High Back Tufted Sofa

There is nothing more comfortable than tufted furniture. And if you like a sofa that is a little different, then you will definitely appreciate these high back tufted sofas. You might have trouble staying awake when you sit on them because they are just that comfortable. So, pick one up for your home, and put the most comfortable sofa you've ever imagined working with your family's relaxation.

Best Products

High Back Sofa

High Back Sofa
This stylish model sofa made in the traditional style is the perfect solution for modern interiors. Beautifully covered with a subtle cloth, he was curiously decorated with studs. It has a high back and soft cushions.

Button Back Winged Leather Settee

Button Back Winged Leather Settee
If you're a real fan of stylish and elegant solutions, you're gonna fall in love with this awesome leather settee. You will enjoy not only its intriguing and posh look, but also an extraordinary comfort.

Zodiac: Capricorn Duke Velvet Sofa In Gray

Zodiac: Capricorn Duke Velvet Sofa In Gray
Made on a solid wooden base, the beautiful tufted high back sofa is a perfect combination of charming design and fine details. Soft upholstery, straight leg slightly higher, and impressive backrest delight.

Breakfast Nook

Breakfast Nook
A simple, but attractive stylization of a breakfast nook. It includes a comfortable bench with a corner placement construction. Soft, button cushioned surfaces provide relaxation. Its white color looks nice with a brown wooden table paired with rattan chair.

Leather occasional chairs

Leather occasional chairs
It is a stylish product for people who love comfort and attractiveness. This armchair has got very soft upholstery materials and what is more, it is covered with a high quality leather that is solid, comfortable and good looking.

Benoa Harbour Loose Back Sofa

Benoa Harbour Loose Back Sofa
Wide and comfortable sofa. Beautiful creamy shade of fabric used on this item matches perfectly the dark tone of the timber. The legs of sofa are intricately and carefully decorated with floral motifs.

Chester tufted upholsterd sofa

Chester tufted upholsterd sofa
A touch of comfort and style in a living room. It stands on solid wooden legs that provide stability and look very attractive. This piece of furniture features polyester foam padding that increases the level of comfort.

Our advice Buying Guide

If you are on the lookout for neck and back support out of a piece of furniture for ultimate comfort, then you should consider high back tufted sofas. They're available in a wide range of designs, which means there's something every taste. Check out our buying guide below as it will help you choose the right tufted sofa with a high back.

What's the number one consideration when buying a tufted sofa?

All types of sofa, including a tufted, high back unit, start with a good frame. A sofa's frame is the skeleton which ensures all the parts of the furniture remain intact. A quality frame will keep every piece where it should be. It also provides your body with support as you sit on the chair, making sure you don't experience any pain or ache.

Remember, without an excellent foundation, your sofa will just lose its shape. Just a minor fault like a loose joint or a minute break in the framing will turn your once-comfortable sofa into something that will induce pain just after you sit on it for a couple of minutes.

What are the best sofa frame materials?

The right material choices and building techniques define a sofa frame's quality. We suggest you look into wood composites and metal instead of hardwood that's genuine as they're both tougher and stronger. In addition, a cheaper model uses metal staples in its joints, and it's common in furniture pieces that have been mass-produced. This method won't provide you with the durability that a hand-joined can offer.

What types of sofa filling are there?

Although foam is popular, not all kinds of foam are created equal. In a manufacturing plant, the substance is produced through the mixing of several different chemicals that rise into large spongy blocks. The softness or stiffness of the materials determine a foam's feel and density. Also, the less air that has formed during the process of curing, the greater the material's density. Basically, what we mean is that higher density relates to better foam quality and a higher price tag.

Opt for higher-density foam as it gives you more support and comfort with its solid build. What's more, the sofa's filling which provides the right resistance will last longer compared to low-density foam. Of course, you would want your cushions to be plump even after years of constant use, especially when you've spent a lot of money.

