Wooden Foot Stools

A wooden footstool is a great way to relax and put your feet up, and an even better way to reach something on a high shelf. You won't believe how often you pull it out to make your life easier. With options that are simple and effective, and options that are too cute for words that the kids will love, this collection will get you off your tip toes and help you reach for the stars.

Best Products

On reserve for cottagecollection rustic

On reserve for cottagecollection rustic
This small rustic stool is a great combination of functionality and charm. Attractive colors, a smart whole in the seat and a wide range of applications creates a great piece of furniture for many occasions.

Vintage 1920 rustic wooden farm foot

Vintage 1920 rustic wooden farm foot
Research shows that we spend an average of 9 hours a day on the sitting position. A good, small wooden foot stool, stylized as an ancient specimen - will combine beige and brown shades in a simple, traditional form.

Vintage wooden foot stool wood stool

Vintage wooden foot stool wood stool
This simple in its uniqueness vintage footl stool has a brown, milk chocolate shade. It is very low and has a round seat - while its legs are slightly ribbed. In this way, it can also be used as a place for a pot, books or just a decorative patio element.

Vintage wooden stool primitive wood

Vintage wooden stool primitive wood
This antique wooden footstool enchants with its simplistic, natural form, being a great proposition for the fans of the rustic or vintage style. The saddle-like construction features also practical footrests.

Footed Tuffet Stool Free Shipping Made

Footed Tuffet Stool Free Shipping Made
This footed tuffet stool would be a truly adorable option for a daughter's room or even in a powder room. The vibrant, patchwork upholstery shall enchant kids as well as the adults.

Key Wood Ottoman

Key Wood Ottoman
Pretty antique style ottoman with a square wooden frame and low legs finished in dark brown. A hinged lid hides an inside compartment. Upholstery is of polyester fabric with an old keys pattern. A brown pleather stripe with studs is on an upper edge.

Small wooden footstool

Traditional footstool in neutral form. It is completely made of wood. Functional accent for all kinds of interior as needed.

Our advice Buying Guide

Wooden foot stools are handy for a variety of different uses. There is the classic inscription for a two-step stool that runs, “Helps me reach the things I couldn’t, and lots of things I really shouldn’t.” While not strictly a foot stool, although it could function as such, it does get one started on the uses of a wooden foot stool. It can be used to reach things that cannot otherwise be reached – that just out of reach book or kitchen item on a tall shelf – but are too close to merit getting out a real step ladder.

What are the most popular designs of wooden foot stools?

The Simplest of Wooden Foot Stools

A very common use of a wood foot stool is ergonomic. It is extremely bad for circulation to sit all day at a desk in a chair that is too tall. A simple wood step stool, just a board across two two-inch by four-inch boards, can make all the difference in the world to the amount of fatigue that is felt at the end of the day. Such a simple stool can be placed where desired without effort and stored at the back of the knee-well of a desk should a taller person want to sit there.

Charming Three or Four Legged Stools

A three or four-legged stool that is a bit taller than the under-desk foot stool can act either as a seat or as a comfortable place to prop your feet for a moment’s rest between chores. A bit of whimsy can be added by carving the seats into animal faces or shapes. Some stools of this nature can be more elegantly shaped and given high gloss to move them out of the kitchen or nursery realm and into the sitting or living room.

Upholstered Wooden Stools

Add to the comfort of your wooden stool by selecting a model that is upholstered. While your feet might not remain on that stool for very long, your enjoyment can be increased by a little softness under your ankles. The upholstery can also be coordinated with other furnishings in your room, for a pleasant, over-all effect.

Adjustable Height Embroidered Foot Stool

Show your good taste and your practicality with an embroidered foot stool that can be adjusted to be either that under-desk foot support or a place to put your feet up for a little relaxation. This elegant foot stool could easily take its place in a Victorian, shabby chic or Boho décor. It could even settle into a country living retreat.

Regardless of your taste in footstools, they are a time-tested simple solution to creating comfort. Whether you are making up for a lack of inches when trying to get comfortable in a desk chair, or enjoying a place to put your feet up at the end of a long work session so that you can truly rest before the next round, wooden foot stools are an easy, fun solution to simple needs. And yes, they can help you reach a few things you couldn’t.


Brown Faux LEATHER WOOD FOOTSTOOL foot stool rest hassock decor

If you're dreaming of some intriguing design and an unusual comfort in your house, this amazing and stylish footstool might be an interesting option for you! Check it out now and enjoy an extraordinary design and functionality.

Foot Stool Poplar Wood Maple Stain 6" Tall Mini (Made in the USA)

Mission style mini stool, crafted of poplar wood with maple stain; it is definitely more stylish than ordinary plastic stools. It has bracket shaped base and rounded corners of its top. It is applicable for numerous household uses.

Hardwood Footstool--unfinished

This footstool sports simple design - four legs, square top and reinforcing base slats - together with unfinished wooden surface, and that's just fine, because you can finish the piece the way you like it.

Wooden foot stools

This fantastic small footstool is a beautiful wood-based design with embroidered elephant, bird and floral motifs. The whole is lovely and brings color and joy to the decor. Perfectly suitable as a stool, and in itself is an excellent decoration.

Wooden foot stools 1

This pair of simple, yet sturdy stools constitutes a good example of a DIY work, all made from reclaimed wood! Finished in 2 color versions - brown and green, will be a perfect proposition for a children stool.

