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Storage boxes don't have to be unattractive and gaudy. They can be decorative and soft. And to prove that that is a fact, we offer you our collection of decorative fabric storage boxes. Now you can store whatever you want in a very fetching medium that will not only hold your items with care but also give me one alternative decorative option at the same time. For your storage needs check out our decorative fabric storage boxes.

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Updated 08/12/2022
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Wood and Gold Box

Wood and Gold Box

Etta Avenue™ Teen

A set of decorative storage boxes that can hold your favorite trinkets. They add elegance to a room while taking only minimal space. The mix of wood, faux leather and polished metal lends to its glam appeal. 

$84.99 $108.5

Designer Advice:

These boxes would look great as decorative storage units for tables and open shelves. Stack the smaller one on top of the bigger box and use as anchoring elements when decorating one part of your wall shelf. If there’s still room, add a smaller item on top, such as a gold ball or an animal figurine for an effortless impression.

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Shell Boxes

Shell Boxes

These pretty storage boxes are beautiful decor pieces that add depth and texture. They take minimal space and give generous amounts of storage for small items. Made from manufactured wood and capiz with a blue finish. 

Designer Advice:

Play around with the textures of these elegant and chic boxes by positioning them near reflective surfaces such as a wall mirror or a mirrored tabletop. Style them alongside decorative pieces that have a matte finish. You can also pair them with other boxes but opt for those with lighter colors such as white and beige for visual balance.

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Simple Cube Organizer

Simple Cube Organizer


A set of fabric boxes perfect to pair with open shelf organizers. A variety of colors are available for your style preferences. Simple cut out holes stand in as handles for a sleek and minimalistic look. 

$15.18 $20.19

Designer Advice:

Available in eight fabric colors, we recommend selecting the unit which would complement the palette of your cabinet or shelves. Line up the top or bottom shelf of your closet with these boxes to avoid clutter. For better organization, you could also put a marker or a tag in every box to make sure that items are kept within their designated units.

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Wicker Boxes

Wicker Boxes

Made from natural rattan, these decorative boxes for shelves are a great fit for coastal spaces. The pieces are masterfully handwoven with removable lids. They come with plenty of space making them a suitable storage option. 

Designer Advice:

Perfect for tropical and resort-inspired interiors. We can see these being used as a storage for small linens and shower essentials. When placing delicate items inside, we recommend lining its interior with felt or fabric to prevent textiles and small details from getting snagged by the wicker. Available in whitewash, espresso, and honey brown colors. 

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Vintage Crates

Vintage Crates

Cyan Design

Storage box decoration ideas for modern rustic styled spaces. Each rectangular piece comes with a two toned white and gray finish to complement its aged appeal. Crafted from wood and closes through a hinged lid. 

$123 $210

Designer Advice:

With a total of 12 inches when stacked together, these boxes would make a charming nightstand for a low platform bed in a shabby chic, bohemian, or rustic style bedroom. Lend more details by stamping an old-world text on its body. Another way to display these would be underneath a coffee table or a console table in the foyer.

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Decorative Storage Boxes

Buying Guide

When your home is organized, it's surprising just how big a difference it can make to your general well-being. Banish clutter and free up floor space with our helpful guide on how to choose storage bins and boxes.

Unsurprisingly, your child's playroom is most likely to benefit from extra storage. Here's how to choose the best storage bins for your kid's room.

Plastics boxes with lids

Either pick transparent models, so your child can see what's inside without emptying the contents all over the place or opt for set colors for certain items if you have a lot of different types of small toys and accessories.

The lid will prevent small items from getting lost, mixed up, and keep them protected from dust and dirt. Opt for a plastic box with a lid if you need storage for the following items in your kid's room:

  • Lego or similar construction blocks.
  • Pens, paints, stamps, and other stationery.
  • Small figurines and collectibles.
  • Dominos, board games without boxes and crafts.

Fabric drawer bins

For slightly larger toys and individual models that don't need to be kept as a group, you should consider fabric drawer bins.

They are also a good choice for smaller children as there are no hard edges and they won't be able to try to climb on them. Use fabric drawer bins for the following:

  • Plush toys.
  • Dolls & action figures.
  • Bulky games without individual pieces.
  • Large/single item vehicles.