The cushioning is the part that you'll be in contact with as you sit on the chair. It is, therefore, important that you select the type of filling that ensures optimal comfort. What most homeowners prefer is the type of cushioning that's capable of offering some degree of resistance that will help support the body.

What's the best type of suspension in a tufted sofa?

When it comes to choosing a comfy high back tufted sofa, its suspension plays a huge, pivotal role. It is located within a seating area's inner part and it uses webbing or springs in providing support and resistance as you sit. Along with the cushion filling, it is responsible for fiving a sofa its seating feel and balance.

The suspension of the best sofa for you is one that provides a good amount of resistance. A cheap sofa has inadequate suspension so it will just sag after a year. Quality furniture pieces have durable systems that allow them to withstand daily use.


High back tufted sofa 1

Make a statement and welcome the plushy feel this extraordinary handcrafted sofa brings with its extra high tufted back. Alder wood frame with hand-painted finish supports tufted cushioning with light gray polyester upholstery.

High back tufted sofa

This beautiful bench with stylish high-backed furniture for living room or bedroom. Beautiful upholstery and interestingly decorated base captivate the details. The whole is beautifully presented in every interior design.

Dining bench with back

Transform your room into a royal chamber, using this magnificent bench with a very high back. The whole is upholstered in purple leather, resting on beautifully designed legs. The bench also includes a sloping sides, and a gorgeously button-tufted back.

High back sofa

I want to have this high back sofa in my bedroom. The high tufted back, navy velvet upholstery and beautiful hand carved frame creates the glamour and fab seating.

High back tufted sofa

Seriously high-back tufted sofa; Gallatin Gateway, Montana

High back loveseat

If you want a piece of furniture that screams "All eyez on me!", you shouldn't miss this stylish beauty right here. This fashionable sofa has a high back and sides, beautiful tufting, off-white fabric upholstery, and two matching throw pillows.

High back dining bench

This bright corner for dining is an excellent way to fill out a small space. Beautifully upholstered bench with high backrest, upholstered chairs, and a simple, classic table will work out during your daily meals.

High back bench

This vintage bench with high back can bring classic accents into your living room, in no time. Upholstered in a purple fabric, the bench offers wood legs, a soft seat cushion, nicely-profiled wings, and a large back with button-tufting.

High back tufted chair

Sophisticated and elegant, this beautiful 2 seater sofa emanates with flawless aesthetic. It features a high back with diamond button-tufting, a large seat, tapered wood legs and snow-white upholstery.

Traditional fabric high back sofas

With the high back packed with tufting this sofa sports one of the most amazing designs and is a sure choice for ensuring a vintage, well-defined look for your living room. It will seat up to three people comfortably.

High back sofa and loveseat

This amazing sofa sports a unique and truly one-of-a-kind design with its high back that is covered in charming tufting and the turquoise finish that will instantly brighten up any space possible.

High back couch

A marvelous addition for living rooms that crave for highly-stylish masterpieces. This beautiful sofa has a high back with button-tufting, dark purple upholstery, a wooden frame with tapered legs, and 4 throw pillows wrapped in black satin covers.

High back upholstered bench

With its high, arched back, this silver button-tufted bench creates an exquisitely stylish, refined proposition, designed to add eclecticism to any space. Features a soft-in-touch, velvet finishing.

High back banquette

A chic modern dining bench for 2 persons. Its frame is of birch wood and has dark grey tapered legs. It features a high square tufted wingback as well as silvery nailhead trims both on wing fronts and an apron. Upholstery is of plain grey linen.

More classy and sophisticated with this beautiful high back loveseat

more classy and sophisticated with this beautiful high-back loveseat ...

Modern high back sofa

The Sebastian, Vail, Colo. A relative newcomer to Vail's celebrity scene, this luxury boutique resort opened in late 2010 with a modern take on Rocky Mountain lodge style. The lobby's centerpiece is this cozy conversation area, with a sculptural stacked-

Tufted high back chair

Add comfort, style, elegance and beauty into your home with this high back tufted sofa. It brings the luxury touch to any space. I love this deep red color, it's so divine! The carved crown on the top is an brilliant accent.

