Canister Sets For Kitchen Ceramic


Every home needs a set of kitchen canisters. They are the best and most efficient way to store your flour and sugar and so forth. And in our extensive collection we have tons of styles and colors and shapes to choose from. Every one of them is ceramic and they're all attractive, easily capable of meshing into your decorative scheme. See collection for more.

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Our Picks

Canister sets for kitchen ceramic 7

Keep your root crops fresh and ready to use in these vented canisters. The ceramic crocks keep messy vegetables that are best not refrigerated assembled and on the counter. Aeration helps prevent moisture accumulation, thereby slowing the chance of decay.

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Pottery Ceramic Canister Sets Custom

Pottery Ceramic Canister Sets Custom

Set of 3 kitchen canisters in various sizes. It is made of high quality ceramics and fitted with comfortable handles. Functional accent for each home. Excellent gift idea.

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Custom canister set made to order just

Custom canister set made to order just

Set of 3 kitchen canisters for storing flour, sugar and treats. It contains comfortable lids with handles. It is made of high quality ceramic with gloss finish. Functional design for each home.

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Firenze 3 Piece Canister Set

Firenze 3 Piece Canister Set

This lovely set of ceramic jars / containers is a tasteful set for the living room, kitchen or any other room in your home. It can serve as a place for spices or other products or jewelry, etc.

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Ceramic mushroom canisters kitchen decor

Ceramic mushroom canisters kitchen decor

A decorative vintage set of 3 size-varied kitchen canisters of quality ceramic. Mushroom stem-like white bodies have a textured design and are adorned with 3-D colourful mushrooms and leaves. Mushroom caps-like brown lids have mushroom-like handles.

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Western tooled belt 3 piece ceramic canister set

Western Tooled Belt 3-Piece Ceramic Canister Set

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Hot Tamale 4-Piece Canister Set with Lid

Hot Tamale 4-Piece Canister Set with Lid

Pretty size-varied contemporary canisters for dry food. Their round bodies are of stoneware in green and brown with decorative hand-painted colourful stripes around. Round caps are red and have small mushroom-like grips. They’re dishwasher safe.

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Set of 4 vintage 1981 sears roebuck

Set of 4 vintage 1981 sears roebuck

A charming vintage set of 4 size-varied kitchen canisters. They're of quality white ceramic with textured leaves designs. Cylindrical bodies and round lids are adorned with 3-D strawberry leaves and fruit painted green and red, respectively.

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Canister sets for kitchen ceramic 1

Leaf green canisters with circular patterns going around the jars of each cannister. Simple lift-off lids give easy access to supplies that might be stored within. Perfect for adding to a spring floral or summer-themed kitchen setup.

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Image detail for design drake designs canister set kitchen decor

Image detail for -... Design, Drake Designs, canister set, kitchen decor, ceramic, tuscan

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Canister Sets For Kitchen Ceramic

Buying Guide

To figure out the right number of ceramic canister sets for your kitchen, try and think of how you’re going to use them:

  • If it’s mainly for baking, you’ll need a set of three or four: you can then use these canisters for flour (or two separate types), sugar, icing sugar, and even salt
  • If you were hoping for a breakfast-style storage solution, a three-canister set for coffee, tea, and sugar should do
  • Don’t forget that you can always chuck in another couple of canisters for pasta and rice

You can store different types of food in ceramic kitchen canisters. Ceramic canisters will not react with the ingredients and can keep contents fresh. Ceramic kitchen canisters are most often used to store countertop staples such as flour, rice, sugar, salt, coffee, tea, pasta, spices, cookies, seeds and nuts.

Best Ideas

Canister sets for kitchen ceramic 6

Top of the line canister set constructed from porcelain and featuring an elegant glossed finish, combining the charming whimsy of turquoise and the vigor of hunter’s green. The canisters also come with beautiful detailing and outstanding pottery, making them great for accessorizing the kitchen.

Tropical canister sets

Substantial and decorative ceramic canisters with heavy lids, beaded rim and ornamental bottom featuring acanthus leaves motif. Three sizes available. Bases are iron, with rust brown patina like finish.

Canister sets for kitchen ceramic 8

White seashell ceramic canisters perfect for your seaside themed kitchen or bathroom. Excellent for holding fine-ground contents such as sugar, flour, bath crystals, or even small, decorative soaps. Easy lift lids keep contents protected from moisture, dust, or similar things.

Ivory canister set

A romantic vintage collection of kitchen canisters, perfect when you fish for cottage style decor accent bringing some substantial practical features with it. Off-white ceramic canisters are embellished with black sins and pink rose pattern.

Vintage ceramic canister sets

Canister Set Pear Canister Set of Four Colorful by romyandclare, $260.00

Kitchen set of 3 canisters midnight blue and woodland green

Kitchen Set of 3 Canisters - Midnight Blue and Woodland Green - Ceramic Lidded Jars - Home and Living

Canister sets for kitchen ceramic 19

canisters+on+stands | ... canisters for your home whether you want clear storage canisters

Vintage mushroom canister set

Nice-looking size-varied kitchen canisters crafted of quality gloss ceramic in vivid colours with a freckled design. Canisters have cylindrical bodies with short narrower necks. Round almost flat lids are brown and have silicon seals.

Canister sets for kitchen ceramic 2

The unique set of pottery containers for the kitchen is a perfect combination of lovely motifs with palm trees, beautiful colors, and functionality. Nice lids and capacious containers are a great addition to any kitchen.

Canister sets for kitchen ceramic 1

green and white cannisters for kitchen

Infuse beautiful refreshing hues of blue and indigo to your

Infuse beautiful, refreshing hues of blue and indigo to your living space with this three-piece Mood Indigo canister set. Ideal for storing dry goods or small accessories, this beautiful ceramic set is hand-painted with a floral medallion pattern.

Bloomsbury market textured ceramic 3 piece kitchen

Bloomsbury Market Textured Ceramic 3 Piece Kitchen ...

Classic white ceramic canisters set of sweetie2sweetie 1

Classic White Ceramic Canisters Set of | sweetie2sweetie

6 piece plain kitchen canister set ceramic bisque ready

6 Piece Plain Kitchen Canister Set* Ceramic Bisque*Ready ...