Tractor Seat Bar Stools

For a bar with a country swagger, might we suggest you invest on some of our tractor seat bar stools. Made to resemble the very seats on those John Deere tractors we see plowing up the back forty, your bar will have a touch of blue-blooded America when people see the bar stools you chose to put in your place. It's a tip of the hat to the folks who feed this country.

Best Products

Tractor Seat Bar Stool Original Design

Tractor Seat Bar Stool Original Design
Bar stool with carefully profiled seat. It is completely made of iron with antique finish. Base is fitted with footrest. Suitable for residential and commercial premises.

Red Iron Metal Tractor Seat Bar Stool Barstool Rustic Farmhouse Farm Country

Red Iron Metal Tractor Seat Bar Stool Barstool Rustic Farmhouse Farm Country
An indispensable accent in a country style home: a rustic tractor seat bar stool, here: in bold glossy red finish covering the dependable iron construction on splayed four legs. Meant to serve and look good for years.

Adjustable Industrial Tractor Seat Stool Eclectic Bar Stools And Counter Stools

Adjustable Industrial Tractor Seat Stool Eclectic Bar Stools And Counter Stools
Being an ideal addition to rough, industrial decors - this cast iron tractor seat stool will add eclecticism to the space. Its solid, four-legged construction features an adjustable seating, bringing in functionality.

Brady industrial farm stool

Brady industrial farm stool
A touch of industrial and farm style in the kitchen or home bar. These stools are made of solid metal with many decorative elements. The adjustable seat height makes these products perfect for children and adults.

Cantilevered Chrome Tractor Seat Stool

Cantilevered Chrome Tractor Seat Stool
This chrome tractor seat stool is a perfect choice for any picky and demanding person, who will not be satisfied with any other seating option for their interior. This one not only looks but feels immensely comfortable.

Hobbs Tractor 30" Bar Stool

Hobbs Tractor 30" Bar Stool
Sublime bar stool, reminiscent of the work of modern art. Slender legs give it the ethereal nature. At the same time the chair is very durable and stable. The legs are equipped with pads against scratching floors.

Tractor seat bar stools 1

A unique addition for country bars, and cottage houses. These metal bar stools are manufactured from quality materials, on which consists a wide, round base for keeping the proper balance, a convenient footrest, and a genuine tractor seat.

Our advice Buying Guide

Tractor seats, even those that are made of metal, make the best bar stools as they’re molded to provide the ultimate comfort without needing any padding or cushion. Seats of farm machinery are added with slots to ensure air moves through them and cool perspiring workers. As they’re added to bar stools, you get to enjoy all the benefits they offer and further improve your home’s industrial or transitional look.

How to determine the right size for tractor seat bar stools?

To ensure your new tractor seat bar stools are perfect for your space, calculate the ideal depth and height of the stools in relation to your bar or counter’s height. Also, you should consider the amount of space that you want to give for each stool as well as how the chairs will sit in your space.

If the legs of the chairs can pose a hazard in your home when they stick out from under your bar or counter, then take that into account. Taking measurements and analyzing your space will allow you to narrow your search on the best stools for your specific situation.

A breakfast bar’s standard height is 101 to 106 cm, so your bar stools should sit anywhere between 71 to 76 cm in order to give enough room for the legs of users to fit under the counter. Tractor seat bar stools in this height range are perfect for adults. Their legs can rest on the ground/floor when seated on the stools. Don't go any higher than the range as much higher will require people to climb to their seats!

How to upholster tractor seat bar stools?

Tractor seat bar stools may or may not come with cushioning. A bare bar stool with a tractor seat, as mentioned earlier, will still offer comfort to users. If you have kids, an upholstered seat isn’t recommended for your home especially if it’s fabric as it isn’t easy to clean and maintain.

It's possible that you can’t resist stools that are upholstered. If that is the case, then you can always coat a fabric-covered seat with a durable water repellent solution as it will help in protecting the material from stains. If what you want is leather upholstery as it’s all the rage right now in modern interiors, you may choose leather but it’s best if you apply the material with a leather conditioner to ensure it remains stain-free and supple.

How to protect your floor from damage tractor seat bar stools can cause?

A notorious sound tractor seat bar stools produce is scraping, especially when they’re moved on concrete or wooden floors. It may not be horrible but it can inflict damage to a surface. You may even find stools that come with protective rubber feet. People think they don’t make noise, but they actually cause chaos to floors, too.

