Wooden Hanging Pot Rack

if you really enjoy the clean look of wood, then a wooden hanging pot rack might be just your cup of tea. these come in several styles and are extremely attractive. They can hold as many pots as you need, All the while accenting your kitchen with an attractive fixture. Look at our extensive collection and Pixie wood hanging pot rack, but you need in your home.

Best Products

Kitchen hanger rustic style and

Kitchen hanger rustic style and
This kitchen hanger sports a design that simply oozes rustic style and is the perfect blend of wood on the structure and the metal that goes for all the important parts that ensure the durability of the construction.

Bar Hanging Pot Rack

Bar Hanging Pot Rack
It is a bar hanging pot rack that is available in two color options: natural and grey. This product is perfect for your kitchen. You will be impressed how great and functional this pot rack is.

Ceiling Mounted Wooden Pot Rack

Ceiling Mounted Wooden Pot Rack
The wooden ceiling-mounted pot rack is a great solution for the kitchen. Pots are easily accessible and at the same tangled during operation. Robust construction will keep heavy loads.

Diy aesthetic reclaimed wood pot pan

Diy aesthetic reclaimed wood pot pan
A minimalist traditional wall mounted rack for pots and pans. It has a simple rectangular backplate made of a quite thick plank of reclaimed wood with a natural finish. Hooks are from casual metal nails.

Baker Rectangular Hanging Pot Rack with 2 Lights

Baker Rectangular Hanging Pot Rack with 2 Lights
This amazing and functional hanging pot rack would be a perfect equipment for every kind of kitchen. It's not only extraordinary practical, but also very stylish! Check it out and enjoy the unique comfort in your house.

Berkeley 2 Light Hanging Pot Rack

Berkeley 2 Light Hanging Pot Rack
If you're a fan of original and intriguing solutions, this hanging pot rack may be the best option for you. You can use it within many kind of styles, no matter if you rather prefer modernity or tradition.

Diy hanging pot rack

A lovely kitchen arrangement in a rustic style. It features an old-fashioned set of furniture and a wooden table with stools in the centre. The room is highlighted by an extraordinary wooden rack for pots that hangs above the table.

Our advice Buying Guide

What is the weight limit of a wooden hanging pot rack?

The weight limit of a wooden hanging pot rack depends more on the ceiling joists’ strength and the number of attachment points rather than the rack. Small pot rack models can typically support up to 30 lbs. on average, while larger models can hold an astonishing 120 lbs. Always check the manufacturer’s specifications before purchasing your pot rack to ensure that you have enough space and weight capacity to store all your pots and pans.

You can increase your wooden hanging pot rack’s stability by ensuring you mount the unit to the joists and not the drywall. Use the mounting hardware that comes with the rack as they are designed to support the rack’s weight and the pots and pans; this may include coarse-thread screws or eye lag bolts.

Where should I hang my wooden pot rack?

The best place to hang a wooden pot rack is above a kitchen island or counter you frequently use for food prep work. These racks provide a rustic and farmhouse vibe and have the strength and capacity to hold numerous pots, pans, and utensils, enhancing the functionality of your cooking area.

As well as hanging them inside, you can buy a removable wooden hanging pot rack that can be placed outside during the summer months when BBQs are a common occurrence.

Whether you mount them on the ceiling so the pans hang from above, or you fix the rack to the wall, these simple fixtures are both functional and attractive.


Wooden hanging pot rack

With such a set of pans and pots, you can create an entire drum set.Under the ceiling,on a wooden rectangular pot rack - hanging metal hooks, easily accessible to us kitchen appliances.So to decorate the kitchen and don't take up valuable space in the closet.

Pot rack for 10 piece pot and pan set 2

pot rack for 10 piece pot and pan set 2 Chic Hanging Wooden Pot Rack ...

Finishing touches and hanging hardware 1

Finishing Touches and Hanging Hardware

Hang ladder from ceiling

A gorgeous, wooden kitchen island, great for an open kitchen that’s connected to a dining room. Very rustic, farmhouse look, perfect if you’re looking for something more traditional and unique.

Pot racks with lights

In this photo, we can see a kitchen in a rustic style. Wooden kitchen island and pot rack lighting slacking by the ceiling look astonishing. The second fiddle plays the wooden floor and this combination is worth remark.

Wooden hanging pot rack 1

DIY pot rack: an easy idea to hang pots in an organized way. The rack on the top is wooden, made of an old ladder. Other ideas include wire racks and metal racks, purposeful and just fine for shabby chic style.

Pot hanger ideas

Organize all those pots you have in your kitchen with this functional and highly stylish wooden rack. Featuring a compact rectangular shaped design, the rack can either be hanged from the ceiling or mounted on the wall. Either way, it should provide enough space for all your pots.

Pot rack decorating ideas

Get your pots organized with this wooden rack. Featuring a wall-mounted design, the rack can hold dozens of pots at any given time. The piece is also water-resistant and should last you for ages. The mounting hardware needed to set it up is also included as part of the package.

Wood pot rack

Pot rack for mounting on the wall. It is made of wood and fitted with metal hooks. Provides space saving in any kitchen. Simple form and functional design.

Wooden hanging pot rack

Pot rack designed for mounting on the ceiling. Base is made of wood and fitted with metal hooks. Perfect solution for kitchen island. Provides space saving in any kitchen.

