Kitchen Step Stools

Be it the kitchen, the pantry, of whatever, sometimes, even the tallest folk, need a leg up to get those top shelf items. For this, we present the line of kitchen step stools. Practical, functional, and clever, you will use one of these stools more often than you might think, if for no other reason than the efficiency. See collection for all the kitchen step stool options.

Best Products

Household Helper 2-Step Manufactured Wood Step Up Kitchen Step Stool with 200 lb. Load Capacity

Household Helper 2-Step Manufactured Wood Step Up Kitchen Step Stool with 200 lb. Load Capacity
It is a household helper 2-step manufactured wood step up kitchen step stool that has got a MDF construction and two color options to choose: espresso and white. It is a very functional and safe addition to your home.

Plantation Cherry 2-Step Wood Step Stool

Plantation Cherry 2-Step Wood Step Stool
A cherry two-step wooden step stool. Its style design is elegant yet functional. It looks stunning in any contemporary decor. Made from select solid woods, wood products and choice cherry veneers. It is sturdy and stable.

3-Step Wood Step Stool

3-Step Wood Step Stool
A three-step wooden stool which is multi-functional. It is a solid wood construction that provides stability, durability and safety. Manufacturer provides 90 days limited warranty. It was produced in Malaysia.

2-Step Storage Step Stool

2-Step Storage Step Stool
A practical step stool with additional drawer for storage. Sturdy wooden construction. Side handles make it easy to navigate. Includes 2 steps. Suitable for each type of the interior as required.

1-Step Folding Step Stool

1-Step Folding Step Stool
Practical and useful around the house, this 1-step step stool in gray and black finish is lightweight and portable, equipped with a handle for easy carrying. It can be unfolded very quickly, providing 300 lbs of weight capacity.

Compton Martin Adjustable Height Swivel Bar Stool with Cushion

Compton Martin Adjustable Height Swivel Bar Stool with Cushion
Fully-functional Adjustable Height Swivel Bar Stool in Green & Chrome Finish, splendid for bars, game rooms, and counter areas. The seat, back and arms are padded with durable faux leather. The stool also features a sturdy pole with a round base, and a fixed rung footrest.

2-Step Wood Step Stool

2-Step Wood Step Stool
It is a two-step step stool that has got a wood construction and two finish options to choose: cherry and oak. It has got a brushed brass hardware and traditional design. IT is a great choice for your home.

Our advice Buying Guide

What's the best material for a kitchen step stool?

The best materials for kitchen step stools are wood and metal.

Wood is the most aesthetically pleasing option and, because it’s so versatile, it can work with different décor styles. We especially recommend it if you’re hoping to enhance some cozy or rustic vibes. Wooden kitchen step stools are also particularly durable, but keep in mind that they might be a bit heavier and not always the most space-saving models.

Metal kitchen step stools are some of the most convenient designs as they’re practical, durable, and usually foldable. Just be sure to look for a high-quality model since cheaper once could actually bend under the heaviest loads. Unlike wooden options, metal stools aren’t usually chosen for their looks, but they could work exceedingly well with specific interior styles such as industrial kitchens.

Finally, plastic is a less durable but popular choice if budget is one of your main concerns. Just keep in mind that these models won’t usually be able to withstand heavy loads.

What type of kitchen step stool should I get?

You should get a type of kitchen step stool that’s both functional and decorative when it comes to your specific interior style:

  • Measure exactly how much taller you’d need to be in order to reach the highest surface in your cupboards: that way, you won’t run the risk of buying a kitchen step stool that’s too short for them
  • If you’re low on space, choose a foldable model
  • If you have a fairly large kitchen, you can pick a more decorative option to showcase next to the rest of your furniture
  • For a consistent feel, consider choosing a finish that’s already present elsewhere in your kitchen and a style that matches your interiors

Are step stools safe?

Yes, kitchen step stools are safe as long as you use them correctly.

You must always place them on level ground, guaranteeing solid floor support for their entire base or all of their four feet.

If you opt for foldable kitchen step stools, you must never use them when they’re in a partially open position.

It’s also important to place them close to the area that you need to reach to avoid losing your balance or falling.

