Rustic Log Bar Stools

Chunky log bar stools are a strong accent feature in the interior. They complement rustic style homes well but can dominate the space and that's why should be handled with moderation. Here's a collection of rustic log bar stools for your inspiration.

Best Products

Traditional Cedar Log 24" Bar Stool (Set of 2)

Traditional Cedar Log 24" Bar Stool (Set of 2)
A set of two fancy bar stools that have a hand peeled construction. The base consists of four thick legs that provide stability. It also includes footrests. The seat doesn't have any cushions and is a little bit harsh for butts.

AmeriHome Adjustable Height Swivel Bar Stool (Set of 2)

AmeriHome Adjustable Height Swivel Bar Stool (Set of 2)
This stylish and very impressive set of two rotating barstools is a great choice for home or office. Beautifully crafted seat height adjustment and practical built-in footrest provide maximum comfort.

Adjustable Height Swivel Bar Stool with Cushion

Adjustable Height Swivel Bar Stool with Cushion
Suitable for modern and contemporary décor, this Adjustable Height Swivel Bar Stool with Cushion features a stable pedestal base, 360-degree rotation, and an easy to clean, leatherette, button-tufted basket seat.

Rustic log bar stools 1

Unique stool bar with swivel seat made of wood. Base is made of metal and reinforced with solid supports. Natural accent for kitchen, dining room, bar, restaurant and more.

Log stools

kitchen designs kitchen furniture How to make easy rustic log bar stools for our home

Rustic log bar stools

This glamorous bar stool is the dream of every decorator. The antler-like deer base perfectly fits into an upholstered leather fabric seat. Perfect for hunting style interiors and more. This original stool is an unmistakably extraordinary detail of the decor.

Rustic swivel bar stools

If you are looking for some rustic, rough furniture, this bar stool shall arouse your interest. The entire construction is made from logs, providing stability, as well as a unique, rocky mountain appeal.

Our advice Buying Guide

Rustic log bar stools look straight out of old colonial taverns and grogshops. Minimalistic unsophisticated, these stools have an authentic charm about them that’s comforting and attractive. The best part is that these will fit right into your home or commercial space, irrespective of the décor theme and will even supplement your modern furniture pieces.

But buying log furniture is always rife with the risk of being fobbed off with cheap, weak, sapwood logs sourced from fast-growing timber trees. A few months of bumps and bruises and it will start to squeak and creak.

Here are a few important things to keep in mind when you go shopping for rustic log bar stools.

What are the standard log bar stool dimensions?

Before we get into the nitty-gritties of log furniture, let’s set the basics straight. What height is your bar counter?

Bar stools come in three standard sizes. There’s counter height stools which are 22-28” tall, there’s bar height stools which are 29-32” tall and there’s extra tall stools which can be up to 36” tall. If it’s a customized bar counter, then select the closest match.

A lot of homeowners measure the seat width to determine the number of stools that can be fit into the space. However, some bar stools have tapering designs and are wider near the footrest. Measure the stools at their widest point and add at least 6-inches to it. That’s the space you need to leave between each stool.

How to preserve rustic log bar stools?

When you walk into a timber warehouse, the aroma that you can smell is released by natural toxins produced by the tree which resist pests and rot. The older the tree, the stronger the concentration of these toxins.

Also, heartwood or the portion of the wood that’s closest to the center of the tree produces the most toxins and hence is most durable.

Fast growing timber, on the other hand, have higher concentration of sapwood, which makes them more prone to rot. That translates into more frequent wood treatments.

What type of log should I select?

The type of log you select will most likely be the ones that are locally available. That’s unless you are willing to spend freight charges and source exotic timber grown in another state or country.

Slow growing trees like Western Red Cedar, Douglas Fir, Eastern White Cedar and Cypress produce the best quality heartwood logs with intensely packed growth rings. These are premium timber that offer excellent decay and pest resistance naturally. When treated, these are like a no-brainer solution for logs.

Having said that, not everybody is looking to spend a bomb for a set of four bar stools. Timber from fast-growing trees like Yellow Pine are cheaper and are a good alternative. With proper wood treatment, these can match the durability and pest resistance of premium timber.

How are stool logs dried?

Logs used for furniture were traditionally air dried for a year or two. But newer furniture pieces are made from kiln dried logs, a faster process that doesn’t compromise the structural integrity. This prevents the logs from shrinking and expanding with changing weather conditions.

What are the different designs of rustic log bar stools?

Authentic rustic bar stools were backless and used disproportionate or crooked logs. It added to the whimsical, rustic charm. Modern reproductions offer a more finessed finish and often intersperse contemporary influences into the classic design. So, you can find a rustic bar stool with a backrest, an arm rest and even a swiveling base these days.

When buying rustic log bar stools, speak to the manufacturer about the timber, when the trees were felled and the drying process. Trees that are felled in winter have the lowest sap content. Other than this, check the joinery and the overall build quality.

