Corner Wall Curio Cabinet


For a gorgeous and well-made way to show off all those chachkies you collected throughout your travels, you want to display them in a place that showcases them proudly. For this, we give you the corner wall curio cabinet. Now you can display your stuff in a medium that will only enhance their beauty. See collection for all the styles and sizes.

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Corner wall curio cabinet

Excellent corner curio cabinet constructed from wood and offering up to three open shelves for displaying collectibles and other stuff. The cabinet also comes with a wall-mounted design and is finished in a glossed walnut finish that will completely blow you away.

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Corner wall curio cabinet

An aesthetic traditional wall corner display unit made by the Amish. Its quarter-circular frame is of natural finished wood. It features 2 raised wavy top edges and a moulding base. It has a curved glazed door, 2 glass shelves, a mirrored back.

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Oak hanging corner wall cabinet w pane glass door curio

Corner wall cabinet made from oak which guarantees its longevity. This piece has a simple design. It has a shelf with three different segments and a door with glass panes. It also has a lower part which makes up stand. This piece can be hung in any corner and doesn’t take up much space.

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Corner wall curio cabinet 2

Wall mounted curio cabinet with glass panels all around, on front doors and sides. Arched top adds a dash of dramatic appeal, but generally the cabinet is classic in style. Finished ivory. Storage shelves inside.

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Corner wall curio cabinet

Innovative corner curio cabinet designed to take as little floor space as possible. The piece is made from wood and comes with a stunning glass door to showcase all your displays. It also delivers well-crafted crown molding at the top and visible metal hardware for outstanding stylish elegance.

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Hanging corner wall curio cabinet 1

Hanging Corner Wall Curio Cabinet

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Flat wall hanging curio cabinet

Flat Wall Hanging Curio Cabinet

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Corner curio cabinet for elegant home office

Corner Curio Cabinet for Elegant Home Office

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Pulaski Furniture Edwardian II Corner Dark Cherry/Mahogany Curio - 21222

Gorgeous sleek corner display cabinet. It is made of solid wood with an antique brown finish. It features curved front with 2 doors. There are 3 adjustable glass shelves and 1 stationery wooden shelf. It also has a mirrored back and halogen lamps.

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Wood wall curio cabinet

Wood Wall Curio Cabinet

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Corner Wall Curio Cabinet

Buying Guide

To securely anchor a corner wall curio cabinet, you’ll need to install L-brackets, and in some cases, earthquake straps.

To secure a corner curio cabinet with L-brackets, you’ll need to move the cabinet from the wall and locate the studs on the back using a stud finder. Then, attach the long part of the metal L-bracket to the top of the corner curio cabinet by drilling a hole and securing it with wood screws.

Next, attach the shorter end of the L-bracket to a stud. Make sure you attach at least two L-brackets to the cabinet for security. To install an earthquake strap, attach the grommet side of the straps to the wall studs behind the cabinet. Use wood screws and a drill.

Next, attach the adhesive strips of the earthquake straps to the corner curio cabinet, and finally attach the grommet straps to the hook-and-loop adhesive straps.

With their glass-fronted doors, corner wall curio cabinets are designed for displaying keepsakes. The ample shelving space for a variety of items makes them very easy to organize.

The key to organizing a corner wall curio cabinet is to curate the items, so they look like a display at a museum rather than a mismatched collection of knickknacks. Sort your items into categories either by style, color, or material.

Use the odd number rule to group items of varying height together in threes or fives for a more visually appealing display. You can also create a display that plays with the Triangle Principle by placing similar items on either end of lower shelves and in the center of an upper shelf. You can also break up the groupings with horizontal items like stacked books or decorative plates.

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