Wooden step stools

Made from bright wood, this rustic wooden step constitutes a practical solution, wherever you need to grab something from the tops of your interiors. Its universal design will fit into both traditional and more modern decors.

Wooden footrest

Relax and take care of your legs comfort thanks to the simplest of all furniture - a stool made of walnut wood, hand sanded, has a strong dark color and careful workmanship. Wooden foot stool glitters in a simple form.

Darice 91301 Unfinished Pinewood Stool

If you like raw, Scandinavian style, this minimalistic piece of furniture is dedicated special for your interiors. You can used it as a seat, footstool or miniature coffee table. It is made of oak wood.

Vintage Step Stool - WintersCottage Hand Crafted Vintage-Style Wooden Step Stool Perfect for Children and Adults - This Wood Stool is Great for Kitchens, Bathrooms, and Laundry Rooms - Childrens Step Stool Made in the USA - 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

Wooden footstool

Wooden Footstool

French fruitwood needlepoint foot stool

French Fruitwood Needlepoint Foot Stool

Rustic footstool

A pretty traditional rustic style stool crafted entirely of solid wood with a natural finish. It has a thick rectangularish seat with rounded corners and 4 slanted turned legs. Each leg is composed of 3 shorter sections.

Small_wood_bench footstool 1


Footrest Adjustable Fold-A-Way Tapestry

Footrest with adjustable height and cushion, which makes it very comfortable. Additionally, it features four caster that make it very mobile. The footrest is easy to to store thanks to the fact that it can be folded.

Hand Carved Wooden Stools, In Owl

Forest animals themed wooden stools like these are an example of beautiful wooden craftsmanship that enhances any decor. For kid's room or playroom, and many more! Natural finish makes them even more embellishing.

Rustic primitive small old vintage wood wooden milking stool step

Rustic & Primitive Small Old Vintage Wood Wooden Milking Stool Step Foot Bench

Laminate foot stools medical step stool hausmann

Laminate Foot Stools | Medical Step Stool | Hausmann

Coaster Queen Anne Style Footstool with Floral Damask Covered, Cherry Finish

Indoor living furniture hand carved wooden footstools 1027658

... : Indoor Living : Furniture : Hand-Carved Wooden Footstools 1027658

Tiny foot stools 2

Tiny Foot Stools

Hand Carved Wooden Stools, in Raccoon

Designed of sustainable acacia wood with beautiful hand carvings, this intricate footstool features a sitting raccoon design and a warm light brown finish. The whole rests on angled legs reinforced by stretchers.

Set of 2 Hardwood Footstools in Natural Finish

Mini foot stools

Mini Foot Stools

Antique wooden footstool 150

Antique Wooden Footstool - $150

Hardwood Footstool in Espresso Finish-12"

Foot stools 2

A rustic take on a handmade, DIY coffee table made out of an old crate with a cushioned seat upholstered in an old potato bag, giving the piece a unique appearance and a primitive, austere look with its rough design.

Footstool wooden

NEW Vintage Style Country Farmhouse Style Wooden Dairy Cow Milking Foot Stool

Vignettes antiques faite accompli secret garden tour 2012

Vignettes Antiques: Faite Accompli ~ Secret Garden Tour 2012

Foot supporting of in furniture foot wood stools footstools heavy

foot supporting of in furniture foot wood stools footstools heavy

Foot stools 34

It is an interesting reference to woven retro furniture when women spent time pacifying their strength and wiping wool. This wooden foot stool has an extremely braided seat coating in all yarn colors.

Hey i found this really awesome etsy listing at 639

Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at

Foot stools 13

Adding some rustic vibe to the interior and a solid piece of wooden furniture, this footstool will be an ideal proposition for those, who look for solid, durable constructions. A DIY product, which catches the attention with its original, retro-inspired upholstery.

Rustic foot stool wooden french country decor

Rustic foot stool wooden French country decor

Wooden foot

A Wooden Stool Makeover: So adorable - my kids are too old but would make a cute baby shower gift with DIY Instructions and items needed....and for the day I have grandbabies.

Ladybug Hand Carved and Hand Painted Wooden Foot Stool

This foot stool has got a solid wood construction with hand carved ladybug on the top. It is a fantastic addition for your living room, bedroom, kids room, family room and other.

Vintage wooden foot stool wood stool plant by pinespringscottage 20

Vintage Wooden Foot Stool / Wood Stool Plant by PineSpringsCottage, $20.00

Wooden foot stool 1


1483 lot of 2 wooden footstool with handle to steady

1483: Lot of 2: Wooden footstool with handle to steady

Vintage primitive wooden foot stool rustic decor by robertagrove 23

Vintage Primitive Wooden Foot Stool / Rustic Decor by RobertaGrove, $23.00 (Etsy)

Kings Brand Cherry Finish Wood Bedroom Bed Storage Step Stool

Tiny foot stools

Tiny Foot Stools

Snap on stool 10

Dutch designer Rianne Koens developed the Oturakast as individual drawers, each with its own set of foldable wooden legs. The legs fold out to form a standalone unit that functions as a seat, foot stool, or nightstand, and fold right back under to stack o

Riva globe chair and foot stool

riva globe - chair and foot stool