Leather Swivel Recliners

Why have a chair that is fixed in place when the option to swivel is available? For that desire, how about a leather swivel recliner. When the recliner function is not in use, the chair can spin 360 degrees. When it is in its fully reclined form, it still swivels, but is limited to the items around it. See this collection for all our leather swivel recliners.

Best Products

Leather Swivel Recliner Chair Reclining Black W Arms Footrest Lounge Oversized

Leather Swivel Recliner Chair Reclining Black W Arms Footrest Lounge Oversized
The director's swivel with many position of sitting. When you spend the long hours in the office, having the comfortable chair is a crucial thing. This leather-covered recliner is not only good for relax, but also for work.

Mac motion oslo norway leather swivel recliner and ottoman set

Mac motion oslo norway leather swivel recliner and ottoman set
Swivel recliner and ottoman upholstered with leather and reinforced with solid seams. It is mounted on wooden base. Carefully profiled back provides support for the spine. Neutral design for all kinds of interior.

Rare Vintage Retro 50s 60s Parker Knoll Armchair Mid Century 1970s

Rare Vintage Retro 50s 60s Parker Knoll Armchair Mid Century 1970s
Accent chair in retro style. It is upholstered with plush fabric and reinforced with solid seams. Frame is made of wood. Great as extra seating in the living room, bedroom and others interiors as needed.

Stefan Bonded Leather Swivel Glider Recliner

Stefan Bonded Leather Swivel Glider Recliner
This is an extremely effective seat area. The seat is made of white skin. It is very elegant, chic and stylish. It is also very convenient. It will perfectly fit into the modern living room. It is combination of elegance and practicality.


This swivel recliner chair is a comfortable and attractive element with bonded leather cover. Its soft seat is supported by a backrest and arms. This recliner also offers a foldable footrest for additional leg support.

Ashewick Doodles Ash Glider Swivel Recliner

Ashewick Doodles Ash Glider Swivel Recliner
Improve your comfort with this Glider Swivel Recliner in Ash. The chair features a sturdy hardwood frame upholstered in 56% RYN and 44% polyester. The chair includes a swivel with no locking mechanism, a sinuous spring suspension, and well-padded arms.

Bergen c cobblestone top grain leather swivel recliner and ottoman

Bergen c cobblestone top grain leather swivel recliner and ottoman
Swivel recliner and ottoman in modern form. It is mounted on wooden base and upholstered with faux leather. Back is fitted with pillow for added comfort. Applications in all kinds of interior as needed.

Our advice Buying Guide

What makes the most comfortable recliner?

If you are eager to learn what makes the most comfortable recliner, then the chair's size, shape, and fit are imperative. The best fit will also give you the most comfort.

It's also important that you measure your recliner lounging space before you decide on a recliner and know exactly where you're going to place it.

Most recliners don't just recline, but they also lift, swivel, and glide due to specially designed bases. So choosing a recliner that suits your preferences is advised. Recliners containing an adjustable headrest are also recommended as they turn ordinary recliners into custom luxury experiences.

If you love your smart devices and gadgets, then consider recliners with smart features. For a convenient all-in-one lounging experience, lots of recliners are equipped with high-tech smart features such as USB ports, power lift remote controls as well as light-up cup holders.

How much space does a leather swivel recliner take?

The space taken up by a leather swivel recliner really depends on the size of a specific model. However, while we’re sure you’ll check its dimensions, it’s important not to forget about how big it’ll be once you open it completely. That’s why you should always leave at least 1 foot in between your leather swivel recliner and the wall or any other pieces of furniture behind it.

If space isn’t a problem in your room, you can leave a little more than 1 foot so that your head won’t be too close to the wall when the chair is fully reclined.

How do you keep leather swivel recliners clean?

Leather swivel recliners require regular maintenance and should be cleaned with specific methods. Leather furniture needs to be dusted regularly with a dry cloth. It also needs a monthly application of leather cream to maintain its softness and keep it moisturized. If your leather swivel recliners are subjected to any type of dirt or stains, leather cream is also a great product to remove them and treat the leather.

When you apply leather conditioner, also add lubricant to the swivel mechanism to prevent it from jamming.

