Small Footstools

Picture yourself coming home from work after a long day: instead of ending up slouching on the sofa as usual, you get to put your feet up on a small footstool and relax in the most comfortable way. Dreamy, right?

Let’s get you one step closer to that scenario by showing you different style footstools that you can use to decorate your living room as well as for their main functional purpose.

But, first, don’t forget that size—or, better, height—matters when it comes to footstolls. Depending on how you like to stretch or lie down, you can have them as tall as your couch. However, for the most comfortable results, we recommend aiming for them to be shorter by around two inches.

Small footstool in a neutral color

Small footstool in a neutral color

One of the questions we’ve heard the most about small footstools is whether or not they need to match the couch. The answer is simple: they certainly can if you’re after the most cohesive result, but they don’t have to.

In fact, some people might find it a bit overwhelming to have all their living room furniture in the same color.

For example, a small footstool in a versatile neutral hue that’s already present elsewhere in your palette could do an even better job of creating a balanced result.

Small foot stool made of leather

Small foot stool made of leather

On the contrary, owning a leather couch and chairs is one of the cases in which it’d be wiser to stick to the same style and color for your small footstool.

After all, leather is a strong statement in itself: two different leather hues could end up being a bit too much.

Small footstool with legs in a different material

Small footstool with legs in a different material

Another popular option is to complement your solid-colored sofa with a small footstool showcasing some kind of pattern (preferably one that involves some of your palette’s colors).

To maintain the style consistent, however, you can consider choosing a small footstool with legs that are similar to those of your couch: several wooden models offer this clever opportunity.

$118.99 $240

Ornate low foot stool

Ornate low foot stool

From wood carvings to gentle cabriole legs and sophisticated patterns, small footstools can help you emphasize the ornate focus behind your interior style.

This works particularly well with detail-oriented decors such as shabby chic and French country.

We bet you’ll feel even more special whenever you put your feet up on such a royalty-worthy stool!

Contemporary low foot stool

Contemporary low foot stool

Don’t worry: not all small footstools are highly decorative and featuring harmonious legs. Worried that one of these items would look out of place in your contemporary room? Not at all.

In fact, as long as you choose a simple footstool with clean lines, a symmetrical design, and a monochrome finish from your palette, it’ll actively complement it.

Small footstools with a relevant print

Small footstools with a relevant print

As well as patterns, another creative way of balancing your monochrome living room furniture is to opt for a small footstool featuring a print on top.

Obviously, this shouldn’t be a random design! For a tasteful result, we recommend picking one that includes a motif that your interior style is known for.

For example, this bird nest would work well with rustic or farmhouse-inspired rooms, whereas some beach elements like shells or seahorses would be a real match for coastal homes.

Low footstool in a bold color

Low footstool in a bold color

Another alternative to matching designs is to pair up your monochrome neutral sofa with a small footstool in bolder colors or patterns.

To take this tip to the next level, choose some that are already present elsewhere in your living room or that you can easily introduce (for example, through cushions, prints, or vases.

Small upholstered footstool made of wood

Small upholstered footstool made of wood

A small foot stool made of wood isn’t just handy to match your sofa’s legs: you can actively use it to tie the entire room together by matching the finish of your main furniture (e.g. your bookcase or TV unit).

Plus, combining wood and an upholstered top can be a lovely touch that will add to your room’s cozy feel!

Small foot stool with storage

Small foot stool with storage

Tight on space? Since you’re already introducing a small footstool, you might as well reward yourself with some extra perks by choosing a dual-use or even a three-in-one design.

For instance, when you pick a slightly higher cube-shaped footstool, you usually get some additional storage space and even an emergency seat for whenever you have one more guest than you expected.

Moveable, small foot stool for chair

Moveable, small foot stool for chair

One of the handiest things about small footstools is that they’re much more portable than larger ottomans.

Are you already thinking of using it in different spots, from your couch to that reading corner next to your bookcase? Then look for a design that prioritizes portability, just like this adorable stool with a handle.

Our advice Buying Guide

Small foot stools are functional furniture pieces and they can go well with any type of furniture that's already in your living room. On top of that, it can complement any home décor. A foot stool's basic structure comprises of a top that's padded and set above a sturdy wooden frame on shapely legs. The furniture performs all its functions without having a negative impact to a room's aesthetics or appeal. Regardless of the material and shade that you choose, it is guaranteed to look stunning.

The market, as of late, is riddled with small foot stools in different styles and designs to match every home's interior. To determine which one is best suited for you, check out our buying guide below.

