Wall Mounted Storage Cabinet

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Like the floating shelves, we give you wall mounted storage cabinets. Smaller, but much more useful, these storage cabinets can be individual or in a group of three or even five available storage spaces. In many colors and materials, check out this interesting collection of wall mounted storage cabinets and fantasize about what you could store in them.

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Wall Mount Cabinet

Wall Mount Cabinet

It is the perfect combination of utility and elegance. Cabinet looks almost perfectly. It is made from painted in dark wood. This way has the class and style. At the same time, it is so designed that perfectly meets their practical functions.

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Brewster home fashions euro peach branch wall decal

Brewster home fashions euro peach branch wall decal

Charming contemporary wall stickers of colourful vinyl with a self-adhesive back side. They have the form of a beautiful blooming tree with lots of twigs, green leaves, pink flowers. They're easily removable and reusable as well as safe for walls.

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Panda cherry tree wall decals white

Panda cherry tree wall decals white

These lovely wall stickers will embellish both your and your children's bedroom. An enchanting cherry blossom tree along with a set of cute panda bears, that can be arranged in various configurations, let you create a stirring decor.

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Vinyl tree wall decal wall sticker kids

Vinyl tree wall decal wall sticker kids

A stunning bedroom arrangement, which is dominated by a charming, vinyl wall decal. It looks really fab on a turquoise wall and it ideally matches an elegant set of bedroom furniture and a subtle bedding set.

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Minimalistic wall mounted cabinet by rknl

Minimalistic Wall Mounted Cabinet By Rknl

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Wall mounted storage cabinet

Modern wall mounted storage cabinet constructed from wood and finished in a neutral dark gray palette. The cabinet is fitted with three large storage compartments, each with a neat brass coated pull for accents. The cabinets are perfect for the bathroom or kitchen.

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Wall mounted storage cabinets with glass doors

Elegant and polished storage cabinet. The storage cabinet is made from hardwood which has a polished finish. The storage cabinet is mounted on the wall and it has knobs that allow easy access.

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Room storage laundry room organizers wall mounted storage cabinet

... Room Storage > Laundry Room Organizers > Wall-Mounted Storage Cabinet

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Wall mounted storage cabinet 1

Plain and simple storage cabinet. The storage cabinet has only one door but the storage space is quite spacious. The storage cabinet is made of strong plastic and doesn’t easily break.

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Wall Mounted Storage Cabinet

Buying Guide

How much weight can a wall mounted cabinet hold?

A wall mounted storage cabinet can hold up to 500 lbs. if properly installed. This weight capacity is in accordance with the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association standards based on ¾” shelf and structural materials. Flat-pack cabinets, modular designs, and some custom cabinets may have a lower weight capacity.

While individual manufacturers determine a recommended maximum weight for their cabinets, it usually falls around 500 lbs. The most important determinants for weight capacity are the materials used and the installation of the cabinet.

Heavier materials, including solid and manufactured wood require more heavy-duty mounting brackets and screws but can typically hold more weight. Whereas lightweight particle board with fewer drywall screws.

The weight capacity also depends on whether the cabinets are secured to wall studs or not. Overhead cabinets should be attached to ceiling joists and wall studs to improve the weight limit. It is recommended that upper cabinets be secured with at least four coarse-threaded screws in separate wall studs.

What to store in a wall mounted storage cabinet?

The items you should consider storing in a wall-mounted storage cabinet depend entirely on where your cabinet is mounted.

It’s a good idea to avoid storing items in your cabinet that are overly heavy - cans, water bottles, heavy liquid detergents, for example. Instead, focus on placing lighter food items, dish cloths, or storing out-of-season clothes in these storage cabinets to get them out of the way and off the floor without putting yourself and your home in an unsafe position.

How do you install a wall mounted storage cabinet?

Installing a wall-mounted storage cabinet securely requires the proper installation tools. You’ll need a stepladder, 1 wall stud locator, a ⅜” drill, and drill bits.

Locate the wall studs using the wall stud locator and mark the edges of each stud. They’re usually about 24” apart for interior walls. Measure horizontally to locate the center of the stud.

Attach a piece of ½” wood horizontally and drive wood screws into the studs to hold the storage cabinet in place. Drill pilot holes through the back of the cabinet, through the wall, and into the wall studs.

Secure the cabinet to the studs using at least two screws for each stud.

Best Ideas

Wall hung storage cabinets

Love this manufacturers product. Have their storage bed with headboard( that looks very much like the floating piece above the desk, and their wall mounted floating Hi-Fi cabinet in our entrance way. Well made, all oak, just a gorgeous product.!

Amare Bathroom Wall-Mounted Storage Cabinet in Grey Oak (Two-Door)

Wall mounted storage cabinet. This elegant and functional furniture offers ample storage area behind two door. The cabinet has been constructed of high quality MDF and laminated with Melamine to ensure long use.

Wyndham Collection WCV207ES Centra Wall Mount Bathroom Cabinet with Brushed Chrome Hardware, Espresso

This wall mount bathroom cabinet represents class and elegance, combining dark solid wood with chrome finishing. It will fit well into both traditional and modern interiors.

Wall mounted storage cabinet

Extremely practical wall mounted cabinets with a superb modern appeal. The cabinets offer up to four large drawers, each accented with a single pull. They also come in stunning natural wood grain that should fully accentuate your bare walls.

Wall mounted cabinets 6

Kitchen cabinet with minimalist style. It is made of wood with gloss finish. Designed for mounting on the wall. Ideal for storing tableware, dinnerware and others kitchen accessories.

Wall mounted cabinets 7

An aesthetic contemporary wall mounted hall unit crafted of wooden materials finished in white but having a rectangular black top serving as a shelf. It has a rectilinear frame and shelved full door cabinets with edge pulls.

Wall mounted cabinets 8

Wall-Mounted Cabinets

Wall mountable storage cabinets

Wall mounted storage cabinet - Stonermakes The piece is constructed in Birch plywood. Doors laminated in a white Formica. the remainder is sprayed with a clear laquer.

Wall mounted media storage cabinet 3

Wall storage cabinet

Wall mounted storage cabinet 1

Getting Our Groove On in the Garage! - IHeart Organizing

Prepac Elite Collection 54" Wall Cabinet with 3 doors

Wall mounted cabinets 2

Modern approach to a bright, open living room with a spread-out entertainment unit, containing a low, long cabinet with a TV on top and a set of shelves and cabinets on top for additional storage, all in white wood.

Elegant Home Fashions Chesterfield Collection Wall-Mount Medicine Cabinet with Tempered-Glass Doors, Espresso

Aesthetic traditional wall-mounted unit with a frame of fibreboard finished in dark brown. It has a rectangular moulding top and 2 doors of semi-clear tempered glass with a waffle pattern and round metal knobs. Two shelves are adjustable.

4D Concepts Espresso Bathroom Linen Tower

A linen tower for your bathroom in the beautiful, rich espresso finish to offer an elegant and stylish piece to accentuate the decor charmingly, while serving plenty of practical use with the shelving and bottom compartment.