When cleaning and maintaining leather swivel recliners, you should avoid placing them in direct sunlight. This is because exposure to too much can cause the material to fade. You should also ensure you blot spillages quickly with paper towels to prevent moisture damage.


Charlie Swivel Recliner & Ottoman Set

Charlie Swivel Recliner & Ottoman Set
Arranging the interiors of the house? Try swivel recliner and ottoman set as an option. It is always a good-looking addition and piece of furnish. Anyway, you will be delighted of the quality.

Furniture Of America Brown Bonded Leather Swivel Recliner With Ottoman Set

Furniture Of America Brown Bonded Leather Swivel Recliner With Ottoman Set
Swivel recliner and ottoman mounted on wooden base. It is upholstered with high quality leather. Carefully profiled back is finished with solid seams. Ideal for reading books, watching TV and more.

Parker Knoll Armchair Retro 50s 60s Vintage Easy Lounge Chair Mid Century Teak

Parker Knoll Armchair Retro 50s 60s Vintage Easy Lounge Chair Mid Century Teak
If you like the vintage character of mid-century design, this Parker Knoll armchair shall appeal to you. Deriving from the 1950s or 60s, this teak wood chair constitutes a solid and stylish construction.

Leather swivel recliner chair and stool

If you’re looking for a cozy place to relax and unwind in after a hard day of work, take a look at this beautiful leather swivel recliner with a brown, leather finish. Perfect addition to both modern and traditional living rooms!

Home furniture franca leather swivel recliner hudsons bay

Home | Furniture | Franca Leather Swivel Recliner | Hudson's Bay

Leather swivel recliners 2

Recliner chair covered with brown leather. This piece of furniture is a handmade product with a steel spring seat support and manual reclining mechanism that provides many comfortable postures. Its double layered hardwood frame provides additional support.

Celestino modern leather recliner chair 2

Celestino Modern Leather Recliner Chair

Leather swivel recliners 21

Modern swivel recliner featuring plum padding all-round and a superb light brown leather upholstery. The recliner also features a high back design and sits on a sturdy rounded base for extra support. It also comes with a matching footrest for impeccable luxurious living.

Leather swivel recliners

This folding swivel recliner chair is not only a way to relieve your stress and effectively rest, but also high-quality beige leather upholstery and a smooth mechanism based on a metal base, in black color. You can everything.

White leather swivel recliner

A set of elegant swivel recliner chairs in a classic design. They feature traditional, rolled armrests and a tall backrest. The pieces are fully upholstered in top quality, brown leather with a smooth feel.

Leather swivel recliners 1

Ultra-modern swivel recliner chair standing on a sturdy rounded metal base. The recliner also comes with plum padding and a beautiful high back design to enhance comfort. It’ s finished in stunning white leather upholstery for impeccable stylish class.

Leather swivel recliners 1

Well-built swivel recliner featuring a superb antique look. The chair is supported by a sturdy frame and comes heavily padded with plum cushions around the seating area. It’s then finished in dark brown leather upholstery for outstanding style. The chair also offers beautiful detailing around the sides.

Leather swivel recliners 12

Modern swivel recliner with an integrated footstool and adjustable neck support for comfort. The chair turns 360 degrees and comes in beautiful light cream leather upholstery for modern elegance. The chair also has a strong rounded metal base for extra stability.

Leather swivel recliners 1

Modern and elegant executive chair featuring polished black leather upholstery and a stately appeal. The chair measures 35 inches in width, 36 inches in depth, and 38 inches in height. The piece also has a swivel mechanism that should enhance its usability.

Genuine brown leather swivel sofa from bassett furniture

Genuine Brown Leather Swivel Sofa from Bassett Furniture

Nicole swivel recliner contemporary chairs

Nicole Swivel Recliner contemporary chairs

Leather swivel recliners 5

A high quality swivel recliner chair with attractive and durable bonded leather cover. Its soft backrest and regulated footrest are elements that provide additional support and comfort to any user with different requirements.

Leather swivel recliners 4

This is an Alen leather recliner, a beautiful expensive looking piece of furniture what won't break your decorating budget. It adds solidity and beauty to any home.

