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For lovers of Snap-on tools, we give you Snap-on stools. This name brand, hard-as-nails brand of tools has been around for decades, and is the go-to tools of mechanics. In your garage, a Snap-on stool is the best way to pay your respects to the tools that have been there for you without fail since the day you made the fantastic decision to purchase them.

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Updated 16/04/2021
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Snap on stool

Something for car enthusiasts. Great for car mechanics too. These working snap on stools have a beautiful design - especially visible on round, bloody red seats, with white writing. The metal base is adjustable so that it is as comfortable as possible.

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Snap on tools garage mechanic work bench bar stool w


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Snap on bar stool 1

Snap-On bar stool

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Snap on tools garage mechanic work bench bar stool w


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Home / Tools / Snap-On stool LOT# 0032

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Snap On rolling stool back Red Chair tools shop man cave ...

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100th anniversary bar stool snap on gear

100th Anniversary Bar Stool - Snap-on Gear

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Snap on r garage shop swivels 360 degree bar stool

Snap-on® Garage Shop Swivels 360 Degree Bar Stool With ...

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Snap On Stool

Buying Guide

Snap On has long been synonymous with quality for shop tools and accessories. Delivering many tools and parts from sales vans, Snap on has been the go-to brand for many automotive shops, garages, and similar workplaces. If you have one of those places or you have a fondness for name-brand items, why not display your loyalty with a Snap On stool. Let your customers know that you trust this classic company for quality and reliability, as well as convenience.

Pneumatic Chrome and Red Stool

Make your shop customers comfortable with a chrome and red pneumatic stool with the words “Snap On” blazoned across the seat. The stools come with or without backs and are easy to move about. They are adjustable, so you can team them up with a bar or table. They can also be added to your break area. The plastic seats and chrome frame are easy to clean, even if they encounter daily the grease and grime of a working shop.

Convenient Storage and Work Helper

It is thirteen inches high, 22 inches wide and fifteen inches deep. It will easily hold up to 350 pounds which makes it a good seat for a big guy who is sitting down to work on something delicate, or a temporary resting place for a heavy piece of equipment. It doubles as a toolkit, with its built-in tool tray. There is a handle for carrying the stool from one place to another. The handle folds flat when the stool is being used as a seat. You might not want it in your living room, dining room or even in your office, but your mechanic will appreciate this handy helper stool.

Luxurious Three-Rung Shop Stool

Use this stool in a break room, customer waiting area or even in a bar or den. The seat has extra foam padding. The faux leather upholstery is black with the words “Snap On” in red. It is extra sturdy, making it a great choice for areas where the seating will get a great deal of abuse, which could range from a family room to seating in a shop class or workplace. It could even be a good choice for a bar or restaurant.

Comfy Storage Creeper Seat

This one shows that Snap On really understands the needs of a hard-working mechanic. The seat is mounted on two U-shaped bars. There is a pull-out storage drawer under the well-padded seat, as well as a lower tray that is perfect for keeping tools, screws and other items that could get lost in the welter of a working shop. But don’t think this seat is just for automotive shops. There are quite a few librarians, retail store workers and even housekeepers who would appreciate the easy, seated mobility of this creeper seat.

Themed designs

You don’t have to settle for plain advertising stools in your shop, bar, restaurant or home. You can take it up a notch by purchasing a Snap On tools bar stool that has a themed design, such as the Blown Ford. You can count on your customers, workers or family members commenting on it.

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Snap on bar stool


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