Finally, for extra peace of mind, we recommend choosing kitchen step stools with an anti-slip base or feet.


2-Step Step Stool

2-Step Step Stool
Simple and effective design of this step stool provides durable and functional wooden frame, convenient handle for easy transport, and stable support offering reliable boost while reaching higher placed items.

2-Step Solid Wood Step Stool

2-Step Solid Wood Step Stool
It is a very practical step stool that checks especially in high-ceilinged rooms, where you can take advantage of the space and bury some of its things placed on high shelves. It is kind of practical equipment.

Roughneck 1-Step Step Stool

Roughneck 1-Step Step Stool
It is a very practical stool, which mainly serves as a platform. It may be useful for a small child that in the bathroom does not reach the sink or for an adult, so she lub he can reach something from the higher shelves, which normally can not reach.

1-Step Step Stool

1-Step Step Stool
Practical and useful around the house, this 1-step step stool in black finish is lightweight and portable, equipped with a handle for easy carrying. It can be unfolded very quickly, providing 250 lbs of weight capacity.

Betty twyford wooden step stool in clay

Betty Twyford Wooden Step Stool in Clay

Step stool kitchen

Extremely functional kitchen step stool constructed from wood for long-lasting service. The stool also features a glossed light walnut finish and its durable design ensures it’s safe using it to access top shelves. The step in the stool can also be tucked back in to save floor space.

Kitchen step stools

If your kitchen or living room feature tall cabinets or shelves, you should get these functional step stools. They will not only provide access to the top shelves, but with a pretty, wooden structure, they will also be a nice decoration of the room.

Retro kitchen steps folding 1950s kitsch vintage stool step ladder

... Retro Kitchen Steps Folding 1950s Kitsch Vintage Stool Step Ladder Red

Cool step stool

Highly functional and versatile piece of furniture that comes with three nonskid steps to help you access top shelves in the kitchen and a seating surface as well. The step stool is constructed from wood and comes with a beautiful natural wood grain finish.

Step stool 15

Step Stool

Kitchen stepping stool

Neatly constructed kitchen step stool standing on four strong legs. The stool also comes with a large countertop, a superb natural wood grain, and a water-resistant sealant that makes it last for years. The piece also has foldable steps to ensure it takes little floor space.

Lassic step stool with three sturdy steps

lassic step stool with three sturdy steps.

Kitchen stools with steps

Foldable kitchen step stools that are super practical and versatile. Built from metal, the stools come in a powder-coated silver finish with black colored steps for incredible color balance. The stools can fit inside a standard drawer when folded so they shouldn’t bother you at all with space.

3-Step Wood Library Step Stool

3-Step Wood Library Step Stool

Horizon folding step ladder kitchen step stools

Horizon Folding Step Ladder | Kitchen Step Stools

Wood step stool with handle 1

Utilitarian wooden step stool, equipped with practical cutout handle, tall enough to be reached from standing position without effort. For those who appreciate traditional wooden design and don't like to bend to pick up a step stool.

Kitchen step stool uk pine step stool scotts of stow

Kitchen Step Stool Uk ~ Pine Step Stool | Scotts of Stow

Budget kitchen step stools z7ydfubr

Budget Kitchen Step Stools Z7yDFuBr

Winsome Wood Step Stool, Antique Walnut

This simple and practical wooden step stool is gonna be the perfect match for every kind of house! Check it out now and enjoy the great comfort, extraordinary functionality and an intriguing design at your place.

Kitchen stepstool

Kitchen Folding Step Stool vintage, vintage furniture, 186

Cramer 1001 01 kik step rolling step stool1

Cramer 1001-01 Kik Step Rolling Step Stool1

Horizon folding step ladder kitchen step stools 2

Horizon Folding Step Ladder | Kitchen Step Stools

Silver kitchen step stool

Silver Kitchen Step Stool

Ultraslim aluminum step stool they fold into nothing retails us

Ultraslim Aluminum Step Stool. They fold into nothing! Retails US$149

YBM Home Plastic Step Stool Great For Kitchen, Laundry Bath Office Garage 0305-bl black)

A high quality step stool designed for use in a kitchen. It allows for reaching high table tops and other areas. The product is made of plastic and it holds up to 400 lbs. It is not very large, so it saves a lot of space.

