Pedicure Stools

Have you been looking for a pedicure stole that is the perfect height for doing your nails, look no further than what we have here for you? These pedicure stools are lightweight and easy to clean, perfect for those last-minute touchups before a date. Or if you're planning to open a salon, they are great for that, too.

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Pedicure stools

Pedicure Spa Installation Specs & Instructions


This low stool is perfect for SPA or clinic - it has a swivel, comfortable seat, padded and covered with black leather. Its high can be adjust by a gas lift mechanism. Solid casters provides god mobility.

Pedicure stool 1

This pedicure stool is of course created for functionality's sake at first, but it's design brings some visual benefits too - hourglass shaped body is not only comfy, but it has attractive futuristic vibe to it.

Pedicure stools 5

If you want a comfortable piece for your salon or even for your home setting for doing your nails then this pedicure stool will surely prove to be the best choice with its lumbar supporting frame and adjustable height feature.

Pedicure stool 45

Everyone, who is searching for a quality chair in compact size, is going to be more than satisfied with this pedicure stool. This tiny cutie moves on a 5-star, chrome base with black caster wheels, has a gas lift for height adjustment, and a round seat and low-profiled back both upholstered in leather.

Portable pedicure stool with footrest

Pedicure stool mounted on metal base and fitted with wheels. Seat and back are filled with foam and covered with faux leather. Suitable for residential and commercial premises.

Pedicure stools 6

Coming in 6 stylish colours, this manicure/pedicure stool distinguishes itself with its smooth, curved shape, a comfy backrest and height adjustment, being a practical addition to any beauty parlour.

Our advice Buying Guide

The right pedicure stools can give any salon its much-needed upgrade to attract more clients. After all, when you’re comfortable during a treatment and you’re in a stylish room, you would want to keep coming back to the place that made you feel special, right? With that said, you need to ensure the pedicure stools you get can allow you to enjoy all the advantages of having the right salon seating option. To do that, here are the factors you need to take into consideration:

What are the benefits of pedicure stools?

Although pedicure stools require an investment on your end, they will pay you back in many folds as more and more customers experience the comfort and customer service your salon is capable of giving. Furthermore, pedicure stools, especially ones with casters for the use of your nail and spa specialists, will ensure your workers stay happy and do their job with pleasure.

What features to look for in pedicure stools?

Acetone Resistance

Some people worry that harsh acetone from a nail polish remover may ruin the beautiful finishes of their pedicure stools. If you are one of them, then you need to ensure that you only get pedicure stools that are made to be acetone proof or resistant. In case a worker of yours gets too sloppy handling the polish remover, you won’t have to throw the stool out.

There are stools that have been applied with an acrylic finish to make them resistant to acetone. With these chairs, polish remover won’t do any harm to the seats but they have to be cleaned up quickly.

Extra features

Extra features that might upgrade both your comfort of work and the customer's experience include magnetic pipeless jets, glass bowls, arm trays, or massage ability.


Make sure you pay close attention to the critical points as to what the warranty covers including the duration. There are “limited” warranties, which only cover some parts and not every single aspect or component of products like the parts that are the first to wear and tear.

It's important that you buy from a reputable seller of pedicure stools to ensure you are given the best customer service possible after the sale.

Aside from customer support, the manufacturer should be reachable in case you need replacement parts. If possible, ask the manufacturer regarding the availability of parts that may need replacement as not all manufacturers stock up on them.


Manicure stool

This pedicure stool from Health First constitutes a proposition for professionalists. This white, saddle-like construction features a practical height adjustment, enabling to adapt the patient's height.

Pedicure stool saddle seat white

Pedicure Stool | Saddle-Seat White

Home salon furniture pedicure stool lx 1

Home / Salon Furniture / Pedicure Stool LX

Pedicure stool with drawers

In commercial spaces such as Beauty salon, there is a specific equipment needed to create a modern space. One of them is a pedicure stool with a contemporary leather white upholstery on both round seat and footrest.

Foot spa stool

Small and functional, this pedicure stool rolls on functional caster wheels attached to a 5-star, chrome-finished base. The seat is round, upholstered in a black fabric for maximum contrast and extra comfort.

Pedicure chair 9

Pedicure Chair

Professional pedicure stool

Professional pedicure stool

Home salon furniture pedicure stool monfort ls103 2

Home / Salon Furniture / Pedicure Stool Monfort LS103-2

Fast shipping galaxy manicure stool can come in many colors

Fast shipping galaxy manicure stool can come in many colors and is a good choice for nail salons

Pedicure stool chair

The times are changing and women haven't enough time to spend hours at beautician's place. So they have to became mobile. This camping stool is light and easy-foldable, so has all the advantage needed for this type of equipment.

Pedicure stools 2

Pedi Stool from Dina Meri :: Pedicure Spa / Furniture :: Spa and Equipment

Carlin Pedi Stool (Black)

This small but very practical pedal stool is a great piece of office furniture. Unusual shape, sold in steel construction, casters, upholstered seat and backrest and height adjustment, create a functional whole.

Euro style pedicure stools and manicure stools from encore

Euro Style Pedicure Stools and Manicure Stools from Encore!

