Wine Barrel Bar Stools

Something different, something interesting, these wine barrel bar stools fit both of those criteria and then some. Be it the models without padding or the ones that have pre indented areas for your sitting pleasure, you are sure to love these fun and eclectic wine barrel bar stools, if for nothing else, than to add an interesting charm to your bar area.

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Wine barrel bar stools special price

Wine barrel bar stools special price
A pair of sturdy barstools, characterized by wine barrel construction for durability and profiled seats for better comfort.Each of the stools has curved legs with stretchers, successfully splashing your bar area with country accents.

Rustic elegance eclectic wine cellar dallas

Rustic elegance eclectic wine cellar dallas
Is there anything more rustic than an old wooden barrel of wine? Imagine the grapes that make up a wonderful taste. Today wine barrel second life is the role of the bar table base with a glass round table. It is filled with corkscrews.

Wine Barrel Bar Stool W Back

Wine Barrel Bar Stool W Back
Made out of retired wine barrels, this back bar stool constitutes a perfect example of upcycling. Ideal way to bring in some rustic appeal to your space. Made from oak wood, it measures 38.5 inches high x 16 inches wide.

Archer metal leather barstool

Archer metal leather barstool
Thiese bar stools look very attractive in every kitchen or home bar regardless of its stylization. They have got solid metal frames with special supports for feet. Soft seats and backrests covered with leather make these elements more attractive and comfortable.

Wine barrel bar stools

Cool wine barrels stylised barstools of brown-finished reclaimed wood. They feature dark metal bands with nails, lettering in lighter tone capitals and pictures bringing in mind French vineyards. Round seats are covered in regenerated brown leather.

Safavieh Home Collection Bryce Brown Barrel Stool

This brilliant ottoman/barrel stool is an excellent combination of solid wood construction with a soft leather seat cover. The whole is perfectly suited to the rustic country atmosphere. Interesting inscription and quilted cushions fascinate.

Wine barrel bar stools 1

Wooden bar stools made of reclaimed wine barrels. All four legs and a seat are made from the staves. These stools have a natural finish and you can see the deep purple color left from the years that the wine soaked into them.

Our advice Buying Guide

Wine barrel bar stools are great at making a space feel rustic, homey or even country. If you want to know how to make these eco-friendly stools work for you, here are tips on how to choose the perfect wine barrel bar stools:

What are some popular designs of wine barrel bar stools?

Bar stools made of reclaimed wood are available in all sizes and styles. There are those that are painted while others are distressed or unfinished. When choosing a set, consider where you will be placing the stools so you get a good idea on what will look great in your space. Maybe you want a distressed wine barrel bar stools set to add to your ultra-modern kitchen for contrast. Perhaps you want a set with a farmhouse style for that rustic, shabby chic, and comfortable addition to your home. Regardless of what you choose, we're sure you'll be able to find the exact ones that you had in mind.

Another aspect you need to think about when it comes to the design of your new bar stools is the backrest. If you want your stools to offer comfort, backrests will allow you to sit comfortably even for hours as you can lean back for back support. Stools with backrests are lounge-worthy. Broad-backed stools can even make a room look and feel more inviting.

For backless stools, they win in terms of saving space. They can easily be tucked under tables and counters, so they’re great if your space is busy and small. If you want stools that don’t call attention, then backless options are best for you.

What are the most comfortable types of wine barrel bar stools?

The most comfortable options are those that have armrests and backrests as they allow people to relax. Swiveling stools also let users turn around without leaving their seats. It's important that you consider the level of comfort your stools offer as anyone who sits on them should be comfortable while sitting, eating, and/or socializing.

How to ensure safety and durabilty of wine barrel bar stools?

It's important that you select durable stools, so you are not wasting your money on items that easily damage or break after only a couple of uses. When you have guests over and your stools break, that would certainly be embarrassing, which is why it’s essential to purchase only durable stools even when they’re made of reclaimed wood. If the construction of your new chairs is solid, then your space’s new seating options will be able to serve you a few good years and add class and some vintage look to your space.