If there’s cushioning (highly recommended lest you want a sore butt) check the type of fill and the fabric used for the upholstery. Faux leather is one of the best bets due to its reasonable pricing and resistance to liquids and stains.



This barstool has got an unfinished look and is perfect for country and rustic kitchen and dining room area. Everyone will tell you how beautiful this barstool looks in your home. You need to have it.

Aspen Log Furniture sig-abs24 Long Log Bar Stool 24 in. Seat Height

This 24-Inch Seat Height Long Log Bar Stool is going to bring into your home truly woodland accents. Crafted of the finest aspen logs and strengthened with durable hardware, the stool is going to be a real hit during quality times with your friends.

Breakfast bar shapes

This wooden bar stool would be a perfect breakfast proposition for your kitchen or dining area. The combination of wood and metal shall appeal to all rustic or industrial designs enthusiasts.

Rush Creek Log Cabin Style Pub Chair

Rustic style adds coziness to any interior. Enhance your kitchen counter or any other leisure area with a nice cabin style bar stool crafted of rough, hand-peeled solid logs. Clear finish protects the wood and exposes its natural features.

Rustic log bar stool 3


Walkstool Comfort 55 X-Large Stool - 22

This portable chair folds very quickly, hence it's excellent for transport or space-saving storage. The stool is characterized by a 3-legged design, with each leg equipped with a rubber cap for proper stability. The seat is made of a durable, black mesh fabric.

Espresso leather bar stool 4

As I'm a fresh fan of minimalist design, I couldn't miss this unique designers bar stool. This clean form! This colour! Dark red, plain finish is stylishly contrasted with a thin bracket footrest in chrome.

Montana Woodworks Montana Collection Barstool with Back and Swivel, Ergonomic Wooden Seat, Clear Lacquer Finish

This bar stool with back has got a swivel function, ergonomic seat, solid wood construction and clear lacquer finish. you will be impressed how amazing it looks in your dining area.

Three reclaimed teak wood rustic great for log cabin bar

... Three Reclaimed Teak Wood Rustic Great for Log Cabin Bar Stool

Log cabin bar stools

Unique bar stool in rustic style. Wooden base is reinforced with solid supports. Seat is upholstered with soft fabric and finished with animal theme. Suitable for residential and commercial premises.

Cedar lake half log bar stool 1

Cedar Lake Half Log Bar Stool

Rustic bar furniture

Give your home some touch of rustic elegance with these incredible wine barrel stools. Made directly from wine barrels, the stools feature polished glossy brown finishing and beautiful craftsmanship on the sides as well. They are also incredibly comfortable and should add pomp into any farmhouse kitchen.

Log bar stools

I love the modern style of this stools. It is a great connection of nature in elegant logs and the power element incarnated in burn off middle. Because it was created by nature, each of them is different.

Log barstools

Raw, but beautiful - wooden logs constructed bar stools allow you go rustic during your next kitchen remodelling. Exquisite handicraft make provides visual uniqueness; clear lacquer finish does not spoil the wood beauty.

Rustic bar stools cheap

Eastern Red Cedar "wrap around" Log Bar with Black Ash t&g, log corners. Matching Bar Stools w/ swivels.

Viking Log Furniture NWS PBS Bar Stool 30 in. Saddle Seat with Back and Swivel in Clear

30'' wooden bar stool. This traditional and eye-catching bar stool will be a great addition to your bar, kitchen, or restaurant regardless of the decor. The stool is made with 3'' pine logs, has been covered with protective lacquer and features a full 360 degree swivel.

Rustic log bar stools 1

This pair of rustic log bar stools constitutes a perfect proposition for one's shabby or rustic decor. They enchant with their distressed, pistachio green paint. Each of the stools features a backrest along with the armrests and footrests.

Log bar stool with arms 24 in counter height rustic

log bar stool with arms 24 in counter height rustic log bar stool ...

Cedarlooks 010003B Bar Stool with Back

Unique bar stool made of raw wood. Massive base is reinforced with solid supports. Back consists of vertically arranged strips. Natural accent for each place according to taste and need.

Montana Woodworks Glacier Country Collection Barstool with Back and Swivel, Ergonomic Wooden Seat

Perfect for improving country décor, this wooden barstool is hand-crafted from American grown, genuine lodge pole pine, and finished in the Unique Glacier Country Collection Style stain and lacquer. The seat is contoured, and swivels 360 degrees.

Amish rustic aspen log bar stool 2

Amish Rustic Aspen Log Bar Stool

Bar tables and chairs for sale

If you like the country or industrial climate of some of the pubs or restaurants, this dining set will let you achieve it in your own interiors. Barrel dinette table along with austere 4 wooden chairs.

Portable Folding Stools Kraft Paper Stools Brown Height 42cm With Artificial Leather Panel

Simple and at the same time the portable folding stool made of kraft paper is a stylish addition to the interior design, which is especially suitable for small interiors. Harmonious form and functionality make the perfect piece of furniture.

