Funky Bar Stools

No two barstools are alike. This is especially true for the funky bar stools in this wild and eclectic collection. These funky bar stools will take your bar to a whole other world of whimsy. They are not only fun, but very functional. They are well-made, sturdy, and will give you a good laugh everytime you see them. Take a look in this collection for all the options.

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Funky kitchen stools

Weird yet captivating - this bar stool sports a funky look but is still more than sure to provide you with the comfort you're looking for, while blending perfectly with your modern styled interior.

Funky bar stools 2

If you look for funky, modern furniture, registering the contemporary vibe, this counter stool will be a perfect choice. It exudes the feeling of vintage glam, being both bold and daring at the same time.

Funky bar stools

Tasteful bar stools upholstered with fabric and finished with pastel colors. Frame is made of wood and reinforced with solid supports. Adds freshness and modernity to the kitchen, dining room and more.

Funky bar stools 1

If you like bar stools, then this funky set shall appeal to you. Their original, cool and clean design represents the best features of minimalism, therefore suiting well all contemporary apartments.

Funky stool

A nice and beautiful bar stool in cream finish that sports a funky design and makes for a suitable addition to the contemporary-styled interior. It has the chrome base with a footrest for more convenience and the wooden structure of the seat and back.

Funky bar stools 3

Funky counter height barstools featuring a low back design and a wooden seat. The stools stand on four metal legs, each finished in recessed black for that industrial look. You also get metal footrests below and an inspired countryside look to transform your home bar or farmhouse-inspired kitchen.

Bar stools funky

The funky layout of this dining corner features solid gray concrete counter and a blackboard that covers the entire background wall (of course you can write and draw on it with chalk). Bright yellow bar stools pop in this environment.

Our advice Buying Guide

The definition of funky is to be unconventionally stylish. Not everything in today's interior design has to be labeled as sophisticated. Sometimes an odd or quaint addition, like festive funky bar stools, can give just the right tone for a fun-loving environment.

Give your game room, bar or kitchen a trendy frivolous feel that sets you apart from the routine modern styles. For the younger crowd, retro fits this bill quite nicely.

What are funky bar stools crafted from?

Outrageous shapes and bright colors often accompany funky bar stools. Quality materials from earlier years can often be found in retro or vintage stools. Solid and sustainable, these can last for many years.

  • Wood - Backless bar stools made of hardwood provide a platform for non-toxic paint with bright designs. Reclaimed wood with acacia legs and a curved seat is an example of how natural and funky mix well.
  • Metal - Chrome plated metal brings back yesterday's look with circular legs set on a large round base. Often adjustable for comfort, the magic of vintage comes alive. Unusually shaped seats, like a giant hand or a metal tractor seat, are made of steel for uncompromising sturdiness.
  • Plastic - Padded faux leather with unusually shaped backs or shiny vinyl that mimics a bottle cap make funky furniture interesting.
  • Wicker - Mixed materials, such as rattan and wood, can create an exotic look in any decor. Rush seats with wood ladder backs or a simple backless wicker seat with scrolled wooden legs make a personal statement.
  • Fabric - Fabrics made of cotton or polyester and highlighted with bright prints on seats and high backs are great for country chic decors. Anything from swirls to polka dots add a quirky, but warm, feel.

What size bar stools should you get?

Although bar stools and counter stools are often seen as one, they differ in the height. Counters as a rule, are lower than bars. Kitchen counters or tall tables range from 34" to 39" in height. A corresponding stool should be 24" to 29" from floor to seat. Bars typically run from 40" to 46" in height. Stools for a bar will range from 30" to 36" from floor to seat. Check the height of the designated table before ordering.

How to style with funky bar stools?

Funky bar stools may or may not have a certain style assigned to them. Metal stools with little ornament match urban industrial and some modern decors. Wood and fabric is warm and can fit contemporary, country, chic or rustic styles. Plastics are usually used in modern or eclectic decors. When bright colors are used, they are meant to stand out and be noticed in all decors.

How do you clean bar stools?

Cleaning bar stools is simple. Soap and water can remove any dirt or grime off of many surfaces. Chrome should be shined when needed. If upholstered, vacuum and spot clean as needed with an upholstery cleaning product.


Clementine and olive life style blog the styling of bailey

Clementine and Olive Life Style Blog: The Styling of Bailey Quin McCarthy - love this kitchen so pretty and a little funky!

Wood barstools in white kitchen

Intricately carved counter height kitchen barstools made entirely from wood. The stools come with uniquely carved legs and a flat seating area that offers full support. There are also some leg rests included there and a neatly carved backrest.