You'd want to protect your investment, so make sure that you check the warranty of your chosen chairs as well as their return policy as you’ll be purchasing online.

If you have children around the house, then you’d want stable stools. Children, as you may know very well, play even when they’re sitting. They swing on their seats and rock them even when they’re not supposed to. So, having stable stools is a must and will make you feel confident that there won’t be any accident happening inside your home.


Industrial barstool

Wine barrel stools are affordable and they look stylish, matching the hottest interior design trends that utilize vintage or industrial vibe for their creation. Metal bases are sturdy all the time, and wooden seats match all coloring schemes.

Barrel bar and chairs

Barrel bar and chairs

Barrel stave stools

Inspired by wine barrels, this set of bar stools shall be appreciated not only by the wine enthusiasts. Fitting perfectly well into rustic or traditional interiors, it will look good both in restaurants as well as private dining rooms.

Wine Barrel Stool

This stylish and very distinctive bar stool made on a barrel is a perfect combination of impressive form and functionality. Leather seat upholstery is glamorous and beautifully presented in conjunction with the base.

Rustic bar furniture

Give your home some touch of rustic elegance with these incredible wine barrel stools. Made directly from wine barrels, the stools feature polished glossy brown finishing and beautiful craftsmanship on the sides as well. They are also incredibly comfortable and should add pomp into any farmhouse kitchen.

Wine barrel bar stool 18

The wine barrels are always made of high-quality wood, so it will be a big waste when you will not give this the second life. The profiled planks will be perfect for a stool legs and the seat could be made of the top part of the barrel.

Huge bar stools made out of tequila barrels great for

Huge bar stools made out of tequila barrels. Great for your man cave!

30" Stave Stool w/ Tan Leather Seat - Made from Wine Barrels (Pine Finish)

It is a stool that is made from wine barrel and has got a pine finish, leather seat with tan color. Everyone will be impressed how amazing it looks in your dining room and kitchen area.

Swivel bar stool 16

Swivel Bar Stool

28" Daisy Swivel Stave Stool - Made from Wine Barrels (Ocean Finish)

This 28-inch height bar stool is made from reclaimed wine barrels, offering durable usage and quite unique look. The stool has a round seat and curvy legs, with the whole reinforced by crisscrossed metal stretchers and metal hardware.

Wine barrel stave bar stool

wine barrel stave bar stool

Whiskey barrel bar stools 1

Whiskey Barrel Bar Stools

Barrel bar stools

Wine Barrel Tables | Upcycle That - for the back porch, we could cut it to whatever height we want and use a plexiglass top.

Barrel stave stool 1

Why not go for something not only stylish and offering a one-of-a-kind look for your home but also just packed with functional use thanks to this barrel stave stool that provides a rustic vibe thanks to its unique structure.

Barrel stave stool 7

Wooden stool with a durable frame made of wine barrel elements. This stool includes four legs and a solid metal support in round shape. Square backless and armless seat assures support and comfort to any user.

Barrel stave stool 2

Round wooden stool constructed from wine barrel staves. The base is additionally reinforced with a heavy duty metal ring. This stool offers a fine merge of stylish design and sturdiness. It delivers industrial tones to its ambiance.

Unique bar stools

If you are looking for something more unique to beautify your kitchen or bar area; try this out of the box set made from old wine barrels. The barrel planks are stylishly combined with the metal rings that hold the whole piece firmly together.

Wine bar stools wine barrel bar stools deep south barrels

wine bar stools | Wine Barrel Bar Stools - Deep South Barrels

Oak vintage bar stools 1

Vintage Oak Wine Barrel Round Bar Stool with Leather Seat at Wine Enthusiast - $169.95

End of year sale prices will go up for 2015

End Of Year Sale!! Prices Will Go Up For 2015! Custom Reclaimed/Industrial Wine Barrel Bar Stool with Backrest 265.00 Now 235.00!

