Pretty Trash Cans

Trash cans don't have to be unsightly. With the evolution of style, all items in the home have to keep up. And if you have a pretty decorative scheme, then a pretty trash can is what you need. These are great, come in many sizes, and can accomodate plenty of styles. Take a look in this collection and find your pretty trash can. We have a few to choose from.

Best Products

Vintage mid century modern atomic trash

Vintage mid century modern atomic trash
This vintage waste bin is a wonderfully crafted masterpiece with big attention to details visible at first sight. It owes its high quality thanks to materials used: perforated gold, anodized metal with a wooden base and legs.

Brabantia Touch Bin Reg 8 Gallon Chrome Orange Modern Kitchen Trash Cans

Brabantia Touch Bin Reg 8 Gallon Chrome Orange Modern Kitchen Trash Cans
This chrome orange trash can will be a smooth statement of modern design in household goods. With the capacity of 8 gallons, it will be a functional addition to any kind of interior.

Vintage teal metal chrome beauty can

Vintage teal metal chrome beauty can
Classic trashcan with striped pattern in a shape of cylinder. It is made of chrome covered with blue paint. Trashcan has simple, metal lid. It will play its role in the kitchen or in the office as a wastepaper basket.

10.6 Gallon Slim Plastic Step Trash Can

10.6 Gallon Slim Plastic Step Trash Can
Sleek space-saving rectangular 40-litre rubbish bin for home and office. It is made of durable grey plastic. It has a sturdy metal pedal, a silent-operating lid, built-in wheels with anti-slide locking system.

Brabantia Touch Bin Reg 8 Gallon Chrome Orange Modern Kitchen Trash Cans

Brabantia Touch Bin Reg 8 Gallon Chrome Orange Modern Kitchen Trash Cans
This tall garbage bin comes with a lid and is truly a great space-saving solution for the kitchen. Just a soft touch on the top will open it and make cleaning a breeze, while the vibrant chrome orange finish has an aura of modern appeal to it.

Garbino Trash Can

Garbino Trash Can
Decorative novel bin intended for bathrooms. It features a vase-like shape with curved top edges and cut-out handles. It is made of durable and resistant semi-opaque white plastic. It has 2.5 gallons of capacity.

Pretty trash can

Capacious and long-lasting, this outdoor trash can is beautifully hand-painted with dragonflies and blooming flowers. It's all designed of durable metal, featuring a drum body with a pair of metal handles, and a tight round lid.

Our advice Buying Guide

Planning trash collection in your home might not be one of your favorite topics as a homeowner, but proper organization ensures a house is clean and safe to live in.

What's the choice of materials for pretty trash cans?

The online market is riddled with trash bins that aren’t just capable of meeting your home’s conditions, but they also enhance your living space’s aesthetic-wise. Some of the materials pretty trash receptacles are made of include metal, fiberglass, concrete, plastic.

A metal trash bin is a great option for outdoor use as it prevents vandalism. Galvanized steel, more specifically, come with a hard thermoplastic coating that deters graffiti, an ability to resist fire, and protect trash in a moist area.

Your other options include fiberglass, concrete, and plastic. However, painted metal is your best option if you are after a decorative look.

For the kitchen as well as your living room, go for something rustic and “woodsy.” For something sleek and modern that’s great for a bathroom, fiberglass and aluminum will definitely do the trick.

If your furnishings are mostly in black, then go with plastic or steel, depending on the level of durability your home needs. Match your existing décor to your new trash bin to achieve a cohesive look.

Where to place pretty trash cans at home?

By now, you already know that trash bins are necessary for making sure your home is litter-free. To boost the cleanliness within your living spaces, make sure you determine the proper placements of your pretty trash bins. Otherwise, your decorative trash bins will go unused and create a litter problem.

To strategize the placement of your receptacles, map out your home and find the areas where trash is frequently created in the living room, kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom. If you require to do a bit of searching for a trash bin, then that’s how you know the receptacle is too hidden.

If you still haven’t determined the proper locations, observe the natural flow of activity and traffic in your home. Also, keep a close eye on what your entire household is doing. By observing the habits and tendencies of your family members, you get a full understanding as to where trash accumulates. You'll also find the best way for you to make your family more comfortable.

What are the available trash emptying options?

  • Through the Top - Most pretty trash bins empty through their topmost parts. If you utilize this type of emptying option with one bin, it is best to stay consistent and purchase bins with this style to avoid confusion.
  • Side Access Door - This option allows you to empty the bins from their sides. They have doors that slide, pull out or open like French doors. They're easier and faster to work with, but they have a downside: they are more susceptible to damage as they have more moving parts.

What trash can capacity do you need?

If your pretty trash bin's capacity is not enough, it'll quickly overflow and you'd have to empty it out more frequently. Having a capacity that's too large is also not ideal as trash will start to smell before it gets collected. A small capacity indoor decorative bin is great for hallways, restrooms, living rooms, and other low traffic areas.


Rolling metal laundry basket

The beautiful and highly decorated trash can be a great solution for the bathroom where it will serve as a metal laundry hamper. Beautiful decorations in eye-catching colors captivate you. The white background creates a unique whole.

Pretty trash cans 2

These were ORDINARY trash cans! But now they're painted in SO pretty way! I'd never expect sunny flowers meadow accents with butterflies, dragonflies and stuff on a common metal TRASH can. The hand painting is done expertly here!!

Pretty trash cans 1

Thanks to this creative idea, even your trash cans can be stylish, beautiful, and decorative. Each of those trash cans is available with a different type of floral design, effectively adorning not only the front of your house but also the entire neighborhood.

Pretty trash cans 2

Practical element of home equipment. This trash can features simple appearance and includes two handles for better transportation. Its round lid also includes a functional handle. Green color of this trash can looks nice in any design.