Metal kitchen stools 2

Kitchen stools with solid metal frames. These elements of design feature soft, padded seats in round color. Each stool features four legs that assure enhanced stability and support for any adult user.

AmeriHome 2-Step Steel Step Stool with 300 lb. Load Capacity

AmeriHome 2-Step Steel Step Stool with 300 lb. Load Capacity

Metal kitchen stools

This stool is an item produced for anyone who likes simple stylizations. Its wooden top is well-profiled, so it assures solidity and comfort. The frame of this stool is crated on the basis of durable metal.

Polder 90401-91H 2-Step Mini-Stool (Chrome)

Sturdy mini-stool with two steps, non-skid soft rubber step pads and non-skid vinyl feet that enhance the functionality of a metal construction. The steps are wide enough to ensure safety and comfort of usage.

Furinno FNBJ-22116 Easy 3-Step Folding Step Stool

A practical space-saving foldable and portable step stool. Its frame is of durable metal tubes finished in red. It has 3 steps with anti-slip surfaces, legs with non-marring pads, a sponge-covered handle. It automatically locks when it's unfolded.

Betty twyford wooden step stool folding kitchen stool in chalk

Betty Twyford Wooden Step Stool - Folding Kitchen Stool in Chalk

LavoHome 330lbs Upper Reach Reinforced Metal Folding Step Ladder Stool Household Kitchen Use (Four Step Ladder)

This folding step ladder provides industrial quality and strenght, so it is a must-have for every home. It features solid steel construction, comfy grip handle and safe rubber stopper no-slip bottoms. Holds at least 330 lbs of weight.

Home-it Folding Childeren Step Stool and for Adults 13 In. (Blue) Holds up to 300 LBS

This type of product is a step stool designed for children and adults who want to reach high areas in the house. The product has got a special handle and its surface protects from slipping. It has got a blue color.

Hardware Distributors H505.04.210 Folding Step Stool - Black-Grey

Take advantage of this functional step stool whenever you need a few of extra inches to reach what you need. This black-grey step stool is essential in garage, kitchen or any other household area, and it folds down for easy storage.

Step stool for kitchen

10 Photos of the Kitchen Step Stool Designs Photos

Cosco 11-120CBB1 Retro Chair and Stool Black and Chrome

A nice and useful kitchen stool in a retro stylization. It features a solid metal frame with a stylish chrome finish. Its vinyl upholstery is comfortable and very easy to clean. Lower part of this chair includes two steps that can be used as footrests.

Rubbermaid 4200-87 BISQ Rubbermaid Bisque Step Stool - Quantity 6

It is a simple, but useful element designed for young users. This step stool provides acces to higher areas in the kitchen, bathroom, etc. It is made of solid materials and provides the best level of safety.

JSNY Handy Support Step Stool With Handle

Step stool with handrail grip covered in foam for easy and comfortable carrying. Legs with rubber tips extend beyond the platfrom to prevent the stool from rocking. Anti slippery rubberized tread on top.

Cosco 3 Step All Aluminum Step Stool

It is a 3-step stool that has got an aluminum construction and foldable frame. This is a great addition for your garage, basement, kitchen and other. You will be impressed how high quality this ladder is.

Metal kitchen stools 1

Attractive and comfortable items used in industrial-styled home bars or kitchen islands. Each stool offers its user stability and support thanks to its spring-styled base and solid round wooden seat area.

Metal kitchen stool

This pretty simple and inexpensive metal sign is a cool example of a DIY decoration. You will only need a piece of 24" x 24" metal, black and white spray paints, 1" painter’s tape, an adhesive vinyl, a vinyl transfer tape, a Silhouette Machine and screws for hanging.

AmeriHome 700350 Lightweight Aluminum Step Stool, 1 Step, Faux Wood Finish

This sensational step stool is an excellent solution to help during daily activities repairs, cleaning, etc. Perfectly made of solid aluminum stylized for wood is durable andand collapsible so what is easy to store.

Columbus Traditional Barstool

A traditional barstool that will be a great neutral option to help creating a comfortable and casual environment and at the same time matching the decor of your home or office. It will work well in a kitchen or living area.