Flexsteel Leather Recliners

Flexsteel leather recliners are long-lasting, American-made chairs that provide consistent comfort. From the company’s first furniture pieces nearly 130 years ago to its current offerings, Flexsteel has used their trademarked Blue Steel Spring technology that never needs replacing. If you are looking for a leather recliner with durable hardware and American heritage, consider Flexsteel recliners. They have options that work well in traditional, transitional, modern, and contemporary styled homes. Their rocking and big man recliners are unmatched for comfort. Choose from one of the best Flexsteel Leather Recliners to ensure your comfort is never compromised.

The Apollo   Flexsteel Big Man Recliner

The Apollo Flexsteel Big Man Recliner

The Apollo Flexsteel Big Man Recliner

What we like: Extra-wide seating

What we don’t like: It can be overly cushioned

Not so great for: Space limited living rooms

Perfect for: His or Her main chair

The Apollo is a Flexsteel big man recliner with a power gliding function and separate power-adjustable headrest. Easily glide to comfortable positions with a press of a button and never worry about losing control with the integrated safety locks. A different set of controls is responsible for the headrest adjustments.

The seat is made of high-quality leather vinyl, which is exceptionally soft and stain-resistant. The back and headrests feature overstuffed cushions that conform to your body for maximum comfort. However, the backrest is also removable, making it easy to move the chair from room to room. 

The Digby—Manual Flexsteel Recliner Chair

The Digby—Manual Flexsteel Recliner Chair

The Digby—Manual Flexsteel Recliner Chair

What we like: Its tapered and sleek design

What we don’t like: Manual reclining instead of powered

Not so good for: Long periods of sitting

Perfect for: Full horizontal reclining

The slender and high-legged Digby is the perfect leather recliner chair to add to a living room for extra seating. Its tightly packed backrest and seat cushion work well with the compact dimensions. The Digby’s architectural feel and leather upholstery give it a classic look sure to fit in with mid-century modern or traditional homes. Accessorize with geometric throw cushions, a tapered leg side table, and a high-pile shag rug for a retro-mod look.

The Digby is two chairs combined into one incredible ergonomic system. It has a compact footprint when it is upright, but it can also recline to a full 180°, perfect for afternoon naps. It has a 65” depth when open, but it needs 19” of wall clearance. 

The Astra Modern Steel Frame Recliner

The Astra Modern Steel Frame Recliner

The Astra Modern Steel Frame Recliner

What we like: Modern recliner design

What we don’t like: It is cumbersome

Not so good for: Laying down completely horizontally

Perfect for: Multiple hours of sitting

Angles and flat surfaces characterize Astra’s design as the backrest is cut off before providing a headrest. The headrest is snug behind the backrest and kicks into action when the user activates the power reclining function. The headrest also has its own separate power controls, and the armrest comes with an integrated USB port so you can conveniently charge your smartphone or tablet.

It does not recline to a completely horizontal plane, but that makes it better for spaces close to walls as it only needs a 5” wall clearance. Its fully reclined position provides comfort while ergonomically positioning the user to continue watching their favorite show or reading a book. This is the ideal reclining chair for a study or an excellent addition to a modern designed living room. 

The Broadway — Sophisticated Power Leather Recliner

The Broadway — Sophisticated Power Leather Recliner

The Broadway — Sophisticated Power Leather Recliner

What we like: Attached seat and back cushions

What we don’t like: Non-ergonomic armrest height when in an upright position

Not so good for: Laying down for a nap

Perfect for: Extremely tight spaces

If you need a comfortable chair in the corner of a room that matches your contemporary home, then Flexsteel’s Broadway is the chair for you. It only requires 3” of wall clearance and extends to 61” when fully reclined. Its self-contained design is aided by its attached high-density seat cushions that are comfortable for years on end.

The seat accommodates middle to small-sized people with 20” depth and 23” width. It is a power recliner, so anyone can set it to a comfortable position and reset the chair to the original position with one touch of the home button. The premium leather upholstery comes in rustic red and sleek gray. However, you’ll need to maintain the leather with a condition every month to keep its supple texture. 