Tufted gray sofa 8

Sofa in contemporary form. It is upholstered with nice touch velvet material and finished with decorative quilting. Stylish addition to the living room and others interiors as needed. Traditional form and modern design.

High back leather sofa

Janna Loveseat

High back tufted chair furniture chair black

High Back Tufted Chair furniture, chair, black

Grey button back sofa

Made of solid material in combination with the sleek, button back, it looks phenomenal. The whole is kept in eye-pleasing, universal beige enchanting and brings to the decor an interesting character.

Button back sofa 16

High button back booth

Tufted high back sofa 8925 03

Tufted High Back Sofa 8925-03

Carthusia Tufted Scroll Sofa

Carthusia Tufted Scroll Sofa

Couch buttons

Rolled arms sofa with tapered feet and tufted button back. This style is willingly used both in contemporary and traditional interiors, as it sports alluring Victorian vibe. Here the fabric upholstery is white.

High back banquette bench

An old headboard was used here as a foundation to revamp a cabriole legged dining bench. Now it has tall, arched wing back wrapped up in glamorous white fabric. Diamond tufting emphasized its Hollywood style look.

Tufted high back sofa

Tufted High Back Sofa

High back modern sofa

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Button back sofa

The beautiful interior gains on fine furniture, and this effectively tufted sofa captivates. The white finish, button back and styling in the shabby chic climate delight. The ideal solution for any interior in the style of the French, and more.

High back purple chair

Luxury tufted sofa bench with high back and carved crown

Dining table with loveseat

Pinewood served here as the frame, however, the most important in the high back tufted sofa is linen upholstery-in a natural shade of linen. Exclusive quilting, makes it refer to royal furnishings. Deprived of armrests, but she has a much higher backrest.

Yellow tufted sofa 3

A comfortable traditional 3-seat sofa with a woody frame and ornate low turned legs with bun tops. It's upholstered in quality yellow leather with button tufting on a quite thick seat as well as on showy rolled out arms and a same height backrest.

Tufted gray sofa 7

A classy modern couch with a wooden frame and low white turned legs. Its thickly padded seat, same height panel arms and a backrest are deeply button tufted. Upholstery is of soft plain grey fabric with nailhead trims along bottom and arms edges.

Yellow tufted sofa 11

Early-twenties stylized tufted sofa in the amazing mustard color. Like a lot of furniture from this epoch, it had been perfectly finished - please take a look on this delicately carved legs. Mixed with modern interior, could make a sensation in the town.

Neoz high back sofa france 20th c phillip starck neoz

neoz high back sofa france 20th c phillip starck neoz high back sofa ...

Carthusia Tufted Button Sofa

Carthusia Tufted Button Sofa

Leather button back sofa

An attractive traditional sofa having a wooden frame with low black bun feet. Its backrest and arms have the same height, are rolled out and feature beautiful button tufting but seats and other panels are plain. Upholstery is of quality grey fabric.

Yellow tufted sofa 2

Upholstered with lovely, tufted citrine leather, this Chesterfield sofa is designed to embellish sophisticated interiors. Based on solid, peaked wooden legs, it delights with its characteristic curved armrests.

Yellow tufted sofa 7

Stylish sofa upholstered with high quality leather and reinforced with nail heads. It is mounted on wooden frame. Seat and back is finished with decorative quilting. Elegant design for any interior.

High back sofas living room furniture

Laurel Sofa on - diamond-tufted white slub linen, high backed sofa

Tufted gray sofa 1

This tufted grey sofa enchants with its elegant, neat design and silver trimming. It adds true Hollywood glamour, fitting well into every refined interior. Metal legs provide long-lasting solidness.

Green leather office chair 4

green leather office chair

High back tufted settee

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