What are the different uses of small foot stools?

Of course, a small foot stool's primary use is to provide a soft surface where you can elevate your feet. But foot stools offer more value than what people credit them for. On the surface, they seem like luxury furniture pieces, but they are more than that as they can also be used as additional seating which can accommodate house guests and provide an extra "side" within your living space to rest books, TV remotes, and magazines on. When you find yourself short of a stable surface to rest your tray of drinks on, you can use your small foot stool as a coffee table. What we're saying is that the possibilities are near endless!

What are the most durable foot stool materials?

Fabrics such as luxuriously soft velvets, refreshing and cool cottons, and weave linens should be considered. They all contain fibers that naturally resist bobbling that's brought upon by repeated rubbing. Even if you think you will just use a small foot stool to rest your tired and weary tootsies by the end of the day, one fact remains: your foot stool will be subjected to friction and contact daily. It is, therefore, best to choose a material that's hard-wearing to withstand rubbing for years. You wouldn't want a material that will show signs of usage and wear after only a week of use.

What different styles of small foot stools are there?

Make sure that the style you choose works for its placement within your home. Foot stools come in different shapes and sizes. You'll find units that sport sleek contemporary designs and ones with antique-inspired styles. Some even have diamond pleat details and castor feet. This is great news as it makes it easy for you to find the foot stool that fits your existing décor.

Bonus tip: If you are space-strapped and you need to navigate through narrow entryways or openings when accessing your living space, make sure that you take measurements to ensure your furniture won't overwhelm the space and position it'll take in your home.


Vintage foot stool needlepoint foot

Vintage foot stool needlepoint foot
Hand made - it is always associated with something unique. This is also the case with this small foot ottoman stool, which has a traditional wooden base from a cherry tree but is distinguished by a black embroidered flower in the seat. Folkloristic accent

Reims robins egg blue storage ottoman

Reims robins egg blue storage ottoman
It is a round piece of furniture that plays the role of an ottoman. Its antique white finish matches any decor. What is more, this product has got a quite large storage area (the overall dimensions: 19 inches high x 21 inches wide x 21 inches deep).

Upholstered Footstool iv 16 inchx12 inchx6.5 inch

Cute bun feet and elaborate golden pattern on chocolate brown background make this little footstool pretty special! Whenever you feel like you need a soft resting surface for your feet, take benefit of a footstool like this one.

Small leather footstools

Small Leather Footstools

Small footstool

Very elegant element, which can be used on two ways - it can be classic footstool or very comfortable pouffe. It has seat covered with stylish red cloth and kickstand made of dark and carved cherry wood.

Upholstered footstool iv 16 inchx12 inchx6 5 inch 2

Upholstered Footstool iv 16 inchx12 inchx6.5 inch

Foot Stool Poplar Wood Maple Stain 4" Tall Mini (Made in the USA)

This item is a very functional foot stool that provides access to high areas in the house. Its simple design looks good in different interior stylizations. The stool is handcrafted, so its quality is very high.

Brown Faux LEATHER WOOD FOOTSTOOL foot stool rest hassock decor

If you're dreaming of some intriguing design and an unusual comfort in your house, this amazing and stylish footstool might be an interesting option for you! Check it out now and enjoy an extraordinary design and functionality.

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Tapestry Decorative Storage Footstool

Add beauty, style and elegance to your home with this adorable footstool. It has got a solid wood construction, floral pattern and storage for your items. It fits to romantic style and décor.

Footrest Adjustable Fold-A-Way Tapestry

Footrest with adjustable height and cushion, which makes it very comfortable. Additionally, it features four caster that make it very mobile. The footrest is easy to to store thanks to the fact that it can be folded.

Upholstered furniture small footstool ottomans in medium walnut

... upholstered furniture small footstool ottomans in medium walnut

Small angled footstool with a choice of leg options wood

Small Angled Footstool with a choice of leg options, wood and fabrics

Footstool small victoria footstool small the small victoria footstool

footstool small victoria footstool small the small victoria footstool ...

Universal footstool rectangular small footstool add an interior

universal footstool rectangular small footstool add an interior ...

Ebay 120


Antique pair of footstool gout stool small low carriage

Antique Pair of Footstool Gout Stool Small Low Carriage

Leather footstool 5

Small footstool that can be paired with a recliner chair or armchair. It features a durable wooden construction with four stable legs. Upper area of this footstool is cushioned and covered with leather in brown color.

