Orange Kitchen Canisters

A fun and clever way to brighten your kitchen, the addition of orange kitchen canisters will give the space a warm and energetic feel. And that not only adds the aesthetic of your kitchen but also give you an effective medium for storing flour sugar and assorted other baking ingredients. They come in many shades of orange and are all made of the finest materials, sure to last you a long time.

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Vintage orange canister set

Vintage orange canister set
An gorgeous set of old-fashioned canisters that will bring retro flavor into your contemporary kitchen. Each canister is made of durable metal in burnt orange finish and comes with a tight round lid.

Set Of 3 Rustic Country Rooster Canisters Green 17 Oz Orange 34 Oz Red 59 Oz

Set Of 3 Rustic Country Rooster Canisters Green 17 Oz Orange 34 Oz Red 59 Oz
Set of 3 kitchen canisters in vintage style. It is made of ceramic with gloss finish. Lids are finished with the rooster theme. Handy gadget for each kitchen.

Vintage set tin cannisters turqoise mint

Vintage set tin cannisters turqoise mint
A charming set of 4 size-varied vintage canisters (with removable lids) of metal. They have rectangular bodies with rounded corners. They're decorated with painted beautiful colourful floral designs against a greenish and brownish backgrounds.

Kitchen Accessories

Kitchen Accessories
Instead of boring white or plastic containers for loose products - your kitchen can be endowed with - glass, copper/orange colored, stylish canisters. Their lids are reminiscent of expensive hotel trays on which the waiter gives meals.

Yellow tupperware servalier container

Yellow tupperware servalier container
Aesthetic practical retro kitchen canisters manufactured of durable vivid yellow plastic with delicate greyish floral motifs. Cylindrical canisters vary in height and diameter. Round lids feature raised edges and a textured radiating grooves pattern.

Set 4 daisy canisters kitchen nesting

Set 4 daisy canisters kitchen nesting
Designed in the 1970's, this eye-catching set of 4 canisters can be a great choice for emphasizing retro-looking kitchens. Each canister is made of durable metal, covered in a two-tone yellow and orange finish, and adorned with blooming flower accents.

Set of 4 vintage capri kitchen canisters

Set of 4 vintage capri kitchen canisters
The 50's and 60's are back in style - they even came in kitchen canisters.In different sizes longitudinal, unusual retro orange canisters, with white lids. The inscriptions on them resemble the one on the cabriolets, of these days.

Our advice Buying Guide

Can I use orange kitchen canisters to store spices?

Orange kitchen canisters are a fun way to brighten up your kitchen and keep your spices organized and accessible. Canisters for your countertop come in all shapes and sizes so you can customize your look to accommodate the types of spices and herbs you want to store inside of them.

Choose little jars for spices you only use in small amounts, like onion salt, and medium-sized ones for things you use every day, such as cinnamon or turmeric. Orange kitchen canisters can be made of glossy ceramic, which is perfect for a modern kitchen, or you can purchase transparent glass canisters with an orange tint for a psychedelic aesthetic.

Whatever style of canister you select, ensure that it seals tightly to preserve your spices. If your kitchen gets a lot of natural sunlight, you’ll be better off sticking to ceramic canisters that block the light and keep your spices cooler because exposure to heat weakens the flavor of spices.

What style works best with orange kitchen canisters?

Orange kitchen canisters feel like they’re straight out of the ‘60s or ‘70s, so we’d pair them with a mod, mid-century-modern, or lightly boho aesthetic. Either make sure that everything else in your kitchen is neutral (white, black, navy) to help aid with a clean mod, minimal vibe or make sure that your kitchen matches your canisters with similar warm hues (taupe, magenta, cream, cognac) for a very ‘70s feel.


3 Piece Maison Canister Set

3 Piece Maison Canister Set
A set of three varied size earthenware canisters. Each one is designed for a different purpose. The text printed on it is written in French. This unobtrusive detail is actually adding some fancy look to the design.

Set of copper nesting kitchen canisters

Set of copper nesting kitchen canisters
The rich and very stylish set of copper kitchen containers is an excellent way to chic and functional kitchen décor. Lids and containers are beautifully preserved for spices and food. Beautiful details captivate you.

Canister sets ebay

The charming set of colorful ceramic kitchen containers is a surprising choice for any decor. Green, yellow and orange are stylish elements that bring to life the decor. Containers with lids are ideal for storage.

Mod kitchen copco burnt orange canisters set of 3

mod kitchen / copco burnt orange canisters, set of 3

Orange kitchen canisters

Made in French style orange kitchen canisters are a great combination of original finish and functionality. The kitchen set is very impressive, and the brilliant shade is a delightful accent to the kitchen.