The brick recliners

1970's Scandinavian Leather Swivel Reclining Armchair

Black leather swivel recliner 1

Duvall Leather Swivel Recliner In Lear Chocolate

2947sr swivel rocker recliner leathercraft furniture

2947SR Swivel Rocker Recliner : Leathercraft Furniture

Leather swivel recliners 2

Product: Natuzzi Editions® Trento Brown Leather Swivel Recliner Armchair

Palatial furniture kirby leather swivel chair

Palatial Furniture Kirby Leather Swivel Chair

Leather swivel recliners 14

Homelegance Diem Swivel Reclining Chair - Taupe Bonded Leather Match 8549TPE-1 |

Leather swivel recliners 9

A true epitome of class and sophistication - this recliner comes with the amazing swivel option and is beautifully upholstered in only the highest quality leather to ensure a perfect fit to your home decor.

Black leather swivel recliner

Black Leather Swivel Recliner

Contemporary Leather Recliner and Ottoman with Metal Base

This recliner and ottoman set stands on a durable metal frame with a circular base. The recliner is over-stuffed, with a generously padded seat, back and arms. Includes a functional swivel, and provides a tension knob that locks recline positions.

Cream leather swivel recliner

Cream Leather Swivel Recliner

Mac motion chairs snow white bonded leather swivel recliner w

Mac Motion Chairs Snow White Bonded Leather Swivel Recliner w/ Ottoman ...

Beautiful Leatherette Cushion Swivel Recliner In Black

Swivel recliner in modern form. It is upholstered with leatherette. Carefully profiled back is finished with solid seams. Ideal for watching TV, reading books and more. Received a lot of positive recommendations from customers.

Global Furniture 8426 Leather Recliner with Ottoman

It is a high quality recliner chair that is available with a soft ottoman that serves as a footrest. All elements of this set have got durable wooden bases with an attractive espresso finish that looks very nice in any decor.

Oslo bergen 52 merlot top grain leather swivel recliner with

... Oslo Bergen 52 Merlot Top Grain Leather Swivel Recliner with Ottoman

Bustle back leather swivel tilt recliner from wellingtons

Bustle back leather swivel tilt recliner from Wellington's

New Tan Theater Seating / Gaming Recliner Chair

Feel like royalty every time you play a console game or watch a movie. This honestly stuffed beige recliner finished with tufting and double stitches is characterized by unparalleled comfort provided to its user.

Leather swivel recliners 7

Add a piece that simply screams charm and class by opting for this exquisite leather swivel recliner. It sports the beautiful dark brown leather upholstery to ensure both a more elevated look and more comfort.

Leather swivel recliners 11

Swivel recliner

Leather swivel recliners 10

I purchased one swivel recliner and ottoman for a cozy nook I wanted to create in out drawing room. The leather upholstery and ball-bearing swiveling base brings an extra comfort to our home.

Flash Furniture Contemporary Black Leather Recliner/Ottoman with Swiveling Mahogany Wood Base

If you're dreaming of an incredible comfort and a unique design in your living room, this intriguing and stylish recliner is gonna be the perfect match for you. Check it out and bring a dose of style to your house!

Sidney leather swivel glider recliner

Sidney Leather Swivel Glider Recliner |

Swivel Recliner Chair with Flair Tapered Arm in Black Leatherette

It is a recliner chair that has got a black leather upholstery and swivel function, which provides a fantastic seating comfort. It looks elegant and is perfect for office space, living room and other.

Parker knoll armchairs 2

The part of armchair's frame. Even if many people think that the sitting is the most important part of this type of furniture, they are mistaken. Only the good quality frame could give it enough support to build the user's comfort.

It 2pc modern leather swivel recliner chair ottoman set ff

... It 2pc Modern Leather Swivel Recliner Chair & Ottoman Set, FF-0539-12

Flash Furniture Contemporary Black Leather soft Recliner/Ottoman with Wrapped Base

This elegant set consist a comfortable recliner and large, rectangular shaped ottoman. Both of them have a solid, metal frame and sleek, leather upholstery, all in black. Set is perfect both for home and office.