Fortunately, not all bar stools have this negative effect on your home. What we always recommend is to purchase stools with good return policies. When they arrive on your doorstep, give each chair a test run. If it makes noise and it can damage your floors, don’t let it drive you crazy and return it so you can get better ones!


Tractor seat bar stools 1

If you are a fan of retro style and you want to decor your home, you need to have the tractor stool, which brings some vintage accents into the house. This one features the solid construction, footrest and bar height.

Tractor seat bar stools

These bar stools with tractor seats are suitable with industrial, cottage or classic style and decor. They bring the comfort and solidity to my home bar zone. We has a lot of compliments on them.

Tractor seat stools

Enhance the "roughness" of your home, using this untypical stool with a genuine tractor seat. The base is made of robust metal, and is wide enough to ensure proper balance of the chair. You can even rest your legs on a comfy footrest, crafted from sturdy wood for maximum durability.

Adjustable Stool in Industrial Finish

Detailed claw-footed legs, stylized T-tractor seat and handsome rusty finish define the unique industrial inspired style of this bar stool. Its seat swivels and is adjustable. Nice, vintage looking piece.

Rustic Cast Iron Tractor Seat Stool Garden Decor Patio

This kind of product is a small element that assures a place to seat, but it also has got a decorative function outdoors. It is a stool that has got a tractor seat. The whole product is made of cast iron and it represents a rustic style.

Tractor seats metal

The reuse of the heavy duty elements at the restaurants and also at home is a new decoration trend. The good composition of industrial and cozy elements allows to build done-with style atmosphere with the historical note.

Tractor bar stool

A unique arrangement of seating next to a kitchen counter with a leaf drop and a marble top, furnished with a set of three industrial barstools made out of old milk cans and tractor seats with a spray-paint, providing an unusual look.

Tractor seat bar stools

I've always been weak for industrial elements of decor, and so I couldn't pass up these tractor seat bar stools. Just an instantaneous 1940s vibe achieved with tractor seat sitting atop cast iron four legs base.

Tractor seat bar stool 14

Tractor Seat Bar Stool

Cast iron tractor seat stools so great for a country

Cast Iron Tractor Seat Stools -- so great for a country kitchen!

Tractor seat bar stools 4

A unique addition for country bars, and cottage houses. This metal bar stool is manufactured from quality materials, on which consists a wide, round base for keeping the proper balance, a convenient footrest, and a genuine tractor seat.

Charlie Industrial Metal Design Tractor Seat Bar Stool

Tractor seating and flared four-legged base define the unique style of this outrightly industrial bar stool. It is entirely made of metal, so its sturdiness will for sure not disappoint you. It has black brushed silver finish.

Tractor Seat Adjustable Stool, in Red

It is a tractor seat adjustable stool that has got a red color, vintage design, country feet, solid iron construction and footrest. It is a fantastic addition to your dining room, kitchen and great for outdoor use.

Repurposed tractor seats

repurposed tractor seats

Tractor seat stools 6

A tractor seat stool by Brad Smith Artful Home with wooden construction. Well made furnish that looks creative and extraordinary. It think that it looks excellent in hall.

Vintage Tractor Seat Bar Stools

Industrial style in home bar decor. These stools feature solid and comfortable tractor seats. Their metal construction provides resistance to excessive wear and different forms of damage caused by many factors.

Tractor seat bar stool 2

Old styled bar stool with a comfortable and durable tractor seat. This metal construction features a wear resistant frame with a comfortable footrest. Industrial design matches any type of home bar design.

Tractor bar stools

custom barstools out of old tractor seats

Bar stools imported 6

Cast Iron Tractor Seat Bar Stool.

Bar stools made out of old tractor seats

Bar stools made out of old tractor seats.

Tractor seat barstool

Bar stool with tractor seat. Construction is made of wood and finished with pastel colors. Legs are arranged conically and fitted with footrest. Suitable for residential and commercial premises.

Big Sky Carvers Tractor Seat Bar Stool, Silver

This piece of furniture is a bar stool that features a very comfortable and attractive tractor seat. The product has got a durable metal frame with a silver finish. It is able to hold up to 450 pounds.

Giantex ABS Tractor Seat Adjustable Bar Stools Swivel Chrome Kitchen Breakfast (Red)

This amazing and modern bar stool would be a perfect choice for every stylish and extraordinary kitchen or pub. Check it out and enjoy its extraordinary functionality and an unusual design at your place!

