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We’ve all needed a step stool at one point in our lives, but few of us have considered the convenience of a step stool chair – that’s the practicality of having steps to reach something, with a chair built in to place in your kitchen or office. Infinitely useful, a portable kitchen stool with steps is the hybrid product you never knew you needed, and we’ve selected a few of the best down below.

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Our Picks

Ridged Steel Stool Chair

Ridged Steel Stool Chair

Winston Porter

This step stool can support up to 200lbs and is foldable for convenience. Featuring slip-resistant steps, its ridged design is sleek and trendy and will ensure comfort when you are using it as a seat.

$48.8 $89.99

Designer Advice:

Available in an antique walnut color, this step stool with a seat will fit into any contemporary kitchen. You can use it as seating for a kitchen island, or in a living room when you have extra guests around. The wood gloss finish makes it look expensive, so we recommend pairing it with furniture in a similar walnut hue for a cohesive look. 

Black Kitchen Step Stool with Seat

Black Kitchen Step Stool with Seat

WFX Utility™

Simple and with a minimalist design, this step stool has three steps that then retract to turn into a handy seat. With a 200lbs maximum weight limit, it features telescoping and can fold for easy storage.

$220.8 $395

Designer Advice:

The smooth matte black finish of this step stool seat means it isn’t just limited to a kitchen, although it would look sophisticated when paired with a black or marble kitchen island. However, it does not have any anti-slip features, which could cause accidents when it is used as a step stool. 

Modern Folding Kitchen Step Stool with Seat

Modern Folding Kitchen Step Stool with Seat

Gracie Oaks

The understated modern design of this kitchen step stool is sure to fit into any kitchen, and the two color choices of white and cappuccino mean you can choose your perfect match. It has slip-resistant steps and feet, and a safety latch on the side.

$72.37 $145

Designer Advice:

Slightly curved at the edges, this step stool in white would look great in a kitchen with gray accents such as gray walls, tiling, or countertops. While white accents would also match, sometimes an all-white kitchen can look bare and unwelcoming. By introducing elements of gray, you can create a cozy atmosphere. 

Retro Padded Step Stool

Retro Padded Step Stool

Ivy Bronx

This step stool with a padded seat has a retro throwback look to it due to its nostalgic frame design and metal accents. Available in black, gold/white, or teal, it is recommended that you avoid using electricity near this stool.

Designer Advice:

For a fun vintage look straight from the swinging ‘60s, opt for the teal color option and purchase objects such as tea-towels for your kitchen in similar teal, aqua, or mint shades. Pastel shades are associated with this era, so don’t be afraid to commit to your color scheme for a retro look that remains timeless. 

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Wooden Kitchen Step Stool Chair

Wooden Kitchen Step Stool Chair

Alfi Brand

Wider than others on this list, this step stool chair has a generous weight capacity of 550lbs, ideal if you often lift heavy objects or often need two people on a job. Better still, the wooden frame is lightweight and easy to transport.

$241.01 $530

Designer Advice:

We recommend using this stool in the kitchen or in an entryway, where you could place shoes and bags in the open space when your stool is not in use. Alternatively, its rustic wooden design would look amazing in a farmhouse coastal kitchen with a stripped-back kitchen island or cupboards. 

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Step Stool Chairs

Buying Guide

Step stools allow you to safely and quickly get tasks done in the home or office. It is a tool for freestanding utilization, meaning they are ideal when you need a slight raise when you want to get something from the top kitchen shelf, or when you need to change a lightbulb. There is a wide range to choose from, but you don’t just want any padded step stool, you want the one that is best suited to your needs. Shopping for a padded step stool can be a difficult process, so here is a buying guide to help you out.

Your choice when shopping for a step stool will be between folded and molded designs. You will need to think about where you are going to store your step stool. If you have got space enough to keep it under the counter without folding it, a molded step stool is a good choice. However, if space is limited, a folding step stool will be more convenient. It collapses and flattens allowing you to store it in a cabinet or closet.

The material of padded step stools will depend on what you are going to use it for. Step stool materials include:

  • Fiberglass: If you are working on an electrical project, non-conductive fiberglass step stools are a safe option.
  • Metal: Steel and aluminum step stools offer enhanced durability and portability.
  • Plastic: Ideal for light maintenance tasks.

Your step stool should suit your requirements and specifications; therefore, it is essential that you choose a padded step stool with the appropriate height that will be safe and effective.

  • One-step: For the items that you just need to reach up and grab quickly such as getting a glass out of a cupboard.
  • Two-steps: Great for tasks such as overhead repairs, filing, and stocking shelves.
  • Three steps: Work well for maintenance jobs such as making repairs, window washing, and painting.

Your padded step stool should be able to comfortably hold the weight of the person using it and their tools. The manufacturer's instructions will display the maximum weight allowance for the step stool. It is important that you do not exceed the weight allowance to avoid injury.

Once you have decided on the type of step stool you are going to get regarding size and style, you might also want to think about additional features such as:

  • Wheels for easy maneuvering
  • Handles for easy carrying
  • Platforms to rest your tools on.
  • There are small step stools that you can attach to a chair and use as a footrest.

Although a step stool is not exactly a part of the furniture, you will get it out when you need to use it, some people will still want it to match the décor in their home. There is a wide range of styles, designs, and colors for you to choose from including:

  • Floral
  • Block colors
  • Classic wood
  • Chrome plated
  • Solid dark wood

Take away

It is essential that you don’t purchase a padded step stool blindly, you will need to pay attention to several features especially weight, material, and height.

Best Ideas

Vintage retro yellow cosco padded step stool mid century

Vintage retro yellow cosco padded step stool mid century

A perfect mix of functionality and retro style, this vintage-looking chair can be useful in many different situations. Includes a tubular metal frame, 2 padded steps with non-slip surface, and a comfy seat and back - both upholstered in yellow vinyl.

Blue Vintage 32 Cosco Flip Top Metal Step Stool W Padded Seat

Blue Vintage 32 Cosco Flip Top Metal Step Stool W Padded Seat

Practical and very stylish metal padded step stool is an impressive piece of furniture for every home. Handy steps allow you to reach higher. The seat and backrest make the whole place a comfortable place to rest.

Kitchen stool with steps and seat

This padded step stool constitutes a retro proposition for all enthusiasts of vintage design. Practical functions are smoothly combined with exquisite functionality. Includes a removable seat.

Step stool 30

Step Stool

Cosco 11-120CBB1 Retro Chair and Stool Black and Chrome

A nice and useful kitchen stool in a retro stylization. It features a solid metal frame with a stylish chrome finish. Its vinyl upholstery is comfortable and very easy to clean. Lower part of this chair includes two steps that can be used as footrests.

Upholstered step stool

I am not sure if there is any gorilla who wants to get on the top of this padded step stool - but it would be enough stable also for such a big animal. Lightweight and secure thanks to continuous rear leg support.

Padded step stools 2

Step stool mounted on metal base and reinforced with solid supports. Seat and back is upholstered with fabric and decorated with interesting pattern. It has anti slip pads to prevent scratching the surface.

Bar stool step stool combination

This beautiful vintage padded step stool constitutes a good example of the characteristic Cosco furniture. Easy to assemble, it smoothly slides in and out. Chrome finish adds elegance and embodies well the retro spirit.

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