxing postures to different users with different demands. Soft seat and backrest cushions improve relaxation. Neutral colors are matched with any design.

Small wall hugger recliners

Thanks to this wall-hugger recliner, you can have a space-saving piece of comfortable furniture for your quality relax time. Upholstered in nice-to-touch material, the recliner includes a deep seat, straight arms, an oversized, tufted back, and a tubular metal frame.

Wall hugger recliners on sale

Decorations in the English style make the interiors cozy. Often reach for the tradition of stationery, even in the form of a wall hugging recliner's upholstery. Has a shade of gray and beige and heaps of words written with a calligraphy of a love letter.

Alday Manual Wall Hugger Recliner

Alday Manual Wall Hugger Recliner
Looking for comfort without taking up too much space? The blue Winston Porter wall hugger recliner is the answer. Polyester-upholstered and sturdy yet comfortable, get ready to relax in this compact armchair while you’re watching the next game. The best part? This small recliner is stain resistant!

Toler 19" Manual Wall Hugger Recliner

Toler 19" Manual Wall Hugger Recliner
If you want plush, comfortable living room furniture but don’t have the space, this compact wall hugging recliner only needs 4 inches of clearance- the perfect recliner for small spaces that want to make a big statement. Ultra-padded comfort and simple style for lounges, bedrooms and theatre rooms.

Avis Power Wall Hugger Recliner

Avis Power Wall Hugger Recliner
Got a den that needs a wall hugging recliner? You’re looking at it! This simple recliner design doesn’t sleep on function. With power reclining and high density cushions that don’t lose their shape, this is the only small recliner you’ll need to buy for years.

Philippa Power Wall Hugger Recliner

Philippa Power Wall Hugger Recliner
The ultimate power wall hugging recliner, where classic style meets technology. This elegant premium leather recliner is perfect for studies and adult living rooms, and it’s high density foam and spring system means you can enjoy this compact power recliner for many years.

Small wall hugger recliners

The small and very stylish recliner with upholstered upholstery and nailhead trim is a fascinating piece. Beautiful design on a solid base and attention to detail details finishes and brings to the decor an attractive style.

Annick Recliner

Annick Recliner
If you are looking for a beautiful and functional at the same time recliner for the living room or the bedroom it will be the perfect choice. Beautifully upholstered in a lovely finish and buttons that add a whole cozy character.

Wall hugger reclining sofa

Why not opt for a piece that will actually allow you to get the much needed rest in your interior with this amazing recliner that comes with the footrest that can be adjusted and sports the cream finish of the leather upholstery for a more elegant look.

Our advice Buying Guide

Small wall hugger recliners can make the most of your office, living room, nursery or bed sitting room space. Here's a quick guide for first-time shoppers. 

What's the difference between a wall hugger recliner and a regular recliner?

The difference between a wall hugger recliner and a regular recliner is that instead of simply tipping back, the wall hugger’s seat slides forward to create room for the back to recline.

Does a wall hugger recliner need much space?

Although some space will be needed for the tipping action, much less is required for a wall hugger than for a regular recliner. A small wall hugger recliner will require an even small footprint in your furniture arrangement. If you have a small apartment or one of those space-saving tiny houses, the wall hugger recliner can make it possible for you to have a comfortable napping spot without giving up an enormous amount of floor space.

How to style with small wall hugger recliners?

The most universal color for wall hugger recliners is beige. A beige wall hugger recliner will go with just about any décor, even without styling. If you want to style it, though, the options are aplenty. For instance, for a shabby chic lok add a soft cover, and for Victorian, add an antimacassar and lace arm covers. 

What are the best designs of wall hugger recliners for the home?

A double recliner

A double recliner can function as a love seat and can be reclined individually or together. Enjoy an afternoon nap with your nearest and dearest, or a siesta with a child who likes company for quiet time. It’s perfect for read-aloud time or to share a favorite television show.

Comfy rocker for the nursery

A comfy reclining rocker could be just the thing for your nursery. Those 3 AM feedings are unlikely to ever be fun, but a soft colored rocker with wooden arms can support a sleepy parent while nursing an infant the natural way or with a baby bottle. Add a firm pillow or thick blanket over the arm to support your elbow as you hold the baby. The wall hugger reclining feature can help fit this small recliner into your nursery.