Trash can painting

No more boring trash cans! This eye-catching trash bin with colorful monster design will make your home unusual and will encourage your family to tidying. Simple taking out the trash can be an amazing adventure.

Painted metal trash can

Charming trash can made of metal and decorated with floral theme. Positive accent for kitchens, bathrooms, offices and others interiors according to taste.

Brelso 'Invisi-Overlap' Open Top Stainless Steel Trash Can, Small Office Wastebasket, Modern Home Décor, Rectangle Shape

Pretty trash cans

The beautiful and untypical performance of these trash cans makes this useful item look much better around the house. Attractive design and solid construction allow for their broad application. Perfect for the garden.

Pretty trash cans 11

Keep your home clean and neat with these functional and very beautiful decorative trash cans. Designed using wood and finished in a distressed light gray shade, the cans will hold all your garbage in a closed place. They are also easy to open and close for easy operation.

Painted garbage cans

Placing a trash cans when you decide on rubbish segregation is not easy. This solution could help you to hide it when you don't want to show it to your guests, but still available if you would like to throw out something.

Pretty trash cans

The standalone kitchen trash in the rustic style. Looking like from the late seventies. Covered with the delicate cream paint, what makes it fit to many colours of furniture. I would like to buy it, because I am an oldschool fan.

Painted galvanized trash cans

Trash cans don't have to boring. The ones in the picture were originally plain, grey color., but they were given a new life by decorating them with colorful paper. Bright colors will give your trash space a positive energy.

Chrome trash cans

A pretty retro rubbish bin entirely made of chromed metal. It has a cylindrical body (with an inner plastic liner) and a dome-like removable lid with a push flap (with embossed lettering in vertically arranged capitals - PUSH).

Need to find a cabinet to rework to make this

need to find a cabinet to rework to make this so i can stop worrying about the dog getting in the trash

Cherry flip top trash can

Cherry Flip Top Trash Can

Pretty trash

A cool storage bin (e.g. for toys, laundry) from an old cylindrical metal trash can. It has a green-painted vertically grooved body, 2 dangling handles, a round lid with a C-handle. A removable liner is of colourful fabric with a floral pattern.

Mexican trash dorito casserole easy cheap and super yummy

Mexican Trash (Dorito Casserole). Easy, cheap and super yummy!

Pretty trash cans 22

Beautiful Rain Barrels - my next summer project - may just use an old trash can....

Waste Basket

Waste Basket

Pretty garbage cans

This trash can is not only extraordinarily sophisticated furniture but it is also one hundred percent ecological - recycled and pretty. Having such a trash can is a nice idea. Creating a trash can out of trash.

Pretty trash cans 10

You can reuse lots of old beauty tools for new things. | 42 Money-Saving Tips Every Makeup Addict Needs To Know

Brown packing paper flooring instructions im compiling all these instructions

Brown Packing Paper Flooring instructions - I'm compiling all these instructions so I can decide the best methods when we recycle all our packing paper!

Pretty trash cans 17

Trash Can Lights - Make a simple modern light fixture out of a trash can!

Pretty trash cans 5

12 DIY Projects You Can Make From Things You Throw Away

Pretty trash cans

Behold, the "set it and forget it" of trash cans. | 33 Ingeniously Designed Products You Need In Your Life

Garbage can art

Refab a plastic garbage can with fabric {a Ballard Designs knock off}

Trash Bin

Trash Bin

Pretty trash cans 12

Great idea for covering a dollar store wastebasket!

Find flip and paint a wire trash can for a

Find, flip and paint a wire trash can for a stylish side table. | 21 Weird Home Decorating Tricks That Might Actually Work

Pretty trash cans 23

If you think that classic rainwater container is ugly and doesn't fit to your beautiful, cottage garden, you should buy this unique, vintage container. It has wooden cover and looks like old-fashioned barrel.

Climbing ivy trash can goes perfectly with my flowery bedding

Climbing Ivy Trash Can goes perfectly with my flowery bedding, who knew a trashcan could be pretty! #UrbanOutfitters #PinARoomWinARoom

Painted trash cans

The attractive and very functional composition of this pull out trash cabinet makes the kitchen furniture look great. The built-in space for trash cans is easy to use and very handy for everyday tasks. The perfect solution for the home.

Pretty trash cans 1

would like this wicker look as a trash can on my deck because it ...

Pretty trash cans 6

{ A garbage bin that I like! Of course it's from Martha's Home... Rubbermaid® Defenders Step On Metal Trash Cans - found via Little Green Notebook }

Chrome trash cans 41

Old styled chromed metal trash can. It is suitable for building materials and other types of trash. Its metal construction is very solid and resistant to wear or damage. It is able to hold large amounts of trash.

Chrome trash cans 38

Trash can fitted with convenient foot step. It is made of high quality polypropylene with chrome finish. Neutral and functional design for each place. It has very good recommendations from satisfied customers.

Chrome trash cans 23

Practical, solid and attractive trash can with a round construction. It is made of stainless steel in nice chrome finish. Its compartment is spacious and very useful. Chrome finish looks nice in any design.

Pretty trash cans 19

Need to make these for the car, but I think I'd make it with PUL rather than regular fabric... just in case someone puts a "wet" item in there...

Pretty trash can 2

pretty trash can

Chrome trash cans 2

This trash can offers simplicity and modern style in its true form with the chrome finish and sleek visual appeal, letting you enjoy the upgraded look of your interior and a nice way to keep your home clean.

Retro kitchen trash can

Trash can is made of polypropylene. It has 50 liters capacity. Suitable for residential and commercial premises. It is very well appreciated by customers for neutral design and high quality.

A pretty trash can makeover for a cottage style kitchen

A Pretty Trash Can Makeover For A Cottage Style Kitchen