Travel Earring Organizer


For your airings when you travel, do not just put him in a bag or a change purse. Instead we have a travel earring organizer that will keep all of your earrings safe and give you easy access for when you are about to go out on the town in a foreign country or maybe just a different city . See collection for more details.

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Earring organizer ideas

Small earring organizer that provides practical storage space for many pairs of earrings and necklaces. This functional and elegant item is also equipped with small rectangular mirror and useful locking mechanism.

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Travel earring organizer 1

Extremely practical and high-quality travel earrings organizer designed to cater for people on the go. The organizer comes with three tiers cable of holding dozens of earrings. It’s also super light so it should be easy to move around with it anytime.

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Travel earring organizer 15

It looks like a small wallet or personal diary, but it is really several cards that are perfect for storing your favorite earrings, tie-tacks, or small ornamental pins. With several small “pages” in this jewelry “book”, organizing is easy.

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Art Mini Travel Case

Art Mini Travel Case

Convenient and portable, this mini travel case has a zippered case, designed of top grain nappa cowhide leather, with velvet interior. Includes 2 snap pockets, ring bar, and removable drawstring pouch. Delicately wipe with a cloth.

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Travel jewelry organizer

Travel Jewelry Organizer

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Stack em Jewelry Organizer for Earrings

Stack em Jewelry Organizer for Earrings

Organizer for earrings. Includes 40 separate compartments for locating earrings. It is made of plastic and covered with a nice touch flocked polyester. Suitable solution for the jewelry store or present collection.

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Earring travel case

A very functional gadget that every woman will appreciate. It's a charming DIY organizer for earrings, which was hand knitted with the use of wool in various colors. It's filled with special plastic inserts where you can attach your earrings.

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Earring Jewelry Box

Earring Jewelry Box

This beautifully made and very practical rectangular box for earrings are a fantastic way to store your favorite jewelry. Perfectly made of wood has a silk lining, which protects delicate earrings.

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The little book of earrings four colours by not a

The Little Book of Earrings - Four Colours by Not a Jewellery Box

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L-Zone® Fashion 1Pc Book Design PU Leather Jewelry Earing Ring Necklace Storage Big Orgniazer Box Casket Case Make up Folding Box Lock Fabric boxes(Color may varies)

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Best Ideas

Travel jewelry organizer from kelly rutherford on opensky

Travel Jewelry Organizer from Kelly Rutherford on OpenSky

Earring storage

A wide strand of gross-grain ribbon or strapping makes an excellent travel storage for stud earrings, tie-tacks, and similar bits of jewelry. Tuck the ribbon with the ornaments into a small bag and say goodbye to mismatched or missing backs.

Jewelry Travel Hard Case with Divider, Earring Posts and Ring Holders

Earring box organizer

Neat zippered pouch contains a perforated disk for storing ear studs, tie-tacks, or small pins. The disk keeps them neatly organizes, and the zippered pouch provides an added layer of protection should a back come loose from the post.

Earring organizer diy

A must have if you’re travelling with your jewellery! An extremely handy little travel jewellery case with origami design and a plenty of space for all of your rings and necklaces. Fits right in your pocket!

Travel earring organizer 3

Travel earring organizer made of plastic. It can hold up to 22 pairs of earrings. Handy gadget for each woman.

Travel earring organizer

Small travel earring organizer that saves a lot of space and allows for organization and storage of earrings during travel. This organizer features a durable surface finished in attractive pink color.

Travel earring organizer 2

Organize your earrings in an easy way with these innovative and versatile organizers. Designed for people on the go, the organizers are cable of holding dozens of earrings at any given time. They are made from super light high-quality fabrics as well.

Earring travel organizer

Recycled earring rack/organizer. I made these in 3 tiers tall for my craft shows.... I could arrange all my earrings on 3 of these, (1000 pair of earrings!!) at home... and then open them up and place on the table. It made set up sooo easy, and my custo

Earrings organizer

another great gift idea for Christmas: handmade jewelry roll for keeping earrings, necklaces and rings organized when traveling...step-by-step tutorial and a chance to win this one

An earring case the inside is just sheets of felt

An earring case the inside is just sheets of felt that you can stick the earrings through.

Diy earrings organizer

Felt book for earrings, or just use a single piece of felt. This protects your earrings, keeps them from falling out or getting tangled in your luggage. Use a rectangular felt piece to roll and store in your bag.

The little book of earrings six colours fabulous for travel

The Little Book Of Earrings - Six Colours. Fabulous for travel, or home, or dorm, or wherever!

Foldable Earring Screen

Foldable Earring Screen