Curved Reclining Sofa

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Recline in a curved sofa? Yes. You heard it right. We give you curved reclining sofas. These are too interesting not to take a look at. They have the eclectic look that sets your home decor apart, and they offer a new level of comfort in a way regular sofas can not. This is definitely something you will want to try yourself. See collection for all your options in curved reclining sofas.

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Updated 05/05/2021
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Curved reclining sofa

This vintage elegant curved reclining sofa is made of brown skin leather perfect for any room design. Owing to its large size it is a great option if you want to watch tv on something comfortable and neat looking.

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Black Leather 7 Piece Recliner Sectional Seating W Ottoman

Black Leather 7 Piece Recliner Sectional Seating W Ottoman

This set will not only provide comfort to its users, but it will also update any decor thanks to its neutral colour. The hardwood frame is a very important element that provides stability and solidity. A high density foam enhances the level of comfort.

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Curved reclining sofa

Comprising 7 pieces, this home theatre set of sectional recliner seats delights with its outstanding quality, provided by brown leather finish. The whole construciton is complemented by an ottoman.

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Simmons Upholstery Editor Bonded Leather Sectional

Simmons Upholstery Editor Bonded Leather Sectional

Half rounded sectional sofa upholstered with high quality leather and reinforced with solid seams. It is fitted with cup holders, recliner and chaise lounge. Modern accent for any living room.

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4 recliner sofa

A curved reclining sofa that’s perfect for anyone who values both comfort and style. Black leather carries timeless appeal and elegance, while the extra reclining option ensures perfect to rest after a tiring day of work.

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5 seater recliner sofa

This curved reclining sofa embodies style, prestige and comfort. High-quality, brown leather finish, soft-in-touch cushioning and reclining functions make the item an ideal choice for family leisure spot.

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This sensational sectional sofa is a real treat for lovers of spectacular furniture. Beautifully finished with a very stylish thanks to the combination of two types of upholstery material. Perfect as a corner, it can also be set in another preferred way.

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Curved reclining sofa

The beautiful curved reclining sofa in the leather cover is a stylish solution for contemporary interior design. Stunning details, adjustable footrests, and interesting form impress. Soft cushion adds comfort.

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Ancona Sectional

Ancona Sectional

This magnificent Sectional is characterized by a solid Mahogany wood frame with lovely hand carvings. Upholstered in low-mil Dacron and filled with high resiliency foam, the Sectional also features feather down throw pillows, and graceful lines.

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Curved sofa

Modern C-shaped sofa for small rooms. It has a wooden frame, low black legs, sloped arms, seats with pocketed springs, a rather low backrest. All sections are covered in silvery-grey polyester with greenish tones and button tufting on a base.

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Curved Reclining Sofa

Buying Guide

Nowadays, homeowners are fast becoming stylish and sophisticated from the fact that they choose to dress their homes using irregularly shaped pieces of furniture like curved reclining sofas. So, if you're in the market for this type of modern furniture, here are tips on how to pick out the best curved reclining sofa for your home.

Curved reclining sofas are interesting in a way that they're capable of breaking up right-angled corners and straight lines which may be dominant within your space. What's more, they offer a level of comfort that is far beyond your regular couches.

After you've decided on the sofa that meets your needs and wants, tape out the dimensions within your space before clicking on that "buy" button. Use a painter's tape in drawing the length, depth, and height of your selected sofa right in your living room as it's the best way for you to check its size. You can even fill the outline using cardboard boxes. By doing so, you'll have a true sense as to the heft of your new sofa. Of course, you should ensure your dream sofa fits through halls and doorways to get to its intended placement. This is especially important if you live in a home with tight passageways and door openings.

Take note that a curved reclining sofa takes up quite a lot of footprint. You may also need to flank a curved reclining sofa with additional seats. If so, then it's even more important that you determine the specific spot for this new home addition. Before you pick out your favorites piece, you first need to ensure whether you have ample space in your home that can be allocated for this purpose.

Purchasing a sofa can be considered as an investment as you'll be using it for years. It is, therefore, recommended for homeowners to get the sofas that are in neutral colors.

You may fancy prints or bold colors. If so, then you can get a printed or bright-colored piece but make sure you choose wisely. It's always an excellent idea to acquire a sofa that doesn't look boring. If you think you want to show your adventurous side through your living room furniture, play with various prints and colors.

A mix of feather and foam is the ideal type of filling. All-down is prone to being lumpy and it's also expensive. All-foam, on the other hand, is resilient but it feels stiff. The best for curved reclining sofas are foam-core cushions paired with feather wraps. They strike the right balance of plushness and structure. As an added bonus, they're your affordable options!

The quality of a curved reclining sofa greatly depends on its construction, padding, cushioning, and of course, framing. The cushion must be able to retain its shape even after it's been used. As for the springs, they should bounce back as users stand from the sofa. A sofa's frame and construction shouldn’t be felt through its padding as well.

Best Ideas

Total width reclined 245cm

Total width reclined: 245cm)

6pc traditional modern small sectional sofa with recliner

6pc Traditional Modern Small Sectional Sofa With Recliner

Curved leather loveseat

Oh wow! Look on this large reclining sofa! Can you imagine your relaxation time on these seats? It has the curved shape, super soft faux leather embossed suede upholstery and chestnut color.

Curved reclining sofa 1

Curved reclining sofa, contemporary style, genuine leather upholstery. Each section of the couch reclines, letting for an improved relax. A family room sofa combined with recliners for two-four people.

Camden dark brown italian leather reclining sectional sofa

Camden Dark Brown Italian Leather Reclining Sectional Sofa

500631 co

500631 CO

Curved reclining sofa

Comprising 7 pieces, this brown leather home theatre sectional distinguishes itself with its unique curved shape. It features 2 recliners, a double loveseat and a convenient ottoman/coffee table.

Choosing a curved leather sectional sofa 1

Choosing A Curved Leather Sectional Sofa

4 seater recliner

Sectional sofa upholstered with pleasant to the touch fabric and finished with solid seams. Includes extra pillows for added comfort. Elegant accent for the living room and others interiors according to taste and need.

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