What are the best designs of wall hugger recliners for the office?

When selecting recliners for the office, you can either go for a traditional, sophisticated look or make a style statement with an eye-catching design. Some of the popular options are:

Bold zigzag stripes

Bold zigzag stripes make a perfect fit for the modern office. They pair well with accents of bright colors, such as a soft throw or pillow. Or they can be coordinated with art nouveau pieces to create a statement for your primary business area. A wall hugger feature makes it easy to fit the recliner into a small space - which can be handy if you need the occasional power nap.

Black leather 

With striking black leather upholstery, a small wall hugger recliner is ready to dominate your formal workspace and impress visitors. Thanks to its small size and metal frame that allows the seat to slide forward, you can sneak in a power nap, and still look impressive when it’s in upright meet-the-client position. 





Wall hugging recliner

This wall hugger recliner is a proposition for those, who deal with small living room or bedroom spaces. With its soft padded arms, it will be a perfect proposition for an afternoon relax.

Wall hugger recliner

Need a new recliner? Wall hugger like this chocolate brown one helps save space and effort of moving the piece. Recliners can be double, serving as a loveseat. This reclining piece features cushioned armrests and extra headrest cushioning.

Wall hugger loveseat recliners

This cozy recliner, rocker chair has delicate beige material, with spiral barely perceptible decorations.The armrests have a delicate arc form, made of wood.All you have to do is wait for the right moment, sit back and rest on the perfectly shaped armchair.

Wall hugger recliner 9

wall hugger recliner

2015 wall hugger recliners 1

2015 Wall Hugger Recliners

Small wall hugger recliners

Hancock and Moore Athens Wall-Hugger

Wall hugging recliners

This small, wall hugging recliner constitutes a cosy propositon for tiny, cosy living rooms. Available in a multitude of fabrics and colours, it can be as small as 15" in seat height through to a 3ft seat width.

Red leather reclining sofa

Finished in red leather, this fabulous recliner can be a great accent in one's living room or home office. Distinguishing itself with the vibrant red colour, it is transpierced with a beige strand.

Gilleslee KD Recliner in Natural Leather

Gilleslee KD Recliner in Natural Leather
This Comfortable Recliner in Natural Leather is as beautiful as it is cozy. Reclining mechanism runs very smoothly giving you the chance to conveniently adjust the chair to your favorite position. The construction is made of solid wood, and the upholstery is opulent enough to grant you quality time of relax.

Against the wall recliners

Furniture: Cozy Wall Hugger Recliners For Small Space Interior — Reg ...

Perfect Chair Classic Manual Zero-Gravity Recliner

Perfect Chair Classic Manual Zero-Gravity Recliner
Elegant novelty recliner having a sleek frame of brown-finished exotic parawood with aluminium accents. It has A-shaped legs, curved arms, a tall back with a headrest. A motor-powered mechanism is manually-operated. Upholstery is of blue pleather.

Amish lazy dreamer swivel wall hugger recliner

Amish Lazy Dreamer Swivel Wall Hugger Recliner

Heavy duty chairs as smart wall hugger recliners

Heavy Duty Chairs as Smart Wall Hugger Recliners

Palermo Ottana Zerostrain Recliner

Palermo Ottana Zerostrain Recliner
Reclining chair in a contemporary style. In no unfolded position of the chair can be used as office chair. It is equipped with comfortable and quiet folding mechanism. Featuring stylish leather upholstery, it is guaranteed to provide your terrific levels of comfort.

Narrow recliners 3

Simple and really elegant - this recliner comes with a design just packed with convenient use and will do a splendid job when it comes to accentuating your household. It is upholstered in a soft, leather-like material and sports the neutral dark chocolate finish.

Furniture cozy wall hugger recliners for small space interior reg

Furniture: Cozy Wall Hugger Recliners For Small Space Interior — Reg ...


A club recliner in traditional style. Genuine leather upholstery in chocolate brown, soft, shiny and good quality, with decorative nailheads. Soft and very comfortable cushions. The recliner mechanism works smoothly.