As your child won't be able to see through into the bin, it's best to use them only for medium-size toys that can be easily spotted and pulled out. Smaller toys or ones that need to be kept together risk getting lost or separated with this kind of storage option.

Best materials for kid's storage bins

Look for storage bins that are easy to clean, especially if you have young children.

While plastic versions are simple to wipe clean, if you opt for a fabric bin, stain proof or washable models are preferable. Also, dark colors will show unremovable stains much less than light-colored models.

Choosing bright colors will help to conceal stains, and they are also more likely to appeal to your child and help to make tidying up a little easier. We also find that fabric boxes with close-fitting handles are easier for small hands.

Cut-out holes are less easy to grab, and models with long cord handles are best avoided as they could become caught and tangled around your little one's wrist.

To turn your cluttered bedroom into a peaceful oasis of relaxation, a few storage boxes will go a long way. Here are some of the best models to get your bedroom organized.

Flat flip-lid boxes

If your closet is overflowing, or you're fed up of tripping over your special occasion footwear, find a permanent home for out-of-season or less frequently worn items under your bed.

A flat flip-lid box is an ideal solution for any clothes, shoes, or bedding that you want to store away for several weeks or months. Optimize your space and order some to store:

  • Light blankets.
  • Summer/winter footwear.
  • Non-seasonal clothes.
  • Fashion accessories.
  • Handbags, purses and travel bags.
  • Hats.

Here are some additional features you should consider:

  • Wheels - they can make accessing your storage boxes under your bed much easier.

  • Handles - depending on how big your bed is and how many boxes you're going to use, you may like to look for a model with a handle to make pulling it out easier.

  • Lid fastening - some lids can be locked. This can be a good idea if you share accommodation or are staying in a dorm room.

  • Protection - if your items risk becoming misshapen, look for an under-bed storage box with rigid sides and lid for better protection.

  • Height - always double-check your box will easily fit under your bed, as well as being high enough to accommodate your items.

Open fabric bins for your bedroom (cubby organizers)

If you don't have space under your bed, or if you need to store items with easier access, then open fabric bins make a great option. They can be used alone or in sets, in storage cubes, in your closet, or on shelves.

  • For a minimalist look, pick fabric bins in a neutral tone with cut-outs instead of handles. 

  • For a more contemporary look, choose a bright color for your set of fabric bins and make them into a feature.

  • Handles can add to your decor, pick rope style ones for a nautical theme, elaborately stitched ones for romantic style boudoirs or woven style or wooden ones for a more traditional style.

Stackable storage bins

Stackable storage bins come in a variety of sizes and make a great choice if you have a lot of items to store and very little space.

Stack them inside your closet, or if you are redecorating and need a stand-in for a new dresser, simply use several stackable storage bins in a corner for an organized storage solution.

Your bathrooms is yet another place in the home that is prone to clutter. Using a storage box is the perfect way to keep all your bathroom essentials well organized and within easy reach. It also eliminates the need to overwhelm bathroom shelves with a messy-looking mixture of bottles, cloths and towels.

  • Look for colored or woven seagrass storage boxes with lids so that your products and towels aren't visible. This will make your bathroom look well put-together and create a relaxing space to unwind.

  • Thin fabric storage bins aren't recommended if you're going to be keeping them in an area where they're prone to get wet. Over time, the fabric may become moldy in damp conditions and will be difficult to keep clean and dry. 

  • It's best to have at least two storage boxes for your bathroom. One for cosmetics, healthcare products and medications, and another for towels and washcloths

Best Ideas

Decorative fabric storage boxes 2

Now you can keep your belongings well-organized, thanks to this colorful storage box unit. Crafted of wood in an off-white finish, the unit brings 16 cubic compartments - each holding a lightweight box with a square lid, wrapped in a decorative fabric.

How to decorate cardboard storage boxes

This charming storage box is sure to make a lasting impression and storage space in any home. The fabric construction with blue and navy colors are excellent for kids or teenager's room.

Decorative Storage Fabric Bin

Decorative Storage Fabric Bin

It is a decorative storage fabric bin for storing your files, books, CDs, accessories and other items. It is available in two colors: brown and khaki. It looks great in office space, living room, family room and more.

