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You have a workshop, and you are proud of it. You spend more time in there than any other room in your home. Or perhaps your workshop is away from the home. One thing we can guarantee is that you do not stand the entire time you are in your workshop. And for your sitting means, we offer our workshop stools that are just the right height and material to do the job and improve your efficiency. Take a look here.

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Updated 19/10/2022
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Simple Workshop Stool

Simple Workshop Stool

National Public Seating

Featuring curved legs for a small but stylish accent touch, this stool has a solid wood top. Its base is made of 18-gauge heavy-duty steel, so you can put tons of pressure on it when working.

$110.61 $186

Designer Advice:

The neutral design of this workshop stool will work with most décor schemes, even if your workshop is a dusty old shed. Either way, the polished wooden seat and metal frame combine to create a chic industrial look that is perfect for when you’re whittling away at your latest creation. Plus, the gray or black frame offers even more design leeway.

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Plush Workshop Chair with Wheels

Plush Workshop Chair with Wheels

Latitude Run®

This stool comes with nine upholstery colors, ranging from rich burgundy to storm gray. Fixed on five wheels for easy movement no matter your floor type, it includes a firm backrest for spinal support. The padded seat offers extra comfort, too.

Designer Advice:

The best thing about this stool is that you can use it for multiple purposes. When you’ve finished sanding down that table you’re making, move it inside your office for those work-from-home days. We recommend opting for the burgundy or cashmere options for a cozier look, though black or coffee brown would be best if you’re worried about marks.

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Slim Workshop Chair with Back

Slim Workshop Chair with Back

National Public Seating

Constructed using 18-gauge steel tubing, this workshop chair has a slim back with an adjustable backrest. It has three size options – 18, 24, and 30 inches tall. Moreover, the seat is riveted to the pan to prevent warping.

$72.36 $127.99

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Flat Workshop Stool

Flat Workshop Stool

National Public Seating

You can pick from a black or gray base finish with this stool. Made from sturdy 18-gauge steel tubing, it comes with three height options. There are also eight rivets on the seat to stop warping. It requires assembly upon arrival.

$45.6 $87

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Funky Workshop Bar Stool

Funky Workshop Bar Stool

Wayfair Basics®

You’ll find a perfect match with this five-wheel stool due to the sixteen color choices available. The seat can be adjusted to get you at the right angle, whereas the adjustable lever means you can set it at the height you want. 

$33.99 $209

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Modern Workshop Bar Stool

Modern Workshop Bar Stool

National Public Seating

Available in black or gray, this stool has three heights to pick from - 18, 24, and 30 inches. Requiring assembly, it has a base made of 18-gauge steel tubing. The legs can be fixed in place or adjusted to your preference. 

$61.55 $99

Designer Advice:

Workshop stools don’t have to be boring, as proven by this one’s modern design. We recommend the black frame, as it will be less visibly messy when you don’t have time to do a full clean after working. The plush seat will prevent any major aches and pains, too, as well as giving your workshop less of an industrial look.

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Workshop Stools

Buying Guide

Every workshop needs a stool. After all, it's very tiring to work on something while standing. It's easy to assume that buying a workshop stool is a "no-brainer." It's only when people start shopping that they realize that this kind of stool comes in a plethora of styles and different features which can be confusing.

To find the right workshop stool for your situation, you need to know how to filter your choices effectively. To help you with this task, this article is going to be a workshop stool buying guide.

To find the right height of the stool, you have to know the height of the table. If the table height is 90 cm, then a seat that is between 65 cm to 70 cm is likely the ideal choice. For tables that are 100 cm - 110 cm in height, a stool between 75 cm to 80 cm is recommended.

If that's too technical for you to remember, then you can do a "field test." What you want to do is sit on the stool and place your elbows and forearm on the table. The general rule is if your arms and elbows are comfortably seated on the table and it’s not at an awkward position in relation to your body, then the stool height should be ideal.

Of course, you can skip all the hassle if you purchase a workshop stool with an adjustable height. On the downside, stools with such feature are more expensive compared to the fixed stool.

Stools without wheels have the advantage of being cheaper. It's also firmly rooted on the ground. Thus, it's an excellent choice for a task that needs precise movements. Also, it's an ideal option if your work does not require you to move from one table to another.

