Curved Leather Sofa

New innovations in living room decor have taken the original ideal of square and rectangular furniture, and turned it on its head. Now, curved, even round, furniture is more common than ever. Introducing the curved leather couch, which is very attractive, comes in styles that will go with most decor schemes, and offers a better opportunity to converse with others while seated.

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Ashland Leather Sofa

Ashland Leather Sofa
Being both sizable and elegant, this sofa is a true must-have for any interior, with the stunning wood structure for maximum durability and the charming leather upholstery, featuring a rich look, especially with the brown color.

Curved sofas and loveseats cornering the curved leather sofas market

curved sofas and loveseats | Cornering the Curved Leather Sofas Market ...

Curved leather sofas 5

curved leather sofas

Curved leather sofa

Neatly curved four-seater sofas with plum seating and heavy foam padding for comfort. The piece is supported by a strong wooden frame and is finished in modern dark brown leather upholstery for impeccable modern appeal. Be sure to accentuate with several light-colored pillows for the best results.

Curved leather sofa

A classy, leather sofa in a pretty curved shape that can be nicely displayed in the center of the room. White, leather upholstery makes a nice contrast with a black base. The piece will suit contemporary interiors.

Curved sofa any size to fit your space requirements 6748

Curved Sofa - Any Size To Fit Your Space Requirements - 6748

Curved leather sofa 5

Curved three-segments sofa. This beautiful piece of furniture has base made of wood and it is covered of bright leather. If you need simple, but elegant and of course comfortable couch, it is destined for you!

Our advice Buying Guide

What is the best type of leather for a sofa?

A curved leather sofa is an excellent addition to any room; it provides comfortable, decadent seating options and it also cleans up very nicely. These pieces also last a long time, as leather is durable, soft, and ages well.

However, not all types of leather are the same. Upholstery leather can vary in quality in feel. When you’re looking for a leather sofa, there are three types of leather options that you’ll need to consider.

Pigmented leather is durable, has a consistent appearance, and tends to have the most even surface. It can be cheaper, too, which should be a consideration when you’re buying a large piece. Aniline leather tends to have a more natural finish, but also is a little more soil-resistant. Both have benefits, which is why we tend to recommend a semi-aniline leather for high-traffic pieces such as living room sofas.

What coffee table to choose for a curved sofa?

When it comes to deciding on a coffee table to complement your curved leather sofa, there are a couple of options. Oval coffee tables are ideal as they keep in line with the curved theme and gives the impression of continuity and cohesiveness.

On the other hand, rectangular coffee tables are versatile and will fill out a larger space. However, round coffee tables look the best with curved leather sofas as they simply gel well together. Just remember to keep the coffee table at least 1.5 feet from your sofa for comfortable legroom.


Curved leather sofa

Lime green, kidney-shaped couch is perfect for creating a conversation corner. Add a round or oval coffee table to keep the curved theme going. Contrasting throw pillows and perhaps an afghan can add to the general theme of comfort.

Curved leather sofa 7

Neatly curved three-seater sofa featuring plum cushions and heavy all-round padding for top class comfort. The sofa sits on six strong legs and is finished in a stunning, slightly glossed, dark brown leather that will completely transform your entire living room.

70s leather sofa

Beautifully curved three-seater sofa featuring a strong wooden frame. The piece is padded too and comes in a light grey leather upholstery for that modern look. It sits on six legs and offers beautiful accents that will blend with everything in your home.

Clip curved sofa image

Clip Curved Sofa Image

Curved leather sofa 3

We just love the way this modern, contemporary living room is set up. Very vibrant, colourful colours, makes the room stand out as really cosy and lively. Just look at the beautiful, orange sofa and armchair!

Curved leather couches 1

Half rounded sectional sofa in modern form. It is mounted on wooden frame. Upholstery is made of nice touch fabric and reinforced with solid seams. Perfect solution for the living room and others interiors according to taste.

Curved leather sofa 10

Luna - Palliser Curved Leather Sofa

Natuzzi editions millan curved leather sofa

Natuzzi Editions Millan Curved Leather Sofa

Curved leather sofa 6

Like its scenic namesake of Mediterranean coastline that straddles the borders of France and Italy, the Riviera Sofa presents a curvaceous, cushioning profile that invites relaxation and conversation—despite its traditional pedigree: rolled, channel-tuf

Curved leather sofa

Curved leather sofa with sleeping function. It has a leather puff in the same color, white leather significantly enhances the functionality of this set. Puff has a crescent shape. While on one of the parts you can also see retractable footrest.

Curved leather sofa 4

tuscan decorating ideas | Tuscan Style Living Rooms Design Ideas, Pictures, Remodel, and Decor

Sofa online store 4

Sofa Online Store

Curved leather sofa 1

Elegant Curved Sectional Sofa | From a unique collection of antique and modern sofas at

Curved leather sofa 12

One Kings Lane - Warm Up to White - Seville 96" Sofa, White

Curved leather sofa 23

Curve Leather Sofa - Max2621

Rusco curved leather sofa


Elegant leather sofa

curved leather sofa sets

Curved leather sofa 1

Bayside Sofa, Cream

Curved leather sofa 2

Undulating lines incorporated into a curved sofa bring visual softness to a general decor. This Robin egg blue leather covered ontemporary sofa makes things in this entryway mellow also because its color.

Curved leather sofas 4

curved leather sofas

Curved leather sofa 28

Curved Sofas for Your Happy Live: Lovely Curved Leather Sofa With Modern Window Grills And Contemporary Glass Table Along With Grey Wood Flooring ~ Sofa Inspiration

Contemporary Furniture Black Leather Long Curved Sofa

Contemporary Furniture White Leather Long Curved Sofa

Palermo curved sofa

Palermo Curved Sofa

Curved leather sofa 24

Max 2621 Curve Leather Sofa

Contemporary Furniture White Leather Curved Long Sectional Sofa with Matching Ottoman

Curved sofa sectionals 1

Curved Sofa & Sectionals

Curved leather sofa 2

A fallen leaf sofa by: Jbomers Design---I don't particularly like it but I do like the concept design

Curved leather sofa 30

the curves! the beauty! the lack of back support...

Curved leather sofa 3

Antique Curved Leather Sofa | another fabulous find | jayson home

Home antique curved leather sofa 2

Home / Antique Curved Leather Sofa

Curved leather sofa 19

Add a piece of true sophistication and class by opting for this curved leather sofa that sports the walnut finish and is simply the most suitable choice for your interior both when it comes to functionality and style.

Leather Sofa

Leather Sofa

Massoud lynn sofa on onekingslane com for more info on

Massoud Lynn Sofa on For more info on Massoud --

Curved leather sofa 8

Tip Top Furniture Curve Leather Sofa in Red $918.99

Curved leather sofa 32

1930s Easy Chairs by Jindrich Halabala, Czech Republic | From a unique collection of antique and modern lounge chairs at

Curved leather sofa 11

soft bench seat with clean lines and cool jade color of leather

Modern white curved leather sectional sofa with integrated end tables

Modern White Curved Leather Sectional Sofa With Integrated End Tables ...

Curved leather sofa 17

Printed pics on back basin wall. Love color and chair.

Full italian leather from corner sectional sofas 6

Full Italian Leather from Corner Sectional Sofas

Curved leather sofa 27

Max 6029 - Curved Leather Sofa in Black

Lot monaco curved leather sofa by brentwood classic

Lot - Monaco Curved Leather Sofa by Brentwood Classic ...

Custom curved leather sofa by omnia leather at 1stdibs 2

Custom Curved Leather Sofa by Omnia Leather at 1stdibs