Coaster Queen Anne Style Footstool with Floral Damask Covered, Cherry Finish

Small ottomans footstools 1

A set of three vintage ottoman footstools made out of decoratively carved oak wood with a white coat of paint. The ottomans are fitted with different-coloured upholsteries with varying patterns, providing an elegant look.

Small foot stools

Indoor bench and 2 ottomans in traditional form. It is mounted on wooden frame. Upholstery is made of nice touch fabric and finished with striped pattern. Neutral and functional design for each home.

DHP Delaney Small Square Ottoman

This very classic, contemporary styled, cube shaped ottoman is lightweight and features a storage space. Its solid frame is upholstered with faux leather and decorate with double stitches in contrasting color.

Cute modern footstools by leolux

Cute Modern Footstools by Leolux

Chesterfield stool

Chesterfield Stool

Padded Foot Stool Winter Garden 7" Tall with a Maple Stain (Made in the USA)

This is what I call a foot stool that takes its inspiration from historical design. The base is constructed of hardwood with maple stain finish, and the top is cushioned thickly and covered with diamond pattern gray fabric.

Decorative legs and ottomans toll free 1 800 347 lees

Decorative Legs and Ottomans Toll Free: 1-800-347-LEES 818 …

Vintage floral tapestry footstool small foot stool wooden legs cream

Vintage Floral Tapestry Footstool Small Foot Stool Wooden Legs Cream ...

Colourful short stool or footrest

Colourful short stool or footrest

Low footstool

A handful of different designs for stools, made in a variety of shapes and styles. Some of the stools are made in a more traditional, classic style with some of them being more modern and contemporary, providing a wide array of choice.

Small footstools

Small Footstools

Homcom Modern Small Faux Leather Ottoman / Footrest Stool - Black

Black ottoman covered with faux leather serves as a piece of furnishing of various applications. It works well as a footrest, extra seating or a compact sized side table. It stands firmly on turned legs - no wobbling ensured.

Mini Padded Foot Stool Coco Brown 9" Tall Maple Stain (Made in the USA)

A very comfortable stool that plays the role of a footrest in a living room. It has got a soft top that improves relaxation level. Its frame is made of durable poplar hardwood. The product measures 11'' long X 10'' wide X 9'' tall.

Small ottomans 30

Small Ottomans $30

Black Bear Footstool

This cute footstool is going to bring fantastic wildlife accents to kids' rooms, cabins, living rooms, and bedrooms. The "bearstool" is designed of polyester acrylic fabric, offering a plastic frame and polyester fill.


Sweet collection of small stepstools

Small footstool home category furniture bespoke small footstool

... small footstool home category furniture bespoke small footstool

Padded Foot Stool Cheetah 7" Tall Maple Stain (Made in the USA)

This beautiful and space-saving foot stool stands 7 inches tall, and is crafted from poplar hardwood and covered in walnut finish. The sturdy base holds a comfy seat cushion upholstered in quality soft fabric.

Vintage Step Stool - WintersCottage Hand Crafted Vintage-Style Wooden Step Stool Perfect for Children and Adults - This Wood Stool is Great for Kitchens, Bathrooms, and Laundry Rooms - Childrens Step Stool Made in the USA - 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

Since the american adults i hang with dont seem to

Since the American adults I hang with don't seem to be keen on floor-sitting, I may have to wait for children before I get some of these.

Southern Enterprises Alligator Print Foot Stool

This piece of furniture is a stool that provides a sitting space for two people. It has got a very durable wooden construction and solid legs that assure stability and support. Its overall size is 15.75" W x 11.75" D x 9.5" H.

On my thrifting list small foot stool

on my thrifting list...small foot stool

Small foot stools 1

Small Foot Stools

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Small footstool

i love chippy paint .. but i want it to stay clean.. love these!

Ercol style small footstool 150 00 small ercol style footstool

ercol style small footstool £ 150 00 small ercol style footstool ...

Eaton labrador small footstool by the labrador company

Eaton Labrador Small Footstool By The Labrador Company ...

Richmond small footstool by footstools and more

Richmond Small Footstool By Footstools And More ...

Eaton spaniel small footstool by the labrador company

Eaton Spaniel Small Footstool By The Labrador Company ...

Antique low footstool small stool foot gout needle

Antique Low Footstool Small Stool Foot Gout Needle ...

Richmond small footstool by footstools and more 1

Richmond Small Footstool By Footstools And More ...