Antique stools

Tractor seat stools boast to be one of the most popular designs, and it seems that you can marry the obvious industrial style to a rustic shabbiness, which can nevertheless be very appealing in some interiors.

Wood bar stools 8

Many great craftsmen come from Vermont, a quiet American city. From there comes the fantastic, timeless stool of finesse. Made from the local walnut wood , so appreciated in America. Small tractor seat of this wood bar stool is slightly pleated.

Best Quality- Tractor Seat Stool Farmall

It is a tractor seat stool that is perfect for indoor and outdoor use. It has got a solid construction, comfortable seat and amazing design. Everyone will be impressed how fantastic this product is.

Love this tractor seat stool found on rockettstgeorge

Love this tractor seat stool!! Found on rockettstgeorge

Riverside Saddle Copper Bar Stool

No better style for a rustic decor or an industrial stylized cave - these bar stools not only flaunt heavy duty metal construction and tractor seats, but they also have a copper finish that accentuates the look even more. Cool!

Carolina Cody Adjustable Farmhouse Tractor Seat Bar Stool -, White, Metal

This bar stool is a piece of furniture that represents a farm style in the house. It features a comfortable and stylish tractor seat design. The seat has got an adjustable height mechanism and the frame is made of metal with a white finish.

Milkcan tractor seat bar stool

Milkcan Tractor Seat Bar Stool

Carolina Cottage Adjustable Colton Tractor Seat Stool

Create an original decor into your dining area with this industrial styled stool with a high adjust mechanism. It is fully made of metal with a bit distressed finish. Seat is curved for more comfortable rest.

John deere tractor seat bar stools

This stool represents an industrial style that matches many kinds of decor. It offers its user a comfortable and stylish tractor seat. The base includes supportive metal elements that are also used as footrests.

Industrial style bar stools

An industrial take on a unique, adjustable barstool made out of weathered and worn-off iron with a slight coat of rust. The barstool has a tractor seat on the top with a handy vice to make the height easily controllable.

Leroy Tractor Seat Stool

This type of stool looks very original thanks to its tractor seat stylization. It has got a very durable frame made of metal, so it is able to hold the weight of an adult user. This stool is good for use in small spaces.

Turned leg bar stool 1

Tractor Seat Bar Stool - Bradford Woodworking

Tractor seat stools 3

Original milk can seat with John Deere theme. This tractor seat stool is finished in green color with attractive yellow handles and other yellow accents. Construction of this stool is resistant to wear.

1pc Adjustable Bar Stools ABS Tractor Seat Swivel Chrome Kitchen Breakfast Black

This type of product is a high quality bar stool created for use in kitchen and dining indoors. The stool has got a solid and comfortable tractor seat and a frame made of metal with a chrome finish. The seat has got a 360-degree swivel mechanism.

Aldean Black Industrial Design Metal Tractor Adjustable Height Seat Stool

Bring country accents into your game room or bar area, with this unique barstool made of a genuine tractor seat. The whole piece is crafted of metal, with tubular legs, curvy feet, and a convenient, ring footrest.

Chrome Drafting Stool with Tractor Seat Violet

This highly original and modernistic stool will be a great element in any modern interior. The stool is original and unusual. It has the ability to adjust the height. It's on wheels. It has a modern shape. Additionally equipped with support for the feet.

Carolina Chair and Table Co. Cody Adjustable Farmhouse Tractor Seat Bar Stool - Red, Metal

It is a tractor seat bar stool that has got a contemporary design, adjustable height, cherry red finish, swivel function and metal base. It is a perfect addition for your modern living room, kitchen and dining room area.

Repurposed recycled reused reclaimed restored facebook post milk can and

Repurposed Recycled Reused Reclaimed Restored Facebook Post - Milk can and tractor seat bar stools

Carolina Cottage Adjustable Colton Tractor Seat Stool

This type of product is a high quality stool that has got a solid metal frame with a powder coated finish. It features a tractor seat and decorative, detailed legs. The seat size is 18-3/4"W x 14-1/4"D x 22-1/2" - 33"H.

Carolina Cottage Adjustable Colton Tractor Seat Stool, Red

This kind of stool is a very original product that brings a retro style into the house. It has got an original tractor seat with an adjustable height and swivel mechanism. It also features a comfortable footrest.