Pedicure leg rest

Provide professional nails with this stylish manicure stool with comfortable padding and lumbar support for long periods of use. Aluminium construction ensures stability and solidness. Recommended for all beauty parlours.

Hydraulic Stool Multi-purpose Black Hydraulic Adjustable Rolling Stool w/ Foot Rest for Massage Tables, Examination Tables, Office, Medical and Home Use

This is a high quality stool that has got a very strong frame made of metal. It has got an adjustable seat height thanks to its hydraulic lift. It offers a black, round seat filled with very soft materials.

Portable pedicure foot rest

If you are looking for a pedicure stool that will provide you with the much needed functional use as well as an appealing look then this piece is just the perfect way to go with its strong and durable structure.

Pedicure stool for sale

Looking out of the manicure and pedicure room.

PIBBS Ottoman Pedi Stool (Model: 982)

This portable stool is easy to move thanks to its functional caster wheels, and can be adjusted in terms of its height up to 15 inches. The round design and compact size make the stool perfect for smaller spaces and for such treatments as pedicure.

Pedicure stool with footrest

Ergonomically designed technician’s chairs feature high density foam seat cushions, a well-profiled back for proper support of your back, and a smooth gas lift system. Both roll on Polyurethane caster wheels for easy mobility.

Used pedicure stool

A stunning piece of great durability - this pedicure stool comes with the gas lift and casters and will make for more than enough when it comes to convenience, ensuring that it is a great choice for commercial setting.

Pair of White Stainless Steel Adjustable Height Stool w 5 Rubber Caster Wheels

This is a set of two swivel stools. Every stool features a solid, stainless steel base with casters and height adjust pneumatic mechanism.Comfortable seat is swivel, thick padded with white leather upholstery.

Portable pedicure stool

Pedicure stool designed for the beauty salon. It is upholstered with durable vinyl. Carefully profiled back has pillow for added comfort. Traditional form and elegant design.

Pedicure foot rest

This 3-piece set of spa pedicure chairs is going to forever change the appearance of your beauty salon. Each chair includes a full equipment for pedicure, comfy chairs with button-tufting, convenient footrests, and storage drawers.

Pedicure stools

This super-made pedicure chair is a combination of a comfortable seat with a sliding footrest with a place for a bowl of water. The armchair in leather-covered upholstery is elegant and stylish. Very useful and smart solution.

Manicure stools

PIBBS Two Shelf Stool with Footrest 2033

Pedicure chair with free stool love this

Pedicure Chair with Free Stool! Love this!

Pedicure stools 4

Provide your nail techs with a very comfortable manicure stool with comfortable padding and lumbar support for long periods of use.

Jojo pedicure stool

Jojo Pedicure Stool

Pedi stools

pedicure stations, so pretty

Pedicure stools with footrest

Sleek, stylish and what's most important - comfortable. This small corridor bench along with the complementing ottoman will create a perfect pedicure set, ideal for a beauty parlour or your home spa.

Pedicure stools

Pedicure station with a lot of compartments for storing accessories. Base is mounted on wheels for easy movement. Designed for commercial use.

Multi-purpose Adjustable Height Salon Swivel Stool with Contoured White Cushion

An excellent addition for barber chairs, salon chairs, and shampoo stations. This hydraulic rolling stool swivels, and features a convenient lever for height adjustment. The stool moves on non-marring caster wheels, and holds a contoured cushion that is padded with high-density foam.

Cheap pedicure stool

Practical and very cute pedicure stool is an excellent beauty salon furniture and more. All beautifully made impresses and works well in everyday activities. The perfect piece of furniture with an attractive design.

Pedicure stools 3

ITALICA PL216 Pedicurist stool seats for foot spas and pedicures

Multi-purpose Adjustable Height Salon Swivel Stool with Contoured Cream Cushion

An excellent addition for barber chairs, salon chairs, and shampoo stations. This hydraulic rolling stool swivels, and features a convenient lever for height adjustment. The stool moves on non-marring caster wheels, and holds a contoured cushion that is padded with high-density foam.

Pair of Black Stainless Steel Adjustable Height Stool w 5 Rubber Caster Wheels

This is a pair of contemporary counter stools. Its frames are made of sturdy stainless steel in chrome finish and feature height adjustable mechanism and five solid casters. Seat and backrest are solid padded, covered with black leather.

K5056 burgundy independence pedicure chair keller international

K5056 | Burgundy Independence Pedicure Chair | Keller International

Image of lotus handy pedicure stool

Image of Lotus Handy Pedicure Stool

Pedicure stools 6

Pedicure Station. I love the comfy feel.

Pedicure stools 1

Ottoman in modern style. It is mounted on wheels and fitted with 2 drawers arranged vertically. It can be used as footstool. Suitable for residential and commercial premises. Simple form and contemporary design.

Features larger stool with black or white vinyl and gas

Features: Larger stool with black or white vinyl and gas lift. Black ...

Pedi stool with footrest

Dina Meri 2316 PEDI ROLL-EX Pedicure Station, Pedicure Stool

Butterfly chairs would be awesome for a pedicure chair with

Butterfly chairs, would be awesome for a pedicure chair with a little wooden stool