Decorative Fabric Storage Boxes


Storage boxes don't have to be unattractive and gaudy. They can be decorative and soft. And to prove that that is a fact, we offer you our collection of decorative fabric storage boxes. Now you can store whatever you want in a very fetching medium that will not only hold your items with care but also give me one alternative decorative option at the same time. For your storage needs check out our decorative fabric storage boxes.

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Our Picks

Decorative Storage Fabric Bin

Decorative Storage Fabric Bin

It is a decorative storage fabric bin for storing your files, books, CDs, accessories and other items. It is available in two colors: brown and khaki. It looks great in office space, living room, family room and more.

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Storage Box with Lid (Set of 2)

Storage Box with Lid (Set of 2)

The set includes 2 storage boxes. These simple and bright storage boxes will help you store and organize all your household essentials. They features built-in grommet handles and can be collapsed when you don't need them.

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Decorative fabric storage boxes 1

8 shelves rack fitted with boxes covered with fabric. Suitable for storing toys and others needed stuff. Adds freshness and modernity to each room.

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Cute storage boxes

Don’t like the way a boring, ordinary storage box looks? Maybe it’s time to apply some fabric! Enhance the design of your storage box with a beautiful, purple fabric of interesting pattern.

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Decorative cardboard boxes with lids

Storing trinkets, documents, small items can be done in a colorful and well-designed way. For example, in decorated paper but durable storage boxes.They appear in pink, yellow and blue - so you can divide your stuff into categories and no longer look for them.

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Decorative fabric storage boxes

Decorated with fabric box is a beautiful combination of solid construction and interesting decorative details. The multi-colored finishes bring to the decor a note of fun color and impressive style box ideal for storage.

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Diy storage box cardboard

Well-built decorative fabric storage boxes that play two key roles. The pieces are going to provide additional space for your stuff and double up as accent decor elements that fit into most interiors. They are available in several different colors and sizes too.

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How to cover a box

Unique storage boxes constructed from a series of decorative fabrics. These amazing designs bring versatile storage capabilities into your spaces and there should be plenty of different sizes to choose from. Perfect for small apartments and homes.

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Decorative fabric storage boxes 2

Now you can keep your belongings well-organized, thanks to this colorful storage box unit. Crafted of wood in an off-white finish, the unit brings 16 cubic compartments - each holding a lightweight box with a square lid, wrapped in a decorative fabric.

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Diy storage boxes fabric

High-end decorative fabric boxes with enough space in there for loads of stuff. The boxes also come in a sturdy design and provide an intriguing visual appeal that should go a long way in accessorizing your entire interior décor.

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Best Ideas

How to cover boxes with fabric

Decorative and highly functional storage boxes made from heavy-duty fabrics. These stunning pieces are the ultimate accessories for your modern-day décor and should deliver outstanding visual balance thanks to the neutral finishing they come with.

How to cover a box with fabric

Capacious and elegant; this pretty 2-piece basket set can be a beautiful indoor decoration all by itself. Each basket is made of cardboard boxes and twine, with an -off-white fabric lining that also forms a lovely small colar on top.

Fabric storage box with lid

Decorative fabrics for decorating storage boxes make them unique and beautifully presented in the interior, both functional and decorative. The accuracy of craft and attention to detail will make the boxes look exceptionally good.

Diy cardboard storage boxes

22 Simple Wood Crate DIY Ideas - Snappy Pixels. Maybe with a hinged lid so it can be used for storage?

How to make a storage box out of cardboard

Charming boxes designed for storing documents. It is covered with fabric and decorated with floral theme. Perfect solution for work organization at home.

Decorative cardboard storage boxes with lids

Beautiful decorative fabric storage box for small items is a cute element of the baby room decor. Interesting decorative details are delightfully presented. Beautiful coloring and burlap performance delight.

How to make a storage box

DIY Decor: Fabric Storage Boxes - Momtastic

Decorative toy storage 16

Great way to organize toys -- i have this exact storage cubical.. currently with 6 brown collapsible storage boxes.. =) i love the clean look of this one.. totally going to tweak it a bit and make it our own! =)

Make a fabric covered box

Make a Fabric-covered Box

Turn an old tissue or shoe box into a rustic

Turn an old tissue or shoe box into a rustic basket using twine and linen cloth.

Cardboard box decorating ideas

Fabric covered plastic storage bins. Fabric attached using ModPodge.

How to make storage boxes out of cardboard

Now you can store your belongings in style, while using this fashionable storage caddy made of nice-to-touch material adorned with gorgeous floral patterns. The caddy is quite capacious, has a pair of matching handles, and a blue fabric inside.

Cardboard storage box decorative

construction paper storage or mailboxes.... then cover with fabric or scrapbook paper. Genius!