The Devon Rocking Recliner

The Devon Rocking Recliner

The Devon Rocking Recliner

What we like: Relatively lightweight

What we don’t like: One-foot wall clearance

Not so good for: Modern or contemporary homes

Perfect for: Traditional or transitional style homes

If you want a rocking leather recliner, then the Devon is the chair for you. It's perfect for rocking yourself into a nap with extremely comfortable puckered stitching and a tufted back. It fully reclines at the press of a button, and the safety mechanism ensures it does not rock while reclining.

The big cushions and leg rest make it one of the larger recliners that Flexsteel has to offer. It is 34” wide, 40” deep, and 41” tall, but the seat itself is not a big man seat as it is only 22” wide and 22” deep. This chair is unapologetically focused on comfort, from its rocking mechanism to its traditional tufted back design and cushy armrests.

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Flexsteel Leather Recliners

Buying Guide

Flexsteel leather recliners are comfortable, durable chairs that are likely to give you many years of comfort and relaxation. The Flexsteel company was founded in 1901. With more than a century of experience, they are dedicated to creating reliable, sturdy furniture that not only looks good but is comfortable. Their chairs come with a warranty – they stand behind their products.

Recliners allow the seated person to adjust the chair for rest or to sit upright. They can be a comfortable place to read, catch a nap or recuperate from an illness. Leather is a beautiful, natural material that breathes and yet is easy to clean. For those who prefer not to use leather, Flexsteel also makes excellent upholstered chairs. In all cases, the Flexsteel name means durability, comfort and a long-term investment is a beautiful piece of furniture.

The Standard Leather Recliner

Flexsteel leather recliners are going to be the stars in your living room. You can choose to have just one special chair, or you can enjoy the opulence of a corner or sectional grouping featuring these fine furnishings. The heart of all Flexsteel seating is the blue steel spring – a leaf spring designed to give year after year of excellent service, and never give you that “sinking feeling” when you sit down. And excellent upholstery, careful design, and the beautiful, luxuriant feel of real leather – how could you possibly go wrong with this?

Recliners for Medical Facilities

Flexsteel recliners for medical facilities make it easy for nurses and doctors to gently ease a patient into a recumbent position for examination. No need to make a patient who is already feeling miserable move about to different pieces of furniture, when a recliner can do the job. Recliners are also comfortable furnishings for waiting rooms, where they can easily provide anxious family members a place to rest while waiting for news. The recliners are usable in offices, waiting rooms, examining rooms – in short, anywhere that people need to sit down and rest.

Motor Home Recliners

No need to sacrifice comfort when you hit the road with these fine chairs. Designed on a slightly narrower last than regular chairs, they can fit into smaller spaces, such as those on a motor home. The small size makes them also ideal for space-challenged apartments or perhaps even for a Tiny House. In spite of the smaller width and wall-hugging design, you will not be sacrificing comfort with these recliners.

Power Recliners

Know someone whose bones ache and who struggles to get in and out of regular recliners? Then a beautiful Flexsteel power recliner might be just the answer. Motorized for ease of adjustment, these comfortable chairs could make the difference between a day of ease and a day of less comfort. Some models rise and gently tip to assist the occupant to stand, while all can be easily adjusted for best possible comfort. Usable at home, and suitable for nursing home use, they are easily cleaned – an important feature when dealing with nursing situations.

Best Ideas

Flexsteel leather recliners

This recliner is one beautiful expensive looking piece of furniture, that won't break your decorating budget. The shiny leather upholstery makes this product more exclusive. The rolled arms and padded seat are for enhanced comfort of use.

Flexsteel sofa recliners

Elegant design for a sophisticated recliner armchair upholstered in real leather in a dark brown colour with a decorative seam of buttons on the sides and the back, which matches the dark walnut wood legs on the bottom.

