Funky Armchairs

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Show off your wild side and purchase one of the funky armchairs gathered together here in this collection below. A riot of of colors and textures to really draw the eye and be the star of your seating area, no one will be able to resist the comfort and quirky joy of your new armchair.

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Pardon the garden

Pardon the garden

A brilliant armchair that will jazz up every sad room. It features a graceful, wooden silhouette with slim legs and in a light blue color. The piece is highlighted by patterned upholstery in a vivid combination of funky colors.

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Funky armchairs 2

A cool armchair featuring upholstery of fabric in prevalent violent purples and blues with colourful floral designs on arms and a flared back but a deep seat with a patternless purple cover. It has a wooden frame and rounded colourful splayed legs.

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Funky armchairs 1

Playful armchair design that will bring a feeling of vibrancy and vivid colors into your house. The chair is heavily padded around the seat and comes with both armrests and lower backrests. The chair proudly stands on a sturdy wooden frame with its protruding tapered legs visible at the bottom.

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Funky arm chair

Super funky armchair made from wood and printed fabric with many differen magical colors - blue, green, purple, sunny beige, white, violet, red, dark green... It looks pretty amazing on this white floor background!

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ชื่อภาพ : โซฟา แนวๆ ลวดลาย ...

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Funky armchairs

On the first sight - everything is mess here, but when you take a look again - you will see that this patterns and colors perfectly play together. This is boho style - presented on funky armchair in gypsy colors, with wooden base.

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Funky armchair 2

Funky Armchair

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For the love of funky chairs

For The Love of Funky Chairs

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Funky armchairs 3


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Funky armchairs 4

The Cherries Wingchair Adds a Splash of Color to Your Space, Funky Fun Furniture

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Funky Armchairs

Buying Guide

Funky armchairs can be more or less expensive depending on the model, but you can find them across all price ranges. For example, handmade models that are literally one of a kind will obviously cost more. However, nowadays you can find lots of funky armchairs that are made to look unique but are actually mass-produced.

The type of materials or fabric will also have an impact on the final price. Solid wood is usually more expensive than laminate alternatives, whereas synthetic fabrics like polyester tend to be cheaper than natural options. Plastic models are some of the most affordable types of funky armchairs, too.

Your journey towards finding funky armchairs may lead you through the Internet to artisans in your hometown to vintage shops all across the nation. If you’re looking for something special and specific, however, we always recommend at least starting online. You’ll likely have better luck with prices online, too.

Before you start looking, think about your already-existing decor and the look you want your funky armchair to promote. Then, go to online outlets, input your criteria into their search engines, and see what you can find!

Most living rooms, unless they are very large, can handle no more than two armchairs on a simple logistical level. If those armchairs are quite funky, you’ll want to cap the number of armchairs at two because, otherwise, they could visually overpower your living room.

Consider two funky armchairs on either side of a more neutrally-styled couch, for example, to achieve a balanced yet eclectic look.

Best Ideas

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Fenton & Fenton

Funky armchairs 13

Maybe not with the horse, necessarily, but I do love the idea of using old blankets/tapestry for upholstery.

Furniture 24


50s suzani fabric upholstered chair sofas armchairs graham and

50's Suzani Fabric Upholstered Chair, Sofas & Armchairs | Graham and ...

Funky arm chairs

“Proust” armchairs are full of color and they remind you of the beauty of life, the warm of our world and the joyful nature which surrounds us. They will make your interior become more alive and will inspire you a very good mood, which will make feel

Funky armchair

What a thing! Boho print armchair with cool flower pattern on it, in blue, red, pink, green and yellow. Super funky and incredibly cool! Nicely would suit any modern interior! Or your baby girl's room.

Funky armchairs 5

Original arm chair as additional seating or place for relaxation in all kinds of interiors. It is covered with fabric and decorated with patchwork theme. Ideal for watching TV, reading books and more.

Funky armchair 5


Funky armchairs 11

A touch of passion colors, soft fabrics and an open invite for comfort. #aclearplace

Funky armchairs 2

Despite the board I've pinned this to, I really like this chair! It just makes me smile. :)

Funky armchairs 10

Behangcollectie Suzani van Eijffinger is geïnspireerd op de kenmerkende geborduurde stoffen van de nomaden uit Midden Azië waaronder bloemen, decoratieven cirkelpatronen, stippen, strepen en boommotieven.

Funky armchairs 7

Frankie Armchair - Suzani - Pier One

Funky armchairs 15

Sottsass moment. Xk #kellywearstler

Funky armchairs 2

I LOVE this chair! It's already sold out or I'd be trying to figure out how to come up the the 1,500 bucks.