Small Wooden Stools

The name says it all. This is a collection of a whole gaggle of small wooden stools, geared toward whatever you might need them for. Maybe you need to get something off a high shelf, or change an out-of-reach light bulb. We have the stool for your needs, and in many available options, we are sure to have a stool that speaks to you. See collection for more.

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Small Wood Foot Stool

Small Wood Foot Stool
It is a small wood foot stool that is available in wo colors: green and red. It has got a round shape, vintage, solid construction, lacquered finish and country, cottage design. You will be impressed how amazing this stool is.

Vintage 1920 rustic wooden farm foot

Vintage 1920 rustic wooden farm foot
Research shows that we spend an average of 9 hours a day on the sitting position. A good, small wooden foot stool, stylized as an ancient specimen - will combine beige and brown shades in a simple, traditional form.

Mahogany Solid Wooden Stool

Mahogany Solid Wooden Stool
It is a mahogany solid wooden stool that has got a contemporary style, manufactured wood construction, elegant appeal. It is a very attractive addition to any living room, garden and other.

Milford Wood Vanity Stool

Milford Wood Vanity Stool
It is a beautiful wood vanity stool that has got a solid hardwood construction, traditional design, espresso finish and it fits to any style and décor. If you looking for a perfect vanity stool, you need to choose this one.

Small wooden footstool

Traditional footstool in neutral form. It is completely made of wood. Functional accent for all kinds of interior as needed.

Small stool for sitting

Stool in neutral form. It is completely made of wood. Legs are arranged conically and reinforced with solid supports. Application in all kinds of interiors as needed.

Small sitting stool

Simple and traditional design for a small round stool with a durable and hard structure, made out of vibrant cherry wood with a red tint, which gives it an elegant vibe and fits perfectly in a kitchen or a dining room.

Our advice Buying Guide

Apart from being elegant, modern, and lightweight, small wooden stools let a space breathe due to their small size. You’ll be able to add up to four small wooden stools within a tight space. The extra seating isn’t just extremely functional; it’s also capable of enhancing a living space and bring about beautiful design elements to your home.

We want your shopping experience to be both easy and enjoyable. Follow the tips we’ve listed below as they will ensure you find the best small wooden stools and allow you to order with confidence.

How to select the right size wooden stools?

Measure your counter or table’s height. If possible, measure twice so you can determine the right height for your small wooden stools. A kitchen table often stands anywhere between 28 and 30 inches. If your table's height is within that range, you will need a small wooden stool that's 17 to 18 inches high.

For counters, they are anywhere between 35 to 36 inches in length. Stools with a height of 24 to 26 inches would prove to work best with such counter heights.

How many wooden stools do you need?

If you are planning to purchase more than one stool, figure out the number of stools you require. It's actually pretty simple. Just follow the standard within the industry, which is to leave at least 26 inches in between each wooden stool. The space is necessary for eating, drinking, and socializing in a comfortable manner.

What are the best materials for wooden stools?

Your choice of the best material for your stool’s construction will often depend on your aesthetic goals and the intended use of the stools. Different types of woods offer different levels of durability and attractiveness. The type of wood used in making a stool will also determine the chair’s price.

  • Beech is a type of hardwood that’s capable of bending easily. It's often used on more expensive stools as it stains well and it’s made to mimic the look of maple, cherry, and mahogany (more expensive types of wood). It's relatively inexpensive even when it’s solid and heavy.
  • Birch, on the other hand, is commonly used for the construction of small wooden stools as the material is light-colored with a similar grain as maple. Its grain is beautiful, but it’s pretty expensive.
  • Butternut is a type of hardwood that’s also called as white walnut. Its grain is leafy and pronounced. It's a material that’s a favorite among furniture makers as it’s easy to manipulate and work with. It is, however, expensive.
  • Hickory, mahogany, and maple are types of wood that are strong, dense, and capable of aging well. Their downside is they are expensive, which translates to a costlier small wooden stool.

What are the most common materials used in the upholstery of wooden stools?

If you opt for a cushioned seat, you’ll be able to sit on the stools for an extended period of time as cushioning offers the most comfort. The most common materials used in the upholstery of wooden stools are vinyl, plastic, polyester, and leather. They’re easy to clean and they can add character to wooden stools.


Foot Stool Poplar Wood Maple Stain 6" Tall Mini (Made in the USA)

Mission style mini stool, crafted of poplar wood with maple stain; it is definitely more stylish than ordinary plastic stools. It has bracket shaped base and rounded corners of its top. It is applicable for numerous household uses.

Small wooden stools

Set of 2 Hardwood Footstools in Natural Finish

Wooden stools vintage

A cool and sturdy though simple traditional stool made of solid reclaimed wood finished in mid browns. It has a rectangular concave seat and 2 wide rectangular slanted panel legs joined by a straight stretcher.

Stool sturdy foot this small stool packs a big punch

stool sturdy foot this small stool packs a big punch

Small wooden milking stool

Small wooden milking stool

Designer wooden stools

Small stool made of wood. This old-styled element brings a touch of African design into the house. The stool includes a well profiled seat supported by four strong, thick and wear resistant legs. It is decorative, practical and comfortable.