Orange kitchen canisters

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Orange kitchen canisters 1

Like this item?

25 from a living space check out her great blog

25 from A Living Space -- check out her great blog , too!

Cobalt blue glass canister set

A decorative set for kitchens, dining rooms, and restaurants. Those 3 canisters are characterized by various sizes, a lovely shape, and an orange glass design that comes with stylish matching lids - equipped with round handles.

Orange kitchen canisters ebay

Orange Kitchen Canisters | eBay

Orange kitchen canisters 2

... Kings Lane - The Kitchen Cabinet - 4-Pc Ribbed Glass Canisters, Orange

Vintage retro orange glass kitchen or bar canister set

Vintage Retro Orange Glass Kitchen or Bar Canister Set

Oggi EZ Grip Handle 4-Piece Ceramic Airtight Canister Set, Red

Set of 4 designer, jars with a handle and mount for a spoon made of stainless steel. Each jar has a tight closure. Made of ceramic and stainless steel. They can be washed in the dishwasher. The stylish and elegant solution to any kitchen.

Bright kitchen canisters

These orange kitchen canister set is a fantastic option if you looking for a gift for Mother's Day. Three vintage canisters have the floral and polka dot pattern with orange, black and white colors.

Vintage tupperware canister set

With those gorgeous canisters your kitchen is going to look more appealing, while beautified by white, yellow, orange, pink and blue colors. Each canister is made of quality ceramic with high gloss and covered with a natural wood round lid.

Orange canister sets


Orange kitchen canisters 12

Cute cookie jars. $99

Orange kitchen canisters 3

Decorating With Orange : How to Incorporate a Risky Color, Tastefully

Reston Lloyd 3-Piece Calypso Basics Acrylic Canister Set, Orange

Medium silk canister neon orange storage kitchen

Medium Silk Canister - Neon Orange #storage #kitchen

Canister dilema

Canister Dilema

Orange kitchen canisters 6

French Orange Kitchen Canisters, Set of 6 on

Kitchen food storage reston lloyd 8 piece storage canister set

... Kitchen & Food Storage Reston Lloyd 8-piece Storage Canister Set

Orange kitchen canisters 8

Vintage 70s Metal Nesting Canisters Blue and Green by sofralma

Orange kitchen canisters 14

thanks @Ez Pudewa at #creatureofcomfort for the link.

ORANGE BELL PEPPER Toothpick Holder *NEW*!

Love these wooden containers and bowls designeveryday pinterest find via

Love these wooden containers and bowls. #designeveryday pinterest find via @splendidLA

Tupperware canister sets

Set of kitchen canisters for storing food and others needed stuff. It is fitted with lids and convenient handle for easy carrying. Handy gadget for any kitchen.

Orange kitchen canisters 13

Love these ~ I have the Sudan Ginger tin ~Vintage tins ****

Kitchen storage organisation food storage storage jars canisters 2

... kitchen storage organisation food storage storage jars canisters

Orange canister set

Who doesn’t need a proper set of kitchen canisters? The ones here are cheerful, orange and white, with clear descriptions explaining their purpose. It’s a very good way to keep everything in check in your kitchen.

Orange kitchen canisters 10

Sad when stuff you got as a wedding gift is now vintage!

Canister set of four urban fusion 1

Canister Set Of Four Urban Fusion

3-Piece Glass Jar Set (Set of 3)

3-Piece Glass Jar Set (Set of 3)

Ceramic canister sets

These kitchen canisters are suitable for the storage of different spices. Each canister is finished in a very attractive red color and it includes some decorative carvings. All canisters stand on decorative bases.

Orange canister

Tupperware Vintage 8pc 8 cup Canister Set. Red, Green, Blue, and Orange - by TheRealmCollectibles

Orange kitchen canisters 15

These would never look good in my house/anywhere I put it, but I love them anyway.

Coffee sugar canisters jars orange band kitchen storage pots with

... Coffee Sugar Canisters Jars Orange Band Kitchen Storage Pots With Lid

Orange kitchen decor 1

orange kitchen decor

Orange kitchen canisters 5

modern orange colored kitchen decor pictures Decorating With Orange ...

Mid century rubbermaid lazy susan kitchen canister set orange cream

Mid-Century Rubbermaid Lazy Susan Kitchen Canister Set "Orange & Cream ...

Sunshine Rooster Collection Hand-Painted 4-Piece Kitchen Canister Set

Large yellow canisters set: four pieces overall, each canister with lid, a large knob on top of each lid :). Nice French country design, flowers and roosters - kinda folklore vibe. Pretty, and the lids have gaskets - perfect!

Orange kitchen canisters 17

Love these bright retro kitchen colors. Try Benjamin Moore Yellow Roses 353 to get this bold look!