Log furniture by s e tyler handcrafted rustic log furniture

Log Furniture by S.E. Tyler | Handcrafted Rustic Log Furniture | Placerville, California. Wine Barrel Bar stools with Bear & Elk silhouettes cutouts , Made in America

Vintage Oak Wine Bar Stool

This bar stool offers a classic and contoured piece suitable for bars, pubs, and game rooms. The frame is made of hand-forged steel, including a square foot rest and angled legs. The seat and back feature a slat appearance, designed of reclaimed oak wine barrel staves.

28" Wood Stave Stool w/ Back - Made from Wine Barrels (Caramel Finish)

Add a touch of industrial style to your home with this bar stool, which is made of barrel. It features the caramel finish, wooden construction, back and it measures 28 inches of high.

Barrel stool

Whether you want to style and theme your restaurant or pub or simply add a refined and utterly original stylish accent to your home bar or dining area this Western pub table with matching stools will be a perfect option.

Wine barrel steward seat

Wine Barrel Steward Seat

Wine barrel bar table

These raw tables look good with industrial stools in a color of shades bronze. With its simplicity and metallic accents, you will feel like you are in Cuban Havana waiting outside the rustic gate,laid-back to have your drink!

28" Stave Stool w/ Wood Seat - Made from Wine Barrels (Pine Finish)

28" Stave Stool w/ Wood Seat - Made from Wine Barrels (Pine Finish)

Wine barrel stave stool with metal base by alpinewinedesign

Wine Barrel Stave Stool With Metal Base by alpinewinedesign

Vintage Oak Wine Barrel Round Bar Stool with Leather Seat

It is a bar stool that features a durable construction and a comfortable round seat covered with leather. It is a combination of a rustic style and a natural beauty. It is a comfortable and space saving solution.

Wine barrel bar stool 21

wine barrel bar stool

24" Daisy Swivel Stave Stool - Made from Wine Barrels (Pine Finish)

This 24-inch height bar stool is made from reclaimed wine barrels, offering durable usage and quite unique look. The stool has a round seat and curvy legs, with the whole reinforced by crisscrossed metal stretchers and metal hardware.

2 Day Designs Reclaimed Wine2Night Stave Back Bar Stool

Simple bar stool with saddled seat that offers straightforward design to become an inherent part of any decor. Ladder style backrest and four slender legs distinguish themselves with contoured geometric form.

Wine barrel bar stool with arms back back view by

Wine Barrel Bar Stool with Arms & Back - Back View - by

Whiskey barrel bar stools

♂ Masculine Interior The home’s wine cellar doubles as a work of art with a large window through which wine collections can be seen.

Wine barrel dining room table

This set of handmade wine barrel stools show how creatively you can reuse the things around you. Combined with metal clamping rings, with big screws visible for the user, it creates a fabulous industrial decoration.

Wood Stools

A wooden wine barrel bar stool without a backrest - it works great for a quick breakfast, a drink or an aromatic coffee. A wooden stool without a backrest also takes up less space, in this case, it presents a cold and warm color of the wood.

Wine barrel stave tasting bar stool 2

Wine barrel stave Tasting bar stool

Upcycled wine barrel bar stools

Upcycled wine barrel bar stools!

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Barrel stave stools

Bar stool made from recycled barrels. Wooden base is reinforced with metal support ring. Round seat is covered with leather. Suitable for residential and commercial premises.

Stave stool from the a toast to the coast event

Stave Stool from the A Toast to the Coast event at Joss and Main! Reminds me of a rustic wine barrel meets industrial bar stool.

Barrel stave stool 4

A cool traditional barstool with a mid-height base of barrel staves in natural shades. Four gently bowed angular legs are joined by a footring and a band (under a top) of black metal. A rectangular gently concave seat is of longwise arranged slats.

Wine barrel bar stools special price 1

Wine Barrel Bar Stools Special Price