Stools with wheels are advisable if the flooring is made of carpet material as it's easier to just roll in and out of the table. Also, seats with wheels are more mobile, which makes it an ideal choice if you have multiple worktables or the work table is very long.

Since it's assumed that you'll be sitting for prolonged periods of time in a workshop stool, it's highly recommended that you get a padded seat. Your buttocks and lower back will thank you for the added comfort and support. When it comes to seat padding, the most common options are fabric or vinyl. The nature of the work usually dictates the right one for you.

  • Fabric has the advantage of being the more comfortable option. On the downside, it's difficult to clean if it gets in a mess. Hence, fabric is not advisable if the work entails the use of liquids (e.g., oil, ink, paint).
  • Vinyl is the best option if the work regularly includes operating with liquids. It's because vinyl is the more durable material, and it won't readily absorb oil, water, and paint.

Best Ideas

Industrial swing out stool seat

Industrial swing out stool seat

Wall-mounted workshop bar stool is the perfect solution for any interior. The simple design allows you to adjust the position of the chair according to your needs, and the comfortable wooden seat is cozy.

Vintage 40s machine age industrial uhl toledo drafting stool elliot


Boss caressoft drafting stool with back rest

Boss Caressoft Drafting Stool with Back Rest

Workshop stools 5

Designed for a clay sculptor, it can hold up to 200 pounds and has 5" casters, so it'll roll easily, even while fully loaded. Made from bright wood, this wheeled stool will be a practical workshop addition.

Wooden stool plans

Backless, space-saving construction of this workshop stool is very practical. Its wooden construction provides durability and long service life. The product is suitable for different workshop activities.

Wooden shop stool

Practical and crafted of natural wood, excellent for workshops, garages, basements, and outdoors. This workbench comes with a sturdy frame supported by window stretcher, and an integrated side stool with round seat.

Workshop stools

Wharton Esherick Sculpted walnut three-legged stool

Workshop stools 11

Tall counter height workshop stools with a rounded slightly padded top and a footrest below to keep you comfy all the time. The stool is supported by a chrome-plated metal base too, with all four legs fitted with rubber stops for safety.

Office chairs 8

Bring industrial flavor into your working place, while using those 2 workshop stools crafted in the 1920s. Each chair has a weathered iron frame with curvy legs, holding a wooden seat and back and offering a convenient swivel function.

Ethical Living 26" Bar Stool with Cushion

Ethical Living 26" Bar Stool with Cushion

A fancy bar stool that features some high-quality components like four legs and a footrest which both provide extra stability and covenience. The top doesn't have a backrest and the seat is upholstered and soft.

Your Rustic And Reclaimed Rectangle Oak

Your Rustic And Reclaimed Rectangle Oak

Rustic workshop stool crafted out of reclaimed oak barn wood. Why waste old wood when a handsome and practical stool like this square one can still be created. White washed paint highlights the farmhouse style inspirations.

Stool made in sustainably sourced black

Stool made in sustainably sourced black

This wonderful modern designed stool made from walnut and white oak, will be great addition to your decor. Unique profile of the seat will provide maximum support. Handmade look catches your eye and warm your soul.

Diy shop stool

The workshop stool is excellent for home and commercial use. This one is construct from a half sheet of plywood with light gray finish. Add it into the basement, garage or kitchen and enjoy the extra comfort.

Step stool wood

This handy step stool is an invaluable help in any home. Robust wooden construction allows you to reach higher shelves and is safe and stable. Excellent solution for the kitchen or home library.

Folding step stools 2

Do you need help in the kitchen or basement? You need the wooden folding step stool. It's not only very useful, but it looks classic, so it fits to any decor. It features the aspen and red oak finish.

Workshop stools 2

This bar stool is a construction based on solid plywood created for havy-duty applications. Its round, supportive footrest is also crafted of plywood. Sitting space of this stool is solid,comfortable and round.

Homemade shop stool

This can be an awesome workshop stool, once you add some caster wheels to it. Bright wood body combined with a metal chassis and a solid, leather seating creates an elegant and sturdy overall impression.

Musicians stool

Triangular stool. Designed to fit flush small nooks - better than circular stool in these terms. Recommended for guitar players and workshop use. A garage stool crafted out of good-looking engineered wood.

How to build a wooden stool

Multi-functional stool that can be used as a workshop or bar stool. Its wooden frame assures support and stability. The stool also includes a round backless seat with a white no. 7 sign on a black background.

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