Portable stools

Portable stool in the shape of barrel. It is covered with thick fabric and reinforced with solid seams. Includes convenient handle for easy carrying. Suitable as additional seating or footstool.

Log pub table and chairs

Stools are often made of wood, but not so often and clearly they remind you of the texture and structure of natural wood. This rustic log bar stool is a real treat for forest people. It will add a great contrast to the minimalist home.

Viking Log Furniture NWS PBS2 Bar Stool 24 in. Saddle Seat with Back and Swivel in Clear

This traditional bar stool has been made of durable 3'' pine logs and will greatly complement your apartment. The seat is durable and the back offers proper support. The stool features a full swivel and has a practical footrest.

Rustic log bar stools

These super-impressive saddle stools are an excellent way to introduce a unique climate into the interior. Beautiful steel base, wood seat, and original riding saddles are exceptionally comfortable.

Rustic log stools

This rustic bar stool is constructed of wood logs that provide a strong and durable structure. The stool includes thick legs with stretchers that holding a comfy, backless seat. The whole is embellished by a small buck antlers.

Rustic barstool

For your log cabin there is no better choice than this amazing lodge log bar stool that comes with extra conveneint arms and will easily accentuate your household, making it truly shine with appeal and utmost charm.

Rustic bar stool

With those rustic, log furniture your cabin will surely gain that pure appeal of classy charm and utmost comfort. They offer the extremely durable structure and are sure to last for plenty of years to come.

Montana Woodworks Montana Collection Barstool with Back and Ergonomic Wooden Seat, Clear Lacquer Finish

Pretty country style stool with a frame of hand-peeled rough pine wood logs. It has straight round legs and stretchers. In contrast, its seat with curved edges, simple aprons and vertical slats in a low back are smooth. The entirety is unfinished.

Rustic Red Cedar Log BAR STOOL - BAR HEIGHT

This kind of product is a space-saving stool that has got a durable frame made of wood. It offers a round seat that has got a red color. The overall size of this stool is 14" W x 14" D x 30" H, so it is good for adult users.

Montana Woodworks Glacier Country Collection Half Log Barstool

Here is something simple, and something very solid. This Half Log Barstool provides maximum sturdiness. Crafted from a solid lodge pole pine log, the barstool is able to withstand long years of regular usage.


This rustic side chair is custom made every time so every chair is a bit different than others. It was crafted from a solid cedar wood logs, finished with durable lacquer. Seat is painted red to contrast natural finished base.

Tavio Counter Height Chair - Set of 2

It is a dining set that includes two beautiful dining chairs. They have got a solid and heavy duty metal construction. They are great for indoor and outdoor use. You will be impressed how amazing this set is.

Rustic stools

Log Home Kitchen - love the whole kitchen, but check out that awesome antler light fixture in the back ground!! This would be a great bat to!!

Montana Woodworks Homestead Collection Half Log Barstool, Clear Lacquer Finish

Here is something simple, and something very solid. This Half Log Barstool in Clear Lacquer Finish provides maximum sturdiness. Crafted from a solid lodge pole pine log, the barstool is able to withstand long years of regular usage.

Sierra Comfort Adjustable Stool with Wheels and Metal Plated Frame, Black

This is a small adjustable stool which will work great into clinic or SPA salon. It features solid casters, high adjust mechanism and swivel seat. Its frame is made of steel and seat is covered with black leather.

Montana Woodworks Homestead Collection Barstool with Back and Wildlife Pattern Upholstered Seat, Clear Lacquer Finish

Barstool with seat height of 18 inches and capacity of 350 lbs. Additionally, the furniture is handcrafted and made of genuine lodge pole pine. It's design includes wildlife pattern and upholstered seat.

Hickory Log Kitchen Stool - Bar Height -HICKORY SEAT- Amish Made

This country-looking kitchen stool is made of solid hardwood, representing fine Amish craftsmanship. The stool features a round seat that rests on 4 sturdy legs reinforced by durable stretchers.

Aseptico AseptiChair

Suitable for those who practice portable dentistry, this medical chair is lightweight but built-to-last, offering up to 500 lbs. weight capacity. The chair is height-adjustable, and has an adjustable back - from full upright to supine position. Folds flat, and easily fits inside its carry bag.

Aspen Log Furniture sig-bs-24 Bar Stool 24 in.

This 24-Inch Seat Height Log Bar Stool is going to bring into your home truly woodland accents. Crafted of the finest aspen logs and strengthened with durable hardware, the stool is going to be a real hit during quality times with your friends.

Folding camp stools 2

A cool collapsible portable stool which can serve as a kayak stand. It's constructed of white plastic tubes and elbows. It has a lightweight X-shaped frame and a sling seat of durable blue meshy fabric with sewn-in tunnels to put on the frame.