Flex steel recliner

Comfortable recliner similar to a classic armchair with a thick deep seat. It has a wooden frame with showy brown turned front legs. Armrests and a large flared button-tufted backrest are rolled out. Elegant dark upholstery features nailhead trims.

Flexsteel living room ulysses recliner available in 12 leather choices

Flexsteel Living Room Ulysses Recliner available in 12 Leather choices ...

Flexsteel swivel rocker recliner

If you’re into more simple, traditional furniture, this beautiful, brown leather recliner armchair with a nice, classical finish might interest you. Perfect for a finishing detail in a classical living room. Very cosy.

Flexsteel double reclining sofa

Finished with beautiful brown leather, this power recliner constitutes a great example of a classic and classy design. Features soft-padded arms and a regulated backrest and footrest.

Flexsteel big man recliner

Recliner chair with a solid frame and reliable reclining mechanism that offers relaxing postures. Cushioned backrest and seat are comfortable and stylish thanks to their leather cover. Brown color perfectly suits any type of decor.

Cambridge Leather Recliner

Cambridge Leather Recliner

This Contemporary Recliner in Barstow Cognac & Espresso Finish is embellished by beautiful nail-head trim and button tufting. The frame is made of solid hardwood, upholstered in 100% premium grade leather, with genuine Leggett & Platt 3-position reclining mechanism.

Flexsteel las cruces leather high leg recliner 1

Flexsteel Las Cruces Leather High Leg Recliner

Flexsteel reclining loveseat

If you love watching TV and you aren't very active person, this comfortable armchair will be ideal for you! I This piece of furniture is very comfortable and looks so well - it is spacious and covered with leather. It has rack inteded to newspapers.

Flexsteel recliner chairs

This exceptionally elegant and robust recliner is a sturdy wood construction, beautiful riveted leather upholstery, and comfortable cushions. Subtly decorated legs and folding footrest make the armchair extremely comfortable.

Flexsteel furniture latitudes bonnevilleleather recliner 1169 50

Flexsteel Furniture: Latitudes: BonnevilleLeather Recliner (1169-50)

Flexsteel leather recliners 2

Stylish recliner upholstered with high quality leather and reinforced with solid seams. It is mounted on decoratively rounded legs made of wood. Upholstery is finished with decorative nail heads. Traditional form and elegant design.

Capitol power reclining leather living room set


Flexsteel recliners prices

Flexsteel Furniture: Leather Recliners: Bay BridgeLeather Power High-Leg Recliner (B3791-503M)

Flexsteel latitudes recliner

An array of old world - when all the cards of civilization were not yet discovered - is closed in this leather chair. Gallant pub style of presented here flexsteel leather recliner, comes with nailhead trim in the company of wing back.

Flexsteel recliners

Now that's one quality recliner right there. Leather upholstery ensures proper quality of this recliner, while its brown, gentle colour will fit any design. If you're looking for a comfortable, luxurious and practical piece of furniture, this recliner is just what you need.

Leather Rocker Recliner

Leather Rocker Recliner

It is a rocker recliner that has got a leather upholstery in two color options to choose: black and brown. It is a comfortable and elegant addition to your living room, family room and nursery.

Flexsteel leather recliners 1

Offering the ample and thick padding of the seat and back for maximum comfort this elegant leather power recliner comes with the nailhead trim and will make for a stunning addition to your living room decor.

Flexsteel recliner prices

Recliner in classic form. Frame is made of wood. It is upholstered with high quality leather and reinforced with solid seams. Neutral addition for any interior according to taste and need.

Flexsteel crosstown brown leather power recliner

Flexsteel Crosstown Brown Leather Power Recliner

Flexsteel living room leather wall recliner 3012 500 at browns

Flexsteel Living Room Leather Wall Recliner 3012-500 at Browns ...

Comfort zone flexsteel leather rocking recliner

Comfort Zone flexsteel leather rocking recliner

Flexsteel loveseat recliners

Flexsteel Furniture: Power Recliners: JacintoLeather Power High-Leg Recliner (3670-503M)