Small wooden stool 8

small wooden stool

Wooden stools

This set of handmade stools will be a great garden or backyard addition. Being solid, stained wood constructions, they have the ideal height for children, to sit around with the adults.

Small wooden stool

Small wooden stool

Wooden Sitting Stools (set of 2)

Low wooden stools

It's actually hard to decide if this interesting stool is like a round barrel or an ordinary wooden pie.Ordinary is the last word that can be used,looking at the beautiful cherry shades and the visible sip of wood-which creates this small wooden timber stool.

It is a foot rest you can use it for

It is a foot rest. You can use it for putting your feet on or you can use it for a small chair.

Wooden foot stool 2

wooden foot stool

Gift Mark Childrens Two Step Stool with Storage, White

Set stool with storage space, white finish and construction made of solid wood. The latter makes it a durable and long lasting construction. Additionally, the flip top has safety hinge to protect fingers.

Small wooden stools

Those small masterpieces can be a great way to enhancing your living area. The go with everything, and their small size makes them perfect for storing them almost anywhere. Each table is one of a kind, carved from a tree trunk, and covered with a white paint.

Home furniture made of teak wood furniture manufacturer from 1

Home Furniture Made of Teak Wood. Furniture Manufacturer from ...

Vintage Step Stool - WintersCottage Hand Crafted Vintage-Style Wooden Step Stool Perfect for Children and Adults - This Wood Stool is Great for Kitchens, Bathrooms, and Laundry Rooms - Childrens Step Stool Made in the USA - 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

Holy stool small neon yellow francois chambard

Holy Stool Small Neon Yellow / François Chambard

Small stools for sale

A simple idea for a wooden piece of furniture which may serve as an extra seat with a footrest or a small side table with a bottom shelf. It features a distressed character with a grey, matte finish. Ideal for minimalist interiors.

Small vintage wood wooden rustic 3 legged milking stool 1

... / Small Vintage Wood Wooden Rustic 3 Legged Milking Stool

Rustic Style Unfinished Ash Colored Solid Wood All Purpose Sitting Stool

A simple stool that has got a round top and a very durable wooden construction with an unfinished stylization. This rustic stool has got three solid legs that assure stability, strength and support for an adult user.

Black Vintage Step Stool - WintersCottage Hand Crafted Wooden Step Stool Perfect for Adults and Children - This Wood Stool is Great for Kitchens and Bathrooms - Distressed Step Stool Made in the USA

Flash Furniture TA-68924-CA-CTR-GG Backless Cappuccino Wood Counter Height Stool with Black Leather Swivel Seat, 24-Inch

This unique and stylish bar stool would be a perfect decoration for every elegant house of pub. If you're looking for an awesome combination of intriguing design and unusual comfort, you should check it out!

Tatiana staschuk chalet moscow russia

tatiana staschuk / chalet, moscow russia

Brown Faux LEATHER WOOD FOOTSTOOL foot stool rest hassock decor

If you're dreaming of some intriguing design and an unusual comfort in your house, this amazing and stylish footstool might be an interesting option for you! Check it out now and enjoy an extraordinary design and functionality.

Small wood stool

Montana Woodworks Glacier Country Collection Footstool

Solid stool with rustic, transitional design, can be used as footstool or step stool. Hand crafted in Montana with American grown, genuine lodge pole pine, it has wide foot print and cross supports for added stability.

The formal rigidity of the wood planks beech durmast or

The formal rigidity of the wood planks (beech, durmast or larch) is ...

This wooden stool has a slice of a natural tree

This Wooden stool has a slice of a natural tree on top. On The idea is ...

Small stools to sit on

Chairs are the basis of the dining room or the dining corner. Sometimes, however, there are no more places to sit - and then the small wooden stool enters the arena-with an aged style of finish in shabby chic though with elegance thanks to the chestnut color.

Wooden step stool for kids step stool on sale 1

Wooden Step Stool for Kids , Step Stool -----ON SALE ...

Small wooden stools 1

This small wooden stool looks adorable in entryway, drawing room, dinette or bedroom. The simple and classic construction fits perfectly to any style and decor.

Thai Wood Carving Oriental Style Seat Shelf Buddha or Statue Stand Pedestal

The fine wood craftsmanship with beautiful carvings make this statue stand not only beautiful but also sturdy. The stand has lovely curved legs that also ensure very good stability, keeping your statue in a good balance.

Graceful Wood Inlay Stool

Graceful Wood Inlay Stool

Miniatures wood chinese small mini chair stool dollhouse miniature

... Miniatures > Wood Chinese Small Mini Chair Stool Dollhouse Miniature

Small decorative stool

August_1_small Designere er Aamu Song & Johan Olin. Materialene er ask og alm.

Children's Step Stool or Bench Seat (Blue)

Small wood stool or table

Small Wood Stool or Table

Small wooden folding stool coffee table phone or plant pot

Small wooden folding stool, coffee table, phone or plant pot holder ...

Flat pack designs clever furniture wooden stools swedish furniture

... flat pack designs, clever furniture, wooden stools, swedish furniture

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Small wooden square stool

Small Wooden Square Stool