Wooden Hanging Pot Rack

If you really enjoy the clean look of wood, then a wooden hanging pot rack might be just your cup of tea. These come in several styles and are extremely attractive. They can hold as many pots as you need, all the while accenting your kitchen with an attractive fixture. Look at our extensive collection and pick the wood hanging pot rack that you need in your home.

Minimalist Wooden Hanging Pot Rack

Minimalist Wooden Hanging Pot Rack

$52.99 $57.99

Minimalist Wooden Hanging Pot Rack

Red Barrel Studio®

$52.99 $57.99

What We Like: Easy to assemble

What We Don’t Like: Requires separate hooks

Not So Good For: Out-of-the-box usage

Perfect For: Homes with limited cabinet space

A ceiling-mounted wooden hanging rack is the perfect choice for those looking to add organization and style to their kitchen without making their own DIY pot rack. It frees up cabinet space for other cooking appliances and offers a modern aesthetic that looks great in any kitchen. The set features a minimalist design with two 24” stainless steel chains that hold a 36” single bar with two wooden tracks.

Six swivel hooks made of solid cast aluminum are included, allowing you to hang your pots and pans securely while allowing them to be easily turned 360°. This pot rack can support up to 30 lbs. without buckling and is a beautiful and functional addition to contemporary kitchens.  

Hanging Wooden Pot Rack With Lights

Hanging Wooden Pot Rack With Lights

$229.99 $250

Hanging Wooden Pot Rack With Lights

17 Stories

$229.99 $250

What We Like: Integrated light fixtures

What We Don’t Like: Screws not too sturdy

Not So Good For: Directly above a heat source

Perfect For: Low light areas

Consider this industrial-style two-light pot rack fixture when searching for hanging pot rack ideas for your kitchen. This traditionally inspired hanging pot rack gives you easy access to all your pots without compromising style. Installation is easy and requires minimal effort; all necessary hardware, including chains and 16 hooks, are included.

This hanging pot rack is perfect for high and sloped ceilings and kitchens with exposed ceiling beams. It also adds extra task lighting to enhance your food preparation area. Whether you are hosting dinner guests or cooking at home for yourself, this illuminated pot rack ensures your cookware is easily accessible while providing a stunning decorative focal point above your kitchen island.  

Handcrafted Wooden Hanging Pan Rack

Handcrafted Wooden Hanging Pan Rack

$215.86 $443.99

Handcrafted Wooden Hanging Pan Rack


$215.86 $443.99

What We Like: Heavy-duty construction

What We Don’t Like: Prone to sagging in the middle

Not So Good For: Over the sink or stovetop; moisture and steam may warp wood

Perfect For: Industrial-style kitchens

Crafted of hand-wrought steel and kiln-dried alder wood, this oval ceiling pot rack has a hammered steel finish with a protective clear, ideal for use in a modern farmhouse or French country kitchen. Installation is fast and straightforward, and the fixture can be installed in standard drywall without needing to locate joists or studs.

The 3⁄16" thick solid hot-rolled steel frame is heavy-duty and professional grade, allowing you to hang cast iron pots and pans securely, making it ideal for restaurant kitchens. For added convenience, the pot rack comes with 12 hooks - 6 straight and 6 angled - so everything you need to get started is included.

Ladder Style Hanging Wood Pot Rack

Ladder Style Hanging Wood Pot Rack

$53.99 $69.99

Ladder Style Hanging Wood Pot Rack

Gracie Oaks

$53.99 $69.99

What We Like: Rustic wood design

What We Don’t Like: Small hook width

Not So Good For: Traditional and large kitchens

Perfect For: Farmhouse or Southwestern-style homes

Organize your kitchen cookware without taking up your valuable cabinet space with this eye-catching wooden hanging pot rack. The industrial metal pipe and rustic torched wood construction look beautiful in any home, kitchen, or restaurant. The included mounting hardware makes ceiling installation easy and hassle-free.

You will be able to quickly clear out space on your countertops since all of your cooking supplies can now be hung from the ceiling. This practical hanging pot rack is an ideal solution when looking for kitchen pot rack ideas for your apartment, condo, or small kitchen. To customize your space, hang potted kitchen herbs or fragrant flowers from the rack instead of pots.  

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Wooden Hanging Pot Rack

Buying Guide

The weight limit of a wooden hanging pot rack depends more on the ceiling joists’ strength and the number of attachment points rather than the rack. Small pot rack models can typically support up to 30 lbs. on average, while larger models can hold an astonishing 120 lbs. Always check the manufacturer’s specifications before purchasing your pot rack to ensure that you have enough space and weight capacity to store all your pots and pans.

You can increase your wooden hanging pot rack’s stability by ensuring you mount the unit to the joists and not the drywall. Use the mounting hardware that comes with the rack as they are designed to support the rack’s weight and the pots and pans; this may include coarse-thread screws or eye lag bolts.

The best place to hang a wooden pot rack is above a kitchen island or counter you frequently use for food prep work. These racks provide a rustic and farmhouse vibe and have the strength and capacity to hold numerous pots, pans, and utensils, enhancing the functionality of your cooking area.

As well as hanging them inside, you can buy a removable wooden hanging pot rack that can be placed outside during the summer months when BBQs are a common occurrence.

Whether you mount them on the ceiling so the pans hang from above, or you fix the rack to the wall, these simple fixtures are both functional and attractive.

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A lovely kitchen arrangement in a rustic style. It features an old-fashioned set of furniture and a wooden table with stools in the centre. The room is highlighted by an extraordinary wooden rack for pots that hangs above the table.

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Organize all those pots you have in your kitchen with this functional and highly stylish wooden rack. Featuring a compact rectangular shaped design, the rack can either be hanged from the ceiling or mounted on the wall. Either way, it should provide enough space for all your pots.

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A wall mount pot rack for your kitchen utensils, so perfect for any setting with the solid cast aluminum bracket and the cast pan hooks, all to look modern and stylish in your kitchen and coordinate with the cookware.

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Diy aesthetic reclaimed wood pot pan

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If you like rustic or cottage style, this idea shall appeal to you. Use a piece of and simply hang twine and hooks off the wood to make your very own pot rack. This particular project enchants even more with the presence of metal baskets, the copper pots and pans.

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