Jack Daniels Bar Stools

If you are a consummate fan of Jack Daniels and all of his glory, and you like to accent your home with Jack Daniels related paraphernalia, then have we got the bar stools for you. Our extensive collection of Jack Daniels bar stools all carries that logo you appreciate and are very comfortable. and even if you never sit on them, they will make a nice additional collectors’ piece for your home.

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Jack Daniel's 30.25" Bar Stool with Cushion

Jack Daniel's 30.25" Bar Stool with Cushion
It is a bar stool for every connoisseur of whiskey. It is simple, very ordinary, humble. This compensates for its simplicity is special pillow designed for this stool. It is decorated with a motif reminiscent of Jack Daniels.

Jack Daniel's 30.25" Swivel Bar Stool with Cushion (Set of 2)

Jack Daniel's 30.25" Swivel Bar Stool with Cushion (Set of 2)
2 bar stools with a soft cushion for added convenience. The legs are arranged conically and reinforced support ring. The construction is made of high quality charcoal.

Rustic elegance eclectic wine cellar dallas

Rustic elegance eclectic wine cellar dallas
Is there anything more rustic than an old wooden barrel of wine? Imagine the grapes that make up a wonderful taste. Today wine barrel second life is the role of the bar table base with a glass round table. It is filled with corkscrews.

Collegiate 30" Bar Stool with Cushion

Collegiate 30" Bar Stool with Cushion
An upholstered, gorgeous bar stool with a sturdy base that consists of four legs and footrests on each side. The seat is made of high-quality materials that ensure softness and comfort while sitting.

Jack daniels bar stools 2

If you need a gift idea, you can choose this Jack Daniel's Label bar stool. It is great for home bar, kitchen island, garage and more. It features swivel mechanism and heavy gauge construction.

Jack daniels bar stools

Durable and eye-catchy, this barstool is crafted of solid oak wood and strengtheneed with powder coated metal. It features curvy legs with a metal ring footrest, and a round seat with a "Jack Daniel's" sign on top.

Jack daniels table

Designed to bring in a smooth, masculine vibe to one's decor, this Jack Daniels trolley bar offers a storage space for your booze collection. Finish with a steel countertop adds a smooth, contemporary character.

Our advice Buying Guide

If you're a fan of Jack Daniel's Tennessee whiskey and you want to buy something related for your household, Jack Daniel's bar stools are the ideal addition to your kitchen or diner. While all of them are similar in that they have Jack Daniel's featured on them somewhere, there are differences in the shape and styles of every one. You should also consider some important factors before making a decision about which bar stools to buy.

What are Jack Daniels bar stools typically crafted from?

As soon as you start shopping for bar stools, you will instantly notice that the Jack Daniel's bar stools are made generally from two main materials – wood and chrome. While some of the upholstery may be leather, the main frame of the stools takes it shape using wood or chrome.

  • Wood: Bar stools made from wood are ideal for those who want a vintage style in the kitchen. If you already have existing worktops or a breakfast bar which is made from wood, choosing this material will ensure everything matches.
  • Chrome: Very few stools are chrome all the way through. The frame is usually made from chrome, while the seat is then covered with leather padding for some extra comfort. This material adds more durability to the stools but looks harsher than wood so may not suit your decor.
  • Leather: You won't find the frame of Jack Daniel's bar stools constructed with leather, as it's simply not strong enough. You will, however, find a lot of leather when you start shopping for stools. Most commonly seen on bar stools which have a back, leather is a great option as it is resistant, durable and looks sleek and clean too.

How many bar stools should I buy?

While many bar stools are available as single units, a lot of them will come in pairs or sets of four. It's a good idea to do some measuring beforehand to decide how many bar stools you need to buy. Generally, each bar stools should have around 24-30 inches of width space on the bar stools to allow comfortable seating and use. Therefore, if your breakfast bar is 90 inches, you will neatly fit three bar stools. With this in mind, you can easily work out how many bar stools you need to buy simply by measuring the breakfast bar that you have in your kitchen.

If you don't already have a breakfast bar, you will have more flexibility to decide on the size of your new furniture. For example, if you know that you only want two Jack Daniel's bar stools, choose a breakfast bar which is around 60 inches in width as a minimum.

How should Jack Daniels leather bar stools be cleaned?

When buying leather bar stools, it is recommended to buy a leather aftercare kit. Chrome can easily be cleaned with detergent, while leather requires separate attention. For wood, you can damp dust your bar stools regularly to maintain them, and use wood cleaning wipes on a fortnightly basis for a deeper clean.


Jack Daniel's Bar Stool Wood w/ Backrest

With those two bar stools you can experience true benefits of comfort, style, and durability. Each bar stool is hand-crafted from charcoal-finished hardwood, and offers high density foam cushions, angled legs with rung foot rest, and stylish armrests.

Jack daniels bar stool 2

Jack Daniels brand says it all. Now you can have a stylish wood and metal stool with Jack Daniels logo on its backless wooden seat and a reliable metal ring footrest. A home bar or man's cave will not be left without seating area.

Jack daniels pub table


Jack Daniel's Table & 4 Chairs Set, Black Vinyl, Acrylic Tabletop JD-TableSet

This modern bar set includes 1 round table with acrylic top, and 4 barstools with commercial-grade vinyl seats. Each piece also features a tubular chrome-plated frame, feet with non-marring caps, and Jack Daniel's logos.

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Jack daniels whiskey barrel tables

A great gift for all whisky connaisseurs, but in particular the fans of Jack Daniels This bar stool emanates with its a cool, masculine vibe, creating a stylish accent in any decor.

Jack daniels whiskey barrel furniture

Jack Daniel's Backrest Style Bar Stool - Traditional Mahogany

Jack daniels bar table set table 2 stools chrome edge


Jack daniels bar stools

... Wine Barrel Rec Room Furniture, Bar&stools, Sofa, Chairs, Tables, 60s

Jack daniels whiskey barrel tables

Jack Daniels Whiskey Barrel Tables

Jack daniels barrel table

The original Jack Daniel's bar stool, made from steel, is the perfect solution for any décor. The chrome-plated design admires and makes the whole piece of furniture look beautiful. Ideal for the kitchen.

Jack daniels bar stools 1

This stylish bar stool is made of metal and wood base. Jack Daniel's motif on the seat and beautiful decorative elements of the base form the original item, perfect for any decor -, especially in country style.

Jack daniels home bar set

Maybe someone will enjoy it, but for me it is a totally bad advertisement. Even if this bar stool is constructed on the steel frame, what guarantees durability, its style makes it totally out-of-date.

Jack daniels jack daniels pub table wood saloon jpg


Jack daniels bar set

Jack Daniel's Bottle Bar Stool - Set of 2

Jack daniels stool

Jack Daniels Barrell table top traditional-side-tables-and-accent ...

Jack daniels bar stool 3

A classic barstool for accentuating your whole bar area with vintage flavor. Crafted of wine barrels, the barstool offers curvy wood legs strengthened by metal accents, a metal ring footrest, and a round wood seat with a "Jack Daniel's" sign on top.