Dan form funky bar stool

dan-form funky bar stool

Funky bar stool 2

Bring a dash of color and vibrancy into your kitchen with these colorful barstools. Featuring unique light blue suede upholstery, the stools are also heavily padded for comfortable seating. Their unique shape, especially around the backrest should be an eye-catching feature in your kitchen.

Funky bar stools

Comprising 4 funky bar stools and a corresponding roundtable, this cocktail or dinette set constitutes a fabulous decor proposition. Bold design, featuring lots of gold and silver will embellish even the most sophisticated interiors.

Features delivery reviews 3

Features Delivery Reviews

Bar stools funky

Funky/eclectic design at Three Bags Full, Abbotsford. Love the re-purposed traffic sign stools!

Mackenzie childs courtly check stool for the bar

MacKenzie Childs Courtly Check Stool for the bar.

Foxholm 26" Swivel Bar Stool with Cushion

Foxholm 26" Swivel Bar Stool with Cushion

Funky bar stools 16

funky bar stools £100.55 for 2

Funky bar stools 13

Funky bar stools from DefySupply

Funky bar stools 1

A whimsical bar stool, complete with uplifting words to live by! Created from a reclaimed high back stool. (Sold)

Funky breakfast bar stools

for the boys so when they tip them,and they will, they are soft when the stool hits the tile... no cracked tile!

Funky bar stools 17

Reclaimed wood panelling absorbs more sound effectively compared to other types of wood thus are suitable for restaurants or coffee shops.

Funky bar stools 1

funky bar stools!

Funky barstools

Chairs - AM Designs

Funky bar stools

Funky wooden bar stool #2

Pilot 24.8" Bar Stool

Pilot 24.8" Bar Stool

Funky bar stools 3

A set of two funky barstools made in an oriental, exotic fashion. The stools are made out of manufactured wood with smooth veneers painted in yellow paint and have exquisite patterns engraved on the backs.

Funky stool 1

Funky bar stool. Shiny chrome frame creates a sturdy nest for clear acrylic seat. It's translucent like water, and it seems as if it's about to flow slowly on the floor. Not the most comfortable one on Earth, but looks awesome, obviously.

Cute modern kitchen pale aqua units green bar stools

Cute modern kitchen: pale aqua units, green bar stools

CorLiving B-302-VPD Round Styled Adjustable Bar Stool, Black Leatherette, Set of 2

It is a set that includes two bar stools with contemporary design. They are available in two color options to choose: black leatherette and brown leatherette. They are a great addition for your modern dining room.

Funky counter stools

LOVE this!! Cld do this for outside dinning or the future bar I'm gonna have off my kitchen

Black Chateau Adjustable Height Swivel Bar Stool with Chrome Base

This bar stool is a solid piece of furniture that has got a metal base with a chrome finish. Its seat has got a swivel and lift mechanism - they allow for regulation according to specific requirements.

Funky bar stool 5

funky bar stool

Funky bar stools 2

Funky Bar Stools

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Funky bar

The openwork funky bar stool constructed of two mixed materials: walnut and stainless steel. Such a nice piece of furniture is universal and will play its role very well in the public space and also in the private home.

Funky bar stool black 3

Funky Bar Stool Black

Funky bar stools 11

Love this open kitchen shelving and soapstone counters by Lyndsay Caleo and Fitzhugh Karol

Funky bar stool

Distinguishing itself with characteristic bevelled legs, this unique bar stool will be a funky accent in your kitchen or dining room decor. Thanks to the properly protected wood, it can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Funky bar stools 1

Reminds me of a time out stool I missed at a store one time.

Funky bar stools 14

the rest of one of my favotire kitchens the coloring is so different. banquette, lantern, window, coloring - LOVE this whole room!

Funky bar stools 8

beach house kitchen by Dwellings, love the horizontal striped fabric, beach glass island color

Funky bar stool white

Funky Bar Stool White

Funky bar stools 12

island..but w/ more overhang by the stools... 122013_ALISONWESTLAKE_XMAS0812

Funky bar stools

rustic bar design | Rich and rustic. | Raising the Bar

Red Crescent Adjustable Height Swivel Armless Bar Stool

Armless bar stool with low-lined backrest and swivel design. The height is adjustable. Triangular footrest adds an intriguing accent. Thanks to red upholstery and updated look, the item is pretty eye-catchy.

Retro Style Soda Cap Bar Stool in Blue (Set of 2)

Funky bar stool 1

Funky Bar Stool

Home furniture diy furniture stools breakfast bars 128

Home, Furniture & DIY > Furniture > Stools & Breakfast Bars

CorLiving B-407-UPD High Back Adjustable Bar Stool, Black Leatherette, Set of 2

Funky bar stools for stunning and amusing kitchen bar 1

Funky bar stools for Stunning and Amusing Kitchen Bar ...