Dorel Asia Slim Recliner, Beige

If you're looking for some simple and stylish solutions for your house, check out this amazing recliner! It's gonna bring you not only a unique and intriguing design, but also an extraordinary comfort.


Chic classic reclining armchair with a wooden frame and warm brown turned front legs. It has gently convex arms with rolled-out fronts and cushioned both a seat and a tall wingback. Upholstery is of real leather in brown tones with nailhead trims.

Roxy Push Back Recliner

Roxy Push Back Recliner
Contemporary style push back recliner that actually looks like an ordinary arm chair with inviting curves and thick cushioning. Such design is great if you do not look for ultra-modern recliners but desire for an enchanting vintage vibe.

Gilmore wall hugger recliner

Gilmore Wall Hugger Recliner

Starship power wall hugger recliner with tablet holder by southern

Starship Power Wall Hugger Recliner with Tablet Holder by Southern ...

Southern motion2838 wall hugger

Southern Motion2838 Wall Hugger

Sutton Vibes Truffle Glider Swivel Recliner

Sutton Vibes Truffle Glider Swivel Recliner
Swivel chair mounted on a sturdy frame made of wood and metal. It is upholstered with polyester. Folding mechanism allows the blocking of the rest. Comfortable addition to the living room and others interior.

Leather wall hugger recliners

The leather recliner for the hunter's living room. This piece of furniture was prepared in the elegant form with additional stylish brass hobnails. The sitting and backrest are adjusted to the spine shape, so relaxing there will be really comfortable.

Slim recliner chairs

This wall hugger small recliner is an exactly what I was looking for to my living room. It doesn't need a lot of space, so it fits to small cozy nook. It features the swivel base and four finish options to choose: natural cherry, dark cherry, maple and oak.

Leather wall hugger recliners

Small Recliner (Tall), LAM-100T

Leather wall hugger recliner chairs

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Wall hugger leather recliner 2

A luxurious and elegant recliner, which offers elegance and great comfort. It's a solid piece upholstered in deep brown leather. The armchair features a tall backrest, a wide seat and a foldable footrest.

Lucille wall hugger power lift recliner sears sears canada

Lucille' Wall-Hugger Power-Lift Recliner - Sears | Sears Canada

Caro Recliner

Caro Recliner
A beautiful and luxurious recliner upholstered in faux leather. The back and seat cushions are attached. It's showcasing a rich brown finish. It features a push-back mechanism for more convenience.

Wall hugger recliner renu leather

Wall Hugger Recliner Renu Leather
Recliner chair that features a reliable mechanism that provides comfortable postures for its users. Its black leather upholstery is neutral and looks nice in any design. Its sitting area provides good level of softness.


It is a very practical seat area, which in addition to the convenience of the user also has great elegance, class, style and chic. It is made of brown leather decorated with nails. It has original shape. It is perfect for tasteful, traditional interiors.

Wall hugger leather recliner 3

Add this leather recliner to your home study or living room for a boost of comfortable seating space and enjoy the nailhead trim accent and the stunning, dark brown finish of the upholstery that matches any elegant style perfectly.

Wall hugger recliner chair

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Lambright heritage loveseat recliner 1

Lambright Heritage Loveseat Recliner

Baxton Studio Aberfeld Modern Arm Recliner

Baxton Studio Aberfeld Modern Arm Recliner
Enhance comfort of your home with this impressive arm recliner in black finish. The recliner offers a metal frame, foam padding, faux leather upholstery, flared arms, and 250 lbs of weight capacity. Especially suitable for smaller interiors.

Wall hugger leather recliner 4

Double recliner wrapped in brown leather, with padded armrests and double holder for two cups in the central panel. The front showcases nailheads trim accent. The seats are horizontally tufted and very thickly padded for the best comfort experience.

Oslo 58 Leather Ergonomic  Recliner and Ottoman

Oslo 58 Leather Ergonomic Recliner and Ottoman
This Scandinavian style recliner would be a perfect choice for everyone who loves the combination of comfort and unique design. Feel free to check it our and enjoy the dose of perfection brought straightly to your place.