Cute storage boxes with lids

The Complete Guide to Imperfect Homemaking: {OrganizedHome} Day 21: DIY Magazine File

Premium Cubes Fabric Bin

Premium Cubes Fabric Bin

Add sophistication and style to your space with this storage bin. It offers a bright and interesting way to arrange and store your miscellaneous items, accessories, toys, and essentials.

This storage box looks best when placed on squared open shelves. Its patterned design adds a unique touch to the shelf, can collapse when empty, and features two large handles to easily move around and a pull tab for hassle-free access.

Storage Fabric Bin (Set of 3)

Storage Fabric Bin (Set of 3)

Simple yet elegant, this storage bin comes in a set of 3 and can elegantly display your supplies, clothes, and products. Its design features a transparent PVC window on the front, allowing you to easily see what’s inside, a sturdy strap for pulling the bins out of the shelves with ease, and a foldable structure to save space when not in use.

These bins are great for organizing closets and look best when placed on open shelves.


Krout Folding Fabric Cube or Bin (Set of 2)

Krout Folding Fabric Cube or Bin (Set of 2)

Organize your space with this colorful storage box set. It provides an easy and cost-efficient way to store multiple items, such as toys, books, and other miscellaneous objects. Its versatile and solid-hued design has a weight capacity of 10lbs, can easily match your current decor, and features a hard bottom board for sturdiness.

Made of polypropylene fabric, the bins are non-toxic, making them ideal for children. Place on open shelves to add a pop of color to the layout.

Storage Fabric Bin

Storage Fabric Bin

If you’re looking for a neat and effective way to organize your shelves, this storage bin is a great choice. It features an angled design that perfectly fits in tight spaces and offers a simple yet elegant way to store your clothes, ingredients, and other essentials.

This storage bin comes with side handles and a front handle for easy portability and access and can collapse when not used. Place in your closet to neatly store your purses and accessories.


Wire Frame Fabric Storage Bin

Wire Frame Fabric Storage Bin

Get rid of clutter with this versatile storage bin. Constructed with a sturdy steel wire frame and a polyester/cotton fabric cover, this storage bin is a stylish solution for organizing various items such as toys, office supplies, products, as well as shoes.

Available in aqua, dark and light gray, tan, and yellow, you can easily pick a color that complements your current color arrangement. Place in the laundry room for quickly tossing dirty kitchen towels and other small cloths.

$23.99 $30.09

Binegar Jumbo Blanket Bin

Binegar Jumbo Blanket Bin

This blanket bin is the perfect solution for storing bed coverings and large cloths. Available in a set of 2, these bins help keep your blankets or clothes well organized and keep them protected from dust with its zippered clear vinyl cover.

These storage bags feature 2 handles for easy transportation, plenty of space for storing lots of items, and a sturdy construction that resists tears. Store your clothes from one season to the next with these bins.

Paris Non-Woven Storage Fabric Box

Paris Non-Woven Storage Fabric Box

Sophisticated with a vintage touch, this storage box is the perfect addition for storing your office supplies, letters, crafts, and household essentials in a stylish way. This charming Paris themed box made of non-woven materials features a classic finish with Parisian patterns.

You can neatly keep your items out-of-sight with this storage box and place it on a shelf, countertop, or table to add a chic and quaint element to the interior.

$14.99 $24.99

Fabric Box (Set of 3)

Fabric Box (Set of 3)

Keep your household items organized and tidy with this storage box. The front side allows you to clearly view what’s inside but you can also place the box in any direction since each end has a handle.

Available in a set of 3, these boxes feature a versatile trapezoid design in beige and gray and can be used to store anything from bathroom products, books, toys, to clothes. Place in your closet to store your handbags, shoes, and sweaters.

Wicker Box

Wicker Box

This storage box is the perfect storage solution if you want something multifunctional, spacious, and elegant. It comes in a black, natural, white, and brown finish that looks good with all sorts of color coordinations and has a seagrass and paper rope design that adds a cozy flair to any interior.

Featuring an attached base, lid, and rubber feet for firmness and stability, this box can be used as a laundry hamper, a toy box, and an out-of-sight storage.

Decorative toy storage 16

Great way to organize toys -- i have this exact storage cubical.. currently with 6 brown collapsible storage boxes.. =) i love the clean look of this one.. totally going to tweak it a bit and make it our own! =)

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