Folding Step Stools

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Unfold them. Use them. Put them away. These step stools are great for anything you need. Get stuff off high shelves. Install new window treatments. Change that burnt out light bulb. Then simply store it away. No trip hazards, no mess. For all your elevated needs, we suggest getting yourself a folding step stool from this extensive collection.

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Industrial red stool

Industrial red stool

This characteristic Cosco step stool enchants with its vibrant red finish. It features steps folded under the seat, out of the way when not in use. This clever solution allows you to save space.

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3-Step Steel Folding Step Stool with 200 lb. Load Capacity

3-Step Steel Folding Step Stool with 200 lb. Load Capacity

It is a three-step folding step stool that has got a solid metal steel construction and fits to any style and décor. It is a perfect addition to your bedroom. You will be impressed how solid this step stool is.

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1-Step EZ Fold Step Stool with 300 lb. Load Capacity

1-Step EZ Fold Step Stool with 300 lb. Load Capacity

It is a one-step bed step stool that has got a rubber feet, white finish and itfits to any style and décor. It is a perfect addition to your bedroom. You will be impressed how solid this step stool is.

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Betty twyford wooden step stool folding kitchen stool in chalk

... › Betty Twyford Wooden Step Stool - Folding Kitchen Stool in Chalk

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Folding step stools 1

Ultraslim Aluminum Step Stools: Lightweight and sturdy, folds down flat. Available in 2 or 3 step models.

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Betty twyford wooden step stool in clay

Betty Twyford Wooden Step Stool in Clay

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Folding step stools 2

Do you need help in the kitchen or basement? You need the wooden folding step stool. It's not only very useful, but it looks classic, so it fits to any decor. It features the aspen and red oak finish.

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Folding step stools

Unfold this wooden step stool and enjoy effortless accessibility to higher crevices and wall cabinets of your loft apartment. When not used, the stool can be hanged on a wall in its entirely flat folded shape.

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Practical mini folding step ladder stool or convenient seat ideal

Practical Mini Folding Step Ladder-Stool or Convenient Seat ideal for ...

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Step stool wood

This handy step stool is an invaluable help in any home. Robust wooden construction allows you to reach higher shelves and is safe and stable. Excellent solution for the kitchen or home library.

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Folding Step Stools

Buying Guide

A folding step stool will allow you to complete various office and home maintenance tasks quickly and safely. Since folding step stools are collapsible, they are great space-savers which will prove to be a godsend when storage space is limited. Since there's a great selection of these stools in the market, picking out the right stool can be tricky. Our quick buying guide will take you through all the considerations you need to take into account, so you'll be able to get the unit that you require. Let's get right into it.

Step stools can be made using all sorts of materials, but the most common are aluminum and fiberglass. Both materials have characteristics that make them great for specific applications. You may want to choose depending on your personal preferences. But, if you will be using the step stool near a place with electrical wires or it'll be placed in a hostile environment, then you need a step stool that's made of fiberglass. You can also opt for a wooden unit. Just remember, the use and the stool's placement will have an impact on the right material for you.

Folding step stools for commercial use have a 130 kg maximum load each. If you're looking into getting a step stool for your home, you can use a unit that's made specifically for domestic use, which has a 95 kg maximum load rating.

Your step stool must have the right grip. The ideal folding step stool has a non-slip surface. Every step should be able to provide the right amount of grip to your feet. It will ensure you don't slip and lose your balance.

Aside from the grip, your step stool should have non-skid feet. This will prevent you from kicking the steps from underneath you regardless of how much you wiggle.

Some safety tips:

  • Before every use, you need to check your step stool for wear and tear signs.
  • There might be missing or loose parts that could endanger your life. Check if the anti-slip grips are still intact.
  • For a wooden folding step stool, never use opaque wood treatment as it can hide defects such as cracks which will warn you of possible danger if you continue to use your step stool.
  • Never use an aluminum or steel step stool if you will be near anything that conducts electricity as you might get electrocuted.
  • Your folding step stool's ideal placement is on a solid and sturdy ground. It shouldn't rock from one side to another as it will fall over as you're on it.
  • Lastly, check your folding step stool's maximum load capacity. If it's more than your weight, then you should pass up on the product. You can find the maximum weight a step stool can bear in its product description.

Best Ideas

Folding step stool with handle

This pair of folding step stools enchants with the solid, bright wood and metal construction. It can be doubled up, enabling to considerably save one's floor space.The wood has been brushed and sanded.

Folding wooden step stool

Folding Wooden Step Stool

Wooden folding step stool

Wooden Folding Step Stool

Fold up step stool

It's enough to call another household member to give you a top-shelf cake. These wood folding step stools stairs are made of sturdy stable wood with visible sips and natural color by traditional craftsmen from the village of Amish.

Winsome Wood Step Stool, Antique Walnut

This simple and practical wooden step stool is gonna be the perfect match for every kind of house! Check it out now and enjoy the great comfort, extraordinary functionality and an intriguing design at your place.

Folding step stool ultra slim aluminum step ladder 2

Folding Step Stool Ultra Slim Aluminum | Step Ladder

Folding step stool 7

Folding Step Stool

Small folding step stool

Extremely practical for people with low growth. No more discrimination at home - thanks to a two-stage folding rubbermaid step stool that is made of a steel frame and dark plastic steps. Most importantly, it is stable and has non-marring feet.

Portable step stool

This folding step stool will constitute a practical solution always when you need to climb somewhere to store or take your stuff. This high-density plastic construction folds flat and hangs for easy storage.

Folding step stool 6


1-Step Folding Step Stool

1-Step Folding Step Stool

Cosco two step big step folding step stool

It is a very useful, decorative and solid piece of equipment. It is a step stool that provides access to high areas. It has got slip resistant steps, so it is very safe in use. Its steel frame is able to support the weight of 200 lbs.

A step ladder for the potty and the bed

A step ladder for the potty and the bed.