Hanging a ladder from the ceiling

Hang 'em High Pots and pans take up a lot of cabinet space. Hanging cookware on a rack suspended from the ceiling will free up a cabinet or two, and it will add more style to your kitchen. You Might Also Like... How to Build a Hanging Pot Rack

Wooden pot rack

This sublime copper hanging pot rack will make for the perfect solution for when you simply have to choose something functional to store your pots but cannot quit the stylish appeal as well, since it looks vintage and charming.

Wood pot rack

Love the rustic look of this kitchen, but love the view from it even more!

Kitchen pot rack ideas

Rustic Wooden Shelves | Love the long horizontal hanging rod ad the top of these rustic shelves.

Lowes pot rack

This DIY project features a cleverly designed rack for pots and pans. A wall or ceiling mounted hanger lets you save space in your kitchen. Almost as simple as making a box, it looks great and adds tons of storage space to the kitchen.

Shepherd hooks mason jars unique overhead display with an old

Shepherd Hooks Mason Jars | unique overhead display with an old wooden ladder.

Kitchen designed by mick de giulio

kitchen designed by Mick de Giulio

Flickr finds diy pot rack spices up tiny kitchen

Flickr Finds: DIY Pot Rack Spices Up Tiny Kitchen

Wooden pan rack

If you want a touch of rustic appeal for your interior then this low ceiling pot rack is a sure choice, since it sports a safe and secure structure and a look that will instantly catch your guests attention.

Pot rack light fixture

Increadibly cozy and old-fashion loft style wooden kitchen with modern accents. We are in love with the warmth of this interior design. Modern style coocker and lights ideally complement this cozy interior.

Wooden hanging pot rack 6

Chic modern kitchen

Indoor plant stands

Attractive and space-saving solution for owners of many plants. This corner plant stand features a small size and durable construction that holds many plants. Its wooden racks provide space for hanging different plants.

Ridiculously easy hanging pot rack

Ridiculously Easy, Hanging Pot Rack

Wood pot rack 6

Rack made of wood with antique finish. Base is fitted with 2 open shelves for storing needed stuff. Rectangular top has large usable surface. Neutral and functional accent for each place.

Wooden pot rack for 10 piece pot and pan set

wooden pot rack for 10 piece pot and pan set 4 Chic Hanging Wooden Pot ...

Wood pot rack 2

There's lots going on around this kitchen: dark wood boards floor, eclectic white cabinets, sleek wooden counter with orange hue, white shelves, metal pot rack, lots of canisters, jars, receptacles. Loaded to ceiling, but cozy.

The hanging glass storage piece ellen degeneres and portia de

The hanging glass storage piece. Ellen Degeneres and Portia de Rossi's kitchen in Beverly Hills, CA.

Wood pot rack 3

A stark but practical and ingenious rustic style wall mounted rack for various things. It's built of a horizontal barn wood plank and hooks created from metal screws/bolts with attached shaped-varied colourful valve wheels.

Cooks Standard Wall Mount Pot Rack, 36 by 8-Inch

A wall mount pot rack for your kitchen utensils, so perfect for any setting with the solid cast aluminum bracket and the cast pan hooks, all to look modern and stylish in your kitchen and coordinate with the cookware.

Wooden pan stand

old ladders as pot hangers | Wooden Hanging Ladder Pot Rack with Hooks setup on connecting (EVENLY) my ladder to the ceiling.

Wood hanging pot rack 5

These pictures show stylizations of bathroom and kitchen indoors. Bathroom includes standard elements and original green and white floor. Hanging pot rack in the kitchen looks very nice among white cabinets.

Wooden pot racks

Where's the Wash? 10 Laundry Room Storage Ideas That'll Knock Your Socks Off

Pinterest decorating ideas source via carly on pinterest

pinterest decorating ideas | Source: via Carly on Pinterest

Wooden hanging pot rack

I'd maybe tone the rusticness down a bit and contrast it with more clean elements but there are some really beautiful things going on here.

36" Hanging Pot Rack - Grey

1a88f creative use of vintage ladder as a dit hanging

1a88f Creative use of vintage ladder as a DIT hanging pot rack in the ...

Wood pot rack 4

If you like rustic or cottage style, this idea shall appeal to you. Use a piece of and simply hang twine and hooks off the wood to make your very own pot rack. This particular project enchants even more with the presence of metal baskets, the copper pots and pans.

Wooden hanging pot rack 1

LARGE WOODEN HANGING POT RACK - NEW - with 10 hooks to hang pots, pans ...

Price reduced attractive wood hanging pot rack for sale wood

Price reduced! Attractive wood hanging pot rack for sale. Wood frame ...

Wood bathroom towel racks

Towel rack in rustic style. It is made of wood and fitted with metal rod. Designed for mounting on the wall. It has shelf for storing cosmetics, toiletries and more. Provides space saving in any bathroom.

Wooden hanging pot rack 8

"This one is called Old Villa, and old it certainly is. A little rough around the edges...and a bit more traditional than we typically post but I love it for those qualities."

Old ladder pot rack

Hanging ladder to display baskets. I don't know if I love this just because the picnic basket reminds me of the one from my childhood but whatever! I think it looks great.

Wood rectangular ceiling kitchen pot rack pot racks at

Wood Rectangular Ceiling Kitchen Pot Rack - Pot Racks at ...