Modern Reclining Sofas


What if your sofa was not only stylish and contemporary, but the whole thing reclined? A dream, you say? No. A reality, with this extensive collection of modern reclining sofas. The entire sofa reclines. How fantastic is that? And they come in plenty of upholstery types to suit your desires. Want to know more? Look through this collection and pick one for yourself.

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Our Picks

Amida Reclining Loveseat

Amida Reclining Loveseat

It is very nice and at the same time practical loveseat. With proper design is perfectly suited as a piece of furniture area. The lower part of a loveseat is foldable. This makes it possible to relax in a reclining position.

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Modern recliner sofas

A pretty though rather simple modern 3-seat reclining sofa with a remote controlled mechanism. It has a chromed metal frame with low round feet. Wide flat full panel arms, thick seats and backs with headrests are upholstered in plain dark fabric.

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Modern reclining sofas 25

Modern recliner sofa for two featuring plum cushions for comfort and beautiful glossed-leather upholstery. The sofa also offers incredible stitching and little touches of white accents around the armrests. It’s supported by a sturdy metal frame for extra longevity.

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Above is a modern contemporary reclining sofa find out the

Above is a modern contemporary reclining sofa. Find out the possible ...

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Gh 228 modern reclining sofa electronic recliners flip back function

gh 228 modern reclining sofa electronic recliners flip back function

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Modern reclining sofas 1

This simple and minimalistic set of furniture will be fit perfectly to modern living room. It is composed of slim-line coffee table in Japanese style and corner sofa with marble shelves intended to storage book or frippery.

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Modern reclining sofas 17

Modern recliner sofa constructed from a sturdy metal frame and standing on four chrome-plated legs. The sofa features plum heavy padding for comfort and comes in neutral black fabric upholstery that will completely transform your entire living room.

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Modern recliner loveseat 2

Enjoy being close to your nearest and dearest without arguing about how the back or footrest is disposed. Side by side recliner seats are perfect for relaxing companionably, while sharing an activity or even while working on separate personal projects.

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Modern recliner loveseat 1

This loveseat sofa shows the contemporary approach to recliners. Massive, cubic-like design with thick cushioning and fully regulated footboard. Crafted by Italian designers, it looks modern and sleek.

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Modern reclining sofas

Set of 2 reclining sofas in various sizes. It is upholstered with high quality Italian leather and reinforced with solid seams. Frame is made of wood. Modern design for any living room.

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Modern Reclining Sofas

Buying Guide

We all love a comfortable chair to sit back and relax in; especially after a hard days work or when you want to enjoy a movie or your favorite TV show. Regardless of your comfort, support or mobility needs, the perfect recliner is out there with your name on it. Finding your ideal chair can be difficult, so here is a buying guide to help you out.

  • Manual recliner: If you are looking to enjoy the full luxury of a modern reclining sofa, or you are getting one for health reasons, manual is not ideal because you will have to do the reclining yourself. You have the choice of either a handle or a clutch release positioned at the side or underneath the chair. The handle lets you push the chair back and elevate your legs into a position that’s most comfortable for you. It’s important to note that on some manual recliners, to get the chair back into its original position, you will need to use your weight.
  • Power recliner: A power recliner comes equipped with either a remote control or a set of buttons on the side of the chair. To relax on your recliner, it’s as simple as pushing the button in the direction you want to go.

It gets even better than being able to lay back in your chair because there are recliners that can either lift or tilt. Anyone can use this feature, but it's more suited to the elderly who find it difficult to move from the seated to the standing position and vice versa. The chair reclines from an almost standing position into a sitting position, and from a sitting position into a standing position.

Reclining sofas are available in a range of styles and shapes to suit your needs, to make sure you choose a sofa that is going to work well in your living room, here are a few hints and tips:

  • Corner reclining sofa: A corner sofa is good for a small living room, you can tuck the seating arrangement away in the corner and still have room for other pieces of furniture.
  • Armchair reclining sofa: An armchair can be in the same style as your sofa suite. It’s the perfect chair if you want to be a lone ranger and enjoy your own company.
  • Loveseats: These are bigger than the regular armchair but smaller than a two-seater; they are great for filling up extra space.

Take away

Remember, as well as making sure that your recliner matches the interior decoration of your home; comfort is the most important aspect. People don’t buy recliners for aesthetic purposes; they are purely for comfort so that you can relax and sink into your new chair.

Best Ideas

Modern recliner sofas 1

Modern Recliner Sofas

Modern sofa recliner

A simple modern recliner sofa with a smooth, cotton upholstery which gives it a comfortable texture. Great addition to a contemporary living room, sure to make a fitting centerpiece with its universal, gray colour.

Modern reclining sectional

This white leather recliner sofa constitutes a great example of the contemporary design. It will fit work out well in all modern interiors, emphasizing the refined character of the space.

Modern reclining sofas 9

Room and Board_Juno Recliner... tailored recliners

Modern reclining sofas

Coja Aurora Leather Reclining Sofa

Modern reclining couch

mmhmmm, that's right.... modern reclining sofa

Modern reclining sofas 10

Leather sofas | Stressless Wave Lowback | Modern Recliner Sofas

Reclining sofa modern

Leather sofas | Stressless Granada Lowback | Modern Recliner Sofas

Modern italian reclining sectional sofa top view ital moresco

Modern Italian Reclining Sectional Sofa Top View Ital Moresco

Beautiful collection of modern reclining sofas

Beautiful Collection of Modern Reclining Sofas

Tips to get the right contemporary sectional sofas

Tips to get the right contemporary sectional sofas

Contemporary recliner sofas

Binari modern recliner sofa. This size is a 3 seater 78cm. Total length 290cm. Made in Lino Heather fabric. As delivered to one of our clients in London.

Black bonded leather double reclining contemporary sectional sofa 1

Black Bonded Leather Double Reclining Contemporary Sectional Sofa

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