Modern Corner Curio Cabinet

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Traditionally, if you think of a curio cabinet, two possibilities come to mind but both of them usually look like a China cabinet. Square windows and clear shelving and mostly medium colored wood. But not with our collection of modern curio cabinets for the corner. Let us help you access your corner space with something that will showcase your collectables in more contemporary fashion. Take a look.

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Updated 22/07/2022
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Elegant Modern Corner Curio Cabinet

Elegant Modern Corner Curio Cabinet

Standing a full 76 inches tall, this stylish and eye-catching corner curio cabinet is an outstanding way to store your decorative collectibles. With four adjustable shelves, one fixed shelf, and one base area, you can display a wide range of vases, trophies, and other items you wish to display with class and style.  

Designer Advice:

For anyone in search of a modern style curio cabinet to fill in that empty corner, look no further. We love the variations in the natural wood grain as well as the mirrored back which helps the overhead light reflect around your collectibles. This cabinet is an excellent choice for placement in your living room, den, or kitchen.

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Simple and Modern Corner Display Cabinet with Glass Doors

Simple and Modern Corner Display Cabinet with Glass Doors

If you love keeping things simple, yet elegant, this modern corner display cabinet is for you. Standing 72 inches tall and fitting snugly into any corner of your home, you’ll find four adjustable shelves in this lighted display. Available in cherry, oak, and walnut wood tones so you can find the perfect one for your decor.

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Elegant Classic Style Lighted Corner Curio

Elegant Classic Style Lighted Corner Curio

If you find yourself struggling to display your favorite collectibles properly, consider this elegant and grand corner curio cabinet. With four adjustable shelves, you’ll have plenty of room for sentimental plush toys, once in a lifetime sports trophies, and other valuable collectible items to be displayed under the bright lighting and with the mirrored back.

Designer Advice:

At 86 inches tall, this elegant curio cabinet is a definite eye-catcher no matter where you place it. We love seeing this cabinet in a spacious living room or family den where the belongings inside can be viewed easily and in full splendor.  

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Small and Attractive Corner Glass Curio Cabinet

Small and Attractive Corner Glass Curio Cabinet

Lark Manor™

Standing a more modest 72 inches tall, this triangle shaped corner curio cabinet is great for filling in that empty space of your home. Made from solid Walnut and featuring four shelves and the base for placing a wide range of items from dishware to collectibles. Perfect for placing in the kitchen, family room, or bedroom.


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Modern Corner Curio Cabinet

Buying Guide

A modern corner curio cabinet’s height ranges between roughly 70”-78” tall. While there are no hard and fast rules about what height you need to purchase for your home, there are a few factors to consider.

The most important thing to account for when determining what height of corner curio cabinet to buy for your home is how high your ceilings are. While the standard ceiling height for new homes in 2021 is 9’, many older homes will have 7’-8’ ceilings. If your house has 7’ ceilings (84”) and you opt for a 78” high corner cabinet, there’s going to be very little room between the cabinet and the ceiling, which can look awkward.

Also, keep in mind that if you purchase a corner cabinet at the top of this height range, it will be challenging to access any items stored on the top shelves.

While you can store everyday dishware in a modern corner curio cabinet, the cabinet’s design is much better suited to show off your fancy dish sets rather than items you use frequently. Curio cabinets are made to show off their wares. Many designs have shelving that is open-faced or fitted with glass windows, perfect for showcasing a hand-painted ceramic tea-set or wedding China.

A curio cabinet is also a great place to store wine bottles and glasses, especially engraved glass pieces from special events. You might consider placing figurines made of crystal or glass inside the cabinet or even brightly colored decorative vases. For a different look altogether, store books, photos, or candles in your curio cabinet, or show off your collection of antique bottles.

Best Ideas

Modern cristal mirrored corner glass curio cabinet white

Modern cristal mirrored corner glass curio cabinet white

This curio cabinet sports a simple design along with the glass doors, all making it way easier for you to display your decorative items such as vases or knick-knacks and completing the look of your interior.

Modern corner curio cabinet 2

A nice, modern corner cabinet, made of a wide, chrome frame and acrylic glass shelves with mirrors on the back, which make it seem very spacious and unique. I really love the vibe that this piece gives off.

Espresso corner curio cabinet

This corner cabinet is guaranteed to beautify your home even if there are no collectibles on its shelves. Made of glass and metal, its simplistic design will make your collectibles look even more stunning. It has three shelves and a flat stand for support.

Contemporary corner curio cabinet

A space-saving curio cabinet that will be beautifying your room even with no collectibles on its shelves. The frame is made of premium metal and has a flat base for stability, supporting its mirrored inside with 3 clear glass shelves.

Pulaski cambridge corner curio cabinet

Pulaski Cambridge Corner Curio Cabinet

Display cases ikea

I need a curio cabinet, too: Philip Reinisch Color Time Panorama - Modern Corner Curio Display Cabinet in Hardwood

Modern corner curio cabinet

Melody Amish Contemporary Curio Cabinet

Silver curio cabinet

Modernize the living room and choose this curio cabinet, which features the smooth silver finish, three tempered glass shelves and two large glass doors. It's an excellent addition to any corner of the room.

Howard Miller 680-396 Bradington II Curio Cabinet

Howard Miller 680-396 Bradington II Curio Cabinet

Corner Curio Cabinet

A piece of furniture that has got a storage and display function in the house. It is a cabinet that has got glass doors and shelves. It has got a construction perfect for corner placement. Shelves are solid, because they are made of tempered glass.

Curio Cabinet

Curio cabinet made in great modern style provides a fresh look for every space where it will be placed. It contains two sides doors with locks. Constructed of temper glass and contains silver and black finishes.

Home dining room modern curios curio c10168a

Home >> Dining Room >> Modern Curios >> Curio C10168A

Curio Cabinet

Organize and display or your favourite decorous belongings without drawing attention to the piece they are exposed in, actually. This contemporary curio cabinet offers unobtrusive, simple form and glass construction.

Tall corner hutch 1

Curved cabinets are difficult to manufacture, so every instance is prone to pride. This black tall corner hutch piece is made of pine wood. It has gently sloping front french doors, with unique glass and brass trim.What's important-it has many useful shelves.

Modern curio cabinets 1

Philip Reinisch Philip Reinisch Color Time Panorama - Modern Corner Curio Display Cabinet in Hardwood alternate image

Contemporary curved corner curio cabinet 2

Corner curio cabinet mounted on wooden frame and covered with glass. Includes 6 shelves arranged vertically. Perfect for storing tableware, display decorations and more. Received a lot of top ratings from customers.

Curio cabinets corner

Maggie-Wright kitchen (14) - a great use of dead-end space. Curve the cabinet and us all that is available.

Modern corner curio cabinet

Kensington Deluxe Corner Curio Cabinet

Howard Miller Williamson Curio Display Cabinet 680-515

This beautiful cabinet is perfect for storing porcelain, glass or other objects. Solidly made of hardwood and veneer is strong and looks very elegant. The lower drawer is a great place for napkins, tablecloth or other trinkets.

Benton City Curio Corner Cabinet with Mirror

Benton City Curio Corner Cabinet with Mirror

Modern corner curio 1

Home Curio Cabinets Contemporary Curio Cabinets 680503 Howard Miller ...

Contemporary curved corner curio cabinet 6

Contemporary Curved Corner Curio Cabinet

Modern corner curio cabinet

Home / Curio Cabinets / Contemporary Curio Cabinets / 680580 Howard ...

Contemporary corner curio cabinet 2

china cabinet